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slight Elijah/Klaus

Warning: This chapter has no smut, I just couldn't 'see it' happening in this scenario. Next chapter will have 'hetro love' and maybe food.

My Note: I changed my mind. 'Things we lost in the fire' by Bastille is perfect for the Originals. Hell yeah!

I won't lie though, the only reason I found out about Dan Smith and the group is cause of 'Teen Wolf's'- Echo House episode.

His hair is epicness and his music is too.

I freaking love that show since it came out on MTV and their music choices are and have always been on point!

The season finale just fucked over my feels, like all over the place! But it was so good! One thing that I love-hate-love more about this show, is that no ship is safe. Ever. That's why I ship anyone with everyone on that show. Bwt, Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles have the best 'father-son' relationship I've ever seen on Tv.


Also for the Klaus-Rebekah feels that episode-fuck I can't remember, the one in the cemetery...'Clair Holt's last scene thing'. Anyways, the song that would b-is perfect for them would be-is:

'Without you' by Breaking Benjamin.

And for my Klaus/Elijah feels in that episode the song 'Flaws' by Bastille. Oh and I thought that Elijah getting shanked by Klaus was also hilarious and adequate, just saying.

'Eye for an eye, my friend.'

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'No one here I see

To break the clods

Of the path you walk or take

But they all closely watch

Where you put your footsteps


No one will write a single line

Even if you go for oblivion

But they all read very closely

Every world of the book

You compose for your life


Sweet or sour

Whatever fruits of your deeds you bear

And hang upon the boughs of your sweet name

No one will carry for you

You have to taste all those alone'

- Abdul Wahab

Rebekah looked out the window of her bedroom but saw nothing. As she tried to steel her emotions, without the need of shutting them off. She loved her brothers, really did.

Well then, that was the end of that.


She loved the idea of them, that is until Mikael...she could no longer call that man father, ruined each and every one of his children.

They were too far gone, had been for century's. They lay in a dark place way beyond the simple mercy the word 'broken' granted. But she was well aware that her family was nothing when Henrik and Ester died. Finn and Kol followed suit.

Selfish bastards. With their death they stole what little joy and peace the Mikaelson had obtained.

That man had managed to destroy everything they ever cared for while hunting them done like wild animals that bit the neighbor and infected them with rabies.

All because, he didn't want a bastard near his children. Countless lives were lost and places that once stood tall and beautiful were reduced to nothing but ash. The real monster was Mikael.


Maybe he...that man...her father... had been right? She shut her eyes and shook her head in denial then punched her window and heard glass shatter as it fell onto the floor.

When she opened her eyes she looked at the mess she made and how the walls to her bedroom were aliened with cracks.

Tears streamed down her face as her truth hit her hard and she sat on her bed, letting it slowly seep in.

Niklaus was the monster, a blood thirsty beast. He was the Original abomination after all.

The truth stared her and her brothers in the face all along. Mikael tried to warn us and we turned him away thinking he was mad!


She thought back on her handsome older brothers and younger one. Back to when they were just children but more importantly human.

Henrik, Kol, Niklaus, Finn, Elijah and herself.

"We were once happy, full of love and this unquenchable thirst for adventure... Too much time has passed us by for any of that to matter my beautiful little sister. I am done running. I am done with life. Who knows, the gods might show mercy. In the afterlife, I hope to reunite with Finn and I will return us to the world of the living. Believe in yourself and fight for what you want or set it free and walk away without a glance back."

Kol's last words to her replayed in her mind as she stood up, wiped her hands on a towel and dialed Marcel.

What she was about to do would absolutely devastate Elijah...He might never speak to her again, she would lose a brother.

What was one more, when losing three already and after that night four. She would regret nothing.

Cami had been taking a shower when her phone rang loudly, interrupting her music playlist on Pandora. She turned off the shower, cause she was done anyways and opened the door-curtain.

'I have idea what she has nor do I care, anyways...'

