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The Beginning

Okay, so, you might be a bit confused; didn't I just post this story as a crossover a day or so ago?

Yes, yes I did. And it's still a crossover, but let me explain: I decided to repost this story in this fandom because, for all intents and purposes, it's a Loud House story.

The world is fused with Epithet Erased's, locations and characters from that series appear here, and the Arsene Amulet, exclusive to that series, plays a big role here.

But, for all intents and purposes, it's a Loud House story: Lincoln's the main character, the Loud family play a decent role, the story takes place in Royal Woods, the academy itself is located in Royal Woods, and just about everybody in the academy besides Mera and maybe Indus are from the Loud House.

Also, it's tough finding this story on the crossover section, so there's that too XD

Everything after this bit, besides a short scene before the last author's note, is the original chapter. So, if you've seen the original version already, skip down to the new piece and that should be it.

Are we clear? Cool. Let's head into the story then.

"And so, it has been decided that Rita and Lynn Loud Sr lack the necessary requirements to be parents for their children."

Those words were quite upsetting, but everybody present understood why they were being said. The Loud Family was famous for having a lot of kids, but there was a time when it had to stop, and that time was now.

That said, Lincoln found himself glancing all over the place; first at his saddened, but understanding parents, then at the shadowed man-who his parents called the orphanage headmaster-speaking to them, who went on to add:

"I assume you've talked with your kids about this, Mr. and Mrs. Loud?"

"We have," Mr. Loud answered.

"And how was their reaction?"

"Pretty much to be expected; most didn't get it, the few who did were against it, and our oldest daughter did her best to calm everybody down." Mrs. Loud somberly explained. "Once that was done, she managed to convince everybody that this was for the best."

"Understood. It is therefore declared official; the Loud siblings will be relocated to this orphanage until fitting parents are found for them."

And with that said, the parents shook his hands, and next thing he knew, Lincoln and his sisters were sitting on an orphanage bedroom, looking out the window for any possible couples who were willing to adopt them.

"Don't worry, bro," one of his sisters said, patting his back. "Someone will adopt us eventually."

"But what if they can only adopt a few of us?"

"I'm sure we'll figure out a way to keep in contact even if that happens."

Suddenly, the door opened, and the siblings hastily formed a line to greet both the orphanage owner... And a couple, apparently.

One was a large, tanned buff man with sandy white, spiked hair, wearing a beige sweater with Brown pants and matching shoes. He kinda looked like a large version of Lincoln, the sisters mused to themselves.

The other was a woman with greyish blue skin, Chrome hair that reached her waist, and a similar getup as the man; only her pants and shoes were Purple instead.

"See, Lady Mera?! I told you we'd have a fine selection of children to adopt here!" the man exclaimed.

"I never said otherwise, Indus," the woman stated. "I just didn't want to adopt a kid in general."

"Oh come on, Lady Mera, it'll be fun!" Indus said with puppy eyes. "Just, take a look around and see if you find anybody who you'd like to adopt!"

"I mean, I doubt I'll find it, but-"

Suddenly, Mera looked at Lincoln, and next thing he knew, she was walking straight towards him, going past the sisters' attempts to say hi in the process.

Once she reached him, she got down on one knee and took a closer look at the boy.

"Is something wrong, Lady Mera?"

"I don't know what it is about this kid in particular, but something about him catches my attention," Mera said, not taking her eyes away from the boy. "What's your name, kid?"

"I'm... L-Lincoln Loud."

"Lincoln Loud..."

Mera smiled, stood up, and turned to the buff man.

"Indus, get the headmaster."

Then, she turned back to Lincoln.

"Looks like we're adopting after all."

As soon as the flashback finished, Lincoln found himself sitting at the principal's office, his adoptive mother sitting by his side as the principal spoke to her:

"The reason you're here, Mrs. Salamin, is because your "son" suffered a significant injury during training, which you had explicitly said wouldn't happen again."

"I didn't expect it to; I taught him self-restraint, gave him pointers to hold back, and even limited his use of his Epithet to the most basic, least dangerous forms of it," Mera answered, folding her arms as she added, "But even with all that, he still gets reckless once in a while. I'm sure you understand?"

The principal rolled his eyes. "I understand that, being a Mundie, his mother might not be the best person to teach him Epithet control."

Suddenly, Indus crashed through the wall, flexing his muscles as everybody panic.

"Did someone here called Lady Mera a Mundie?!" he exclaimed. "Who did it?!"

"Calm down, Indus, my boss just did that," Mera sighed in frustration. "Go back to what you were doing before you cause any more destruction."

"Okay, Lady Mera!"

Indus turned around, then crashed through the wall right next to the spot he destroyed, causing the principal to glare at the woman as she rubbed her forehead and groaned:

"Great, that's coming straight out of my salary."

