The Dark Secret of the Uzumaki Clan @champblaze
Chapter 1

A/N-1: This Yet another Vampire story made by me and using my OC The No-life-Prince from Scarlet Reaper and other stories. It will have elements of taken down stories Kitsune's Pet Vampire, Fox's Vampire and The Fox and The Vampire. Mitsuomi will be Naruko's protector and known by certain individuals. Expect an Evil Konoha and some bashing, technology more modern and a Harem for Mitsuomi. I have a Few in mind already and they will become vampires. So sit back, relax and enjoy.



Ethereal voice

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The Dark Secret of the Uzumaki Clan

"Get back you here you.. Brat" a loud voice shouts. A small girl with blonde-red hair runs with a wide grin on her face and a paint-can in her hands, "Not happening" she crows. This is Naruko Uzumaki age ten and Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko but this is not her story, this is about something far darker. Deep below the streets of konoha is a cell and inside this cell is something that should not see the light of day. The body of woman squirms as something is latched onto her neck, draining away her very life essence. The sound of a cane catches the creature's attention and it lifts its head to reveal a handsome face, covered in blood and steel-blues but it goes back to the woman's neck. Outside the cell is reinforced by glass is Danzo Shimura, Darkness of Konoha and elder of said village. He has black, shaggy hair and his right eye bandaged with an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wears a white shirt, with a black robe over the top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder and conceals his right arm.

"Do you know the definition of Insanity.. Danzo" a voice says, within the cell. Danzo grips his cane as the creature or human comes into view, "It is you who is insane for not submitting to Konoha's power" he says.

"Hahahaha.. It means trying the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.. Konoha once had my strength but you and those like you betrayed her Clan" the figure says, coming more into view. He has a long mane of black hair with pale skin, defined cheek bones and a straight slender nose. He has no shoes and a pair of black pants with no shirt, blood running down his chest and long nails.

"You've spent the better part of a decade trying to turn me into one your drones.. Even that Theft failed.. So why continue this song and dance.. I can leave this place whenever I wish but I stay because you keep me well fed" the figure says.

"You will serve Konoha again Mitsuomi Kiriyu" another voice says. Mitsuomi grins wide and shows long canine teeth, "Ah the other co-conspirator.. The Monkey" he says but touches his mouth, "My mistake.. Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi" he adds. Hiruzen has grey hair with wrinkles and liver spots, the customary hat and haori with a red, full-length kimono that is tied using a white sash.

"Everything I have done is keep Konoha safe.. Mito-sama would understand.. The Great Tree must remain strong" hiruzen says but mitsuomi laughs.

"Yet you allow the daughter of your successor be treated as a plague to make her Loyal to you.. You allowed a Founding clan to Wiped out to a single Boy by his brother no less.. Your students.. One is a shameless Pervert that shirks his responsibilities for Pussy.. Ass and Breasts.. The second you lied to and told the last link to her family is Dead but the Third is still loyal.. Tobirama chose wrong" mitsuomi states, angering both men.

"Tobirama-sensei chose right" hiruzen shouts. Mitsuomi cover his mouth with a smirk, "Keep telling yourself that.. I'm bored.. Leave me and bring me virgin next time" he says, stepping back into the shadows.

"Danzo bring him to heel or destroy him" hiruzen says, turning on his heels. Danzo grips his cane and turns on his heels as well but the mocking laughter of mitsuomi echoes in the cell.

"Ahh.. I crack myself up" mitsuomi muses, plopping on his bed. The no-life-prince sighs with a hand draped over his eyes, "Perhaps I should kill his grandson.. Nah but I won't be staying in his cell no longer" he thought. The woman he fed on and started to rise with rotted skin and blank eyes but mitsuomi raises his hand, swiping towards her and her head falls from her shoulders. An hour later a Ne operative approaches mitsuomi's cell and finds the prince gone.

*Scene Break*

Mitsuomi lands in a clearing inside the forest of death or training ground 44, "It won't be long before they find out" he thought but his eyes narrow, catching a kunai behind his head.

"What are you doing in my playground" a feminine voice says. Mitsuomi slowly turns to a young woman on a tree branch, her pupil-less brown eyes full of mischief and her purple hair styled in a fanned ponytail. She wears a fitted mesh body suit that covers her from her neck down to her thighs, a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a dark orange mini-skirt.

"Your playground.. My apologizes" mitsuomi says, appearing behind her. The kunoichi whips back with a kunai swipe but mitsuomi blocks, before engaging in a quick taijutsu exchange but she is pinned to the tree. Mitsuomi leans closer to her face with his cold breath on her face, "What's your name" he says.

"Huh?!" she hisses and mitsuomi cups her chin, causing her to blush slightly and he mouths name.

"Anko.. Anko Mitarashi" she says and mitsuomi grins. The vampire sniffs anko for a second but looks into her eyes, "No fear.. I like that in women" mitsuomi says.

"Let me go and I'll show you how fearless" anko shot and mitsuomi throws his head back with a laugh.

"Hahaha.. I like you even more.. Tell me Anko Mitarashi.. What is thy Desire" mitsuomi says, confusing anko. Mitsuomi lifts anko's left leg to his waist, "I know you're Virgin.. I know you wish to be rid of that mark.. I know you want to Kill your former Sensei and Yes I am reading your mind" he says and anko's eyes widen.