The phone rang twice more and she just looked at it, while silently contemplating whether or not to answer it. Waiting to see if it would ring again.

She stood in place for almost thirty seconds and when it didn't, she turned Pandora on again then started walking towards her room.

The song,'Girls/Girls/Boys' by Panic! At The Disco played on her phone as she got dressed and her phone rang for the fourth time that hour when she started untangling her hair.

"What do you want Klaus? I'm busy, so out with it." She located her shoes as she brushed her hair and spoke.

There was a pause, like a heavy sigh and the hybrid spoke in an angry tone but Cami saw past that-so to speak, when she heard his words.

"Elijah betrayed me! He thinks I would hurt my child and so does fuckin Haley. I want to kill Tyler but no. That would be too simple. Oh so easy to get away with. I will destroy the image of Caroline for him and burn her damn pedestal!"


"What is it love?" The angry blonde hybrid hit the brakes hard at her next words and he rolled his eyes but heeded her advice.

"Shut up. Stop and think." As Cami said the words, she sat on her bed and put him on speaker as she put her shoes on.

"I am angry and growing tired of always having to fight for and defend what is already mine to begin with. What say you... if I took a little break." As he said the words he drove faster than before back to the French Quarter, his home.

Cami took a moment then just said what came to her, in a calm voice that eased the hybrid's mind. Slowly, but it got the job done.

"I say, Elijah loves you and that wolf girl you knocked up won't ever change that. I think, you should just go home. Talk to Rebekah and Elijah. Listen, to me Klaus when I say this. I mean actually talk and listen to everything they have to say, even if it angers or gives you similar emotions."

She took a breath and waited for him to say something, anything really.

His next words shocked her but she concealed her shock effectively, even though he wasn't even in the same room. Although, she did allow a small smile grace her face at his surprisingly sincere words.

"Thank you, Cami. You are one of the best friends I've ever had, even though I get your reluctance. Not once have you betrayed me but I cannot meet your expectations tonight. For you see, I left my little wolf and Elijah stranded in the bog. They will stay there for a few nights, serves them right for doubting my intentions when they were pure."

The 'for once' went unsaid but it needn't be.

Four seconds passed before she spoke again, her voice commanding and she actually managed to make him laugh. "Fine. Just talk with Rebekah. Call me when you're done, I think we need a spa day. Have you seen any movies lately?"

He eased up on the car, his voice a mix of teasing, seductiveness and curiosity when he spoke. "What is this, girl's night or a date? I'm fine with either right now."

She was going to say 'neither' and some other stuff but instead laughed and said. "This can be what ever you want just calm down and oh. I heard the circus was in town."

He thought she was going to make a joke at his expense or something of the sort. She surprised him again by saying. "You want to go there? I've never been."

The blonde original felt his mind spin and he held to the steering wheel a little harder. While, trying to focus and concentrate on the road. His voice stared somewhat low then his adjusted his volume to not worry her or get her to ask questions.

"I went with Finn and Kol once, while we were in Rome. Sometime around the 14th century, if memory serves me correctly. Some of those Gypsy girls were divine and talented, their tricks were really something to behold." He sounded reminiscent but a little pride laced his voice as he said the words.

"Finn compelled one of the performers to teach him how to juggle candlesticks that were lit aflame, he learned quickly and personally taught me and Kol the next day. When we met back again, with Elijah and Rebekah we taught them how it was done and we were about to see the same performers again..."

He let his voice die and she knew what he would say next wouldn't be something good.

"Our-their father found us and... lets just say what happened in Pompeii, nor the Bubonic plague weren't the worst thing to happen to Rome." She blinked and was wanting to hear more but he ended it there and said instead.

"I will buy the tickets and pick you up at seven. Until tomorrow Cami, have sweet dreams love." With those words he hung up and turned on the radio.

'Legend of victory' by Audiomachine blared loudly as he drove faster. He felt like a badass and vowed to by more Xbox games, but first. Him and Rebekah would have a little chat.



