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A New Teacher

And here we have chapter nine, and with it comes a slight change in the status quo.Now, I'm taking back what I said last chapter about trying to make this story a short one. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that making this story short wouldn't allow me to tell it to its best potential.So, while I'm not gonna make a super massive epic like with Chains of Reality, I do plan to make this somewhat long. But not so long that it takes forever for the story to move along.And also, I just noticed something odd: Epithet Erased's first season lasted seven episodes, and we're currently in chapter 9. So, if this was like the show, would this be considered season two episode two?And now, let's answer some reviews:1) Nobody245: He tried writing a review, but the story wouldn't let me, so he PM'd me.* She's more than an assassin, she's the most dangerous being known to man... an older sister.* Molly's gonna have a lot to deal with, but it'll be nothing compared to Lincoln.* I mean, I guess you do have a point, I have a bad habit of bloating out my stories XD2) Matt: Ah, no, I'll try to show what her Epithet does eventually.And now, to the chapter!

"It's snowing?!"

Those words snapped Lincoln awake, nearly causing him to fall off his bed. He got up, put on his slippers, and walked to the source of the voice.

It was Molly, who was looking outside with a flabbergasted Mera and Indus.

The reason turned out to be because, as Molly had shouted prior, it was snowing... slightly around the apartment, with everywhere else sticking like a sore spring break.

Because it was spring.

After changing to their casual clothing, the group went to the frontyard and saw the pile of snow forming there, with some snowflakes falling on their shoulders to let them know to look up.

Doing so revealed a large cloud above the apartment, snowing slightly.

"Looks like somebody decided to start Winter early for us," Mera hummed. "But where did that cloud come from?"

"Maybe it's the work of an enemy Inscribe!" Indus exclaimed.

Mera looked around, and walked to a familiar spot. To Molly, at least.

"Or, it's a shoddy prank done by some brat."

Mera grabbed the trinket projecting the cloud and smacked it, turning it off and causing the cloud to dispel.

Mera narrowed her eyes and threw the trinket away. "Man, whoever tried to trick us into thinking it was snowing did a pretty poor job at it."

Molly's left eye twitched slightly. "Y-Yeah, w-what a fool, haha... ha..."

"Well, a long day awaits for me at work!" Indus chirped. "Good luck at school, Lincoln! And good day to you, Lady Mera!"

"Uh, yeah, good luck and good day too-"

"Boo!" Molly and Lincoln whined in unison.

"Come on, Mera, be a little more affectionate!" Molly said. "Show Indus you really appreciate him and how you want him to have a good day!"

"I told him good luck and good day," Mera folded her arms. "Isn't that enough?"

"I mean, you're technically my parents," Lincoln scratched his head. "And parents, the good ones at least, tend to say more than "good luck" to each other before they go to work."

Mera raised an eyebrow, and this prompted Molly to be blunt:

"Give him a kiss, silly! On the cheek!"

Very blunt.

Mera gasped, blushing slightly. "What nonsense are you talking about!?"

"Lady Mera, it would be my greatest honor to receive a kiss from you!" Indus said in his usual chipper tone. "And also, Lincoln has a point: we're supposed to be his parents now! And parents do kiss each other before going to work!"


"Mine did, anyway!"

Mera clasped her fists together and took a couple deep breaths, before she leaned closer to Indus and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.


Mera snapped to Molly and Lincoln with the fury of a thousand tsunderes, though this wasn't enough to stop them from looking at something on her phone.

Initially, anyway.

"Did you just take a picture of me giving Indus a kiss!?"

"W-Well, I just thought you looked cute, a-a-and I wanted to capture the moment!" Molly stammered. "B-But don't worry, I'm not gonna send it to anybody!"

Mera calmed down at the statement, and Indus left for work soon after. The trio of Lincoln, Mera, and Molly began walking to the academy, quickly leaving behind the localized snowy wonderland in the apartment.

Hopefully the landlord wouldn't mind.

"So, uh, why are we walking to the academy?" Molly inquired. "Couldn't we just take a taxi, or wait for the school bus?"

