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Chapter 10

About five minutes after the fire alarm started blaring Rachel walks in with Lewis. None of Cullens had left me alone which I am grateful for as it gave me something do. I mostly talked with Jasper about our different history's. He told me a little bit of the Vampire wars in the south during the civil war and return I told him what the pits were like. If anyone can understand the pain of the pit's it's him.

"Right let's take a look now shall we." My sister smiles sweetly at me before sliding under my chair. She hums to herself examining each aspect of the bomb.

"You constantly humming isn't making me feel any better about the time bomb I'm sat on." I finally snap after the tenth time she decided to hum.

"Don't snap at me I'm trying to focus." She snaps back at me.

"Ladies." Lewis tries to calm us down.

"Sorry." I quickly mutter out. Best not distract or piss off the girl holding my life in her hands.

"It's fine." She assures me. "however, this bomb isn't fine." Well shit, I wish she was still humming. At least then there a sense of hope that it was an easy disarm or faulty. "Whoever did this is good. Very good. Not me level good of course but good none the less." Not going to comment on her ego right now.

"Can you please starting singing their praises after I'm out of range of blowing up."

"Huh. Oh right yeah sorry." No, she's not.

Lewis turns to the Cullen's. "I think it would be best if you leave." When they make no move to budge, he tries again. "Guys please we have work to do and we need to be alone to do it."

Thankfully Rosalie is the one to push everyone out of the room. "We'll let Miss Hoet know what happenings." Shit I forgot Hoet will want an update on what's going on so she makes sure nobody interrupts us. Lewis sends her a nod in gratitude.

"So how bad is it," Gemma asks over the comms. Not going to lie I kind of forgot they were there.

"On a scale from one to ten." Rachel's voice is monotone which really isn't a good sign. "A solid nine." I knew it.

"I think it gets' worse," I say grabbing everyones but Rachels attention.

"What do you mean." Lewis asks looking at me with concern. We both have the utmost faith in Rachel's abilities but out of everyone she has the riskiest job. One slight wrong move and boom all three of us are dead. Every time Rachel does something like this, we can't help but be worried thinking that this might be the day she gets blown in to a hundred different pieces.

"What I mean is what are the chances that there's a bomb under my chair the day after we find out that Amber Saber and bad Alex are testing us looking for a mole within the organisation. Like come on what are the chances." My words open up a whole new reality of threats. If they are aware that we're the leak then there's not much we can do. This could just be a warning as what are the chances that a bomb is put under my seat while my bomber sister is within range. This is a warning to keep our mouths shut. Or the beginning of a war. Probably both.

Since one of our trainers and our sister's are called Alex, we always refer to the vampire Alex as bad Alex, vamp Alex or Vax when we're talking. It might get confusing otherwise.

"Then it seems that we all need to regroup." Alex (sister Alex) takes charge of our group. Her and Lewis normally act as our leaders when the need arises. Her more often than Lewis as he's normally miles away watching from his scope leaving Alex to do all the talking in certain situations. "We'll meet you in Forks in the morning." And with those words my siblings who aren't we me log of the comms to start working out their arrangements on getting here.

"Hopefully the three of us are still alive by then." Lewis bursts out in laughter at my causal comment. I'm glad he can still see the humour even though we've basically been sentenced to death.

"Loving the faith sis."

"Just being a realist here sis."

"I have faith in you Rachel." Lewis adds on with a loving smile that Rachel can't see. As happy as I am for them, I could do without the sweet comments at a time like this.

"Yeah but you're screwing her you have to say shit like that." I snark at Lewis earning a glee smirk in return. Dick.

"Oh, I would hit you right now if it didn't involve blowing us all up." Rachel states much to my amusement. "Your lucky you realised something was wrong B." Her tone turns serious and i can't help but frown at her. She's completely right. Not many people would have sensed that something was wrong and those who did naturally would have moved to check their surroundings. I shouldn't have been able to hear the soft click in a crowed loud room.

"We've learnt the hard way that luck has nothing to do with it." I tell her sombrely. I wouldn't count being hunted tortured and forced into life threatening situations almost every day as lucky.

"That's what I love about you sister." Lewis offers me a kind smile. "Your ability to see the happy moments in life."

"Oh shut up Lewis." I shot back at him.

Before the argument can develop Rachel is jumping up holding something in her hand. "Bomb's disarmed you can move now Bell." I don't need to be told twice. Leaping up I move far away from that table where my life almost ended. "I'll take these and set them off in the woods. They're too dangerous and unstable to be left lying around. I would prefer to denote in place but we don't have a blasting chamber on us and I highly doubt the police force here has anything that expensive. The rest can be reused if need be."

"Sister I love you so much right about now." I tell her putting a hand over my rapid beating heart hoping that holding it down will ease the pain from it. Strange. "We'll go with you." I say ignoring my heart's weird beating. "If we're right about this being a trap for us them who knows what's waiting for us out there. Our best chance of surviving is staying together."

The three of us stand there in silence for a few moments before Rachel breaks the atmosphere speaking with the same amount of dread we're all feeling. "This is the start of a war isn't it."

