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"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

-Marilyn Monroe

The next morning

"So this is what we do, when we are back together. Vampire book club?" Rebekah had a 'wtf face' going on when she asked the question and rested her hands at her side while glaring at her brothers.

"Reading edifies the mind, isn't that right Elijah?" Klaus smirked but didn't say anything else.

Therefore, Elijah did not bother looking up from his book when he said. "Yes, quite right Niklaus."

"…And what, is this business? Said Rebekah while looking at Elijah, then back at the decaying corpse of a young woman on her table.

"This is a piece offering." Whispered Elijah as he looked solely at Klaus.

Klaus spoke while his brother looked away and back down at his book with mild interest. "I presumed, after so much time desiccating in a coffin. My big brother would be a bit peckish."

They made eye contact with his last words, so Elijah continued the conversation. "So, I explained to my little brother that forgiveness cannot be bought. I'd simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition and personal growth."

Niklaus huffed and rolled his eyes while Elijah pointed at the carcass. Aka girl in the alley/road from the previous night. "Not this…nonsense"

"Well, I couldn't very well let her go to waste. Could I?" She had seen them having sex and was therefore, considered 'collateral damage'.

As Nik said the words, he smirked a knowing smirk at Elijah. Elijah regarded him quietly as he looked away from his book and at him, while trying to keep from grinning back.

"Well. I suppose I'll fetch the rubbish bin, because she's staining a 200 year old carpet." With those words, Rebekah shook her head in annoyance. Left them alone and Elijah said the words "oh yes" as if just realizing.

Klaus was staring at him the whole time while remembering the previous night's activities. He looked away from Elijah then instead tried to focus on his book in order to keep from laughing.

However, his jollity disappeared when he sensed Haley approaching. He saw the way Elijah actually put some effort into trying to seem 'cool' and at times like this; he wanted nothing, other than to rip her throat out. But he had called her 'family' so that wouldn't do, at least not yet.

"Damn this bloody poem fits this situation perfectly...fuck." Klaus whispered to himself.

The poems called 'A Poison Tree' & it is by William Blake. Hmm, the person wrote good stuff lol.

Elijah went after Haley and Niklaus didn't bother listening in. Instead, he planned to continue reading.

But Rebekah interrupted his plans when; she walked out with the corpse, came back in, knelt on the ground and started talking to him. While cleaning up the carpet, so he had no choice but to retaliate.

"Poetry about poisoned apples from dead trees, it looks like someone's worried about impending daddy-hood." She rubbed at the blood-soaked carpet with disinterest as the wet cloth turned red and put it back in the bucket.

He shook his head slightly and spoke in a sarcastic voice as he said. "Nonsense, Elijah's back. In his presence, all problems turn to pixy dust and float away."

Both Klaus and Rebekah smiled at the words.

In that moment, Elijah decided to walk in and ruin it.

"Strange, I don't recall any pixy dust from the darkness of the coffin. I was recently forced to endure." Elijah sighed and Klaus stared back at his book.

Rebekah deliberately ignored Klaus and looked instead towards Elijah's direction, inquisitively.

He walked to a bookshelf, skimmed through it and picked up his deceased mother's favorite book. Rebekah's eyes widened in surprise and she said. "What are you doing with mothers spell book?"

"Well in exchange for my freedom, I promised the witch Davina that I would share a few pages from mother's grimoire."

He did not feel as if he were betraying his mother or even his family, though it was Esther's grimoire. The spell book he promised to hand over to Davina in exchange for his freedom was filled with magic that should never be reckoned with, but it had gained him his freedom.

Rebekah just regarded him quietly so he continued talking. "To help her control her magic," he then looked at Klaus and said. "I thought I'd begin with a little unlinking spell."

Klaus bit his tongue softly and refrained from speaking as anger consumed him slowly. Rebekah looked at him and he didn't acknowledge her, so she looked back at Elijah when she spoke. "Wait… you want to use her, to unlink Haley from Sophie Deveraux?"

