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Chapter 11

Bella POV

After Rachel safely denotes the bomb, we head back to my house not seeing the point in heading back to school as it'll only put the students there in more danger. Not to mention my house has a security system built in so if we are going to be attacked again, we at least have some kind of warning.

"Does anybody else have the distinct feeling that we're being watched." Lewis states looking over his shoulder eyes narrowing as he scans the vast woods surrounding my house.

"Constantly," I say following his gaze have the same feeling. "But I'm just paranoid."

"It's not being paranoid if your right." Rachel quips. "What do you hear."

Following my sister's question I focus on listening to my surroundings, it takes a moment for realisation to kick in. "Nothing. We should move."

"Agreed." Lewis says pushing the two of us forward as he takes up the rear waking backwards not taking his eyes off whatever might be lurking behind us. What are the chances that in the middle of the woods there is no sound coming from the wildlife living there. No birds in the trees. No wolves deer's cats bear's insects or any other living creature. There's no sound in the normally loud woods. Silence can only mean one thing. Something lurking in the woods has scared away every creature living there. If I had to take guess it's either Saber Alex or Amber.

Slumbering up to my house I'm honestly not surprised to see the Cullens and a few members of the wolf pack stood around waiting for us. "Hey, Sam Leah Jake. Cullen's welcome to my humble abode. Edward, you've been here before so thanks for not entering without my consent."

"We heard what happened are you ok." Leah asks suppressing her frantic worry which is a curious thing to see. I thought for sure that all members of both sides would not care about what happened to me since I'm the monster they all try so hard to suppress in themselves.

"Oh, you mean the bomb. Ha. That's just another Tuesday for us." When engaging an opponent's never let them see your fear. It will only make them feel better. Never give them that satisfaction. Die before you do or kill them. Those are your only two options. Amber's voice echo's in my head forcing me to submit to her teachings.

"But everything's ok now." Carlisle asks voice filled with concern. Ok I don't get it why to these people care. Something isn't adding up here. Like come on it makes no sense what so ever.

"Depends on how much of an optimist you are." Rachels says while I move past the gathered horde to open my door. Gesturing for everyone to follow. "On one hand the bomb wasn't really a serious threat more a warning. On the other hand, that is a warning meaning much worse is heading for us. If. If. We're right about the reason the bomb was there."

"We are." Lewis mutter dropping onto my couch.

"How bad are things going to get." Sam asks leaning gather the wall Jake and Leah on either side while me Lewis and Rachel take over the sofa. The Cullen's have spread themselves out among the living room. Them doing this does put us on edge as unlike the pack we can't watch them all at the same time from where we're sat. They could have a conversation with each other and we wouldn't know until it's too late. That's not even thinking about the fact they have all the exits covered so even if we tried to run we would have to move past one of them first slowing us down allowing others the chance to attack. I wonder if they did this by accident or if Jasper told them too.

"Very." I say pausing for dramatic effect earning an eye roll from Rachel and Lewis. "The bomb today was just child's play. And that alone could have killed everyone in that canteen if I didn't click fast enough. So, Forks is about to undertake a war with no human not really aware of what's going on."

"How could they not be aware." Jake asks.

"You'll be surprised how much human ignorance plays in our day to day life. I mean come on I was kidnapped tortured force to fight in death matches and trained to be an assassin which took me out of states for weekends and nobody was aware that anything had changed in my life." I mean come on human ignorance allows vampires to prey on hundreds of people a year.

"They'll notice. Something like this."

"Thay haven't before." Or ever.

"Nor have they noticed that a family which has no blood relation have the same feature and eye colour. And people on the res are suddenly able to walk around in winter without shirt and pants on. People see what they want to see and they don't want to know that anything is wrong with the world so they don't notice the signs all around them.

"What's your plan." Jasper asks after thinking over our situation.

"It's a war now." Lewis answer first. " The rest of our family are coming here. We ready for whatever they throw at us." I notice Lewis doesn't tell them that this is where make our last stand. It's all or nothing right about now. Our enemies will have no mercy for us and we can't have any for them. Either they kill us all or we kill all of them and we have no idea how many are coming or what is coming for us. We can guess and use our past knowledge but we have to be ready for anything and everything.

"My shield will be brought into full effect. It should give us a slight advantage over our enemies." I boast. Right now small things like a few extra seconds could mean the difference between life and death for us. My shield is our main defence in what is to come.

"If your shield can stop vampires and shifters then how did a bomb pose a danger to you. Couldn't you just block it." Rosalie asks me. God I'm awful at explaining my own gift to others. Let's see if I can get through this conversation without confusing them too much. Lewis gives me what I think is meant to be an encouraging pat on the back.

