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Under Attack

It's been 84 years since the Loud House-Epithet Erased soft crossover you never knew you needed was updated.

Let me change that.

But first, answer to reviews:

1) Nobody245:

* Anything can happen in this crazy world known as life.

* To be fair, Lincoln is so fragile-no pun intended-that he inspires people to protect him.

* Funny you mention Indus...

2) Matt: Yup. You could even say they're good friends...

3) Mr. Haziq: I like to think Luan isn't as well informed as she'd like to believe. That, and she still sees him as a baby brother.

4) Matt: Done! XD

And now, to the chapter!

Back where we left off, the trio of Mrs. Johnson, Lincoln, and Ronnie Anne looked astonished at the giant robot in front of them, its rider, Luan, cackling like a maniac.

"So, that's your sister?" Ronnie Anne asked, pointing at the madwoman.

Lincoln lowered his head and sighed, nodding sadly.

"This was quite unprecedented," Mrs. Johnson remarked as she took a few steps back. "I have to tell this to the Principal right now!"

The robot aimed its free arm at the woman, but she escaped just as it shot it, destroying the entrance to the gym in the process.

"Aw man, that was a total miss!" Luan whined, shrugging as the robot imitated her movements. "Oh well, at least now you can't run away."

Lincoln raised his head and faced the captured girl. "What happened, Molly?!"

"The coach told me to come here for some extra training!" Molly answered as she kept her struggle. "But once I got here, I was cornered and grabbed by this big pile of junk!"

"Big pile of junk?! How dare you!" Luan pouted. "This robot is built from the best quality recycled soup cans in the market!"

"Like I said, a big pile of junk!"

Legitimately angry, Luan spun around before throwing Molly at Lincoln, the impact causing them to crash into a wall.

Once the dust settled, Molly rolled off Lincoln, who coughed as he stood up, wincing as the pain of the crash suddenly struck him.

"Molly, are you okay?" he asked while rubbing his head.

"Yeah, but are you?!" Molly asked as she stood up and helped the boy stand. "Your nose is bleeding!"

Lincoln reached for his nose, winced as he touched it, then looked at the blood he got on his fingertip.

"Huh, looks like it," he chuckled. "But don't worry, I've suffered worse-"

"How do you expect me not to worry when you're bleeding?!" Molly groaned and put her hand on his head. "Here, let me at least numb the pain."

Lincoln took a deep breath as Molly did her thing, all while an astonished Luan silently looked at them.

A simple crash on a wall gave Lincoln a bleeding nose? That wasn't right: back in the orphanage, whenever the Loud siblings got hurt by accident, Lincoln was guaranteed to be the one hurt the least. Pillow fight? No damage. Tripping? He was back up a second later.

Crashing on walls? At best, he'd be stunned, at worst, he'd briefly groan in pain before resting it, but he never got so badly hurt he started bleeding.

However, Luan did know of a certain someone who'd definitely be weak enough to get hurt that bad-


Luan turned around, but by the time she did, a ball hit her robot's arm, causing it to dislodge a little. More and more balls were thrown at her, but Luan simply smacked them back with a swipe of her robot's hand, prompting the pitcher that was Ronnie Anne to jump out of the way.

She then focused on Molly and Lincoln, the latter who was stretching his hand towards the blockade, while he and Molly were surrounded by a green barrier.

"Come on, imbue it!" he snapped as he grabbed his arm, trying to keep it stable. "Now's the perfect time to awaken a new power! Imbue the blockade!"

"That's not how you do it, Lincoln, you need to concentrate in order to imbue it!" Molly explained. "Although, now that I think about it, maybe my barrier's dumbing down the effect?"

"Can it do that?!"

"I don't know! I'm still figuring this out myself!"

It wasn't long before the duo felt the barrier collapse around them, followed by the robot's arm grabbing and lifting them.

"Listen, I think you two look as cute as the next guy," Luan remarked. "But I think it's time my brother and I have a little quality time."