He nodded and said in a bored but slightly angry voice. "Sophie brought us to this town under false pretenses. She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back. So, she yolked her own cause to ours, with magic threats and half-truths. Well, no more. As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void."

Klaus smirked from his position on the couch when he felt his anger start to dissipate at the word's Elijah had spoken. Then Rebekah stood up because she knew that her eldest brother had a plan.

He didn't look at his brother but his voice was commanding when he said. "Niklaus, I need you to come with me. I need five minutes alone with Davina; you need to make certain that I, am not interrupted."

To Rebekah he said. "You, stay here and watch Hayley."

Rebekah glared as she held a rubber yellow glove on her hand and said, "How did I get elected super-nanny?" to Elijah's retreating back and he didn't bother to respond or even turn around.

Why, is it that my irate mood is returning? Oh yes, I do not follow. I lead. Hmm… could it be, that I'm not leading adequately? Hogwash, my plans never fail. How foolish of me, to doubt my ability's. I am what people of the age, now call 'awesome' haha. Alright my dearest Elijah, I will follow your orders. For now, at least...

He put on a façade of mild annoyance, just for show. Even though he felt content to have his brother back, he didn't want to make a spectacle of it. Lest, anyone try to harm him in order to annoy Klaus. Whoever said paranoia doesn't have its perks, was a complete fool.

He got up and off the couch as he closed his book, pulled his shirt down slightly and said to Rebekah. "More importantly, who put him in charge?" As he started walking towards the door in order for him to catch up with his brother.

A few mins later

Elijah and Klaus arrived wherever Sophie was supposed to be, it a bar I think and called 'Rousseau's' or something...whatevers.

Elijah walked in first but he didn't see who he was expecting, instead he saw Sabine on the floor. So he vamped over to her side and helped her stand up. Then he was all like, "What happened."

And she said. "It was Agnes, her men took Sophie." As she brushed some dust off her clothes.

Klaus took that opportunity to gloat and made his presence known by saying. "Day one of you in charge, brother. And already the witch that's linked to Haley has been abducted by zealots."

Internally he was laughing, but then he remembered that if the witch died, so would Haley. And more importantly, so would the baby he was growing fonder of each day. Like hell, he would let that happen.

Elijah said the word 'fuck' in his mind and tried to ignore the taunting in Nik's voice, so he mentally said 'cut the bullshit'. Then he 'compelled' Sabine into talking when he asked, "Where is she?"

Sabine got smart with him and was all like. "If I tell you where Agnes is, you'll just kill her."

Klaus was growing tired of her shit, so he said. "Isn't that obvious." In a promising tone of voice.

Her eyes narrowed in anger and Elijah believed he had seen that somewhere, but he dismissed it when she spoke again and said. "Look, I know she's a little coo-coo."

When she took a breath and looked Elijah in the eyes, he felt all hot and bothered… he hadn't felt that way with two women other than- no he would not let his mind go there, the memories were too painful.

He blinked when she spoke again, her voice helped him anchor his heart and focus on the present. "But she's our last living elder. That might not mean a lot to you… But it means plenty to us. The elders are the only ones that can do important spells."

Elijah said. "Like the 'harvesting' ritual." As he looked at her face for any signs of surprise or shock.

Yeah, sure she knew it wasn't a question. However, she still wondered. How the hell he found out. More importantly, for how long had they known about it. It still played perfectly into her plan but she needed him to believe her surprised, so she asked. "…You know… about that?"

His voice lowered as he almost whispered the words. "Oh, you'd be astounded by the things I know." All sensually as he eye-fucked her instinctively.

His mind was sending him back, to long ago repressed memories. He got the urge, this sudden longing to push her lithe body against a wall or a countertop and ravage her slowly while she moaned his name in pleasure and need…and as while Klaus watched.

