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Ice Cream

Hello, everybody, and happy Mother's Day! To celebrate, how about we have some Mera and Lincoln bonding action?

Wait... Mother's Day already came to pass?

We're already halfway into the year?!

Wow, I'm one lazy son of a writer. XD

Anyway, here's another chapter for everyone to enjoy. More Mollycoln shipping, yay!

No answer to reviews this time, simply because I don't know how many there are and I kinda don't want to stall anymore.

So, without further ado, let's go!

"Lucy knows?!"

Lori was glad the police station was empty at this hour, or else her exclamation would've definitely caught someone's attention.

Then again, she knew Lynn, who now resembled a teen girl in sports clothing with squirrel ears and tail, wouldn't stand out, so eh...

"How the literally hell did she find that out?!"

"I dunno, Lucy's a witch of many talents, maybe divination is one of them?" Lynn shrugged. "I just came here to deliver a message."

"And you're about to deliver yet another one, aren't you?"

Lori and Lynn turned around to face Luan, inside her cell, smirking evilly while tapping the bars.

Lori took a deep breath, got off her seat, and walked to Luan's cell as she stated:

"She's right, Lynn. I need you to deliver a message."

Lori turned to Luan and shot a glare.

"To the Banzai Blasters."

Luan's eyes widened, while Lynn pointed out.

"Uh, excuse me? Lori, I don't know where they're located."

"You're right, Lynn: you don't know, and I don't know either," Lori flashed a smile and lowered her eyelids. "But Luan here does."

Luan grimaced, sweating heavily as Lori grabbed one of her cell bars and leaned closer.

"Hang out, and try to bond a little. That'll help you stand each other a little bit more, now that you're going to live together."

Those were the words Mera told Lincoln and Molly before leaving them alone at the park, going off to work with Lori while Indus stayed behind.

"I thought she had already gone to work today?" Molly remarked. "Why is she going again?"

Lincoln shrugged. "Maybe something came up that required her attention?"

"Well, whatever the reason, you got nothing to worry about!" Indus proclaimed with a smile. "Because nothing will hurt you as long as I'm here! With my BARRIER!"

Indus summoned the same simplistic barrier he's always summoned, and that reminded Lincoln of something.

"We should probably try to work on your barriers, Indus. For example, have you tried making a different type of barrier before?"

"Not really," Indus tilted his head. "What do you mean?"

"Well, don't get me wrong, but the same simple design can only be used so many times," Lincoln raised his index finger. "Have you tried making a barrier that surrounds the group?"

"Hmm... how would I do that?"

"Maybe I can help," Molly said as she stood up and took a few steps back. "I have a technique that works the same way."

Soon after, Molly spread her arms, and a green barrier appeared around her, catching Indus' attention.

"Impressive," Indus remarked. "How does it work-"

"I can't hear you!" Molly exclaimed. "As long as I'm inside this barrier, all sound is heavily muted! Give me a second!"

Molly spread her arms again, and the barrier dissipated from existence.

"Okay, now you try."

Indus stood up and stepped away from the kids before he closed his eyes and focused...


An Orange barrier formed around Indus, which dissipated soon after to everyone's shock and surprise.

"Whoa, I did it!" Indus exclaimed with excitement. "Could you teach me more, Molly?!"

"Well, I would be happy to in a minute," Molly eyed Lincoln. "But right now, I'd like to talk with Lincoln. In private."

The boy raised an eyebrow and the man looked around, smiling once he saw an ice cream stand.

"Well, I'm gonna go get some ice cream! I'll be back soon!"

Indus bolted off, and Molly promptly turned to Lincoln, saying:

"There's something I'd like to tell you. About my Epithet."

"It's Dumb, right?" Lincoln asked sheepishly. "As in, not that it's stupid or ridiculous, but it's literally the word "Dumb."

"Well, yeah, but that's my main Epithet," Molly answered. "I'm talking about my second one."

Lincoln's eyes widened. "I thought you didn't know what your second Epithet was?"

"That's just something I always tell someone who just found out I'm a Decrypted," Molly raised her head. "If I were to reveal what my second Epithet actually is, it would bring me unwanted attention."

"I know how that feels," Lincoln chuckled. "But why would you decide to tell me this?"

"Because you seem fairly trustworthy: Mera's scary, and while Indus is a sweetie, I feel like he'll spill the beans as soon as Mera asks him," Molly flashed a honest look at Lincoln. "But you? I get the feeling you can keep a secret."

"Oh trust me, I can keep a secret," Lincoln laughed nervously. "So, what's your second Epithet?"

"Well, my second Epithet..."

Molly stood up, took a few steps away from Lincoln, then took a deep breath before twirling as she was covered in light, gaining bear-like ears and claws once she stopped.

"Is Bear!"

"Whoa, that's amazing!" Lincoln exclaimed, standing up as Molly blushed and scratched her head. "And what's the extent of this Epithet's powers?"

"I don't know, I haven't had much time to test it," Molly sighed. "My first Epithet is something so easy to activate, I'm afraid one wrong move could lead me to go... berserk."

"Right," Lincoln frowned. "That's the thing that happens to a Decrypted-"

"Ice creams are here!"

Molly hastily turned back to normal as she sat back down, Indus handing Lincoln an ice cream cone with two balls, while he had a single one.

"Um, where's my ice cream?" Molly asked.

"Well, I didn't really have enough money for three, but I had enough to buy one with two balls!" Indus chirped. "So I brought that so you and Lincoln could share it! That makes sense, right?"

"Well, we can manage," Lincoln shrugged. "Unless you don't like chocolate, Molly?"

"I'd have no right to call myself a woman if that was the case!"

The kids shared a quirky laugh before they both took a bite out of the ice cream, Indus smiling in approval before eating his own cone...

"Gah! Brain freeze?"

Meanwhile, with Ronnie Anne, she held a baseball bat and swung it whenever Paige threw a ball, sometimes missing, sometimes hitting it.

"So," Paige started. "Lincoln and the new girl seem to be pretty close, aren't they?"

"They certainly are," Ronnie Anne laughed. "I'm glad he's getting new friends."

"Yeah, friends," Paige rolled her eyes. "'Cause he and that girl are clearly just friends."

Ronnie Anne shook her head. "Throw the ball already, will you?"

Paige obliged, and this time, Ronnie Anne not only hit the ball, but sent it to the sky...

Right into the hand of Leni, who the girls noticed soon after.

"Like, hello there, Ronnie Anne," Leni greeted as she casually crushed the ball into dust. "I'd like to talk to you for a minute."

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