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Meet the neighbor

Disclaimer:I don't own the show, anything related to it or characters from the show The Originals and I don't know who does but the thing is it's not me so yeah... If I owned it the drama would be more realistic and the characters would die epically plus their death wouldn't be in vain.

Also Hayley/Elijah wouldn't happen because its disturbing me very much, unless they involved Klaus but even then I'd find it iffy. Goodness, I generally dislike everything about that couple but I would totally be cool with shipping them with anyone else. I find that seriously sad.

Ps. Sarah, Maliki and Raymond belong to me but I'm pretty sure they won't appear much after this chapter. This is a new sector.



M Note: I was watching this movie called 'I'm so excited' it was so good, I won't spoil it just in case you want to watch it because apparently most people hate spoilers- I freakin love them.

Oh my Destiel feels are like over the rainbow haha but no seriously its amazing. Goodness I love 'Supernatural' so hard and the finale will be epic, I call it!

'The Agent's of Sheild' finale was boss and the show Fargo kicks ass.

Anyways, I won't lie when Haley died I was like 'yay my ship is safe' but then I felt bad cause she died. Although I gotta say, that episode was in my opinion the best acting I've seen from Phoebe Tokin while playing Hayley.

I just hope the writers of the show don't fuck it up with unnecessary bullshit- they have a thing for doing that.

Because honestly before that episode the character seriously sucked, like for reals- hundreds of humans agree with me. Then she came back as a hybrid and my ships are still safe cause everyone knows Elijah loves hybrids-Klaus.

Klayley is now a 'hybrid royalty power couple' and the baby was super adorable. What is more, threesomes are great fun.

The scene with Rebekah was fitting-I totally knew that would happen if they were forced to give up the baby, Monique's death was epic. That shuriken was boss, it reminded me of Naruto. Huh, I need to update it. I'll do it after this then.

Songs for this chapter: 'Na Na' by Trey Songz and 'The A Team' by Ed Sheeran

This is how I see the other sexy Mikaelson bros. getting saved from purgatory/other side- I would have added super boss leviathan had this been a crossover with 'SPN' sadly it wasn't.

'I learned there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead, others from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready, you see. Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me.'

-Dr. Seuss

What is found

Finn and Kol were sitting on the ground, it was somewhat awkward with all the 'spirits' hanging around them but they were trying to make the best of it by making small talk with some strangers.

"So…what the fish sticks. Is this…Hell…Heaven…a scene from 'Cabin in the woods'?" A ginger asked aloud, to no one in particular then chuckled slightly to himself and looked around the 'forest' with awe but he also seemed a bit disappointed.

Finn smirked then shook his head and answered the man's question honestly; it wasn't as if, he could give him a heart attack.

"No. This is the famous 'Other side'…it's basically purgatory but with less evil shit trying to kill you, even though you died when you were in your early thirty's?"

That sounds about right, I think. "Back in the 10th century then again, when some stupid travel bait-Matt killed you." Kol raised an eyebrow at his words but said nothing.

The people around the place had not cared about them before the conversation and they weren't that interested now but they could not go anywhere, so they might as well listen and strain not to think about their impending doom.

"What the f- no man, I am…was twenty five when my bitch of a step mother shot me in the face because I…I can't remember. Oh god. Why can't I remember?! What if, I did something horrible and I can't remember?"

He ran a hand thru his nice hair then looked at the dirt and sighed as he tried to calm down.

"Whatever I did, wasn't bad enough for me to go and land myself in hell but I was perfectly human… Whoa wait, you weren't human? The X-files are real; you've infiltrated the planet then what, died? That blows, I feel sorry for you...I'm having a close encounter in the afterlife."

He then proceeded to make a strange noise of weirdness as he gawked at the people around him.

Finn smiled a little then glanced at Kol and looked back at the stranger as he shook his head. He elaborated, somewhat.

"No. Not an alien. And thanks for that. I died in the tenth century and became a vampire. Then my little brother stabbed me in the chest and shoved me in a box for most of my 'life'… I thought death would be different but I suppose it's better than being alive."