Haley paced back and forth slowly. Elijah had gotten worse and he was speaking gibberish and mumbling about some hot French girl named Celeste, killing Klaus and a deep hatred for bathtubs.

Every time Haley attempted to touch his face and wipe away the sweat that had formed he would move away from her touch slightly.

The 'she-wolf' didn't get offended or anything, the guy was clearly in pain or whatever the fuck. He was having serious 'mind probs' thanks to fuckin Klaus. Meanwhile, Elijah was having weird retro sex dreams.


She found out, he had a foot kink and a desire to spank Klaus. Ha. She could use that knowledge to her advantage later. The visual imagery those thoughts gave her, were freakin hot.

This was all damn Tyler's fault, if he hadn't kidnapped me I'd be at home eating 'Froot Loops' or someshit.


Otherwise, Elijah would have been all up on her shit and she would secretly be praying for Stefan or Diego to magically show themselves and sweep her off to Jamaica... or Cabo. Why those two? No idea but they were hot, so who cares.

The damn Bayou was hot and she was thirsty but she couldn't leave Elijah to fend for himself, plus she was low on cash and what if he killed one of her family members.

That would so not be cool however, watching him 'sleep' was boring. So, she walked outside and found a bible. She wondered how it was that her family knew she needed-wait the pages were just full of names...awesome.



Klaus opened the door and poured himself some bourbon then he walked into the living room. He was surprised when he saw Rebekah fiddling with her phone, he thought she would have gone by now. Oh well, it was great she hadn't left yet.

He was about to start a 'meaningful' conversation with his little sister, thanks to Cami's wonderful advice but Rebekah destroyed his intentions with her words.

He completely missed the first part of what she had said because all of these memories, voices and emotions that were currently occupying his mind. Fantastic. I get to share, my bonding experience with dementia and hallucinations. Aren't I witty.

He said to himself sarcastically. Noticing that she was still talking, he paid attention to the mouthed syllables and made out the words.

"...We both know this family can barely function without me." Rebekah looked around and asked in a curious but demanding tone of voice. "Where are Elijah and Hayley?"

The original hybrid didn't answer as he walked over to his couch then deadpanned and elaborated slightly. "I left them in the bayou."

Rebekah almost dropped her phone as she gave him a 'the fuck is this?' look and asked in one word. "Why?"

Seconds ticked away before Klaus answered, he leaned a little towards her as he spoke.

"Elijah and I had a bit of a row. Haha, Haley's conspired to turn him against me. You know our brother was never one to resist a pretty face! So, one thing led to another. And I bit him, left them both stranded in the swamp."

She glared as she stood up, took a step forward then stopped. Her voice was angry but she made no other movement. "Daggering, biting, deserting. Does your wickedness ever end?"

His eyes narrowed but he composed himself and stayed seated as he said in a self-righteous tone.

"My 'wickedness' is self-preservation! And I wouldn't have to go to such lengths were I not presented on all sides with ignorance and treachery! Now that Elijah's abandoned me, I'll be needing you in my plot against Marcel."

Her angry stare was staring to get on his nerves, so he asked in a resigned tone. "What is on your mind, why are you staring at me like that?"

She sat back down and spoke quietly. "Perhaps... I'm concerned that if I voice my opinion about what you did to Elijah, I will end up on the wrong side of your toxic hybrid teeth."

He looked totally offended and he tsked then said. "Poppycock! I would never bite you... bear in mind, my preferred method of punishment for your indiscretions is the dagger."

"There is something fundamentally wrong with you." The words hung in the air but he didn't try to dispute it.

Instead he said in a sarcastic voice. "Yes. That was a lovely example of a backhanded compliment. Lifts heart to know you haven't lost spirit, you are most noble radiance."

She refrained from smirking, her revenge would be sweet but she still had a few minutes. So she said. "I will shove my heel up your ass if you don't stop talking."