That knowledge alarmed him and he needed air, he wanted to leave. To just walk out, without an explanation and not come back to see her again.

Unless, it was truly a necessity. She reminded him of his beautiful Céleste, for some weird reason. Thinking of her smile brought the purest love and rage into his heart only almost rivaled by what he felt for Niklaus.

That sounds like an innuendo to me… oh well. I will make you mine once again my love, this time around not even your little Niklaus will be able to come between us. She shook her head slightly and eye fucked the original back.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. - Lolz I'm still not over this, omg Jack.

She blinked when Klaus spoke up and killed the mood, Elijah's dazed look cleared slightly at his brother's voice when Nik said.

"Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn." Then he smirked and said in a totally commanding voice.

"Allow me, to entertain you with today's list of priorities. One, unlink your friend Sophie so she no longer controls the fate of the woman carrying my child. Two, convince my brother to accept my heartfelt apologies for some recently 'dodgy' behavior. Three: there is no three."

Sabine nodded and looked back at Elijah's eyes but he seemed gone as if lost in his memories. She touched his arm gently, his eyes locked on hers.

For an instant, she thought she had seen recognition then it flickered away and he started walking without another word.

Klaus raised an eyebrow as he sensed waves of anger radiating off Elijah's body. However, he mistook it as his brother feeling angry over the thought of losing the 'little wolf' and more importantly his niece.

At the church after the pool scene; Haley and her baby are okay yay

Klaus was angry that this old bitch tried to kill his child. She would pay for trying to harm his child. Had the child belonged to anyone else he wouldn't have given the slightest fuck but no…

The witch wouldn't leave the room alive. Even if he lost his family's hope for his redemption, in the process.

She had started to bitch about the 'harvest probs' and other boring stuff, that he was in no mood of listing to so he said. "Enough! Please, enough! I don't care about witch politics. I don't care about your ridiculous little 'Harvest ritual'. What, I care about is this trinket... Undo its curse, or I'll show you things worse than death!"

He paused his rant for both dramatic effect and cause he got a text from Elijah saying that both Haley and the baby were good so he 'need naught worry any longer' and he smirked.

Then he put his phone back into his pocket and his voice was seething when he spoke, he didn't even attempt to hide it.

"You're a piece of work, Agnes. But, guess what? I'm quite a piece of work myself. You know, I contemplated leaving bits of you artfully arranged outside your family's tomb? I thought it would leave a 'fitting' message."

He didn't even move but his voice sounded all the more livid when he said his next words. "Don't. Touch. My. Family."

Elijah chose that precise moment to make an appearance, walked in looking boss and he killed all of the people that had come at him. Then he stared at Klaus and said. "Leave her, I gave my word."

Klaus was about to say, 'I don't give a fuck' but he thought better on it and instead said. "You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother. We've been doing things your way all day."

Then he vamped over to Agnes and held her close to his body as he said. "Come on! Just one little snap and it's 'Toodle-loo', Agnes. She deserves it!"

Elijah wiped his bloody hands on a handkerchief as he considered his brothers words. Then he stared at Agnes and back at him when he said in a calm voice, almost as if trying to soothe him.


"Niklaus, don't make another move. You, have asked for my forgiveness. I will grant you that forgiveness, but do not make me break my word."

Klaus huffed as he let Agnes go and put his hands up in complete surrender. His voice filled with distaste as he said. "My noble brother, how was that for personal growth, eh?"

Then he chuckled a laughter void of any emotion, rolled his eyes, and said. "Still, it is just like you to spoil all of my fun."

Elijah smirked evilly and the veins under his eyes looked pronounced as he spoke in a tone Niklaus knew all too well. "Oh, not exactly."

Elijah vamped forward and ripped out the hearts of the men who he presumed had helped Agnes; he didn't give a fuck though. They had come at him.

Klaus smiled proudly as he surveyed his brothers work and Agnes looked like she wanted to pee.