Lincoln frowned at the statement, and it took until the end of the school day, while he was walking back home with Mera, for him to speak again:

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, kid. If anything, I'm proud of you," Mera shrugged. "The first time I got injured during Epithet training, I had to be taken to the hospital, and all you got was a broken hand. One that was easily healed thanks to the school nurse, to boot."

"Yeah, but still, I caused your class to be interrupted," Lincoln narrowed his eyes. "Not only that, but the principal called you a Mundie out of nowhere. That was kinda rude."

"Everybody's a Mundie until their Epithets manifest."

"But yours already did."

Mera put a hand on Lincoln's mouth and stopped, crouching down to his height before whispering:

"And by proxy, so did yours."

Lincoln hummed and looked up, only for his attention to focus on Mera when she snapped her fingers.

"Hey, no flashbacks until we get home. Last time you chose to get stuck in a flashback, you were tripping over lampposts left and right."


And with that said, Mera released Lincoln's mouth, and the duo kept walking until they reached a tall Blue apartment, eyeing the last floor as Lincoln once again spoke:

"Can I have that flashback now?"

"Ugh, fine, but just to be safe," Mera extended her hand to Lincoln. "Give me your hand."

Lincoln obliged, and as the pair began to go up the stairs, he had his flashback...

"Breaking news! The Arsene Amulet, an artifact capable of stealing Epithets, has just been stolen from the Sweet Jazz City Museum!"

Lincoln and Indus quickly turned to the TV, listening intently as the reporter continued:

"According to eyewitnesses, a short woman entered the museum, disabled the cameras, and snatched the amulet while the alarms blared. A group of Sweet Jazz City's Police squad was sent to retrieve the amulet, but there have been no news about the chase just yet."

It was then that Mera arrived, holding a bag of groceries on one hand...

And the Arsene Amulet on the other.

"Man, you don't know how depressing some cashiers can be," she remarked nonchalantly. "When I tried to find a cashier to buy this stuff, most were either busy, irritated, or both. I mean I get it, retail sucks, and the customers even more so, but what fault do I have of being a customer!?"

Mera paused when she saw Indus and Lincoln looking at her with shock, the TV muted on the background.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Mera, that amulet..." Lincoln's eyes widened. "It's the Arsene Amulet, isn't it?"

Mera looked at the object and shrugged. "I guess so, why?"

"Lady Mera... did you steal the Arsene Amulet?!"

"... Yes, Indus, I did," Mera said in the flattest tone she could muster. "After buying the groceries, I just randomly decided to steal the Arsene Amulet from Sweet Jazz City, which, by the way, is several hours away from Royal Woods on car."

"How could you?!" Indus cried. "You're giving a bad example to Lincoln!"

"Uh, Indus, I think she's being sarcastic."

"Of course I'm being sarcastic!" Mera snapped. "I was walking back home after buying the groceries when the dang thing came out of the sky and hit me in the head. I looked up, saw someone flying away, and decided to come here instead of chasing them because of my headache. Indus, could you get me the painkillers?"

"Sure, Lady Mera!"

"Wait, before you do that," Lincoln blurted. "There's something we need to do!"

"Whatever it is, can't it wait until I sort out this headache?"

"What we need to do will help with your headache!"

Mera paused, then folded her arms. "... I'm listening."

"In fact, what we need to do, will help alleviate your pain possibly forever!"

Mera raised an eyebrow. "Now I'm listening with caution and skepticism."

"Listen, the Arsene Amulet is able to steal someone's Epithet, and give it to someone else. Therefore, all we need to do, is have the amulet steal both our Epithets, and then return them to the opposite user!"

"But, wait," Mera's eyes widened. "Wouldn't that mean-?!"

"I'd have your Epithet, and you'd have mine... Whatever that is."

Mera shook her head. "No, absolutely not, we're not doing that."

"What?! Come on, Mera, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!"

"I would be heavily against the idea in any other situation, but I must agree too, Lady Mera," Indus stated. "This sounds like the perfect chance to dull the pain you're constantly dealing with!"

"Are neither of you idiots using your heads?! My Epithet's no joke!" Mera lowered her head and hugged herself. "I live with constant pain even after I trained myself to deal with it, and that took me over a decade! How long do you think it'll take you before you reach the same level of skill, kid?! A decade? Five decades?! You're entire life?!"

"Why are you so worried about this?" Lincoln asked. "We're not really family, and you know it. So, shouldn't this be something you'd be up for?"

Mera took a deep breath, calmed down, and replied:

"You're right: I don't see you as my son, you don't see me as your mother, and Indus will claim we're a family no matter how hard we say otherwise, but I'm still your legal guardian. It's my duty to keep you safe, and I won't be able to do that if I just shove my Epithet into you."

Then, she walked towards Lincoln, and leaned closer:

"Besides, let's be blunt here: you've been anxious for your Epithet to show up since you became old enough to enter Epithet Academy. And the Arsene Amulet gives you the chance to do just that; therefore, you don't want my Epithet because you're worried about me, you want it because it's an easy ticket to that academy, isn't it?"