"H-how" anko says, feeling her body going flush. Mitsuomi opens his mouth and shows his fangs, "I am what haunts the dreams of men but I can give you the power to Kill Orochimaru with ease" he says and leans closer, "All you have to do is say Yessss" he coos. Anko could feel her walls breaking down before this entity, dark desires filling her mind and soul. She lifts her right leg and wraps it around his waist with a smile on her face, "Are you the Devil" anko asks. Mitsuomi tilts her head to the right and caresses her skin, "Maybe" he says and slowly, sensually sinks his fangs into her neck. Anko's eyes widen and a cry of pain escapes her mouth but it gives way to pleasure, so much that she clutches the back of his head to pull him closer.

"Oh Kami.. Please More" anko cries. Mitsuomi unlatches with his eyes now a shining gold, before cutting open his neck and blood welling up. Anko sees the blood and a voice tells her to drink and she does, sweet nectar flowing into her mouth and down her throat. Slowly her skin pales to deathly pallor, her curse mark burning away but anko rears back with a banshee like shriek as her mouth hangs wide with her canines lengthening and her body going limp. Mitsuomi lets anko fall from the tree and she hits the ground with a few broken branches, "Ahh.. A First of new dark queens" he says, leaping down and picking up his fledgling.

*Scene Break*

Danzo stares into the empty cell as his best Ne kneel behind him, "How could he have escaped so quickly" he says.

"We do not know Danzo-sama" states Fuu Yamanaka. He has auburn coloured hair and amber eyes, wearing a short, black jacket with red straps on the shoulders. A red short kimono under the jacket with a black sash, a pair of black gloves, dark-coloured pants, and regular shinobi sandals.

"Mobilize three squads to find him" danzo orders and fuu vanishes. Danzo grips his cane with a look of anger on his face, "Fifteen years all down the drain" he thought, leaving his base and heading to the hokage tower.

"Why are you here Danzo" hiruzen says, once danzo appeared in his office.

"He's gone" danzo says and hiruzen's breath hitches. The sandaime trembles in both fear and rage, "How could this happen" he says.

"We knew this would happen.. Taking him from the shrine was a mistake" danzo says. Hiruzen lights his pipe with a puff of smoke, "We need all avenues of power to keep Konoha strong.. You assured me Shisui's eye could control him but you failed" he says.

"What do we do now.. I have three squads searching for him but we both know he can change his form with ease" danzo says but hiruzen remains silent.

*Scene Break*

Mitsuomi gently places anko on her bed with a sigh, "She won't awaken until tomorrow evening" he thought, stripping her of coat, sandals and shin guards. Anko looks almost peaceful as mitsuomi's shadow bugles and a woman with green eyes emerges, wearing a black dress and arm length gloves.

"Stay with her and defer her friends Reina" mitsuomi says and reina nods. Mitsuomi found the bathroom and took a deep look at himself, "Not bad but I'll need some more" he muses, seeing his gaunt body. He moves his fingers through his hair and shakes his head, causing his hair to change to much shorter and two long bangs.[Mitsuomi Takayanagi's Hair]

"Much better" mitsuomi muses, moving his head with his chin. His clothes change to black jeans, cowboy boots with silver tips. A skull belt with a white dress shirt, black suit vest and tie, completely the ensemble with a ankle length trench coat and white gloves. The vampire melts into the shadows and reappears on the streets of konoha, "The village has changed greatly" he thought. Mitsuomi continues through the village and several people notice him but ignore him. The vampire soon finds his way to an apartment complex as an old woman was leaving, "Fucking Demon Brat" she hisses.

"Excuse me miss" mitsuomi says and the woman halts in tracks.

"Oh.. Hello how can I help you" the woman says. Mitsuomi gives the woman a disarming smile as his eyes glow, "What room is the Demon Brat" he says. The woman freezes and her eyes glow, "Room 308" she replies.

"Good.. Go home and write up a deed for me to sign under the name D. Kiryu.. Then go and never return" mitsuomi says and the woman shuffles away. Mitsuomi makes his way to the room in question, finding the door filled with graffiti and unlocked. He enters like a shadow and finds an apartment with the bare minimum and old ramen cups scattered everywhere.

"So pathetic" mitsuomi thought, finding the bedroom. Naruko sleeps in her bed with barely a sheet, causing the vampire to silently growl. Mitsuomi pulls off his left glove with a sigh, "Darcia" he whispers, from his shadow emerges a small black wolf puppy. It has a blue left eye and gold right eye, "Attach to her shadow and guard her" mitsuomi orders and darica slips into the shadows. Mitsuomi touches naruko's temple with a smile, "Have sweet dreams child.. Seems you got your hair from him" he thought. Naruko's troubled face slowly relaxes and becomes happy, causing the vampire to smile as his shadow bubbles and creates another him.

"Clean this place and purchase food and necessities" mitsuomi says and the clone nods, sinking into the shadows. Mitsuomi takes a seat in a chair, "I'm a little late Mito but I will protect your clan once again.. Both of them" he thought.

*Next Morning*

Naruko awoke with a start to something licking her face, opening her eyes she came face to face with a black puppy. The little blonde bristles and backs away but the puppy barks and moves closer, "How did you get in here" she says. The puppy barks and leaps off the bed to retrieve a paper and comes back, placing it down in front of naruko.

"Hello Naruko.. I am D. Kiryu your new landlord.. Unlike the previous one.. I will treat you fairly and have started by providing with food and necessities.. Also the puppy before you is Darcia.. Lastly don't worry about others breaking in.. I will provide security as well" naruko reads, clearly confused.