Elijah walked over to Agnes as he spoke. "Now, I swore you would not die by my brother's hand. I said nothing of my own. Nobody hurts my family and lives." After he said the words he killed Agnes and said. "No one."

Then he froze as he thought back on his brothers; Finn and Kol. Well except for Elena and Jeremy…why have I still allowed them to live? I will kill them both soon enough. I really hate that stupid town, its worse than this one. But I will avenge them.

Klaus had volunteered to clean the mess Elijah had made. So Elijah left. He was walking down the street still looking boss, when he stepped in a pile of 'whatever the fuck'-meaning shit and he was all like.

"Son of a bitch! I just bought these!" And he punched a wall, effectively destroying a building then he was like 'fuck this' and he vamped to his house.

Tyler had kidnapped Haley, like seriously oh my gosh bitch. Buy a gun and dip the bullets in holy water, get a 'butterfly knife'-those are awesome... or something.

Isn't she supposed to be this badass or something? Or is that, just Rebekah's and every other girl in the show's role?

Irdk I haven't researched her character, I'm just judging by what the show gives me. I don't like that she's making Elijah to be this 'savior' person.

Like c'mon women can take care of themselves, try acting like a badbitch. Aka; Rebekah, Sophie, Davina, Cami, that other wolf chick-the blonde.

The originals had blamed Marcel and two of my bestie's got mad cause they thought it was racist and were like, 'oh shit. Of course… these bastards would blame the only black guy…'

And I was like 'Oh no, they seriously love Marcel but they are kinda butt-hurt towards him right now and there's also Diego, he's also hot…I need to write about him. ' Anyways…

The next day

After that, the oldest vampires in the series had been all like. 'My bad bro.' To Marcel's fine ass. Then they were like. 'Since you are our enemy for like three more episodes, we thought you had taken Haley hostage and shit.'




"Not the most attractive community, are they?" Elijah asked Klaus in a disgusted tone of voice.

Klaus looked around him and noticed that everyone in the room was 'secretly' listening in on their convo. He said, "You do realize they can here you."

Elijah was all like, "You do realize I don't care." As he picked up his glass cup, from the small table and drank from it slowly.

Then Klaus said. "Fine. Listen, you know what got us into this mess?" Elijah raised an eyebrow as he down the contents of his cup but he almost choked and broke the glass at Nik's next words. "It was my 'magical penis'."

Elijah's eye twitched and he looked around quickly then said. "Yes, I'm a fan of your... abilities but seriously Niklaus? I really don't think whoever kidnapped Haley, did so just because the are secretly coveting your genitalia." As he cleaned his blood soaked hand with a napkin and set the glass pieces on the table.

The blonde hybrid smirked sensually as he lowered his voice and said. "Once, someone has had a taste of me they just don't seem to want to stay away. My skills in the 'sack' are a gift, both you and I are truly grateful for."

The original vampire laughed quietly but he stared at the ground as he spoke the words quietly with an air of honesty he ever only shared with Klaus.

"You are deluding yourself if you truly believe the only reason I have stayed at your side all of these years is thanks to none other than some tenderly euphoric or violently possessive moments we've shared. You have all of me at your complete disposal and always will. What I feel for you, goes beyond an all consuming infatuation but I'm sure you were aware of the first moment I kissed you."

Klaus internally swooned at his lover's words and he beamed when he heard Elijah's next words. "I take it, you quite enjoy the thrill of teasing me brother. However, what if one of these days I decided to turn the tables on you. How would you like that one, Niklaus?"

Elijah's eyes snapped up to Nik's as his lover said. "It is one, of the many things I take pride in doing to you. Among other things, I know it is one of your favorites Elijah."

Then the blonde looked at some people that looked super shocked by what they had just heard but they looked away quickly, not daring to judge them while in the original's presence.

When he glanced back at Elijah he bit his lower lip softly and his voice was gentle as he said. "Je t'aime plus qu'hier et moins que demain. T'es l'amour de ma vie."