Klaus laughed and gave her a wtf look and said in a low tone. "I don't think anyone in the seven Hells would enjoy that experience, it would make it painful to move around properly." He kept his full attention on her as he spoke, years of being by her side had given him knowledge as to what he might expect.

He refrained from frowning as images of Celeste kissing Elijah flashed in his mind and he growled. Rebekah just stared at him for an instant then he stood up and she spoke quickly, she could tell he was about to leave.

Her opportunity would not be wasted.


They looked at each other and it seemed as if time had stopped. Only the ticking of the old clock, could be heard as they stared at their reflections in the other's eyes but they snapped out of it when both of their phones buzzed.

"Marcel has invited us to a kickback, apparently he was bored. I will go shower, tell him I will attend. You may accompany me, if you wish little sister. Back to the salt mines I go, wish me luck would you." With those words Klaus left his cup on the table and walked up the stairs.

The beautiful blonde girl felt like absolute shit.

She would betray Klaus but if she played her cards right, she could get away with it. Marcel and her had once after all, even if the cost was too high of a price.

Her dear brother had been ruined thanks to Mikael and his own undoing but he needed to be stopped, even if both she and Elijah got hurt on the way.

Everyone was ready to take on the 'big bad wolf' they had unknowingly trained for this day, all of their undead lives. This would be the day an evil tyrant fell but no, not just any simple tyrant. Oh no.

This was Klaus Mikaelson, the original hybrid. A foe with incredible knowledge in tactics, nothing to lose and vast strength to back it up.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Thought Marcel as he walked out of the shadows and made himself known by saying in a low voice. "Klaus."

"You've been avoiding my calls." Klaus said as he looked at the man in front of him, while trying to decipher the situation. He had been aware 'whatever' Marcellus had prepared for him would piss him off.

There was a chance that this could be a trap, he could sense many vampires trying and failing to properly 'conceal' themselves but he wouldn't be like Elijah and Haley.

He would not 'jump the gun' this time, he would follow Cami's advice and give his protégé the benefit of the doubt.




"Been a little, pissed off lately." Marcel didn't take his eyes off him as he spoke.

"Apologies can come later, you have something of mine. I want it back." Klaus made, not a move as Marcel took out one of his daggers and he thought he would end up just throwing it on the ground. He was wrong.

Rebekah stood proudly next to Marcel, looking just like the Queen she was always meant to be and had been for millennia. When she spoke her voice held no fear and a small part of Klaus, that he would never show was quite proud of his little sister.

"You don't apologize Nik, you just act. I've had enough." Then she looked at Marcel's general direction and said. "We, have had enough."

Klaus smirked as he walked forward, nearing them gracefully slow and he said. "Well look at you. Finally, in the possession of the one thing that can take you down."

His voice low as he asked. "How does it feel?" He knew the answer but he just wanted to hear her say it.

She didn't wait and was honest. "Great."

The original hybrid almost smirked as he heard Marcel whistle and hordes of people came into the room. So, it seems I was right after all. Pity. And here I was, ready and willing to actually be in a good mood today. Oh well, lets play a game.

"So this is it. The 'evil' bastard Klaus has gone too far. Must be punished and by his own sibling. This is quite fitting, how positively biblical."

Then he looked at Marcel and spoke, this time his voice was a little less cheery. "So, this is you idea of a hit. I thought, I taught you better then this sorry excuse of a take down."

The crowd was confident, they had their strength in numbers. Well they were until the hybrid-menace spoke again, his voice had gotten increasingly louder and angry.

"You think, you can subdue me. With this!" He looked about ready to laugh. But everything changed when Marcel shook his head and said. "No. But I can, with this." He whistled again and Klaus knew, shit was about to get real.

"Ah. Let's end this charade, shall we." He took a step back and held a self-righteous pose as he spoke with confidence. "Vampires of New Orléans. Do recall that I am an Original. A Hybrid. I cannot be killed."

