You Have to Kill Your Morals to Survive @skullgamerscy
Chapter 9

Bella's POV

"Can't it be both," I ask Jasper softly ignoring the judgemental stares of those around me.

"Killing someone should be out of survival not for your own pleasure." Jasper tries to reason not really answering my question. The way he says it has trace amounts of guilt and regret I wonder how many people he's killed. Out of everyone one in the room, I feel like jasper is the only one who we can really get to understand how we are who we are. It's just something about him. Everyone else has the sense of innocence of regret but Jasper is practically drowning in guilt which makes me think he must have in a war. You don't get that look from anything else than combat.

"How many people have you killed," I ask him. As expected, he doesn't answer my question but glares at me. If I wasn't so used to vampire glares, I might have been imitated for scared. Now I just glare back. "It doesn't matter I can tell from looking at you we're very similar."

"We're nothing alike." He snarls at me launching forward so he's right in my face. Someone really doesn't like their past.

"Oh really." Praying to the god's that I'm right about him and who he might be I dredge up vampire history. "You hold yourself like a soldier. You were trained to kill. My guess would be the American civil war also known as the vampire's civil war. From the fact that your alive I take it you ran as everyone vampire involved in that war was hunted and killed by the Volturi. From your accent, I take it your southern therefore were probably turned my Maria which means you would have been around for when she was raiding towns killing everyone and turning the ones who showed potential. Those new borns were trained and when they showed the slightest bit of fear or weakness were executed. You might have run away Jasper but how long did it take you to do so. How many died." Seeing the anger and pain blaze inside the eyes of the sandy haired vampire I know I've hit the nail on the head. "You had a chance to run. We tried that. It didn't work so when you judge us for killing people and enjoying it just remember that we don't kill for pleasure. It would be so easy to do and not to mention easier for us in the long run. But we don't. We kill so we might stand a chance of surviving this hell we've found ourselves in. To do so we can't let the pain guilt regret and sadness at taking a life hold us back. If we did that we would crack and break under the pressure. We quickly learned to enjoy killing out of a necessity. If we didn't. Then we would have been dead a long time ago and someone else would have taken our place. I've seen others like me crack. Their bodies were thrown to new borns to feast on. It's a cycle Jasper. It can't be broken. No matter how much we want it to."

Jasper and me glare at each other for what could be seconds minutes of hours until the rage behind his eyes dies out and he steps back from my personal space. If he was looking for something in me he must have found it as he nods at me and returns to his place beside Alice.

"Now we're here for a reason." Rachel announces standing next to me glancing between the two species of supernatural. "Who we are and what we do must remain secret."

"So we're here to issue a warning to both the pack and the coven." I continue. "You will not repeat a word of what has been spoken here tonight to anyone outside of your groups."

"You wouldn't like the consequence of failing to follow these simple rules." Rachel states staring at the wolf pack. It's clear that they are the mostly likely to talk.

"Snitches end up in ditches." Lewis renters the room standing to Rachels right. "And you wouldn't want us to accidentally draw the Volturi's attention now would we." The threat hangs in the area and the Cullen's tense at the mere thought of engaging the Volturi's wrath. The pack however don't twitch at the threat. I wonder if the Cullen's have informed them about our dear friends over in Italy.

"We pose no threat to the people of Fork's." The wolves seem to think of themselves as some sort of protectors so it's best to make it clear we aren't a threat to the people under their watch. "We're not crazed killers we have self control. We're not going to start murdering the people here as it's such a small town it would be stupid. We fulfil our contracts and kill those who pose a serious threat to us. Nobody here fits those criteria's." I highly doubt anyone around here will draw enough attention to be assassinated but I've been wrong before.

"Besides we already have three paranoid vampires stalking us. We really don't need you lot doing the same." Like that's going happen brother. "Now if you excuse us I believe that Bella has school in the morning and unlike the vampires in this room we do need our sleep." I can't help the groan that escapes my lips at the thought of school. "Now dear sister you know how important school is." Lewis is smirking at me enjoying the fact that neither he or Rachel have to attend school this week as they staying with me.

"I hate both of you." I growl out at them earning a small laugh from Lewis and an insulted look from Rachel.

"Hey I didn't say anything." Rachel defends glaring at me.

"Didn't have to. I know you were thinking it."

"I didn't realise that was one of your gifts."

"Shut up Rachel." taking our leave I pause at the door turning back to everyone. "We've offered you a warning. Don't make us act upon it." that last line was more of a plea than a demand. Only time will tell if the two groups took our warnings seriously but from everything that's already happened in my life I'm going to assume one of them will do something to force my hand.

Heading back to Charlie's house with two of my sibling's in complete silence wasn't surprising as we all took the time to mull over the information, we gathered from that guy who name I can't remember. Did I even know his name. He wasn't one of my sources of information so maybe I didn't. I'm not sure which of those two options makes me look worse both of them make me look pretty bad. Then again, I kill people for a living so does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. How many people have I killed without knowing who they are. I'm sure that's an answer best left unanswered.

Pulling up to the house I notice that none of the lights are on. Charlie must still be out fishing. Good I can't be bothered to explain who Rachel and Lewis. Throwing up the door I immediately head up to my room and collapse face first onto my bed. I'm very tempted to scream into my pillow at the complications that are steadily growing in my life. Next to me my bed dips slightly. "So, what do you reckon our chances are." Rachel awkwardly pets the back of my head.