He was about to continue talking but both he and Elijah sensed their son walking towards them, as he approached them with an air of indignation.

Marcel was walking by with some goons; he seemed annoyed, and to be escorting Sabine to their table. "You know Elijah," Marcel pointed at him and said. "I liked you better, in that box."

His thoughts actually said, I fucking hate your bitch ass right now. Out loud, he said the words. "Pinche mierda, ojala te mueras carbon. Hijo de puta."

Klaus laughed and said in an amused voice. "Ah, so it seems someone told you about 'the community' comment and it didn't sit well with you eh Marcellus."

Elijah smiled brightly at Marcel but said nothing as he thought. Did he just say? 'Fucking shit, hopefully you die bastard...I think that word also means 'goat' in that language. And he called me a 'Son of a whore' in Spanish. Lovely. I'm glad Niklaus taught him things in my absence, its such a fun language and bonding over 'talking shit' is great.

Marcel then turned to look at Klaus then spoke again, his voice was sincere as he said his next words.

"But Klaus. My sire, you I owe the world. And I always show respect to my elders." Klaus looked a little shocked and happy but he concealed it quickly and Marcel continued talking.

"If your lady friend is missing, you could benefit from the help of a witch. And since I control all the witches in this town, I grant you one little locator spell. Sabine is the best guide in the quarter."

As Marcel spoke, one of the people that had come with him had advanced towards Sabine. Elijah's eyes narrowed and he vamped in front of her protectively, the person backed off quickly but everyone in the room seemed to stop and stare.



Sabine had been busy doing the locator spell when Elijah spoke up and said. "I don't suppose… you could be more precise?"

She was about to answer but Klaus beat her to it. "What's the matter, Elijah? You're worried a bit of splashing about in the bog might ruin your expensive shoes?"

Elijah glared as he looked at the map then smiled and said. "As a matter of fact, after my recent confinement. I could, use a decent stroll through the countryside."

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."

-Maya Angelou

At the Bayou

Klaus had kicked Tyler's ass quickly enough but he let him live. Haley had been all up on Elijah's dick and Klaus felt miffed. He was all like.

'Hop off Little wolf, he's mine.' Then Haley and Elijah ganged up on him and he was like. 'The fuck, man?!' Here's how shit went down. But not really.



Klaus saw a crow fly swiftly and disappear into the woods but he didn't care. He was covered in mud and blood thanks to his 'cry baby' of a hybrid-fail. He liked Tyler better when he was not trying to harm his 'little wolf'.

He looked around the old cottage/cabin and he saw a dead hybrid, he certainly hadn't sired. He had made sure that all of the were-vamps he sired died, well all except for Tyler.

He had promised his 'temporary distraction' and almost-friend Caroline, no harm would come to her lover Tyler. Oh well. He had more pressing matters to worry about now; like where was his exquisite Queen and why had his dearest Elijah disappeared. He must of found Haley and he escorting her to the car, maybe.

The original hybrid sniffed at the air and he smirked as he used his heightened senses. Haley and their baby were safe, he felt an immense relief at the fact. He waited for a minute then he saw Elijah come out of the woods followed closely by Haley and he smiled then said.

"I defeated Tyler but don't worry my 'little wolf' he's alive and his injuries are minor. But that isn't of import, I walked here in order to find you. However, surprise surprise. You, were nowhere in sight... Instead, ha! I found a dead hybrid that I did not sire, care to explain?"

He gave her a questioning look and raised an eyebrow at both Haley's glare and Elijah's 'I'm judging you look' then he deadpanned and said.

"What's, wrong with the lot of you? I said Tyler was fine, I just broke a couple of his bones is all. And asked, how do you like that one?"