He shook his head and continued. "Eternity is such a long time. How long do you think Marcel will stay in power? What if, one of you lot were to release me. Knowing that I would be eternally in your debt."

Time for a tactic shift. "Oh. I would pity those of you who dared cross me, I can unsure you." He walked over solely to Diego but meant it, for anyone in the room. "Your ends would be spectacular."

Diego didn't budge, even though he is fearful and might die. Despite himself, he smiled at the thought of Marcel making true friends.

He took out a coin and spoke, that's when it 'hit home' for everyone present. That they hadn't managed to fool the original, that they might die the true death if he wasn't subdued and quickly.

"To borrow a trick, from an old friend...Whoever, picks up. This coin. Gets to live." He threw it on the ground and raise his hands as he spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "Now. Which of you, magnificent bastards wants to join me?"

He looked around and Marcel spoke, with all the confidence of a leader. "Anyone wants that coin. Pledge allegiance to Klaus. Take it now, go ahead. The choice is yours."

Nobody answered or dared move and Klaus mentally prepared himself for a little exercise. Damn Celeste, well memories of her and Elijah were starting to get to him. He barely had enough time to see Marcel smirk then nod and everyone was coming at him.

Killing the first two was easy, even if he wasn't 'all there' at the time. So, he smirked and held his hands up. People should have been aware by now, not to try and fuck him over.



The instant the chains touched his skin. His mind threw him back to the 10th century. Back to when Rebekah and Tatia would play princess.

Both him and Kol would try to 'rescue' them with branches. They would travel long and far-ten steps at the most and beat up the 'evil monsters' that were just huge piles of leaves.

While Mikael was out deep in the woods. Teaching Elijah and Finn how to hunt for bigger, faster and deadlier sport. The cold wind carried out their laughter and screams of joy as more children came to play.

Memories shifted as he managed to compose himself long enough to block a kick from a random nightwalker. Some douche punched him in the face and he hit them back with more force.

His body was on autopilot, because he was too far gone but he knew one thing. Whoever was controlling the chains would end up dead, he would make sure of it.

He lost his footing as the vivid scenes that played thru his mind, they ran quicker and in different order. Men and women kicked at his body harder, as this would surely be the only chance they were ever going to get.

They wanted to see an Original crumble before them and beg for mercy. No. Just to witness the Alpha male, the original hybrid fall. People cut him with different blades and weapons. Digging them in hard into his skin, he felt some of his bones break.

He thought he felt a crowbar collide with the back of his head as blood, his blood seeped out of his body and into his clothes, hair and the ground. He briefly saw Diego and he suddenly felt pain all over his body.

He screamed, not because of his pain but because someone had hurt Elijah. He felt despair as a non-existing stake went thru his back.

Deep down, Klaus just knew that his brothers. Kol and Finn would be ashamed to call him brother, if they saw him as he was now. He was sure both Mikael and Esther would feel nothing but pity then absolute disgust, if they saw him in that state-y'all know what I mean.

And they had both spent the brief time they had shared with him, trying to end his supposedly 'miserable' existence.

Biting Elijah today, was a horrible mistake. But not giving him his blood, was even more foolish. His eyes snapped open as he remembered the beautiful Labonair, Queen Lana and her sudden demise at Mikael's hands.

That thought and everything that had occurred to him that day, just wore him out and he allowed his anger to manifest itself.

So it seems this is 'betray a hybrid day' he wont kill you. Oh wait, I just might. With those words out of the way, if only in his mind.

He growled and saw Rebekah drop the dagger, fear showed in her eyes along with Marcel's. That angered him more, but it served them right.

First, he killed the people behind them by punching one and kicking the other, both with enough force to make sure the job was done. Then some dumbass came at him and he bit his neck hard enough to not only kill him but to also drink his blood.

It wouldn't help with the bond but at least now, the hallucinations and dementia seemed to lessen a great deal.

