You Have to Kill Your Morals to Survive @skullgamerscy
Chapter 1

I was raised by a cop and a free willed mother. Of course their lifestyles didn't match and eventually my mother left Forks and my dad with me and everything was fine. We lived in Arizona not that you would be able to tell with the paleness of my skin. My friends used to say I must be half vampire which always made us laugh because there is no such thing as vampires. Well I thought that too until he appeared into my life and changed everything. I don't who is yes or why he picked me but he did and I sometimes wish he had killed me. It was during my summer break and I was fifteen. He saw me one night after I finished work and followed me home. Not that I knew since he moved so fast, I couldn't see him. He repeated this for a few weeks. Stalking me. Learning everything he could about me before he struck. The night he decided to hunt me was the most terrifying of my life. He chased me for hours all over the city. He could have caught me at any time he wanted to but he decided to play we me instead. Test me you argue. Well he may have started with the intention to drink my blood but when he finally caught me, he didn't kill me. No that would be a waste of my talents he said. I had another purpose so he took me to place no one could ever find me. Now I bet your wondering where my mother was when this all went down but the truth is, she was off with her new husband Phil who I loved like a father. It was their honeymoon and I would crash at a friend each night so I wasn't home alone. For safety reasons. Not liked it helped. He caught me and apparently, he caught others too.

He was done with the eight of us. He had enough to start what he wanted. The training then started. He gave each of us a weapon and trained us to be experts in that field. We mostly learned through TV movies books and mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes. The Vampire who name I never knew had a weird fascination with wearing a skull master when he trained or tortured us. I guess everyone has their thing. But if you think about it a man who know hunts people and drinks their blood is bound to be a little screwed up. Especially when he doesn't kill his victims but instead throws us in to death matches with other people while he bets and watches. We called these places the Pit's. And when we weren't training or in the pits, we were being contract killers. To say we're a little messed up is an understatement. It was a miracle that none of us died in the pits. But it did mean that others died in our place. But he didn't care all he cared about was the money he earned betting on us or selling our skill set out. Now don't get wrong I wanted to escape from him when he let us go back to our lives after one night but who would believe me. What human could beat him. He ordered to quit our jobs and tell our families we had a new one. This was an excuse to disappear for a few hours a day. When a hit came up in a different state or town, we had to tell our families we we're travelling with friends. No one ever knew the truth or suspected the monster we were becoming.

Since we had had a unique set of skills from our training we could be sent out to complete other people's murderous wishes. I was trained to be an expert in blades. Of course, I can shoot and gun as well be my expertise are to prolong the targets pain by cutting in specific places. I know where to cut for the most pain or to make a target bleed out in seconds. He called us all Azrael. It means angle of death because that is what we were to him. Harbingers of death for whoever paid enough money for it or those sadly sentenced to death in the pits. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to be a different speciality. Mine is now the only one where we get up close and personal with our target. Aiden another captive used to beat people to death with blunt objects. He preferred a bat or hammer but anything could have been used as a weapon if he wanted it to be. The luxury of our work has kept me awake for many nights since I started but over the years and the more people, I let bleed out the less of a burden it became. I don't know when but at some point, it became less forced and more fun. I learned to enjoy the fear and pain in the eyes of my victims. Their screams causing me to laugh and smile. But nothing will bet the rush I feel when the life slowly starts draining from their eyes as they take their final breath. Man, I would be a psychologist's dream to study. There is so much wrong with me. The only thing I'm missing is hearing voices then I have completely lost it.

Lewis is our groups sniper. He kills his targets from a distance ranging back to two point three five km. Lis one days wants to be the world recorded which is two point four seven km. I've never seen in miss when in the field. Of course, he had missed in training before because no one is born to be the perfect shot. He takes his own contacts but normally he would keep an over watch on us when we're taking down our target as a precaution. We're family and we protect each other. We do the same for his hits. We help him escape the area after he takes his shot. It takes a lot more then taking a straight shot to use a sniper. You have to think about the wind. The direction of the wind could push the bullet in a different direction to the target and the strength of the wind makes it harder to get your aim perfect. But he does it and that on its own is impressive.