Haley's voice was indignant, disgusted and she felt betrayed as she said. "As if you didn't know you-"

Elijah cut her off as he held his brothers blue eyes with his gaze and spoke next, he sounded genuinely disappointed. "Really Niklaus, I get that you don't particularly like Haley but... you would stoop so low, as to use your own daughter? That. I do not believe, I can not. However... Tyler Lockwood, brought Hayley here to test a theory."

Klaus narrows his eyes and his smile vanishes but he nods at him to continue talking and Elijah says. "That, the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims, that you knew that. Furthermore that you intended to use this knowledge to build an army."


Something inside of the original hybrid snapped at the accusations. Sure he wasn't always 'expressing his love like normal folk' and okay he was aware he had a short temper and anger-management probs. But what the fuck?

There was a 'world of difference' between his 'punishments' because the fuckers betrayed him first and using an innocent baby that had done nothing wrong or had no 'sins to account' for.

Especially if it was his daughter, her and Marcellus were the most important people in his life because they were his children.

Oh, his dearest Elijah and the 'little wolf' would repay in kind. He was going to ruin the last thing Tyler held dear to his heart. Yes, he would make that crybaby rue turning his exquisite Queen and Elijah against him.

He was going to enjoy this.

Both Haley and Elijah felt the air around them, it seemed to get a little colder but they had no idea how or why that happened. Klaus was livid and he let the anger seep into his every word as he said.

"And, of course, you assume it's true. I mean, why else would I show interest in my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me, and my own brother falls in line, eager to believe it! How quickly you believe the worst, especially when it comes from her."

Elijah let out a humorless chuckle then he said. "Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Haley or her child, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it, you once said to me?" He pretends to think on it, then he says.

"Oh yes, 'Every king needs an heir!" He even did a 'Klaus impersonation' to prove his point.

Klaus glared at Haley and her heart was pounding super fast cause she was kinda scared but she knew that Elijah would protect her so she would be fine, hopefully. She sighed, relieved when the blonde hybrid looked at his brother. But she winced when she heard his words.

"My big brother. So, you doubt my intentions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, standing next to the 'noble Elijah', how can I be anything but the lesser brother?" Elijah filched at the words but Klaus didn't let him speak as he said in an angry tone of voice that gradually mixed in with all of his self-hatred but certainty.

"A liar, a manipulator, a bastard. That's all I am to you, isn't it!? And Rebekah. Oh, judging by the way Haley hangs on your every word, it's clear she feels the same way! No doubt, my child will as well."

The original with dark brown hair, realized his mistake all too late and he tried to take his words back and amend it as he spoke gently but with a deep sense of dread and urgency. "Brother if-"

The blonde cut him off and he sounded defeated as he took a few steps back and held his hands up in complete surrender. "You've said all that needs to be said, Brother... I'll play the role I've been given. "

He then shook his head slightly, adorned a fake smile and vamped over to Elijah's side. The original vamper knew what was coming but he did nothing to try and stop it.

Instead, he just stood there waiting and he noticed that Nik's beautiful blue eyes were 'hollows of madness' as he stood before him but he couldn't he but think that his brother was so sexy when he was angry.

For an instant, both Klaus and Elijah forgot Haley was there. Elijah leaned in closer to Klaus then was strictly- adequately necessary and his eyes dilated but the 'hybrid king' broke the spell when he looked at Haley briefly then back at Elijah.

Then he licked his lips slowly and bit the original's neck roughly, he quickly removed himself and wiped at his mouth as he swallowed his brother's blood.

All three were feeling slightly 'hot and bothered' even though it really wasn't the time or place. Also, they were still kind of angry so Klaus stared at his 'little wolf' again and she bit her lower lip hard.

Then he stared at Elijah and his 'handiwork' as he said in a sarcastic voice, to the both of them.

"You two, enjoy each other's company. You'll have much to bond over, once the hallucinations and dementia set in. Consider, that bite to be my parting gift to you both. " He didn't give them time to say anything as he vamped away and out of the bayou.



