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Earlier that night around 6:10

Marcel was walking home when he sensed someone near and he looked up, they made themselves known when they spoke loudly.

"Taking me, on a field trip to distract me. Pathetic and obvious. I thought, I taught you better than that." Klaus stood on top of the stair case rail looking down at Marcel while he spoke.

"You, taught me how to protect what's mine. You will not take Davina from me. End of story." Marcel looked back up at him and smirked while looking confident with the words he had said.

"An immutable law of nature Marcel, is the strong always take from the weak." Klaus was starting to get annoyed but he kept his temper in check.

"Oh, if you are so strong. You wouldn't have run away from New Orléans, like a little bitch. All those years ago." He was quite proud of himself, for he knew that he had hit a nerve with that sentence.

Marcel smirked and Nicklaus jumped off the stairs railing to tackle and punch him.

"You've been playing King with a bunch of children, for too long. Don't mistake me for one of your nightwalker lackeys, Marcel. I can take Davina any time I like."

Marcel rushed Klaus, attempting to punch him again. But Elijah showed up, vamped over and pushed him down before he even touched Klaus.

Both, Klaus and Marcel both got fearful looks on their faces when they saw him. And they heard him speak, without interruption.

Marcel groaned and said the words 'what the hell' quietly. He couldn't even move, the healing was taking its sweet ass time and he didn't feel like risking more pain to just piss off Klaus or Elijah.

Elijah looked down at Marcel's direction and quietly said. "Do forgive me, Marcel."

However,what he was thinking about was that 'all mortal' show called The Big Bang Theory. And the episode, where Lenard's all like 'stay down bitch' when he beat Howard at Wii boxing…Yeah that's fitting lol.

Marcel looked him in the eyes then back away, so he blinked and Elijah continued talking.

"If anyone is to teach my brother a lesson, it's me." Marcel gave Klaus an arrogant smirk from his position on the ground, while he laid there in agony. Klaus had an 'oh shit' face- meaning he looked afraid as fuck.

The original vampire told/warned Marcel to make sure all the vampire stayed inside for a few hours. By saying that he didn't want Nik to be humiliated in front of strangers.

Besides, that would just result in him slaughtering them. So Marcel obliged albeit reluctantly, but he was still more fearful of Elijah than he could/would ever be of Klaus. And he didn't want his loyal underlings/friends to die.

Even though he liked and respected Klaus more, that did not mean that he had to be all-pleasant towards Elijah. He honestly liked him better when he was 'asleep' in that box/coffin.

Elijah helped Marcel up, while Klaus brushed imaginary dust off his own jacket. The brothers said nothing, as they walked away from the winded looking Marcel.


A few minutes passed before Klaus attempted to start a conversation. "Welcome home brother…"

Klaus waited for Elijah to start talking but he, just looked at him in silence. He couldn't decipher the look, so he gave a worried smile and put his hands up in surrender then said.

"Elijah, please…say something- don't just look at me! Look, I recognize that you are cross with me. However, I did- am doing what I think is right. So don't be, my love…"

Klaus was debating whether or not he should turn off his emotions; he knew that either way, neither would do him any good. Things would get bad and they wouldn't help.

Because by the end of the day, he would still remain; a liar, a traitor, a coward… A bastard… in his siblings and Haley's, in his family's eyes…who knew, maybe in the future even his daughter would grow to hate him...

Elijah felt the thread of his brother's emotions hit him and his whole body hurt. It almost felt, as if a freight train had just come at him.

He vamped in front of Klaus and hugged him tight, while Klaus just observed him with confusion written all over his features.

Klaus did not bother hugging him back he just stood there looking rigid and tired, more so than he had in a few centuries. "Niklaus I-"

He stopped talking when Klaus attacked his mouth with his own, capturing it in a longing kiss. Elijah just let it happen, for a bit. Nik was getting annoyed and he couldn't help but feel hurt as he started to back away.

The next thing he knew, Elijah had him pinned to the ground as he kissed him back slowly. Then looked at him lustfully as he removed all of the unnecessary clothing out of the way and got in on with Klaus in the middle of the street.

Neither of them cared, if they were seen in that compromising position. For Marcel was made aware of their 'affection' long before he was even made into a vampire.