"This has be some trick" naruko whispers but darcia paws at her leg. The blonde slowly rubs darcia's head, "I hope this isn't a trick" she says. Naruko gets off the bed and heads to the kitchen but finds her fridge fully stocked with food, causing her eyes to widen and tear up. Darcia paws at her leg and she picks him up to hug, "Ok let's eat and get to school" naruko says. After a hearty breakfast and a bath naruko puts on her orange jumpsuit, making her way to the academy with darcia in tow.

"I hope I can make friends" naruko thought. Unbeknownst to naruko inside her seal the Kyubi no Yoko opens a single eye, "Hmph that demon is free once again.. I can only imagine the horrors he will rend upon this world" the fox thought. Naruko arrives at the academy as parents give her dirty looks but the blonde ignores them as darcia was riding in her jacket. She finds her classroom and takes a seat at the row near the window, her classmates whispering and talking to one another.

"May I sit here" a monotone voice says. Naruko turns and sees a boy with sunglasses and bulky clothes, "Sure.. I'm Naruko Uzumaki and I'm gonna be Hokage.. Oh and this Darcia" she says and the puppy barks.

"Shino Aburame" the boy says, taking his seat. The door opens and two men enter with one have a brown hair and a scar across his nose. The other with silverish hair and a subtle dark look to naruko.

"Good morning.. I am Iruka Umino and this is my assistant Mizuki Toji and we will be your instructors for the next Six years" the scarred man says. Iruka takes roll and naruko notes several names of shino, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka. The school day passes and for naruko it was boring but having darcia helped greatly. Iruka singled her out on questions but with darica's help she answered them right, much to iruka's annoyance. However naruko would later learn this was a trend that would hang over her for the next six years.

*Scene Break*

Anko's eyes shoot open and she rockets up in bed, "You're awake" a familiar voice says. The snake mistress cranes her head to the left and see mitsuomi standing next to bound man in a chair, suddenly the previous night event replay in her head and immediately checks to see if the mark was gone.

"You have been reborn as a Mistress of the Night.. Servant of the Devil as you put it" mitsuomi says, blowing a small stream of smoke. Anko moves off her bed with her brown eyes on his steel-blue eyes, "I am yours.. Forever" she says and mitsuomi smirks.

"That's fine.. Now it's time for dinner.. He's a Missing-nin from Kusa and specializes in poison" mitsuomi says and anko furrows her brow. Mitsuomi grins and shows his fangs, "Once you feed off of him.. You'll gain All his skills to bolster your skill set" he says and taps his ashes.

"You are now a vampire.. My Progeny and that entails many things.. Once you drink blood willingly.. You will become a True Vampire" mitsuomi starts and taps the man on the cheek with the back of his hand.

"Blood is currency of the soul.. Blood is the Life and by drinking blood.. You take in essence of a soul and hearing those words.. Your dark little mind can put togther what would happen if you drank from your former sensei" mitsuomi adds. Anko stares between the man and mitsuomi but back to man and a dark smirk forms on her face. She approaches the man and straddles him, "So when I kill Orochimaru.. I will gain every Thing from him.. His Power.. His Soul" anko says. Mitsuomi lifts her chin with his finger with a smirk, "Yesss and He'll be your Bitch for All Time" he purrs and anko grins. The newborn vampire jerks the man's head to right and opens her mouth wide, exposing a row of sharp teeth and violently bites his neck. The man screams as blood sprays into anko's mouth and on to her face but ignored it, drinking it down with glee. Numerous memories from the man assaulted her head, from him saving his wife. Then killing said wife, their children and running from his village, then being captured by mitsuomi. Anko unlatches with a some heavy breathing and soft moans, "Kami.. This is so much better than before" she says, getting off the man's corpse.

"Oh that's true but now it's a source of nourishment and don't worry.. You can retrain your body to eat dango" mitsuomi says, allowing his shadow to consume the man's corpse.

"Thank Kami.. I didn't even think of that" anko says, wiping some of the blood off her cheek and licking her fingers. Mitsuomi lifts anko's chin and moves her head side to side, "A little sloppy but good work.. Now take a shower.. I have some clothes for you wear" he says and anko complies. Mitsuomi takes a seat and pulls a cigar from his coat pocket, light it with a snap of his fingers.

"So what now" anko shouts.

"You don't have to shout.. We share a mental link" mitsuomi thought and anko gasps, "To answer your question.. I need to find something of mine and someone of mine" he adds.

"Something and someone" anko asks. Mitsuomi crosses his legs and blows a several circles of smoke, "My coffin was in the Uzumaki Shrine but I made sure not to keep everything I have there.. Lest the monkey and hawk steal it.. The someone is Tsunade Senju" he thought and heard a noise, causing him to grin.

"She and I were lovers for a small time before she met Dan Kato.. I was her grandmother's bodyguard and I was her first crush.. We got along well and after Dan's death.. She came to me to beg me to turn her and take away all her pain" mitsuomi starts but pauses, with a soft look on his face.

"I turned her down.. How would her grandmother feel.. If she gave up so easily and she left the village soon after" mitsuomi thought. Anko came in the nude and mitsuomi noticed her DD breasts and shaved omanko, "Are you gonna bring her back to the village" she asks. Mitsuomi lifts a duffle bag and hands it to anko, "No.. Tsunade's presence wouldn't change much.. The old monkey has his hands into everything but I have a plan" he explains. Anko slips on some black lace panties and a black nylon full bodysuit, followed by a sleeveless tan cheongsam type dress with a slit up to her mid thigh. A black snake with red eyes wraps around the dress with mesh lining and a pair of black gloves.

"Do like it" mitsuomi asks and anko smirks, nodding. Mitsuomi rises from the chair and rolls his neck, "I'll be leaving tonight but for now I need you not harm anyone unless provoked physically" he says and a shiver goes up anko's spine.