When we started working with the FBI we knew there was a chance that what we were doing would get out and then this would happen. When we worked for the underground pits there were times where our master loaned us to take care of people who tried to talk to the police. Now the roles are reversed. We're the ones the pits are going after and that means war. The pits have access to every type of supernatural creatures and abilities who are going to be all pointed at us. the hunters become the hunter.

"Yes it is." Lewis states throwing his arm over Rachel and leading us out of the side door.

Amber's POV

After Bella gives Hoet a small nod as they pass her outside escaping from the bomb the three ex pit fighter move out into the deserted woods. Having my shield warped around me like a cocoon I swiftly follow them jumping from tree to tree examining three of my most prized students. Their movements and mannerisms scream danger as they twitch at the slightest noise heads and eyes flicking all over the woods searching for any signs of dangers. A few times their eyes were drawn up to where I was lurking in the branches. Their instincts are good. Much better than any other human's I've had the displeasure to come across.

My eight agents turned on the pits and talked with the Feds. Not just talked but worked with. Are still working with. That agent Hoet hovering over Bella like a mother head having no idea her fate has already been sealed. It's a pity really she would have been a great asset to us but that's the sad reality of life. She just had to work for the other side and she just had to drag our soldiers with her.

Her death will be slow and painful for interfering with our carefully laid out plans. Everything was working perfectly until she and the others got involved.

Lewis and Rachel's carers have already been taken care of. Lewis's agent was in a fatal car accident last night. Drunk driver running a red light. Such a pity. Two souls ripped away. What a waste. But car accidents happen all the time. Gemma is the most aware of that. The amount of peoples she's killed using the same technique is impressive. If I wasn't a vampire I would be terrified of driving. But unlike these pitiful human's a crash wouldn't even crack my stone like skin.

For Rachel's minder, they had the unfortunate luck to run into a drugged up junkie desperate for cash. Four precise but sloppy stabs to the chest nicking the cash in their wallet and their watch makes it look like a robbery gone wrong. And yet again two more souls are wasted away as the police found the murder weapon with the closest junkie lying down in their own vomit. Life in prison for them it looks like. Tragic.

The other agents with the hunter children will die once they're on their own. Which should be soon since they've all decided to meet up here in forks. Strength in numbers. Smart kids. Harder to pick them off if they're all grouped together. Bella's gift will come in handy for keeping them all safe.

For now, at least.

Traitors must be punished. Oh, we knew the moment the FBI showed up at their door that they had the stupidity to turn on us. They own makers and teachers. I expected some sense of loyalty to us. Maybe we let that mask wearing imbecile push them too far. I told the others that we should have just killed him and took his warriors for ourselves. Would have saved us a lot of effort if we did. But did they listen to me. No. And now look where we are.

Luckily the pits aren't really ours. We just used them to scout out potential and recruits for our own devices. So as much as it pains me to admit their efforts in bringing us down actually aid us in some ways. At least they are getting rid of the pests and weaklings. We only care for the best. They have always been the best. In all my years scouting the pits all over the world never I come across such power and potential.

Their lethal skills are unmatched. Just watching Bella take down that group the other night was enough to excite me. I can't wait for their true powers to manifest. The gifts all eight of them have hidden away buried deep down inside of them has been unheard of. It was fate that we would all be thrown together. Who are we to defy destiny.

The bomb was just a warning. A simple device to draw them all together. Easier to trap that way. The main downside to the whole stronger together idea. It just means that we have to trap them which should be easy enough. They won't abandon each other. At least when they were separate, they had the option of running and hiding solo. That would have made them almost impossible to track down. But once together they will develop the if we go down then we go down together mindset.

Some might call it honourable. Me I think it's a stupid sentiment. Your no help to anyone that way. The only thing they should do is look out for themselves. I blame their master for that. I can't help the snort that leaves me. Master. How egotistical can one vampire get.

Anyways he should have pitied them against each other so they become rivals, not siblings.

Oh well, the damage is done now and this bond that seems to hold them together can be manipulated into our benefit. Once they've been punished of course. I would hope that I'm given the honour of breaking them back down so we can build them up in our image. Too much time and effort has gone into making them the perfect weapons.

Our experiment effects are already starting to take place within the human's bodies. Aiden was turned before the true efforts of what we had that idiot inject into them after each pit fight to heal them. His transformation will be slower and not as powerful but it will be enough.

The others are starting to show the signs. Bleeding black blood randomly. Random fits. Erratic heartbeats. Senses going into overdrive. It won't be long now until the more visible signs start showing. For now, they can brush it off as freak incidents but that won't matter. It's too late for them now.

We have great plans in place for the Azrael's disciples. By the time I'm done with them no one will be able to stand against us. Not any human. Not the animal drinking vampires. Not that disgusting pack of mutts. Not even the Volturi will stand against at them.

Let them prepare for our arrival. They won't be able to stop us from taking what rightfully belongs to us. It's ingrained in their DNA to obey us now. Sire's need to have some control over newborns after all otherwise who knows what kind of damage and havoc they could cause.

Until then I'll stand guard watching over the younglings develop into the weapons, we made them to be. Always watching never to be seen. Learning more and more as the days go past.

Don't worry little hunters it'll all be over soon.

Then the real fun can begin.

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