Lincoln paused, and lowered his head. "I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind as soon as I saw the amulet in your hands."

"See? Now you're being honest-"

"But if I get an Epithet, and you get to stop being in constant pain, doesn't that sound like a win-win situation?"

Mera's eyes widened at the statement, and after seeing Indus' concerned expression, she backpedaled:

"Fine, I'll give you my Epithet. But I want you to understand one thing, kid; once you accept the Epithet, and I accept yours, I'll have to deliver the amulet back to the police so we don't get roped into any hijinks, so once we transfer, there's no going back. Do you get it?"

Lincoln eyed Mera for a while, eventually narrowing his eyes with determination and stating:

"Yes, I get it."

The flashback ended right there, just in time for Lincoln to find himself sitting at the table with his adoptive parents, a plate of food served in front of him.

"So, are you out of flashback mode?"

Lincoln turned to the couple, who were looking at him with a neutral expression, in Mera's case, and a wide smile, in Indus' case.

"Yeah, I'm out of it."

"Then everybody dig in!" Indus chirped.

Indus began eating his food in delight.

"Hey, Mera?"

"Yes, kid?"

"You'll continue helping me train Fragile, right?"

"There's no other option, kid; I trained Fragile for ten years before I could use it effectively. Plus, the nature of how you got your Epithet means that the more people know about it, the more danger we'll get ourselves into. So, for now, I'll keep training you to use Fragile..."

Mera stopped, turned to Lincoln, then did the "my mouth is sealed" gesture.

"And we'll keep Fragile's true nature just between us three, okay?"

Lincoln returned the gesture with a smile.

"Wait, who's the third person?" Indus asked. "Is it me? Is it someone other than me?"

Mera shook her head. "Yes, you're the third person, Indus."

"Your mouth says yes, but your head says no!" Indus panicked, pulling his hair. "I'm so confused!"

Mera and Lincoln laughed at the statement, with their laughter eventually reaching Indus, who laughed as well until they all calmed down and decided to eat the rest of their food.

And with that done, Lincoln went to sleep, revitalized to continue his important training tomorrow.

Meanwhile, at a bus stop near the police station, a dark-skinned girl with star-shaped... things on her hair walked out, taking a moment to catch her breath as the bus rode off.

"So, here I am..." she said grimly. "R-Royal Woods..."

Suddenly, her pocket shook, and she took out her phone and answered the call as she walked to a bench.


Bear Trap, it's me, Soup King! Have you arrived at your destination?!

"Y-Yeah, I'm here. H-Hey, Giovanni?"

Soup King!

"Yeah, that, I-I don't feel good."

It's okay, Bear Trap, it's just the goosebumps from being in a completely new place. Don't worry, I already called an associate of mine to wait for you at the bench near the bus stop!

Hearing that, the girl flinched and turned around, shivering as she saw she was sitting right next to a girl with braces and Brown hair tied in a ponytail.

"Is this associate a girl with Brown hair and braces?"

Yeah! That's her! Why do you ask?

The brunette asked for the phone, and Molly edged it closer... until the girl leaned towards it and said:

"Hi boss, it's Luan here."

Perfect! Now, Tricky, I'm leaving Bear Trap's security in your hands! If even a single strand of hair is injured, you'll be in a lot of trouble, am I clear?!


Great! Well, I gotta hit the hay, take good care of her alright!


The call ended right then and there, and the brunette extended her hand again.

"Nice to meet you, Bear Trap. I'm Tricky, or Luan Loud, if you'd prefer."

The girl shook Luan's hand, and she continued:

"We got a lot of work to do, okay, kid? I'll be counting on you for this mission's success."

The other girl nervously nodded.

"Alright then, follow me."

So, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on. Allow me to explain:

Epithet Erased is a web series by Jelloapocalypse that can be seen on VRV and YouTube. The main gimmick of the show is that characters have Epithets, words inscribed on their very souls that give them powers and abilities related to said word.

The Arsene Amulet is an artifact capable of stealing Epithets, which serves as the central macguffin of the show.

I decided to try mix that world with The Loud House, partially to try something different in bringing these two worlds together, partially to bring the My Hero Academia influence on Epithet Erased full circle.

Mera and Indus are actually the antagonists on the show, but for the sake of simplicity, they're mostly neutral here. So, keep that in mind.

Finally, here are what the Louds' Epithets are:

Lori - Grounded

Leni - Everywhere

Luna - Volume

Luan - Pun

Lynn - Squirrel

Lincoln - "?"

Lucy - Witch

Lola - Crown

Lana - Animal

Lisa - Gear

Lily - Pad

And yes, this story will continue. I'm afraid I can't help myself this time XD

Anyway, that's all for now. Exotos135, signing out.

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