"Also keep an eye on Naruko too.. I took over her apartment complex but there will still be issues" mitsuomi says.

"Sure I like the little Gaki" anko says and reaches for his tie, "Say wanna Fuck before you go Master" she adds and mitsuomi grins wide.

*Scene Break*

Rain falls heavily in the village of Amegakure no Sato but mitsuomi ignores the rain as he reaches the entrance bridge, his form hidden behind a black cloak and a mask. The mask is white in color with a black covering the left eye and purple tear line down the eye.

"What a dreary land.. Thus its name the Land of Rain" mitsuomi says, nearing the guards. They point their spears but suddenly freeze and collapse as the vampire passes, before vanishing into the village. Mitsuomi continues through the village in silence as no one gives him second glance but the vampire could sense chakra in the rain.

"Interesting" mitsuomi thought. However his entrance into the village of ame did not go unnoticed as above him was a angel looking down upon him. She has short, straight blue hair with a bun, amber eyes with lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing.

"Who are you" she thought. The angel of ame follows mitsuomi towards the north edge of the to a large lake. Mitsuomi reaches out of his cloak and points his left hand at the lake, "Here my call and return me.. Ma belle autre moitiƩ" he declares, sensing his pursuer.

"Hmm.. Konan.. Angel of Ame.. I wonder If you will fall" mitsuomi thought. The now named konan gasps as the lake gurgles and a black sword shoots out of the lake, into mitsuomi's hand. The sword is a black as night but accented by red Scottish claymore with a silver dragon etched around the handle. Konan prepares to attack mitsuomi but the vampire turns and his steel-blue meets her amber orbs, before he blinks out of existence. Konan quickly lands where mitsuomi stood with a blank look on her face, "He escaped Konan" a voice states and she turns. A man with medium length spiky orange hair, six piercings, a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of its upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip. He also has three piercings on each wrist, at least one on its upper wrist and some just under his neck.

"He has Pein" konan remarks, turning on her heels. Pein soon follows konan as mitsuomi appears on the lake with a tilted head and a smirk on his face, "Another Uzumaki but too far gone and a succulent angel for me to devour" he thought, exploding into ravens. A week would pass and pein would not notice the change to konan, by day she was her normal stoic self. However at night dark dreams assaulted her mind, bending it for a darker purpose as the devil corrupted the angel of pein.

*One Week Later*

Konan lays in her bed with her right arm snaked under her breasts and right hand caresses the soft globe of flesh. Tiny moans escape her lips as her left hand finds its way inside her light-blue panties, pinching her clit and fingers running along her nether lips. A sinister mist seeps into konan's bedroom and washes over her bed and her form, causing her moans to grow louder. Konan's eyes flutter open and her amber orbs see a shirt-less mitsuomi, "Ahh my Devil" she coos, as he leans down to capture her lips. Mitsuomi snakes his left hand around the back of her head with a sinister smile, "Are you ready to fall my Angel" he purrs. Konan looks at him with lust in her eyes, "Yesss.. Corrupt me.. I am ready to Fall" she says. Mitsuomi moves closer to her neck and sensually sinks his fangs in, causing konan's eyes to widen and become half-lidded. Mitsuomi slowly pulls away and bites his lower lip, before reinserting his fangs into her throat. Konan starts to flail about under him as black veins spread from her neck, her eyes pupils shrink and return but now catlike. Her mouth opens as her canines lengthen, every minute scar or blemish on her skin or sign of age vanishes before her eyes. Mitsuomi pulls away once again as his angel pants under him, his head tilts from side to side.

"My Dark Angel" mitsuomi coos, moving back and extending his hand. Konan slowly sits up and takes his hand as her eyes glow in the dark, "My Devil" she coos.

"We must go.. Nagato is still awake" mitsuomi says. Konan climbs out of the bed and quickly dresses herself in a revealing navy blue robe, with a large hemline on the front. It exposes her arms, her back, the lateral part of her breast and her belly, with her navel being surrounded by four more piercings. A pair of blue pants and white high heels, leaving off her akatsuki cloak. Mitsuomi comes up behind her and slips a black choker with an amber stone in the center around her neck.

"Go to him my dark angel" mitsuomi says. Konan leaves her bedroom and makes her way toward nagato's chamber, finding him with his eyes closed but they slowly open.

"Why are you here Konan" nagato says. He has long red hair that covers the left side of face but his body is severly emaciated and he is confined to special contraption. Konan glides into the room and nagato notices the ethereal nature of his oldest friend, "Where is your cloak" he says.

"Nagato.. The last few days I have come to reevaluate my life" konan starts and nagato narrows his eyes.

"We always talked about bringing peace to this world.. Genuine peace that Sensei talked about" konan continues but pauses.

"We will Konan.. Once we acquire the Tailed-beast.. The world shall know our Justice" nagato states. Konan makes her way behind nagato, "Was it Justice when you killed Hanzo's family down to the smallest child.. Everyone who knew him as well.. No you allowed Madara to taint you" she says, reaching out to him.

"Madara agrees with our plan" nagato states but konan remains silent.

"Are you sure it is Madara.. I've never known him to hide behind a mask or act like a Fool" a voice states. Nagato narrows his eyes as mitsuomi steps out of the shadows, "Who are you.. How did you get into here" he says, preparing to awaken his paths. However suddenly nagato felt his body stiffen and looks down he sees a shadow restraining his movements.