Kol gave him an 'are you dumb' look then patted his brother on the back once and spoke in a patronizing voice. "No, Finn 'this' is boring. Although this place would not be so bad, if only it weren't crumbling."

The older original gave him a look that indicated annoyance then said. "You didn't have to come after me. I didn't ask you to nor did I force you."

"As boring as you are…I couldn't leave you alone, living wasn't the same or better for me without you and it was actually really sad."

The only human in the group silently observed the two men beside him but kept silent, he would ask questions later. He was pretty sure they were gay vampire lovers or maybe secretly pining for each other? Either way he thought it was strangely beautiful as he witnessed their interaction.

Silence passed for a few seconds then Finn spoke in a lower voice. Whispering, almost as if scared to hear the response.

"You could have been happy with Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah or anyone else of your choosing, why would you followed me into the darkness. There is no way out for us, for you. It was a stupid move on your part. Oh so very stupid."

The leaves in the trees rustled and the strangers huddled in a little closer but tried to play off their fear.

"As long as I am by your side, I regret naught. And I get it, truly do. Following you 'may' have been foolish on my part since, I found no exist for us before then but I found you and… will you leave me be, I just wanted to find you so get over it."

A few minutes passed in silence then Kol looked at the 'sky' with a blend of disdain and dread then kept talking somberly.

"Klaus had you daggered in that damn box while our siblings, I did nothing to save you. I'm not here because I feel guilty or because this is supposed to be me 'atoning'. No, I just didn't want you to have all of the 'otherworldly' adventures. What can I say, I'm selfish. Or is it that I'm-"

He stopped speaking when he heard Finn stand and saw him walk away. The still unintroduced ginger was about to get up and follow but Kol told him to 'sod off' and started walking towards his brother.

He stopped when the human said in a quiet voice. "Be careful that strange dark crap that drags your ass into the sky might return."

Kol gave him a weird look then smiled briefly and vanished. The ginger stared in awe but the people around him still didn't care.



There were many creatures in the 'other side' but all knew that none of them were safe. They had recently found out that Stefan had died, it was sad but they couldn't help but say.

Finally, goddamn doppelganger it took you long enough. Now we just have to kill fucking Elena or I'd settle for Damon- they massacred his character so hard.

However, he wasn't their problem but that bastard was lucky maybe Bonnie could find a way to get them out. If not, hopefully their dear little sister was still looking for a way to get them out.

They doubted it, if they ever got out of that place they were sure as hell renouncing the name Mikaelson and their douchebag family members then taking a long deserved vacation in Qatar or Luxembourg.

Help was certainly, what they desired and required but it didn't seem likely to aid any time soon.

"Should we fight or give up?" As Finn spoke the words in a low voice because he knew Kol could hear them. Dark clouds gathered in the sky and the wind around them picked up rapidly.

Kol vamped to his side quickly and pushed him up against a tree as he held on to both tightly.

"You know the answer and that strange sky crap isn't taking you away from me, nothing will again brother!" Loud screaming was heard as hundreds of people were dragged into the misty oblivion above the two originals.

Both men hugged the tree a little tighter but not so much cause otherwise it would break and they'd be fucked.

Time passed them by in silence for what seemed liked hours then suddenly the screaming resumed but this time was deafening and off the charts terrifying.

May be lost

Rebekah was pacing the room silently contemplating her next move; she had no idea, what to feed Hope. Does it want milk, blood…souls? It was a baby, not a human baby but a baby nonetheless and she was the most important person in her life now.

Nik and Haley had entrusted their child to her and she would not fail them.

Speaking of failing, she had been having dreams of her brothers reaching out to her. For that purpose and a cloaking spell. She had befriended a few witches to try and figure out how, just before bringing them back from the 'other side'.

She knew she should have done it sooner but now time was of the essence. Her brothers would come back to her and they would be able to help her protect Hope.

Actually, the witches of Seattle she had met along the road had told her that in order for her plan to work they needed a human on the inside to get her brothers out. It's a proven fact and common knowledge, watching 'Supernatural' saves lives.