"If I were a vampire then yes, I could have blocked the bomb buts I'm still human so I don't have the mental power to hold it." Pausing I take a look around the room noticing the confused faces. Taking a deep calming breath, I start the explanation of my mental shield. "Ok think of my shield like a wall of bullet proof glass forming in front of me. So, when a vampire or shifter is charging at me this wall appears in front of me and the two forces smashing into each resulting in the induvial being thrown backways and my wall cracking. The induvial is the bullet and it dents my shields but it still holds. This dent in the shield causes me physical pain which means I normally have to drop my shield to protect my own brain. So, I can protect myself from oncoming attack by repeating this action over and over again each time my shield will be slightly weaker." I look to see if my explanation is being followed. They seem to understand what I'm saying which is much more than I can say about myself. When this was first explained to me, I needed amber to repeat it multiple times and using different ideas on how to help me visualise my shield. If she wasn't a vampire, I could have sworn she ages about thirty years. "Anyways when I had your two groups trapped in my shield, I was able to do that by surrounding you making it impossible for you to move. If you can't move you can't put pressure on my shield hence why I was able to trap such a big group. With the bomb however, I could try to surround it or protect myself but in the end the bomb itself had too much force and power for my shield to be able to maintain. If it went off the explosion would just smash throw my shield causing me more harm as it was causing my brain to rip apart. Basically, it means I can stop most things depending on how much power and force it has. For instance, if you were to shoot my now my shield would easily be able to block the bullets and any other bullet shoot in random places around me. However, if you shoot fifty bullets all in the exact spot on my shield would eventually make my shield collapse."

"So, your shield is built and supplied on your own energy." I nod at Carslie question. Should have known the doctor would have the must question on my gift. "So, you couldn't hold it indefinitely."

"No. I do have to drop it to recharge but not as often as I used it. It's like a muscle I've been building up it's stamina so I can hold it for longer and longer. When I started using it, I would pass out have splitting headaches for days and nose bleeds. It was too much for my human brain at the start to cope with. Over time it's gotten better but the side efforts still remain when I over to it."

"If you were a vampire does that mean nothing can touch you since we don't get physically tired."

"No. Same rules apply but as a vampire it would take much longer and far more force to destroy my shield. Although Vampires don't get physically tired it's still too much for my mind to handle so I will probably endure the headaches and lose the ability to control the different aspects of my shield."

"Is there a difference between your shield since your mentioned different aspects. What are these aspects."

"Yes, for example gifts like Janes and Arno's are all mental. My shield is naturally a mental shield so it doesn't use any energy to use and I have always had it on. It's the reason why I was selected by our master." I add on bitterly. My great strength is what brought me so much pain. "It's my physical shield that needs training and energy to use as it's not innate but a learnt gift." As much as it pains me to say it but I wish Amber was here to do all the talking this is her area of expertise while I just do what I do. Even if she wants to kill us slowly and painfully.

"So, one's always on which you don't control and the other is like a switch which you can control."

"Essentially yes."

"Fascinating." He says looking at me in fascination.

"You said you were chosen because of your gift." Jasper starts ending mine and Carlisle one sided debate. "If that's true then why were the other's chosen."

"Same reason." Rachel jumps in. "All eight of us have natural gifts which our master picked up on. Unlike Bella, though our gifts will only come into effect when fully If we were a vampire." We just have no clue what their gifts are. Our Master never told us what they were supposed to be able to do just that together we would practically impossible to defeat. We've theorised that he put on certain training to help us better understand our use of our gift.

My shield gift is meant to protect me and allow me to trap them in return so I can easily finish them over with my blades. That was his explanation anyways. I don't see the connection but he was insane so who knows links he made in his head. I just wonder what links he made for the rest of my siblings. I mean Lewis was trained as a sniper. What's his gift. Our best guess I accuracy so far. For Alex, we think hers will probably have something to do with healing since she's the teams medic. Rachel was trained so bombs so what her gift. None of our thoughts on her has made sense yet. Same for Gemma and Ronnie. Accidents and Hacker. Well, we have a better guess for Ronnie as it may involve tech but that's about it. Aiden was trained more in combat than me so his is clearly a fighting gift While Sam is the poison expert so I guess something like shooting poison darts out of his fingers or a gas like Alec's. In all honestly who knows. Aiden hasn't mentioned any gift signs when he was turned. It's possible that he was just a mad vampire.

"Look I'm sure you all so worried about what this means for you all but the war is between us and them and it will remain that way." Lewis states getting more a more annoyed that we're just sat here talking with these people instead of getting ready for the attacks which could start at any minute especially since we know we were followed here. "But we're all professionals and we do have a code. All attacks will take place away from the humans. The last thing we all need is to get the police involved. None of you will be attacked. They honestly couldn't care less about you all. So, no offence or anything but I would prefer it if you all leave now."

"Not to be rude but we have a lot to prepare for. I mean it's only all our deaths if we fail." I try to salvage some form of relationship between all of us as Lewis kicks them out of my house.

As the two different groups leave neither side react to the vampire hiding away. So it Amber that's following us. Why did I wish she was here. I should have learnt by now that wishing always finds a way to screw me over.

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