Alex also known as three since she was the third person to join us in hell. She arrived from San Diego and was terrified of everything including us at the start. Lewis and me had grown close after a few days but it took her weeks before she finally joined us in what we call our campfire. It's just us gathered in a circle talking about life. Slowly she became more comfortable with us but never with the Skull man. After everyone was collected her method of killing was whatever the hell she wanted it to be. Her actual main role within our group is being our medic. Fights to the death in the pits aren't easy and someone needs to be able to patch us up and send us on to our next target. It's not like we could go to a hospital. To many questions on how we were injured and we can't exactly say who we are since we have been missing for years. Most of Alexs practice came within in textbooks the skull man managed to acquire and practice on us. I'm sure it's fair to say that she knows our bodies better than we do. But in truth we'd all be dead if it wasn't for her and I'm not saying she's amazing doctor because she lacks a lot of medical knowledge and understanding but she knows enough to keep us alive. Which isn't an easy feat.

Sam has always enjoyed chemistry which made him the obvious choice for a poison expert. When he kills, he leaves no evidence or trace of his poison. Even in the victim. To be honest I'm not actually sure how he does it. We never really talk about the crimes we commit or how we do it since now us really like how we enjoy. We try to keep that part of our lives separate to us. Think of it as separating us from the monster as we called it when we were younger. But he once said it worked by the chemicals burning through the bloodstream killing the red blood cells straight to the heart. Stopping it instantly. The chemicals then burn themselves out. Or something like that. All I know it that it works quickly and leaves no trace.

Ronnie was our captures favourite mainly because he was selected and trained to be the hacker of our little group. He created our system on finding hit jobs making it so no one will ever know the person hiring us would have put on a hit. He made it look like investments or donations. It was never to the same company otherwise the cops would figure out what is really happening and that could never happen. He transferred all the money so any one of us could take it out at any time. Of course, he set of bank accounts for us without the man ever finding out just in case we decided to go out on our own. That money will come in handy for us being hunting down every member of the underground. Ronnie also took part in contract killings but his method was hacking objects to kill people. Someone on a phone would drop dead when that phone let out an electric shock or exploded. Dropping lifts and hacking cars have also been used often enough. Almost everything these days relies on the internet. Even hospitals. He has no shortages of killing methods of deadly objects. It's just the pain of picking the best one.

Rachel was the child selected to become our bomber. What she does is quite obvious. She blows vehicles houses and people up. Sometimes she will use remote triggers to make sure it takes out her target us getting blown to smithereens. Other times she just sets it and the target will trigger it themselves. When that person opens a door or starts their engine. BOOM. And just like that all gone. Of course, she has to make most of them look like accidents and Gemma helps her out on that so we don't attract attention from the FBI or homeland.

Gemma is what we call our accident prone. Her job is making it look like her murders were accidents or even blame other people for her murders. She gets paid extra for that. Car crashes are her normal way of covering up what she's done. She will normally team up with either Sam or Rachel on jobs since with the poison leaving no trace and leaving a dead body in a car at night on a turn on the road will lead to someone hitting it makes it look like a simple car crash was the cause of death. Or a gas explosion.

Together we've caused a lot of death for him but we still don't know why he did it. Nor will we ever know since he dead. After Aiden got seriously injured and on the brink of deaths door something inside of him changed. We weren't undefeatable and we were kill able which I don't know worried him for some reason. All I know is he wanted to make sure nothing bad like that could ever happen to us again. Bringing the brilliant idea of transforming us into vampires. Now this is where the problem began. He wouldn't have been able to control seven new born vampires as they are crazy and blood thirsty. It would bring to much attention. So his master plan was to turn one of us at a time. Ronnie was the first bitten and I don't how or why but he was able to control his primal instincts straight away to Skull man's shock. And with Ronnie's new found power he didn't hesitate to take out his sire. Which leads us to this moment. With our master gone I'm now free to live the life I want. However, Arizona has too many dark and horrible memories for me so I decided to move back to Forks with my dad. Try to sort me out from the monster I've had to become to survive.

As far as I'm aware the others are doing the same as me. Trying to forget the last year of our lives didn't happen but the nightmares still haunt us and the marks left on our skill will never let us forget. We all have a second phone so we can stay in contact because we kind of formed a family bond during this time. Ronnie is the only Vampire in our group and as he's young he's trying to stay away from humans. He talked about trying animal blood. I only hope it works. We didn't ask for these lives and we never wanted to kill people but we had to. With Forks being the most boringness town in America I highly doubt there will be anything to bother me. It's not like a pack of wolves or vampires live in this tiny town so everything will be alright.

Unless I freak and kill someone.

So this is going to be a Leah/ Bella paring with Edward being weird at the start than a bro at the end. the other Assassins will hope in and out of the story. Flashbacks to Bella being tortured will appear along with her killing people in some detail which is why the story probably will gain a mature rating later on. Updates to this story will be slow but i hope to have the next chapter up soon. As always please leave a comment on what you think o far or what you might want to say and I am sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Until Next time.

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