"Konoha" nagato hisses but mitsuomi shakes his head, moving closer. Mitsuomi raises his left hand and a dragon head cane appears in his right hand, "No but something far worse" he says, now inches from nagato. The ruler of ame grits his teeth and struggles to move, "K-konan stop him" he says but konan remains unmoving.

"Sorry Nagato but I must decline" konan says. Nagato struggles to move but gasps as his contraption breaks and he collapses to the ground, revealing severely burned legs. Konan pulls nagato to his knees and she cranes his head to show her face, slowly opening her mouth and revealing her fangs.

"Do not worry anymore Nagato.. I will give you the Peace you desire" konan says, before biting nagato on the neck. The uzumaki struggles to break of konan's grip with muted screams as she covered his mouth. Mitsuomi watches with glee as his newest queen drains her childhood friend dry, her shadow bubbling up and consuming his corpse. Konan collapses to her knees as red tears run down her cheeks, "Forgive me" she whispers but looks up at mitsuomi.

"It will take time my devil to get over this" konan says and mitsuomi lifts her up bridal style.

"This I know my dark angel but this needed to be done" mitsuomi says, as konan leans into his chest.

"Madara will hunt us down" konan says but mitsuomi chuckles.

"Let me worry about Madara" mitsuomi says, as they sink into the shadows.

*Konohagakure - One Week Later*

Naruko makes her way home after another boring day at the academy, whispers and glares fill her ears and eyes but the little blonde ignores them. She reaches home but stops in her tracks as by her door was a woman, a very beautiful woman.

"Yo Gaki.. The name's Anko Mitarashi.. Come on he's waiting" the woman says and naruko furrows her brow.

"Who's waiting" naruko asks and darcia barks, leaping out of her jumpsuit and pawing at her door. Naruko slowly opens her door and darica runs in but towards a man sitting at her table, "Hello Naruko" he says. Anko closes the door behind naruko as the blonde looks between you, "Who are you" she says. The man picks up darica with a smile, "Your new landlord and hopefully a new friend.. You can call me Mitsuomi Kiriyu" he says.

"Why help me" naruko questions, as mitsuomi lets darcia down and he runs back to naruko.

"I knew your family" mitsuomi says and naruko gasps.

"Do you know them.. Who are they" naruko says, nearly shouting. Mitsuomi crosses his legs with a tilt of his head, "Now your parents had many enemies and you must keep this secret" he says and she slowly nods.

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki.. A powerful Kunoichi know as the Red-Hot Habanero.. Your Father was Minato Namikaze" mitsuomi states. Naruko stays silent for a few minutes with her blonde hair shadowing her eyes, "Then Jiji lied to me.. He told he didn't know.. But-but he knew" she whispers and both vampires smirk.

"Yes he lied to you.. Because he wanted you to be his puppet" mitsuomi says, now kneeling on one knee before her. Naruko looks into his steel-blue eyes, "Why though" she whispers.

"Because of someone very powerful.. Here" mitsuomi says, pointing to her stomach. Naruko furrows her brow as mitsuomi rises to his full height, "But that comes later.. For now you must keep this information secret.. Sarutobi will hurt you if he learns you know" he says, influencing her slightly.

"Do you why people hate me" naruko asks and mitsuomi again points to her stomach.

"In time I will tell you but not now.. You're still young but I will say.. It ties into why your father is famous" mitsuomi says. Naruko touches her stomach with a furrowed brow, "The Kyubi.. Daddy killed it" she whispers.

"No he didn't.. Biju can't be completely killed.. Instead he sealed it away" mitsuomi says and naruko gasps, her eyes wide and filled with tears.

"H-he sealed it in me" naruko says, her breathing ragged but anko snatches her into a hug. The little blonde stiffens but starts sobbing in the snake mistress' arms, "Shh it's alright Gaki.. Yondaime-sama wanted you be seen as hero but" she says.

"Sarutobi wanted to control you.. So he kept your heritage a secret but revealed your Jinchuriki status.. Creating a law to keep the children ignorant but a lot a good that did" mitsuomi states. Naruko quietly sobs in anko's arms for several minutes but cries herself to sleep, "Was this wise" anko asks, carrying her to bed.

"Yes.. Naruko must come to hate Konoha to free her from their chains and reunite her with her only living family" mitsuomi says and anko furrow her brow.

"Her biological grandmother Tsunade Senju" mitsuomi adds and anko's eyes widen in shock.

"Impossible" anko nearly shouts. Mitsuomi pulls off naruko's sandals and slips the covers over form, 'Not impossible if you have the right players" he says, beckoning for her follow.

"Sarutobi's treacherous students drugged her.. Got her pregnant and stole her child.. Making her believe it was a still birth.. That child grew up to a certain Yellow Flash" mitsuomi explains.

"The father" anko says. Mitsuomi moves his tongue like a snake and anko's eyes glow darkly in rage, "Don't worry my Snake Queen.. He will pay for all his crimes but for now.. We'll need to make Naruko stronger and give her the means to take revenge" he says.

"You said bringing Tsunade-sama back wouldn't solve things.. So how do they get their revenge" anko says but purrs as mitsomi runs his fingers along her cheek.

"Simple.. We take a village for ourselves.. Iwa and Kumo are out.. Ame is too small.. Leaving Kiri or Suna but I don't like sand.. It's coarse.. Rough and gets everywhere.. Making Kiri our prize" mitsuomi says.

"When do I meet my fellow sister" anko asks.

"Soon my dear.. She's searching for your Mistress" mitsuomi says and anko smirks.

"Once I do.. We'll head to Kiri" mitsuomi states.

"They're in the middle of a civil war" anko comments and mitsuomi smirks, nodding.