So finding a human to sacrifice was easy, they would just return with her brothers and all would be good. The hard part was making sure they specifically went to the 'other side', which was basically purgatory.

They find her brothers and drag their asses out before it went to shit, maybe they'd be able to drag Stefan out too he was freakin hot. Rebekah had shown the girls a picture.


"How do I accomplish that exactly?" She gave the two girls on the couch a questioning look. No one in the room was interested in making friends so they used aliases.

The nerdy looking brunette to the right called herself 'Sarah' while the raven haired girl with an attitude that rivaled her own said her name was 'Maliki' or something. Oh well names weren't of import, not for what they were about to do.

She had called herself Alcestis and her recently adopted 'daughter' Aether. Her baby was sleeping peacefully on her bed while the adults planned their next move. If all went well, by the end of the week she would meet her uncles.

Alcestis said."We find a guy and kill him then preform the spell." Sarah nodded then said. "We, need someone that can sell it and is 100% human."

Maliki laughed the said. "Like a fearless actor or someone that wants serious cash and isn't a pussy."

The girls looked at each other then thought of Benedict Cumberpatch, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downy Jr. No that wouldn't work.

They made too many good movies and their death(s) would destroy the world so maybe they'd just set their sights on the neighbor to her right.

Rebekah- Alcestis had no idea what her neighbor's name was but he looked like a 'Jordan' so yeah she'd call him that. She knew he lived alone and that he was a handsome man even though they had never properly introduced themselves or at all.

Anyways, it was kidnapping time.


The steps of the plan were simple; incentive, voodoo bitches, infiltration, deception, yahtzee.

Alcestis put on a tight, statin blue dress and put on some light makeup then vamped out the door and smirked seductively when he opened the door.

Raymond had no idea what the fuck was going on but one minute he was eating ramen and the next he sees a hot girl on his doorstep. He opened the door after he set his food down and smiled nervously at her.

"Hey my name is Alcestis, I'm new to the neighborhood and was wondering if you had sugar...ha I've got a bit of a sweet tooth." Seriously that's the best I came up with? Good thing I'm rich, hot and immortal.

"Um what...I mean yes. Yeah. I huh, come in if you want I'll get a cup or do you want a bowl?" He gave her a questioning look then she shrugged so he got both and handed them to her.

She thanked him quietly then set them aside as she looked a some pictures on the wall. They were of the man, a pug and what seemed to be his friends.

Awkward silence ensued but the blonde broke by grabbing his arm and forcing him to look at her eyes. Now to compel him and speak her plan. "What is your name?"

"Raymond Taylor, what why can't I move." He tried to look away but was incapable of doing so. Fear show in his eyes but she told him to calm down.

"Huh, you look like a Jorden. Anyways, I'm your stepmom and I need a favor from you honey." He nodded slightly at her words but said in a weirded out voice.

"You don't look like her. So stop."

"No. Now listen to me, you will walk with me and I will kill you but its fine. Everything is okay, everything will be okay. But you have two choices. Either you ask around for the names Finn and Kol or blend into the background until you find them."

She showed him an old picture of they boys then asked if he had questions.

"What do I do when I find them? I really don't want to die. I just paid off my house and my birthday's approaching."

Rebekah felt bad but needed to find her brothers and would stop at nothing to make it so. She had made a vow but also loved them so surrendering wasn't an option plus she had come this far, what was one step further.

"Don't worry honey, if you do the job right I will give you whatever you want." He followed like a zombie behind her and closed the door.

Jordan it is

A few hours passed before they got all the ingredients they needed to preform the spell, coach the guy and bring them back from 'beyond'.

Sarah had gone by the local hospital to sneak out some supplies. Maliki was working on the spell and Alcestis was walking Raymond thru the plan.

"Repeat my words down to the last syllable okay." Raymond nodded and said the words in the shaky voice the beautiful blonde had instructed.

