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Okay, so here's another chapter for Epithet Academy, while finally updating this story before updating Living on the Edge! At least, I hope I can update that story.Anyway, there really isn't much to say here, so let's answer some reviews:1) Nobody245:* Yup, she's standing right next to him as we speak, in fact!* We'll see that soon.* She's not necessarily following them because she wants to; Giovanni trusts Luan, and Molly looks to him for assistance. So if he suggests to try out Luan's original plan, she'll go along with it. And yeah, you might think this contradicts her canon development, but a) this is a different Molly, and b) Giovanni's her boss. Can't really go against his orders willy nilly XD2) Tod Graymoon: Thanks! :)And now, to the chapter!

Mera tried to keep an open mind when she returned to her apartment. She wasn't quite sure what to expect regarding her new job as a vigilante, but as long as she got paid, it was worth a shot.

One thing was certain: the outfit she was currently wearing was anything but cool, no matter what Lori said.

It was a Black full bodysuit with Light Blue highlights, with matching boots and gloves, and a grey helmet with a white visor, part of her hair coming out of the helmet's back.

"Okay, Lori, I know you're not screwing with me," Mera said to her phone. "But why does my vigilante outfit look like this?"

"We brainstormed in a reunion to decide how it'd look, and that's the look that won in the end. Besides, how the outfit looks doesn't matter as much as the helmet, gloves, and boots."

"Wait, what?"

"Those things were imbued with Epithets while we were making the outfit: the gloves were imbued with "Web," the boots with "Flight," and the helmet with "Sensor."

Mera looked at her glove. "And how does that even work?"

"I'll tell you soon enough. For now, I gotta take care of an issue over here. I'll call you again when I'm available."

Lori hung up soon after, leaving Mera to groan and close her phone. First she got fired from the only job she knew, right into another she had no idea what to expect from, and now she had to wait before she could learn how she was supposed to work with her gloves and stuff.

She really should've asked more questions before taking the job.


Mera quickly opened her phone and answered the call. "Hello?"


The woman winced. "Lincoln? What's wrong? Why do you sound worried?"

"It's just... well..."

"Mera, is it true that you were fired?"

This remark stunned Ronnie Anne and Molly, the latter biting her finger as Lincoln kept talking on the phone.

"Really?... Man... n-no, I'm glad you got a new job... y-yeah, I'm fine, it's just that a new Epithet Coach came here all of a sudden and, you know... I got a little curious..."

Seeing the phone call was gonna keep going for a while, Ronnie Anne turned her attention to Molly... and pocketed her hands, asking:

"So, what's up with you?"

Molly flinched. "W-What are you asking?"

"I can understand why Lame-O would be worried for Mera; I mean, I don't think there was any reason to think she'd be fired," she narrowed her eyes. "But why are you worried? Especially since you're going so far as to bite your finger."

Molly looked at her hand, and pulled back her finger, cringing at the visible bite mark left behind before she replied:

"I-It's just that, well, I didn't think this would happen! I mean, I heard she did pretty well against whoever that girl was, I didn't think they'd fire her after that!"

"Hmm, now that you bring it up, why did they fire her after the girl was apprehended?" Ronnie Anne scratched her chin. "You'd think she'd be rewarded for going against her, not be fired!"

Molly lowered her head. "Sometimes, the world can be needlessly cruel."

"Okay, got it."

With that said, Lincoln hung up and turned back to his girl friends, saying:

"Mera says that yes, she was fired, but she got a new job pretty soon afterwards. She's about to start today, too."

"Did she tell you why she was fired in the first place?" Molly asked. "Surely she at least got a reason for why she was being fired."

"Even if it's a totally unfair, ridiculous reason that just further proves how the principal has no idea what he's doing," Ronnie Anne groaned.

"I didn't really ask her, but with the way she was talking, I think she was in a bit of a hurry," Lincoln answered, scratching his head. "So I'll just leave it as is for now-"

"Hey, you three!"

The trio flinched and turned around, seeing Sylvie's disapproving expression as he added:

"We're in the middle of class! Come here and join the rest of your classmates in the exercise!"

"But, uh, teacher, Lincoln can't exercise!" Ronnie Anne exclaimed, grabbing and lifting the boy's arm. "He's got weak bones!"


"Weak bones?" Sylvie repeated. "Does he know what his Epithet is?"

Lincoln flinched. "It's, uh... Weak, sir!"

