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Okay everyone, this is the last normal chapter before we enter the Epithetlympics. And believe me, those are gonna be fun.

And we also have a Ronnie Anne-focused chapter for once! Fun!

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And now, to the chapter!

"I'm not joining Peace Sky or whatever your organization is called."

That was the blunt statement Ronnie Anne spat at Leni's face as they and Paige sat down in the backyard.

"And whatever would make you think that, like, I wanted to do that?" Leni snickered. "You and your family have made it pretty clear that you have no interest in joining us. Last week's eggs were pretty great, by the way."

Leni laughed as Ronnie Anne and Paige exchanged looks.

"No, Ronnie Anne." Leni reached for her pocket and took out a paper. "I have a totes different proposal for you."

Paige grabbed the paper and read it to herself, raising an eyebrow as she asked:

"The Epithetlympics?"

Ronnie Anne snatched the paper and looked at it in disbelief.

"Yes! The Epithetlympics!" Leni stood up and spread her arms dramatically. "One of the biggest events of the year, a tournament where, like, Epithets are used to their fullest potential for the entire world to see in a televised environment!"

"And you want us to go see this stuff?" Ronnie Anne raised an eyebrow, earning a deadpan look from Leni as she added. "My family doesn't have a lot of money, Leni, we can't pay for seats at the stadium-"

"My family will take care of all the expenses," Leni stated as she walked to Ronnie Anne. "And I don't want you to go see the Epithetlympics."

Leni leaned closer to Ronnie Anne and smiled.

"I want you to play in them."

The tomboy simply pushed the omnipresent girl away.

"That's even crazier! You want me to enter a televised event where I could very well make my family look lame by losing! Either the games or my temper!"

"She does have a temper when she's not in a good mood," Paige remarked. "And even if that wasn't a problem, why ask her to join? Why not join yourself?"

"Because my entire family besides Lincoln have been banned from the event after certain… difficulties," Leni leaned back and tented her fingers. "That, and I'd feel so relieved if Lincoln entered the Epithetlympics with someone trustworthy. Especially since I heard he and Molly are going to enter it themselves."

Paige raised an eyebrow. "And why's that a problem?"

Leni's smile vanished. "Because Molly's a Decrypted."

The girls flinched and faced Leni, who smiled eerily as she continued:

"Yes, you know the kind of, like, damage a Decrypted can do, right? Your father already showed what they can do. And this time, instead of an adult being the primary victim, it'll be one of your friends."

Then she smirked.

"One of your best friends, in fact."

Ronnie Anne narrowed her eyes.

"I'll get everything ready. You two just prepare yourselves, deal?"

Paige closed her eyes and shook her head. "Hey, wait a minute, don't we-"

But before she could finish, Leni had already vanished.

"You think we can trust Leni's words?" Paige asked as Ronnie Anne walked to her baseball bat. "She didn't look exactly… stable."

"Leni's Epithet allows her to exist in several places at once, but as a consequence she grows less and less aware of her surroundings the more places she occupies," Ronnie Anne explained. "Given how small her pupils were, she was probably in over a dozen areas when she talked to us."

"Hmm, well that's not disturbing," Paige folded her arms. "And what about the deal? Are we really gonna go through with it?"

"Leni's like the archetypical devil: she loves making deals, and whenever she makes them, she makes it so not only someone gets screwed over in the end, but that you have no choice but to accept it," Ronnie Anne sighed as she grabbed her bat. "Our best option is to go along with what she wants until we can be sure she won't bother us again."

"And the whole "Molly being a Decrypted" thing?" Paige frowned. "You think she was telling the truth?"

Ronnie Anne lowered her head, paused for a few seconds… then shook her head and gripped her bat.

"Whether she was being honest or lying through her teeth, we don't have a choice: we made a deal with her, and we gotta go through with it."

Paige reached her back and took out a baseball ball, throwing it up and down as she sighed:

"Guess the only thing left to do is train for the tournament."

Ronnie Anne nodded, and prepared to swing her bat. Paige threw the ball…

And she hit a homerun.

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