Elijah sighed in disappointment, he missed Klaus already and he was sure that by now he was barely reaching the car. Then looked at Haley, having forgotten she was there until then and he cleared his throat and quietly said.

"We should go inside. You can look around, who knows maybe you will find something that tells you more of your family."

She nodded silently and he opened the door to the cabin. Elijah noticed her staring at his bite mark and he said humorous but sweet tone.

"The bite won't kill me, he's bitten me before but immediately after given me his blood. Still, I can't die. Neither my-Nik or Bekah would allow it. Like Niklaus himself, it's more than a nuisance than anything."

Haley blushed as she remembered her previous conversation with Klaus at the study and said. "Good, cause I'm eventually going to need a ride home. And thanks- by the way, for staying out here. You didn't have to."

The original ran a hand thru his brown hair and tried to go for a smile but it was a fail so he said. "I know. But, you said the people of this village are the only family you have left. I can relate."

The 'she-wolf' looked away from him and held in a sigh of disappointment as she said. "You're thinking about Klaus."

He nodded, when he spoke his voice low and ashamed as he said. "Perhaps, I was too willing to condemn him. In the thousand years that we have been together, my brother has committed numerous unspeakable acts. But then again, so has Rebekah. So have I."

She smiled and said. "So did I, the last time I was in Cabo." Elijah stared at her, confused.

Was she implying-never mind... he didn't feel like thinking and he almost laughed out loud as he thought of the symptoms Klaus had described.

He pretended to listen to her but actually heard her when she said her next words. "We've all done bad things. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing. But, don't for a second compare yourself to Klaus."

Elijah didn't know how to take her statement and he let it go. Otherwise, he would have harmed her horribly. So he just nodded once and walked over to an old mattress, it looked comfortable enough and in a few hours that wouldn't matter.

He laid down and once he shut his eyes different images, memories and voices flashed in his mind. He mentally said, Oh right I had almost forgotten...So I see the bonds rekindled, this would be amazing if I didn't have to share the experience with hallucinations and dementia.



A few minutes had past and Elijah was asleep, it seemed that the bite mark was starting to take effect but Haley couldn't do anything else than wait it out.

She wanted to go home but at the moment that wasn't of import, she needed to find a toilet. Hopefully the one in the cabin was stocked up on toilet paper, on second thought she had to find a place far away from Elijah.

She'd try the woods or better yet, just try and hold it. Yeah that wasn't gonna work, so she went for the toilet.


When she got back, she thought she heard Elijah mumble the words. "Je suis navré, Céleste." Then she decided to approach him and see if he would wake up soon but he wasn't really moving as he spoke in...Is it French or something? She waited a few seconds and heard his words get louder as he said "Je vous prie de bien vouloir m'excuser."

The 'she-wolf' thought that it was just Klaus's mark on his body that was affecting Elijah so she found a washcloth, got a bowl and filled it with water then approached him slowly.

You don't have to read this, but you can...

Translations: Je t'aime plus qu'hier et moins que demain.

English: I love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow.


Translations: T'es l'amour de ma vie.

English: You're the love of my life.


Translations: Pinche mierda, ojala te mueras carbon.

English: Fucking shit, hopefully you die bastard... The word 'carbon' also means 'goat' in that language.


Translations: Hijo de puta.

English: Son of a whore.


Translations: Je vous prie de bien vouloir m'excuser.

English: I beg you to forgive me.


Translations: Je suis navré.

English: I'm terribly sorry.

me just ranting, obviously:

I had no idea what to call my ship-or if it even had a name or something of the sort; following/recognition ect. Anyways, I Googled it & its called 'Klelijah' apparently. I had no idea, but now I do. So that's cool for me, I guess…

Oh and you know shit just got real, when someone does anything to your face. And when they say things three times.

So, I'm thinking of starting three cross-over's.

-One with like 'The Avengers' vs. 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' or something.