Both men had raised him since he was a child and deep down even though now they would not admit it, they thought of each other as kin. Both Elijah and Klaus saw Marcellus as a rebellious child.

But they had grown to love him as if he were theirs that is until, Mikael came hunting and they had been forced to escape or risk the true death.

And they came back 'home' to see that Marcel had built an empire on what was rightfully theirs, instead of going to find them.

That part had truly wounded the brothers even though they would only admit that fact to each other and their family.

Klaus said, "That's the spirit!" in between kisses while Elijah trailed butterfly kisses down his tattoo.

"Your plan was brilliant Niklaus, but it hurt. You owe me… so I'm getting my revenge." As Elijah said the words he moved faster while biting Nik's shoulder and he drank his blood in greedily.

Nik moaned in pleasure as Elijah continued his actions and got hold of his manhood in what my bff calls 'The Grip of Awesome' -aka, well it's basically giving a hand job-

The pull on his flesh, along with the lack of sex in a while was making Klaus come undone fast.

"Ah so against all logic, you decide you want to fuck me in the middle of the quarter. Like some whore. Hahaha tell me why, I'm loving every second of this!" Elijah look around the abandoned street then back at Klaus and got off of him.

He vamped over to where a human woman was watching them with wide eyes and her mouth open in shock. Elijah was standing in front of her while, in all his glory-aka; butt naked-

(The dead girl on the coffee table from ep. 1x06. Y'know the one in a short black dress with white designs on it, yeah that one.)

Klaus raised an eyebrow and laughed loudly, then said. "Aye love, you like what you see? Hey Elijah, I think she likes you."

He started laughing, while the human blushed and Elijah looked down at his body but didn't bother covering his naked form, not that Klaus or the girl minded.

He spoke again and said. "Brother, either you kill or compel her. Hmm... or I can compel her to kill herself, what do you think?"

Elijah ignored him and compelled the girl to turn around or watch, if she wanted. But for her to not say a word or move from that spot, until she saw them again.

Klaus made a noise of discomfort, he looked up at Elijah with both annoyance, and lust written all over his features. "What no, c'mon Elijah! I need you to- I want you to fuck me all the way. Ugh, you know I hate it when ha-ahh you- you leave me half done."

"You always do it j-ust to spite me Elijah, please. I said, I was sorry. Now be the great lover you usually are and get over it. I can't even think of words for this…"

Nik's voice sounded husky with a mixture of authoritativeness and begging.

"I believe the term you're searching for is OMG." Elijah said when he bit Klaus again and gave him a smirk as Nik's blood ran down his neck and fell on his nice white shirt.

"Sh-shut up. Ha-aha you will get it good tomorrow, trust me." Nik hoisted his body up and rested on his elbows. He licked off his own blood from Elijah's neck.

Elijah had pulled out earlier, when he went to compel the human and had decided to stop. But he had felt merciful and kept a hold of Nik with his grip of awesomeness.

"How, may I ask- did you get out?" Klaus asked as his blue eyes locked onto Elijah's brown ones when his actions on his body slowed down.

Elijah's grip on him tightened and he tugged harder, yet still keeping the same slow pace. He watched as Klaus came undone under him and he smirked as he spoke.

"Davina, kept stabbing me with the dagger. Not having known that once removed, it negates its power. And I got her on our side brother, well I made a deal."

When they got home

Niklaus walked through the door first and Rebekah was about to start her bitching. When Elijah walked in and smiled at Rebekah.

Rebekah had been drinking but set the glass cup down and ran towards Elijah, hugging him tightly. She had the look of Christmas morning or tax returns-day.

Haley gave Elijah a small smile, as she moved the hair out of her face. She walked out of the room and into the porch. Thinking that she'd give the family, a little privacy.

Rebekah smiled and looked really happy when she started talking. She hugged Elijah tighter as she said, "Oh, Elijah your safe. Ha, now that your home… is your first plan to kill Niklaus?"

Elijah saw Haley walking away and he wanted to hear how the baby was doing. So he said the words. "Excuse me, just a moment." As he kissed Rebekah's cheek softly.

Klaus tried, to smile as he saw Elijah walk towards the direction Haley had just gone. However, he didn't succeed and he could not help but feel the strong emotion of jealousy boiling his blood hotter than Davina ever did.