"Weak, hmm... therefore, we could be witnessing a rare case of an Epithet affecting the user... fascinating," Sylvie adjusted his glasses. "Alright then, I guess he can sit this one out. But I'd like to see him later after class."

"He'll see us both, in fact," the tiny scientist added. "I believe it would be best if one of his sisters was around to avoid any issues. Wouldn't you agree, Professor Ashling?"

Sylvie rolled his eyes. "Don't call me that."

"If you say so, Professor Ashling."

Sylvie groaned as Lincoln sat on the benches while Molly and Ronnie Anne walked to the center of the gym.

"Okay, now, tell me your names and Epithets," Sylvie requested.

"Ronnie Anne. Home."

"Molly. Be... Dumb. It's Dumb."

"Understood, great," Sylvie pointed at their classmates, who were running around the field. "Join the rest of your classmates in running around the field, while my assistant and I talk about a few things."

The girls nodded, and quickly joined their classmates at the tail end of the row, giving them the chance to talk:

"So, the Louds seem to be everywhere, huh?"

Ronnie Anne raised an eyebrow.

"Lincoln told me how he and his sisters were set for adoption, and how they were pretty numerous. I mean, the girl who kidnapped me was one of his sisters, so was the policewoman who caught her, and now that little girl snapping at the coach is also one of his sisters."

Ronnie Anne turned to see Lisa sternly talking with an exasperated Sylvie at the benches, Lincoln trying to ignore them to the best of his ability.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, Lincoln's sisters do seem to pop up frequently: Luan, Lori, Lisa, heck, I bet the principal's decision was influenced by one of his sisters as well."

"But why would they do that if it could upset Lincoln?"

"I'm just taking a guess, Molly."

"Hey, you two! Slow down a little will you!?"

Ronnie Anne and Molly looked back to see their classmates trying to catch up to them, who were far ahead.

Smiling sheepishly at this, the duo stopped for a moment to let everyone catch up, until Chandler ran by, growling:.


"Says the guy who's got "Attention" as an Epithet!" Ronnie Anne scoffed. "Hey, Coach Sylvie! How many more times do we gotta run?!"

"If someone should complain about that, it's the students who've been doing this since the class started!" Sylvie responded. "Once they finish this lap, they're done. You and your friend with the star accessories will have to repeat this at least two more times!"

Everybody groaned.

"I gotta take the students' side here," Lisa remarked. "Isn't making Ronnie Anne and Molly repeat the exercise a waste of time?"

"They were the ones who chose to slack off rather than join the jog as soon as it started," Sylvie argued. "I mean, at least your brother has the excuse that he's got weak bones."

"We'll talk about Lincoln when we cross that bridge," Lisa sighed. "For now, let's focus on the class."

Sylvie rolled his eyes and obliged, stealing a glance from Lincoln before watching the sprinting students.

Meanwhile, inside a police car, Lori tapped her wheel while scanning her surroundings, trying to find any signs of incoming criminals. She has gotten a favor from one of her fellow policemen to take her spot while she went to check something at the plaza.

That something being a Pink light.

But her search was paused her her phone rang.



"Oh, hi Mera," the policewoman raised an eyebrow. "Did something happen? I'm kinda busy right now."

"I just wanted to know if you spoke with the principal a little bit after I left. Because yesterday, he got a little weird."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he fired me and, please don't freak out, tried to expel Lincoln as well."

Lori narrowed her eyes. "Uh huh?"

"But while I was having dinner with Lincoln and Indus, he called me again and took back what he said about expelling Lincoln. Still fired me, though."

"I see... well, I didn't share literally another word with that man after we discussed the whole "patrol around the school" thing. But I'll give you this: convincing him to keep Lincoln in the academy sounds like something one of his sisters would do."

"Got any idea as to who could've done it?"

Lori briefly looked up, and a flash of Pink quickly caught her attention.

"Mera, head directly to the Royal Woods Plaza, right now."

"You want me to go out looking like a discount Ace Ranger?! And besides, you haven't even told me how to use the gadgets!"

"Just use the boots! Focus your energy on your feet and fly straight here! Lori out!"

The woman hung up, got off her car, and imbued her bullets before shooting one of them at the Pink light, causing it to plummet straight to the ground.

She walked slowly towards the fallen object, or person in this case, whose long, mostly Pink twintails spoiler her identity immediately.

"What a coincidence to see you around here... Yoomtah Zing."

The girl raised her head, flashing a cocky smirk at Lori while her eyes glowed.

"Nice to see you too... Officer Lori."

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