With that said, Luan's robot's grip loosened enough to let Lincoln fall into the cockpit before tightening it around Molly again.

"Molly!" Lincoln cried, trying desperately to stand up.

But the cockpit closed soon after, the boy crashing head first then rolling right into Luan's arms.

"Hello there, Lincoln," the pilot said as she helped her brother stand up. "It's been a very long time, hasn't it?"

Lincoln winced, and grabbed his arm. "Yeah, it has been..."

Luan stared at Lincoln as he leaned against the board and took a deep breath, growing more concerned by the minute.

"You look hurt."

Lincoln couldn't help but shot a look of disbelief at his sisters. Not seeing each other for years was one thing, failing to notice his blatant pain was another.

"No, you think?" he growled. "Luan, listen, whatever the reason you're doing this, you got to stop!"

"Why, exactly?" Luan smiled cockily. "Are you upset because I'm holding your girlfriend hostage?"

"No! You just said the real reason: you're holding someone hostage! Listen, Luan, I don't know what Molly could give you that needed you to grab her, but let her go!"

Luan raised an eyebrow, then hummed with a smile. "Alright, I'll consider it. But I want something from you."

Lincoln groaned. "What do you want?"

"Answers," Luan's tone suddenly turned serious. "I noticed that you've gotten hurt quite a lot right now, and while I'm concerned for your well being, I'm also well aware that you were much sturdier than this back in the orphanage. So, how do you explain that?"

Lincoln flinched, but quickly regained his composure and looked elsewhere. "I-It's a side effect of my Epithet. Once I discovered it, my body got weaker and-"

"Lincoln, do you really think I'm that easy to fool?" Luan folded her arms. "The first lesson everybody learns about Epithets is that they're there from birth, and they affect the user from birth... sometimes."

Lincoln remained silent, prompting Luan to lean forward.

"And there's an itsy bitsy little detail you might've missed, brother dearest: you're showing the exact same pain as your adoptive mother."

Lincoln panicked. "And how do you know that?!"

"The place I work at has a dossier on her; apparently, she used to work for them in the past," Luan answered, checking her nails. "And isn't it quite coincidental that the same woman who had chronic pain and was easy to injure her whole life, adopted you, only for you to show the same symptoms afterwards?"

Lincoln narrowed his eyes, but Luan was undeterred.

"I don't think you're this weak due to your Epithet... I think it's because of her Epithet. Which you currently hold, don't you, Linky?"

Lincoln gritted his teeth, being careful not to accidentally shatter them.

"You were never this weak before. Even when you got hurt, it was never so bad that your nose began to bleed. You were the toughest, the smartest, and the most determined of all of us."

Luan narrowed her eyes.

"So why would you throw all that away for Mera's Epithet?"


Suddenly, the robot tumbled, its arm splitting apart and causing the hand to release Molly, who rolled around until she crashed onto Ronnie Anne.

This was followed by Luan opening the cockpit so Lincoln could slide down, while her robot regained its footing.

"Alright, who did that!?" she growled. "I was in the middle of making a shaking revelation!"

"You'll have to do that another day, villain!"

Everybody turned around, and to their surprise, and the students' relief, Indus entered the fray, cracking his knuckles as he grabbed a returning boomerang-like barrier.

"Indus!" Lincoln chirped. "You don't know how glad I am that you're here!"

The man walked to Lincoln's side and checked him.

"You've been hurt pretty badly. You should head straight to the infirmary."

"We can't," Molly said. "The door's blocked off!"

Indus eyed the blockade, and smiled as he put his hands forward.


He summoned a circular barrier that he promptly shot through the rubble, unlocking the exit.

"Thanks, Indus!" Lincoln chirped as Ronnie Anne and Molly helped him stand up.

"Don't thank me yet, Lincoln!" Indus flashed a thumbs up. "Go to the infirmary first!"

Indus smiled with confidence and faced Luan, who gritted her teeth.

"I'll take care of this "

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