Rebekah asked the question "Where's he going?" When, she saw Elijah leave. She directed the question at Klaus. But he walked away from her without acknowledging her, or the question she asked him.

She just saw him walk into his study and close the doors behind him firmly.

Rebekah had smelt Niklaus all over Elijah's person when she hugged him, but maybe that was because of Nik's blood.

She had smelt it on Elijah's shirt but, his coat covered the stained fabric perfectly. Before Klaus had walked away from her though. She had thought that she could see unshed tears being held in his eye's. But no, that must have been her imagination.

Well that and the waves of jealousy, that Nik had given off as he walked into his office. Or at least that's what she told herself. Ignorance is bliss, after all.



Nik tried to not break anything in his study, in order to not raise suspicion.

He turned off his emotions and tried to calm himself down because he knew that when he turned them back on, they would hit him like a freight train.

He told himself even if Elijah had any sorts of feelings for Haley that she would not let him advance it.

Klaus had clearly warned her, not to fuck with him or that the consequences would be dire.

And she had read his journals and seen their memories, well a small part of Nik's memory of them being lovers.

Out in the porch

Haley was looking at the moon. While trying to calm her nerves over seeing Elijah again.

Ugh, it has only been a few days and I already find him more attractive than I did before. Fuck, now I can see why so many women chose to go up against Klaus and die. Well, not the dying part.

Elijah's so freakin sexy and nice! But why does he have to have a thing with a guy and his brother no less?! FML! (For those of you that don't know yet, fml means 'fuck my life')

Haley got out of her thoughts and spoke first. Her voice was low as he got closer to her. "Your back."

"I'm back." Elijah looked at her with curiosity but he waited for her to continue talking.

Haley could smell Klaus's scent all over Elijah. Her anger and jealousy got the best of her, and she slapped Elijah in the face hard. It was the type of hit that made people gasp and say the word bitch.

She mentally said the word 'shit' repeatedly in her mind and came up with a lame-ass excuse to try and justify her actions.

"Don't make promises you can't keep." He looked her in the eye's and she held in her breath for a moment, but spoke again. "Welcome home."

Elijah just looked at her with confusion as she walked away, without saying another word. He knew that she had lied about the promise thing; he did not know what exactly it was, that she was trying to cover up.

Yeah, he would have to figure it out later.

But, he knew that he felt high tension in the air when he was around her. He touched his cheek because that had hurt, if only a little… but damn, he should refrain from annoying, pregnant women.

Back in the study

Klaus was sitting on his desk chair while balancing a pencil on his middle finger, when Elijah walked in the room. The first words Elijah said to him were. "Turn them back on."

Klaus looked him in the eye's and said in a bored tone. "I know not, what you speak of brother."

"You'd think by now. It would be pointless for you to try to lie to me, especially when I am in this temper. That you caused by the way, with your damn treacherous ways… It is such a hollow little life that you lead, Niklaus. The life of a coward. But come, tell me what is on your mind brother?"

Elijah didn't know why he had said those hurtful and uncalled for words at first, or in that order but he knew that he felt the need to speak his mind. And he figured out the answer. Why had this happened now and why did this feel like déjà vu?

Oh right we have reestablished our bond. Well my half at least, now all he has to do is bite me. But now that the curse is broken, will I live if he bite's me and he accidently forgets to give me his blood?

Well I am an original, I'm sure that I won't and cannot go down that easily. And why wouldn't Niklaus give me his blood anyways? I am being foolish and thinking senseless thoughts. Maybe, its because I'm still hungry? But I won't ask him for more of his blood, he must be-. Elijah was brought out of his thoughts when Klaus spoke.

Klaus felt as if he had just been punched in the stomach with glove dipped in vervain. But he would speak his mind, with or without his emotions on.

"Maybe. And this, is just a thought brother. But maybe you should just go fuck the pregnant were that resides within my house. Thanks, to no one else but you."

"You see, I would have been more than happy to just kill the bitch off and that little abomination of a creature that is growing inside of her. But oh no, the oh so honorable Elijah couldn't-wouldn't have it."

Elijah's face held a miffed and slightly horrified look while Klaus spoke in a neutral tone.

"He just had to be the bloody hero and rescue the pregnant damsel in distress. Her life would -our life would have been so much better, had you just let me kill the baby girl."