He grabbed the chain still attached to his arm and broke a strangers neck with it then stared attacking then killing everyone there, except for a selected few. They would be of use to him later.

"Marcel! Come and finish this!" As Klaus said the word he fought harder but took his time with the killings. They would only feel pain as their 'life' slipped away from them.

Marcel was about to run forward and face Klaus himself but Rebekah held him in place and said in a despite but commanding tone. "Take the coin. He won't stop until everyone here is dead. End this or he will, kill you too."

He looked betrayed, as well as felt it. He stared at all of the people that had died for him then back at her. Loving her made him regret nothing but these people...They had just demonstrated the ultimate act of loyalty. He was their King, why wasn't he protecting his people!?

He knew what had to be done and shame burned thru him as he did it. But he would protect his people, even if he could no longer remain their leader.


Klaus enjoyed his last kill as he spoke. "Well, well, well. The great Marcel, self-proclaimed king of New Orleans. Bowing before me. "

Marcel looked at him as he said the words with defeat. "I hereby pledge, my allegiance to you. You have the 'keys' to my kingdom. Its yours."




Elijah needed to get home. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew Klaus was in pain. Noise filled the space around him, screaming and laughter then bones breaking.

The physical pain he had felt was non-existent, nonetheless excruciating. He came to and realized, nothing had harmed him but the stake Eve had run thru his back.

He was aware the bond felt stronger than ever or maybe those were just both of their emotions going wild. Klaus's angry and hurt words re-played in his mind but he knew his brother wouldn't purposely hurt himself. His pride wouldn't allow it.

Pick a fight, yes. Kill anyone that pissed him off, while he was already mad at a family member or bored. Sure. But Niklaus wouldn't be that reckless, no matter how bad things appeared. He knew things would eventually fix themselves and that his brother wasn't one for cheap thrills.




The next day, Rebekah walked home. She had spent the night with Marcel but the night hadn't gone as she had planned. Instead of celebrations for a great victory, they mourned for those that died. Some had been great friends to Marcel.

When she woke up, she called Elijah immediately. She knew he had his own problems to deal with, it was something he did not wish to divulge. So, she let it go.

Telling him everything that had happened the previous night had been a good idea, at least now he knew how to go about fixing her 'misstep' and he had some time to help her fix it. To say he was angry, was an understatement but she knew he was also disappointed in her and in himself.

Not because she failed, she knew deep down that her chances of success were low. But because she had tried to and did, betray her brother.

They had spent two hours on the phone, with him trying to convince her; to stay with Marcel a few days more and that he would fix things on her behalf.

She declined his offer, immediately. She was done being scared of Klaus.

"Fine. Rebekah but you will wait for me, this time I fear Niklaus won't be so forgiving." With those words she hung up and took a quick shower, changed into some old clothes, kissed Marcel then just walked out the door.

She was taking her time and debating whether or not, to wait for her brother.

Maybe I should wait a little longer, Klaus only has one dagger. It's not like he can take both of us on. Elijah and I are still powerful originals! Together we can take on that selfish bastard!

With that thought in mind she walked a little faster to meet her fate and finish this, whatever 'this' was.

Klaus was looking out his window, however he saw nothing. His mind took him thru all of the bad shit that went down in his life so, he had been like 'fuck that, thug life- lolz' and he had planned to drink the day away.

Just as he was about to start, he remembered that he had never really been about that life. And he wanted to get back to what he used to be like, if only for a small amount of time. Instead, of getting hammered he took a shower and cleaned his house a bit then remembered that he had a date later with Cami.

So, no. Getting drunk wouldn't do. He had bought the tickets earlier that day and had contemplated on calling Elijah. And of apologizing, but part of him still felt that he was 'in the right.' What happened with his sister, angered him but his memories of life with either of them weren't all bad.

Sure, some were but Mikael was present in most of them. He was aware that both of his siblings would be arriving home that day.