-Better yet, have the cast of 'Teen wolf' in like a badass scene from like the 'Hostel', 'Hannibal' or 'Saw' movies. That would be legit, I would have so much fun with this. Those movies are fucking awesome!

-Then make the third be a crossover one-shot-maybe in-between 'Supernatural' and 'The originals' but have Klaus- Elijah- the rest of the Mikaelson siblings, meet Balthazar and Kevin. Hell yeah and I'll make it to my total liking. I already started and posted the 2nd chapter 4 this one, its called 'You aren't the one'.

Like I won't give a fuck lol, so all three will happen. I called it.




Btw... If I were to ever 'serial kill' anyone, my mo/Modus Operandi- Mode of Operating. & signature would totally be cutting someone's face off & putting it on. Omg I would totally walk with it on into my kitchen & b like 'hey guys, guess who thought they were leather face.'

On second thought, skinning someone, alive (my little sister was like) 'why do they have to b alive' & I was like... oh my gosh- u cannot skin someone when they're dead, that would b lame. 'Seriously, even the ppl that got 'serial' killed in this hypothetical scenario would b disappointed- geez child, get with the program.'

Anyways, this hypothetical plan/kill sounds like too much work and I would get bored halfway. Then I would b like 'fuckit' and totally just light them on fire or something, maybe I'd grab a chainsaw. Not to mention, eh I might as well- it would be gross and unhygienic, hmm… I would probably need some hypothetical air freshener & to open many hypothetical windows.


I saw the vampire diaries 100 episode. I found it disappointing, it didn't piss me off or anything but it could have been better. Then I saw ep. 101. I liked that Kathrine took over and that Damon's badass again. Lol I love that he's now a vamp-cannibal splice thing, poor Enzo, he's kinda cute. I thought him being nice was really boring.


So I reevaluated my likes or dislikes for ships in this show. My favorite is still Klaus/Elijah but I also kind of like, Céleste/Elijah. I like it less than Klaus/Elijah but way more than Hayley/Elijah.

That one is just disgusting. Plus they would betray Klaus, that wouldn't be cool. I thought I would be cool with that ship but I'm not like seriously not.

Apparently, I've been spelling Haley's name wrong cause they spell it H-a-y-l-e-y but I like how I spell it better so I'ma keep it that way.

I actually like Klaus/Haley more. I don't know why the 'Originals' writers-directors are so bent on trying to put Haley and Elijah together. It seems forced to me, eh maybe I'm just being biased.

My list of pairing I like involving the Mikaelson bros & why:

Klaus/Elijah – It's just perfect and not at the same time, maybe that's why I'm a huge fan of it

Céleste/Elijah –even though the bitch is evil for now, they still look hot together and I really love the chemistry

Klaus/Hayley-He knocked her up and they're wolves. Plus I like that she isn't trying or wanting to change him and I like that he knows this-I think she looks more like an 'Andrea' btw.

Also Elijah told Hayley that he's only ever really loved two ppl in his life. I'm keeping it as Klaus and Céleste. Even though, I also like Tatia and Katarina for him.

On second thought, I like Kathrine way more with Stefan. But I love the way Elijah says her name lol.

So yeah, Elijah/Céleste will happen in my fic. Its canon and I really like that.

If the 'Originals' ppl fuck this up for me; I will scream, say 'I am so fucking angry' and buy something really super stupid-expensive and unnecessary then destroy it.

I don't see how that will affect anyone/thing other than me and one of my bank accounts but it will happen.

Oh I saw the movie 'Ben-Hur' and I ship Klaus with fruit lol, like green grapes to b more precise. What I saw was just so hot, like damn I saw the movie in Spanish-cause it was on a local channel and my parents were watching it but anyways. When I saw that I immediately thought of 'food porn land' aka instagram. The movie was like-eh.

But (spoiler) I'm glad the prostitute woman didn't die, I had hoped she would stay with Judah but that didn't happen. So smut will happen.

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