"That will be perfect" mitsuomi muses.

*One Month Later - Fire Country Capital*

Tsunade Senju blinks in shock as the man who was haunting her dreams for the pass week was standing before her. The first time she met this man she was a flat-chested newly minted genin, visiting her grandmother and finding him playing for her. The more time passed the more she aged and he didn't, that it would influence her to create her unique henge.

"Hello Tsunade" mitsuomi says, shaking her from her memories. The blonde narrows her eyes with a gnashed teeth, "Why are you here.. Did you give me those dreams" she hisses.

"Of course.. I wanted you to know I had returned" mitsuomi states. Tsunade's apprentice Shizune watches her mistress approach this mysterious man but gasps as she hugs this man tightly.

"I've missed you so much Mitsuomi" tsunade states.

"Tsunade-sama.. Who is this" shizune says but freezes as tsunade was glaring at her with hate in her eyes.

"Foolish mouse" mitsuomi says, before shizune collapses. Tsunade turns to the downed shizune, "I can't believe I such a drunken fool" she says and mitsuomi hugs her behind.

"Don't worry Tsunade.. Things will now change" mitsuomi says.

"How did you know" tsunade says.

"Sarutobi and Danzo may train their forces well but their minds are open books to me" mitsuomi says and turns tsunade to face him.

"So now that I have returned.. What is your desire" mitsuomi asks. Tsunade roughly grabs mitsuomi by his tie, "Turn me.. You denied me after Dan died and I lived a life.. Fulfill my dark desire" she says, looking into his steel-blue orbs.

"You wish is my command" mitsuomi says, his shadowing grabbing the false shizune. He snakes his arm around tsunade's waist the three reappear in a bedroom, "Where are we" tsunade asks.

"A hotel room.. No one will disturb us" mitsuomi states, placing the impostor in a chair. Tsunade shrugs off her grass-green haori, then her strappy heels and her navy blue pants. Mitsuomi slips off his coat and loosens his tie, ripping it off and picks up the blonde.

"I've dreamed of this on lonely nights" tsunade whispers. Mitsuomi gently lays tsunade on the bed in only her grey blouse, her heaving breasts spilling out.

"Now my Queen.. Time for you dark baptism" mitsuomi coos. Tsunade breathes heavily with half-lidded eyes, "Take me.. Make me your Queen" she says. Mitsuomi captures her lips and tsunade forces her tongue inside his mouth, "Make my dark dream Finally come true" she thought. Mitsuomi moves tsunade's mouth peppering her chin, neck and down to her breasts with kisses but opens his mouth, exposing his fangs. The no-life prince slowly sinks his teeth in tsunade's 106cm breasts, causing her eyes to widen and a loud moan to escape her mouth.

"Haaah.. It feels Sooo Good" tsunade cries. Mitsuomi continues to drink tsunade's life giving nectar but pulls back with a look of ecstasy on his face as her blood runs down his chin.

"Ahhhh.. Truly A+" mitsuomi croons, biting his lips and drawing his blood. Mitsuomi inserts his fangs and forces his blood into tsunade's blood stream, causing her body to buck and her toes to curl. Tsunade clutches the sheets of the bed as her body changes, every minute imperfection vanishes and her honey eyes gain an acidy tint. Her head lists to her left as her mouth hangs agape, while her canines lengthen and her skin pales to a deathly pallor. Mitsuomi unlatches from tsunade's left breast and falls onto his back with a look of joy but suddenly tsunade pounces on top of him. The last senju growls with her hot breath visible but she wastes no time and biting mitsuomi on the neck. Mitsuomi clutches the back of tsunade's head with a look of ecstasy, "Yess.. Yess drink and become my True Queen" he cries. Tsunade wrenches away with a voiceless roar as blood runs down her nude body but her honey eyes lock on the shizune impostor.

"Come to me" tsunade coos, doing a come hither with her right hand. The impostor's eyes go blank and she rises from her seat, undressing as she approaches the bed. Tsunade reaches out and runs her fingers along the impostor's chest, "Lay down.. You will avail your secrets to me" she purrs. The impostor lays on her back as tsunade straddles her with a hungry look on her face, "Where's the Real Shizune" she asks, running her nails along the woman's body.

"I do not know.. Danzo-sama did not say" the impostor says, her breathing heavy. Tsunade shifts her gaze to mitsuomi with a lick of her lips, "Then your blood will tell me" she coos, before biting the woman on the throat. The impostor screams and tries to fight tsunade off but the blonde proved to be too powerful as with each passing second, her fighting got weaker and weaker. Her left hand hits the bed as her body shakes a few seconds but stops as tsunade drains her dry, pulling away the blonde licks her lips and wipes some blood from her mouth.

"Once I reviled blood but I need it to satiate my hunger" tsunade says. Mitsuomi reaches out to grasp tsuande's chin and licks some stray blood from her chin, "Indeed my queen" he says.

"What will we do with her" tsunade asks. Mitsuomi looks into her honey eyes, "Let me worry about that" he says, his shadow taking the body and sealing it into a scroll. Tsunade rests her head on mitsuomi's chest, "How's my granddaughter" she whispers. Mitsuomi strokes her blonde hair, "A survivor.. You'll meet her soon" he says. Tsunade shifts and settles a top his body, "You will make them pay.. All of them" she says and mitsuomi grins, nodding.

"Then Make love to me.. My King" tsunade says, her eyes glowing in the shadows.