"If they're hunting for rats it won't be long until they figure out we've talked." Lewis answers from somewhere to the left of me. He's most likely sitting on my desk. I swear that boy as something against chairs the amount of times he ignores them for a flat surface using the chair as a leg rest. "Not to start on the number of people in this tiny tiny town who know the truth about us.

"So what I'm hearing is that we're fucked." I Strain my neck upwards to give my reply before flopping back down into my blanket.

"Pretty much."


Great. How much worse can my life get. On second thought I don't want that answered as well. Why do I get the feeling that this is only the start of something. Please for once in my life can I be wrong.

I just had to wonder didn't I. You know I'm starting to think that maybe just maybe I can make things happen with my mind. How much worse can it get I thought. Oh, I don't know Bella how about the fact that somebody put a bomb under my chair. How's that for getting worse. Everything seemed normal when I arrived at school. Well apart from the Cullens watching me like how I watch my prey but that was to be expected. what I wasn't expecting when I sat down for lunch in my usual spot was to hear the quietest sounding click. Reacting purely on instinct every muscle in my body froze. Now I could have misheard but all my senses are screaming danger. All around me students are getting on with their lives not realising how much of a threat they could be. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Dropping my mental shield that hides my heart rate I really hope one of the Cullen's are still paying super close attention to me.

Not daring to move in the slightest form I whisper my plea for help feeling myself sink lower and lower. "Cullen's if your listening I could use your assistance on a matter. Would one of you very slowly make your way over to me but under so circumstance touch me or any part of this table. I wouldn't want to panic anyone but I believe I just sad down and triggered a bomb."

A few painfully long seconds later Emmett appears at my side but again I make no move to look at him. "How can I help." He asks with a hint of worry in his voice. Out of all the Cullen's I knew I liked him the most.

"You have a phone right."

"Of course."

"Ok I need you to pretend to get something out of my bad while, in reality, your taking a picture of what's under my seat. Try to make it look natural. I wouldn't want anyone coming over here to investigate what we're doing. I quite like having my body parts attached to my body." Sensing him moving I pray to the gods he's making it look normal. Or at the very least Hoet is in here somewhere seeing this so she can help. The world is truly out to get me.

"Got it." Emmett says carefully holding his phone out in front of me so I can see the image. And what do you know there is a bomb under my seat. Looking right at me are for pipe bombs attached to a sensory weight pad covered in nails and broken scrapes of metal. A bomb like this could take out his room and the nails and scrap metal would make sure those who came off well from the blast would still suffer. At least that's what I think. Bombs aren't really my area of expertise. But you know us is. My dear sister Rachel who is in town at this very moment. Either that is extremely luckily or not an accident. Again same as yesterday I'm not sure which answer I would prefer.

"Well shit." I can't help but say. "Emmett my dear would you be so kind as to reach into my right side pocket and very carefully remove my phone. the slightest movement might trigger it." Doing pulls out my phone. "Great none can you gently press about four centimetres down from my ear on the side your one." Sensing, a little bit confused I quickly explain seeming that time is at the up most importance here. "It will active my commlink so I call my sister who is a bomb expertise." once again he obeys my orders. He's doing well under the pressure. He would have done well in the pits. "thank you."

"Bella. What's up." Alex is the first one to answer the call. Knowing everyone is listening I just about sum up my situation.

"Well, what's up is the slight issue of sitting down on a bomb. So Rachel could you quickly get to my school." I ask in a sweet voice. Honestly, I'm surprised I'm as calm as I am. there is definitely something wrong with me.

In reply, I get a bunch of swears along with Rachel's "I'll be right there. Don't' move."

"Like the thought of moving crossed my mind," I say far more aggressively then I meant too but given the situation who can blame me. She mutters a quick sorry before going silent again. The rest of my siblings are remaining quiet knowing that I can't be distracted right about now. Not bothering to turn my comm off I once again ask Emmett to aid me. "Now Emmett could you send that picture you took to my phone. My password is 3785920. then send that image to the number under Pigeon John." Note to self change password later. If I make it to later that is.

"Really. That's what I'm under." Rachel unamused voice comes through my ear.

"I'm about the bomb and I'm about to blow up." I start singing much to the displeasure of the vampires in the room. "I thought it was fitting for you. Know I guess it fitting more me." I can hear Sam snort in laughter in the background.

"Done," Emmett announces waiting for me to give him more instructions.

"Finally can go to Miss Hoet and tell her the situation." I know I shouldn't be doing this as it exposing Hoet and me if this is another sick way for the pit leaders to test me for being a mole. But I don't see how else I'm going to get everyone out of this room safely As they can't be in here when Rachel attempts to diffuse the bomb. too many things could go wrong.

"How are you acting so calm." He asks me sounding lightly in awe of how calm and collective I'm being.

"Would it surprise you if I say this isn't the first time something like this has happened."

"With you Bella not in the slightest." And with that, he walks away to find Hoet. Unless one of his siblings are already doing that. I guess all I can really do now is wait for my maniac of a sister to come and save the day. Quietly I start to sing the whole song the bomb now that it's stuck in my head and hope the lyrics don't region true for me or Rachel.

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