"I am…was twenty five when my bitch of a step mother shot me in the face because I…I can't remember. Oh god. Why can't I remember?! What if, I did something horrible and I can't remember?"

Both girls smirked at the words then Sarah opened the door then set the stuff down and took out checklist. Needles, adrenalin, potassium chloride, atropine extracted from deadly nightshade and a scalpel. Finn and Kol's ashes were in their respective urns.

All was going according to what they were hired to do.

"Okay Jordan are you ready? This stuff will slow down your heart until it eventually stops beating altogether. Approximately three and a half minutes will pass before the oxygen in your brain goes to shit and ceases to exist. I wont lie this, this is going to hurt but I will use magic to accelerate the process of death for your benefit."

Raymond nodded then looked at the stuff on the table then asked quietly. "What is all this?"

"Oh this here is Atropine, it lowers the parasympathetic activity of all muscles and glands regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system. It only buys time, usually not much but I guess its worth it."

Rebekah and Raymond stared at her blankly so she sighed and simplified her words.

"Trust me, you've got to be careful with Atropine. It's used for nerve agents. The amount needed is abundant for atropine and can do a number on the conduction system of the heart. But we need you to die, so carry on. Remove your shirt and lay down on the ground or couch, whichever is fine."

"Wait, what if I fail?"

The girls looked at each other and Alcestis spoke without hesitation. "We go thru the whole country if we have to, but I will get both of my brothers back from that hellhole."

Sarah looked at her then said. "We don't have much time but I think we can send in half the block if that's what it takes. However the less we mess with it the better chances we have of success."

Maliki clapped her hands to get their attention and said to Raymond. "M'kay you will have at least two minutes after the recorded time of death. I will punch your chest and you will live again, yay you. Here's you knife and the spell has seeped into memory, I'm proud. Congratulations. Remember, time and hurry."

The guy nodded and took a deep breath before laying down then Sarah cut his chest slightly and got ready with the guidance spell to what she called 'Narnia'.

"Wait I-" His speech was cut off and Maliki rolled her eyes an said 'whoops' sarcastically as he died slowly on the floor.

Crying and loud wailing was heard as Rebekah sighed and vamped to her room. When she returned to the living room she was carrying a baby and said. "Hey, can I drink his blood now that he's it safe?"

Both girls gave the original an 'are you high' look and shook their heads and the brunette handed her a blood bag as they waited for Jordan's return.

Raymond was made

"Who the fuck are you and why are you tailing us?" At the words the young ginger stopped walking and froze. Kol had been the one that spoke but it was Finn who looked deadly.

The sky still seemed shitty and full of evil so the human spoke quickly. "My name is Raymond Taylor. I was sent here by your sister Alcestis to retrieve you both."

Finn looked at Kol and a variety of emotions played on them as the reality of the situation hit them like a bucket of cold water. Either it was a trap or it wasn't. Anything would be better then staying while the 'other side' crumbled to nothing.

So they would follow and attack if needed.

Kol didn't even have to ask the question. "Should we find Stefan?"

Finn looked away then back at him and said in an annoyed voice. "Fuck him, he never helped us."

So it was decided, they would live again.

"Okay Taylor, on with it if you will." He nodded at Kol's words then started chanting the required spell and cut both of his arms as he witnessed strange voodoo at its best.

M Note 2: The names are from early mythology, I thought it fitting but here's a little background info.

Alcestis: Wife of Admetus; offered to die in his place but saved from death by Hercules.

Aether: Personification of sky. The name also has to do with the theory-science-light-space.

Raymond looks like Prince Harry because he's an okay looking ginger- he's British and a prince hence the title- unless that's his name, idk I'm not interested in anything to do with him.

Maliki looks like Krysten Ritter- girl from 'Breaking Bad'

Sarah looks like Michelle Trachtenberg- I saw her in an episode of House M.D. but I'm 95% sure she comes out on Gossip Girl.

Anyway's smuts back in the next chapter. I was working up to it and the Mikaelson bros. reunite with Rebekah as they go into a 'witness protection' of sorts.

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