"The school bus doesn't ride here often, and a taxi's too expensive," Mera bluntly responded. "Besides, the academy's just five minutes from where we live, so the walk isn't too bad."

Then, Mera stopped Lincoln and crouched next to his ear.

"That said, if your legs start to feel sore, don't hesitate to let me know."

"Uh... sure..."


The trio stopped to see Epithet Academy just a couple steps away, but with a certain something as well.

Police cars.

"Alright, everybody head straight inside. No pauses, no look backs, no literally nothing!"

That and a couple of whistle blows caught Lincoln's attention, prompting him to run to a familiar Blonde policewoman.


"Is that another one of your sisters?" Molly asked as she walked to Lincoln's side. "Actually, wait, isn't that the girl you told me about?! The one who never got adopted?!"

"The one and only!" Lori snickered. "Well, not one and only, there's at least another one of us who didn't get adopted, but you get the idea."

"Did something happen here, Lori?" Lincoln asked. "Why are there so many police cars?"

"Nice to see you too, bro," Lori ruffled Lincoln's hair gently. "As for your question, we got word that a certain Banzai Blaster attacked the school yesterday."

Lincoln frowned and looked elsewhere, knowing who she was talking about.

"The thing is, after that little spectacle, the police departament was requested to guard the academy for at least a few days," Lori adjusted her cap. "Try to make sure no evildoer attacks the school, got it?"

Lincoln and Molly nodded.

"Now, you two should literally head inside before the bell rings," Lori eyed Mera. "As for you, I'd like to talk with you."

"What?!" Lincoln exclaimed.

"Don't worry, she's not in any trouble," Lori chuckled. "I just wanna talk to her about something."

Lincoln and Molly exchanged looks before walking inside, leaving Mera to walk to Lori, who said:

"Let's go somewhere more... private."

Lori took the woman to the back of the school, away from any windows or potential eavesdroppers.

"So, right now, you must be wondering just what is it that I want you to do," Lori started. "Well, the literally good news first: you'll be paid handsomely for your work."

"I sure hope so," Mera lowered her head. "Being an Epithet Coach is the only job I've managed to hold for the last few years, and with a kid I gotta look after-"

"I understand: becoming a parent, adoptive or otherwise, can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you haven't quite figured yourself out yet," Lori shrugged. "But worrying doesn't get things done. Patience and persevereness does."

Mera raised her head. "How's the... thing, I gave the police?"

"The thing's currently being analyzed by a pair of experts, don't worry," Lori frowned. "But just because it's safe doesn't mean there aren't criminals lurking around, waiting for the perfect chance to snatch it."

Lori smiled as she handed Mera a backpack.

"That's where you come in."

"What's with the backpack?"

"Inside it is your new uniform," Lori reached for her pocket and took out a piece of paper. "Go back home, put it on, and call me once you've tested it. Once you do, the real job will start."

Mera glanced at the backpack, then Lori, and before she walked away, she asked:

"Before I go, you talked with the principal?"

Lori raised an eyebrow. "I shared a few words with him, why?"

Mera frowned. "Did you, by any chance... find out who replaced me?"

"Good evening, students!"

The students turned around to see a new guy enter the gym, Lincoln and Molly looking the most surprised at this.

He had reddish hair, round glasses, and he wore a labcoat, so there was a very big chance he was some sort of scientist.

"My name's Sylvester Ashling, but please, feel free to call me Sylvie! Or Coach Sylvie, if you will, since I'm your new Epithet Coach starting today!"

"Co-Epithet Coach."

Then, a vastly smaller Brunette entered the room and walked to Sylvie's side, adding:

"We were both given the job, remember?"

"Yes, Lisa," he grunted. "I know."

"Wait, a new Epithet Coach?" Lincoln asked, getting the duo's attention. "What happened to Mera?"

"Oh, she was fired due to complicated reasons," Sylvie casually answered. "Why do you ask?"

Lincoln didn't answer, his eyes widening in shock as the answer settled in.

"Mera... was fired?"

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