*Konoha - Three Days Later*

Naruko mumbles with soft cries as she embraces her grandmother, "Baa-chan" the little blonde whispers. Mitsuomi sits at the table with konan and anko next to him, "This is something to digest" konan states. She wears revealing navy blue robe, with a large hemline on the front but now adds a pair of black bridal gloves, a black skirt and pantyhose with white heeled boots.

"Konoha will stoop to new lows for power" mitsuomi comments. Unbeknownst to naruko the tsunade speaking with her was a clone as the real tsunade and a clone of himself were searching for the real shizune. Mitsuomi covers his left eyes and looks through the eyes of his clone, "So Danzo managed to recreate the Mokuton and Tsuna-chan has reclaimed it.. Kukuku" he thought.

"So will you be staying" naruko asks. Tsunade looks to mitsuomi but he shakes his head, "Sorry but Tsunade won't be able to stay.. If she does Sarutobi will try to make her his puppet" he says, rising from his seat.

"However.. I'll come see you every few months.. Mitsuomi has a plan to set in motion" tsunade states and naruko looks to him.

"I do.. The three of us will head to the Land of Water and win their civil war.. From there.. We'll make a safe place for you" mitsuomi explains.

"How" naruko asks. Mitsuomi takes a seat on a sofa and pulls her into his lap, "Simple.. You're gonna fail the academy's Genin exam three times" he explains and naruko furrows her brow.

"If you fail three times.. You are barred from becoming a ninja.. You'll be a civilian and no can stop you from leaving" anko explains.

"No way Sensei would let Naru-chan leave" tsunade says but mitsuomi wags his finger.

"Technically he can't stop her.. Unless he reveals her status as a Jinchuriki or who her family is.. He may have everyone fooled but he can't afford to let things spiral out of his control" mitsuomi replies.

"Even so.. He will do everything in power to make sure she passes" konan comments.

"Leave that to me" mitsuomi says and lets naruko down, "For now.. Anko will train you for the next six years but you must fail three times to be free and clear of Konoha.. Darcia will make sure Sarutobi can't spy on you" he adds and naruko nods.

"I will sure you have access to your heritage.. Both Senju and Uzumaki" tsunade says and naruko nods.

"Right.. I'll be come strong like Papa and Mama" naruko declares and all of them smile. Over the next six years many things would happen to the elemental nations, starting konoha with danzo and hiruzen desperately searching for mitsuomi. Ne HQ had been attacked by a ghoul resembling shizune and would suffer the loss of twenty operatives, including Kinoe or Tenzo the only living person to survive orochimaru's experiments with the revival of the legendary Mokuton. Another loss came as a visibly pregnant and comatose shizune would also vanish. Both men would curse the vampire for this along with the baby's father Jiraiya the Gallant. About three months after the assault on Ne, word reaches hiruzen that the civil war in Kiri was settled by a rebel victory but the nation closed off their borders to everyone. Naturally this worried the paranoid warhawk but partner in crime believe the nation was too weak to compare to konoha but this would prove to be Fatal.

*Konoha - Six Years Later*

Naruko slowly opens eyes to the sound of her alarm, "Well today is the Day" she thought, tossing her covers. The sixteen year old has a healthy figure, no longer surviving solely on ramen but healthy food and she filled out nicely. Naruko took a quick shower and dressed herself in a black uniform jacket with an orange zipper and buttons on the waist and sleeves, rolled up to her forearm. A pleated orange skirt with white leggings and closed toe kunoichi boots.

"I wonder if they are here already" a gruff voice asks. The voice belongs to the Kyubi no Yoko, who naruko met two years prior. The fox was apprehensive at first but naruko constant instance or nagging, forced to the fox to mellow out but more so when he learned that naruko knew a certain vampire.

"Dunno Kurama-aniki.. Anko-nee didn't say anything" naruko thought, putting the finishing touches on her breakfast. Her faithful darica was at her side on a chair with his own food. Naruko creates a shadow clone to pack up her things of value, "Time to leave this place" she thought.

"I'll take our things to Anko-nee" the clone says, as naruko puts on her boots and orange hoodie with black trim. Darica takes his spot in her coat and the blonde makes her way to the academy amid glares and whispers, "Don't worry.. You won't have to worry about me soon" she thought. At the same time anko was also packing up her belongings, "I'll finally be rid of this cursed place and those bitches" she thought. In the pass six years anko learned much under her master, from summoning familiar and transformations but she learned some hard truths as well. Her friends Yugao Uzuki, Kurenai Yuhi and Hana Inuzuka were ordered to befriend her and make sure she was not a traitor by the sandaime and elders. Anko wanted to kill all three on the spot but mitsuomi convinced her otherwise, taking her a hunting trip where she gained the abilities of several missing-nin. Anko could now use the Futton, Ranton and Hyoton releases with several familiars.

"Kukuku.. I can't wait to pinch Kanna-chan little cheeks" anko thought. A knock at the door catches her attention and she opens it to see a scroll, "Oh from Naru-chan" anko muses, picking it up as a black raven lands and her grin widens.

*Hokage Office*

Hiruzen sits with his pipe in his mouth with his gaze on the new Mizukage Mei Terumi and her two bodyguards, "Kirigakure has Them in their employ" he thought. Mei has long auburn hair tied in herringbone pattern with a blue band and a bang covering her right eye. She wears a long dark blue dress with detached sleeves and neckline but linked by mesh and kunoichi boots with shin guards.