"Life would not be better if Haley's baby-your child, died Niklaus! Wait she's having a girl?" Elijah looked angry at first but he calmed down and smiled at the mention of the baby's gender.

That look of happiness enraged Klaus even more so he said, "Oh come off it, Elijah. You see, I know something you don't know." Klaus had said the words in a singsong voice. And he almost managed to scare even himself, but he composed himself quickly.

"You know brother; you could have done poor Haley, a great favor. Right now, if she weren't pregnant with my child. Ha. I'd bet you anything, she would be at the Lockwood manor with Tyler. Hahaha she would be of such help to my little hybrid, while on her knees- sucking on his little helper."

Elijah just looked at Klaus but he said nothing as he kept talking.

"My dear little Caroline, would be none the wiser; you see contrary to what most people believe. Tyler's blonde 'care bear' is a fierce little cupcake. But she is still a young bimbo, that doesn't know how to properly satisfy a man... properly. I bet she's never gone down on anyone-pathetic."

As Klaus spoke he threw the pencil down and it landed next to Elijah's shoes. But both brothers ignored it.

Elijah gave a smile as he heard the words spoken of Nik's 'blonde distraction' by his brother himself. But the comments about Haley and Nik's daughter, were starting to get on his nerve's.

"Niklaus, stop talking about your unborn child that way. I know you do not mean it. Turn on your emotions, my love and let me feel it all. Everything you feel, you cannot-will not or would not tell me."

Elijah look at Klaus patiently, but with hope in his eyes. He and Klaus had done it many times. The bond of their love, that was a thousand years old-give-or-take a few years. Allowed them to feel everything their mate was feeling.

The bond had been made the day they shared blood with each other for the first time, and it only grew stronger with the years. But they hadn't attempted to rekindle the bond for a few years now, almost a century.

The bond took its toll, at first it was a few weeks of a coma like dream where they shared everything. But when they woke up again they felt completely linked.

Over the years the more they tried the bond the less time they were asleep and the longer they got to keep the information. It changed randomly every time, but it also got more accurate.

The last time they tried it, it had been an average day in Mystic falls and the effects lasted two and a half days, yet they had stopped with all the threats on their life and all. Mikael had chased after them and they fled to Africa next.

Elijah was pulled out of his thoughts by his brother's voice, again.

"No." As Nik said the word, he looked Elijah in the eyes but before he could speak Nik spoke again. He let his emotions return to him slowly.

"I am absolutely positive that you will find your requests fulfilled with and when her legs are wrapped around your waist and your joystick is wedged deep, in her lovely feminine genitelia."

"Wait… what?! Niklaus there is nothing going on in-between Haley and I. Please, look at me." Elijah looked confused and annoyed.

"Look Niklaus just come here and bite me, then you will see for yourself that nothing is happening between Haley and I."

"Tell me, you're joking. Oh yes, no this is just lovely. You are not the only original here brother! I am not a fool nor am I blind to the obvious." Klaus gave a small laugh that had no humor in it whatsoever. As unshed tears filled in his eyes but he kept them at bay.

"I will not hear any more lies! I will not be manipulated. How dare you command me! Persuade me with you lies." He leaned in to whisper in Elijah's ear harshly. And yeah, this time both brothers felt the feeling of déjà vu hit them.

"I see the way you both look at each other. Fuck, tonight even Rebekah saw it. And you were with me!" A few tears streamed down Nik's face. And when Elijah was going to dry them with his thumb but Klaus slapped his hand away, before they made contact with his face.

The brother's could hear Rebekah and Haley getting close.

So Elijah whispered in Klaus's ear, "This is not over Niklaus, after the meeting. You and I are going for a little walk, understand. If it is by force, then so be it."

Klaus bent down and picked up the pencil and set it down on his desk. Elijah didn't dare take his eyes off of him, while he did it.

Elijah massaged the back of his neck as Klaus got closer to him. He squinted at Elijah, gently grabbed his hand and moved it away from his neck. Elijah kept silent, as Klaus fixed his shirt collar for him.

Then Klaus removed his hands and said, "After this little 'meeting' you and I are going nowhere but to my chamber or yours. Were we shall slumber, understand."

Elijah grabbed Klaus's left wrist gently and said, "Niklaus" in a quiet but commanding voice.