And he wanted to have a few words with them, he'd spent an hour thinking over a speech but he would probably just 'freestyle' that bitch.

He hadn't slept all night and he was still angry. Not fucken angry, just an 'above average' amount of anger but vowed he would keep his all-around conduct in check and he would try not to make things worse.

Unless, one of those two betrayers said something that really set him off. Then he'd probably do something rash, but not before he took at least an instant to think on it.

The feeling of betrayal hurt, so much worse than it should have because this time everyone in his family committed acts of treachery.

Rebekah walked in like she owned the place, while he was looking out his window. She said stuff that was getting on his nerves so he held her close to his body and threatened her with the dagger, it seemed like he would get her in a chokehold.

"Don't you dare." Elijah's voice interrupted his plan and he was glad for it, he would end this now that both betrayers were present.

Klaus didn't see the pregnant were and uttered something about Haley, but he wasn't even paying much attention to the conversation anymore.

The second Elijah defended her everything changed. "This has nothing to do with Haley, Niklaus."

"It has everything to do with her! She's adored you, since she arrived. And now my child, my blood will grow up to call you father!"

The words hung in the space around them and both men wanted to erase them from ever being spoken, preferably from existence but that couldn't happen.

Elijah just wanted to stop with the argument-ing and just offer his siblings time to cool down. Maybe, he'd organize a nice vacation for them.

The viciousness needed to stop, it was getting on his nerves. The words, 'Yeah that won't happen' appeared in his mind at his sister's next words.

Rebekah's voice filled with nothing but indignation. "Is that what this is about? Has history taught you nothing, Niklaus? We don't leave. You drive us away!"

Ouch. Thought Klaus but instead of sounding angry, he sounded like he genuinely didn't know what he had done wrong as he defended himself and said. "Is that so? What have I done lately, other than cooperate?"

He looked at Elijah then said. "I bow down to you, brother. To make up for daggering you. For the greater good, of our plan to reclaim our home."

Then he looked solely at Rebekah and said. "I looked the other way, sister. While you repeat the same cycle with Marcel." He shook his head and said in a disappointed tone. "Falling again for a man you shouldn't be with, while he controls the empire that we built! That he took!"

She held in a breath even though she had no need for it, the words he had spoken brought back memories from 1919 and she looked away to hide her shame then replace it quickly with anger.

He looked back at Elijah and said in a quieter voice. "Now, I make no excuses for past sins." He briefly thought that his dearest Elijah should have been a lawyer, if he really wanted to defend everyone so badly.

Elijah and Rebekah resisted the urge to look away in shame as Klaus spoke with a heartbroken tone of voice.

"But in the one moment when you two could have chosen to stand by me. To believe in me... To believe my intentions for my own child were pure. You chose to stand against me, to side with my enemies."

They noticed how much they had hurt him as his tears hit the floor but they stayed quiet, as he spoke in an indifferent tone of voice. "I wanted our home back. Now, I have it. So, I'm going to live there. And the two of you..."

He looked away briefly and looked at his brother as he said in a serious tone. "You can stay here together... and rot."

Klaus handed the dagger to Elijah and just walked away. With each step he took down the stairs as he descended, he hid away his 'man-pain' and gave his house one last glance.

He was almost positive this would be the last time he saw it, at least for a while.

Up next was his 'little wolf'. He would make her pay for trying to betray him and steal Elijah, but first they had some things to discuss.

Since, she was now part of the family. He might as well, show her what happens to a family member that betrays him or tries to take from him what was never be theirs to begin with.

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Anyways, the story will be a lil different from now on. It's cause I'm getting older and more mature. Ain't that some shit. I might add some unexpected smut, next chapter. I want to explore some horror, maybe something with a cake but y'all know...Elijah will shank Klaus in the next chapter and I will try not to laugh.

Still. Not sure why, I find it so comical but yeah it will happen.

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