"This is a first Godaime-dono for a Kage to come to a rival village" hiruzen states. Mei crosses her legs with an amused smile, "Indeed but having The Man in Black and Lady in White as my guards.. I feel it sufficiently safe" she says. The man in black is just that, wearing an all black clothing. Which consists of a three-piece suit, shirt, tie, boots with silver tips, gloves and a black robe with the sleeves embroidered with white threads. He wears a mask of a smiling face with red cheeks, a wide moustache upturned at both ends and a thin vertical pointed beard. In contrast is the lady in white, wearing a white veil and hood over her face. A white, sleeveless cheongsam dress with slits to her hips, skin tight shorts and black stockings with heeled boots, that buckle up the sides.

"So what is the reason for your visit.. May I ask" hiruzen says. Mei rests her chin on her left palm with her elbow on her right knee, "I came to you seven years ago.. In a bid of friendship and aid in freeing Kirigakure of Yagura's tyrannical rule.. I sat in this room as well.. Pleading to your humanity.. Do you know what you said" she says. Hiruzen remains stone-faced, "I felt your side would not win.. I could not commit my forces to your civil war.. Kumo or Iwa could've and would've intervened" he says.

"Is Konoha not the strongest" the lady in white says, her voice a velvety whisper.

"I would disagree.. The Kyubi attack.. Uchiha Massacre.. Those are blows that would takes years to recover from" the man in black comments, a hint of mockery in his tone. Hiruzen narrows his eyes, "Konoha is still a powerful foe" he says, leaking some KI.

"They meant no disrepect Sandaime-dono but you were correct.. My rebels were losing ground but Three Angels" mei starts and shifts her eyes from right to left.

"Or rather demons appeared.. The Man in Black and Lady in White but also the Fallen Angel as well came our aid in the eleventh hour and freed Kirigakure from Tyranny" mei adds and internally smirks, seeing the bead of sweat forming on hiruzen's brow.

"Regardless of our pasts.. I wanted to personally answer our invitation to the Chunin Exams held in a few months here in Konoha and we will fielding a team" mei states.

*Konoha Academy*

Naruko stares at the seated mizuki and iruka, "Alright Naruko.. Perform the Academy Three.. Henge.. Kawarimi and Bunshin Jutsu" iruka says. Naruko performs the first two jutsu with relative ease, "I have trouble with the Bunshin.. Can I use another form" she asks.

"No.. You must use the Bunshin Jutsu.. This is from Lord Hokage" iruka says but naruko could see the malicious look in his and mizuki's eyes. Naruko sighs and makes the hand-signs with three puffs of smoke, creating her clones. One looked half decent but the other two were dead.

"Naruko.. You Failed!" iruka declares, hiding his glee. Naruko give both a men a scathing look, "So even though I know another clone technique.. I still fail" she says.

"Sorry Naruko but Hokage's orders" mizuki says, trying to hide his smirk but both men flinch as naruko glares at them. Naruko says nothing and leaves the exam room, only to be mocked by kiba, sakura and several others but she ignores them.

"Look she failed.. Good riddance" naruko hears, once she reaches the outside. Outside naruko looked saddened by her failure but internally she was finally free of this place. Naruko sees anko at the gates and picks up her pace with fake tears in her eyes burying her face in the older woman's chest. Anko rubs naruko's back as people were looking at them, some were smug and others were glaring.

"Come on.. I'll treat you to some ramen" anko says but thought, "They're waiting" as they leave the academy.

*Konoha Main Gate*

Hiruzen and mei with her bodyguards reach the main gate of the village, a black carriage with six horse were awaiting them.

"Perhaps we can work out and peace alliance" hiruzen says. Mei stops at the gate as the man in black opens the carriage but none could see the grin on his face.

"I will think about it Lord Hokage" mei says, as the man in black whispers to the lady in white. Mei gives hiruzen a bow and makes a her way to the carriage, "I will go ahead.. Do hurry along" she says, climbing into carriage. The horse neigh loudly and gallop as the man and black and lady in white remain in front of hiruzen.

"Lord Hokage.. Since you know us.. We would like to properly introduce ourselves" the lady in white says. Hiruzen furrows his brow but the man in black's shoulders start to shake as laughter echoes from his mask, while reaching for it and slowly removing it. Hiruzen's eyes widen as mitsuomi stares back at him as he tosses his mask and it shatters on the ground.

"Hahahahaha.. Hello Monkey" mitsuomi sneers. Hiruzen clenches his fists and prepares to call his Anbu but black roots burst from the ground, pointing at him but the roots were coming from the lady in white. She reaches for her veil and lifts it to reveal her face, causing hiruzen's eyes to widen in horror this time.

"I am Tsunade Senju-Kiriyu and I am the Daimyo of the Land of Water and I know Everything.. Sensei" tsunade says, her honey eyes now a glowing yellow and her fangs protruding from her lips.

"You?!" hiruzen starts. Mitsuomi lifts his hand and tsunade takes his hand as the blue eyed vampire's right eye bleeds red with three tomoes. However the tomoes spin and shift into three triangles wrapping themselves around the pupil, similar to a pinwheel.

"Hahaha.. See you at the exams but do send your men to their deaths.. We're hungry" mitsuomi says, as a swirl forms around his eyes. Hiruzen gasps as both tsunade and mitsuomi were sucked into his right eye, leaving no trace of them and leaving hiruzen in stupefied shock.


A/N-2: This will be a short story, two chapter because I won't be going past the Chunin Exam. You'll see why soon enough. Next chapter picks up with the fall of Hiruzen and Danzo learning of not only Tsunade being a vampire but also Daimyo of Water country. Naruko leaving the village with Anko, naturally blaming Mitsuomi for this. If you Lemons I can add them but if not I won't worry about it. Thank you for your support and Stay Frosty.

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