Klaus grabbed his arm and held it tightly, but he wasn't trying to hurt him. It was more of a 'wills' battle than anything else.

And Klaus said, "Elijah" in a condescending but equally authoritative tone.

Their little 'staring contest' was cut short, cause Rebekah walked in on it and started speaking.

"What the bloody hell is going on here? Look Elijah, you can kill Nik all you want after the meeting. So c'mon let's get on with it."

"Right… my apologies, little sister." Said Klaus in a bored voice. While Elijah nodded once at her direction.

Elijah was moving towards the chair that was next to his sister, in order to sit down next to Rebekah. But Klaus sat on it first and told him to take his chair.

He refused to sit but he hovered behind it, he knew that Klaus secretly loved it. So he made a mental note to do it often and yeah, he made habit out of it.

He started the briefing and looked at the three other people in the room. He noticed, that Haley was standing up as well. Which, he thought was odd but he would let it be.

"Everything that brought us here, to New Orleans is a lie. The 'story' that Sophie Deveraux fabricated. This struggle for control of the French quarter. This 'war' between vampires and witches." He paused for dramatic effect, then continued.

"Wasn't over territory at all, this was over Davina. Eight months ago, Sophie Deveraux and her sister Jane Anne lost everything. Not four months, after that a young pregnant girl wanders into their restaurant. Suddenly all hope is renewed."

Elijah paced around then stopped and looked at the ground then at Klaus's face again. Rebekah noticed that he was thinking about something else. Does it have to do with Klaus or Marcel? Maybe he's still hungry? She would ask him of it later but for now, she wouldn't comment on it.

"Jane Anne actually sacrificed her life, so that her sister could use you." He couldn't help the way that his voice sounded full of disgust and anger at that sentence.

He would have to keep his emotions in check, unless he wanted Haley or Rebekah to suspect that something was amiss. In truth he was glad that Jane Anne had died before they met, had it been otherwise...well she wouldn't have lived long then either.

The only reason why Elijah allowed Sophie to still be alive, after he found out of her scheme was because she was bonded to Haley. He would find a way to unlink them and when he did, she wouldn't even have time to blink before her lifeless body hit the floor.

Elijah was looking at Klaus the whole time he spoke and Klaus held his gaze. "To find Davina. If Sophie Deveraux is successful in capturing Davina, she can return Jane Anne's daughter back to life. We thought we'd come here to wage a war for power…" He looked at all three of them again and shook his head once.

"This is about family. In order to return her niece to life, Sophie Deveraux will fight to the death. That makes her more dangerous than anyone."

Elijah waited for comments or for items to be broken but nothing happened; it seemed that the group needed a little time to digest the information, maybe drinks or sleep would help.

Klaus and Rebekah got up but before they started walking, Elijah spoke up. "I fixed Davina's violin for her. She is a polite and very nice girl. I am sure she will help us."

Rebekah and Haley both had questioning looks on their faces, but before they spoke Klaus interrupted. "Oh yes, my older brother has always been quite the 'luthier' and no brother. I bet, she only wishes to help you."

He glared at Elijah while he spoke. "Because you were, let me guess 'oh so kind' am I right. Always the charmer, forever so noble."

Haley and Rebekah shared a look as Elijah ushered them out the door without protest.

Once they were gone, Elijah then vamped over to where Klaus was and pinned him against a nearby wall.

He watched Nik as his brother stared him down. Elijah put his hand on Klaus's shoulder and kept him in place, lessening the pressure when Nik stopped fidgeting against it.

Klaus had thought that Elijah would tire and back off soon enough, so he waited and spoke. "Why, do we always make things more difficult?"

Yeah he was wrong. Instead, Elijah kissed his neck slowly as he released his hold on him. Klaus took the opportunity to reverse their positions but before anything else could happen, Elijah said.

"Things always get hard with us before they get better, don't they Niklaus." It wasn't even a question but a statement.

"I reason, that it just means what we have is real. I personally think, easy things lose their appealing quickly. In the blink of an eye, life can fuck us over brother." Klaus grabbed his face and kissed his lips hard then stopped and moved to his ear.

"We should try to be happy while we still have that chance; you and our siblings, have always said that. But I assure you my dearest Elijah." Klaus whispered in his ear and Elijah tried not to give into his desire.

"That the path we lead, is one we cannot effortlessly abandon." With those words he backed away and stood by his desk.

He spoke again. "Let us eat; I assume the woman in the alley is getting tired of waiting on us. Then, we will rekindle our little flame you like to call our 'paramour's curse' Well, my half of it and unwind for three days."

"What, can I say to that?" Asked Elijah quietly as he walked towards him and even though Klaus knew that the question was more than likely rhetorical he still answered.

"You can agree and say, it's our compromise. Elijah…what say you?" Klaus looked at Elijah with a mixture of curiosity, a bit of hope and a huge lack of confidence.

Elijah smirked and kissed Klaus's mouth tenderly as he nodded and took his hand.

They vamped over to a lonely looking dark alley, that was somewhere near the French quarter.

The passageway would have been all on its lonesome, except there was a compelled beauty just standing there; waiting to be drained by one or both, of the still remaining male original vampers.

The young woman was wearing a short dress even though it was somewhat cold outside.

She asked in a scared voice but she didn't move because of the compulsion, "Wait-oh my dear-"

She said random words & letters that had nothing to do with this. She made Elijah and Klaus make this face & flip her off t(O_O)!?

"Supernatural beings….you-you're going to kill me aren't you?" Her face was full of fear, yet she wasn't that scared cause she had seen them naked.

Klaus and his brother shared a look and Elijah vamped behind her then whispered quietly, near her ear. "Ah yes. It is now my duty to completely drain you."




When they got near the plantation they didn't bother carrying the half dead girl with them any longer so, Klaus threw her body on the table and Elijah took off his coat. Instead, of walking up to his bedroom like Elijah thought he would. Klaus went outside to their 'backyard'.

Elijah raised an eyebrow in question but left his phone on the table and followed slowly. He was aware the half dead girl would stay that way for a few hours it seemed, oh well.

The cold night's air felt good as he walked further away from their house, pausing for a minute to sense where his hybrid lover went. He stood but felt nothing and a strange feeling of dread filled his chest.

Calling out his name loudly wouldn't do, both Rebekah or Haley could here and they would want to know what was happening. A part of him wondered whether or not he should risk it but he chose not to.

He decided to not risk it and walked a little further, whatever lay beyond he would be able to handle on his own. Trees were up ahead and he smirked to himself as he thought of days past but quickened his step enough to seem a little excited but not overly so.

Five minutes passed before Elijah found Klaus sitting down on the dirt. He said nothing as he sat beside him but he laid down and unbuttoned his shirt as the other just watched.

"It's a beautiful night." As he said the words Klaus laid his head against his chest and looked up at the stars. They just stayed like that for a few hours but Elijah broke the silence by kissing Nik's curly hair then saying.


Klaus knew nothing else would be said, he sat on him and looked down at his brown eyes as the moon's light shown down on their bodies then said in a low voice.

"I know"

Elijah leaned up and kissed him hard as Klaus ran his hands thru his dark hair. When they broke away they stayed like that for a second, just hearing crickets then both laughed until tears streamed down their faces and their stomachs felt weird.

The hybrid removed his shirt slowly and the older original vampire inhaled slowly as he took in the sight his lover provided.

They had memorized each others bodies perfectly, over their millennia together and knew the other's reactions and expressions to a T.

As they enjoyed displays of dominance or possessiveness but they still loved the little and big ways in which the other surrendered complete control and showed vulnerability and affection, no one else would ever know as they found new ways to surprise the other.

Elijah moved his hand up and rested it against Nik's chest, where his heart was and Klaus exhaled as he leaned down then kissed him passionately.

Miranda's Note:

I will be dedicating a full sector later on to just Kol/Finn and I really want to write some Marcel/Rebekah so that will happen later. I had been watching the last 3 Tvd episode's in hopes that they would idk appear when Salis died.

Salis is a guy witch...whorlock um..wicken/Wicca. or someshit idk what he is-the thing is, he has magic. Anyways, Stefan's his doppelganger, btw I just learned of him. But nope, that plan was a fail.

Ps: This sector has like 2 or 3 chapters to go before a new one starts. Btw I'm listening to 'Polly' by Nirvana while eating some Italian crème cake, lol today's just been freakin great for me.

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