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It was Monday

Haley had been bored in the room. The air conditioning in her room was broken and she was hungry.

Therefore, she walked out of her room and went to check if there was any food or if anyone else was home.

She searched the property for like five minutes then was like 'fuck it' as she flipped off the sky with both hands and gave up.

Once inside she walked into the kitchen and made herself breakfast, she wasn't full so she made herself some coffee and opened a packet of pop tarts.

When she finished wanting to stay in the kitchen, she walked down the hall and contemplated taking a shower or not.

But she thought better on it and said. "Nah. I'll do that later, ain't nobody got time for that shit right now."

Then she walked into the living room and was like. "These motherfuckers don't have a TV. What am I supposed to do, go back to sleep?"

She was about to do just that when a book caught her fancy and she took it with her. She skimmed thru it but it increased her boredom tenfold. It had been all about poetry.

Who the hell is a fan of that? She thought with disgust as she took it back but instead of putting it back on the shelf she tossed it on the table.

She yawned and thought of Elijah but she didn't know him that well, so she thought of Rebekah and was like 'wow' then she settled for Klaus cause he's okay looking.

Just as she was getting turned on she decided that she wanted to learn more about those two, their whole family might as well.

In order to not get all hot and bothered.

Then she took a moment to think of all of the family members she had met in Mystic Falls and she realized that all of the Mikaelson she had met were freaking hot but she kinda wanted to see what their father looked like.

Not that she was going to get at him or anything but she supposed it could add to her daddy kink.

She hadn't met the guy and she only knew his name but she knew his children obviously left him for a reason, she wanted to know the reason as to why.

So she went through Elijah's shit and she took all the books she could find with her. He would not mind maybe but she'd put them back just in case.

When she arrived at Klaus's study, she made the mistake of sniffing the air around it. It held his scent and she blushed at thought of touching herself, damn heat.

But that wouldn't do and she felt gross because of all the hormones and pregnancy. It made her fat and sweaty but worst of all really hungry and horny.

She shook her head in frustration as she breathed in again and whimpered, Klaus would definitely fix this for her. He got her pregnant.

Her coffee was starting to get cold so she cracked open a book and began reading. She had been sitting in Nik's office, eating another pop tart and drinking coffee for almost an hour now. While also reading one of Elijah's journals.

The journal she picked last seemed to be by far the oldest; it was smaller and much more enlightening, than the rest.

What she had read in this one shocked her and she wanted to stop, because things were getting a little too personal.

Klaus is a sick fuck.

She totally called it back in Virginia but damn.

And it wasn't helping matters that it was turning her on big time.

Which was what she had been trying to avoid. Instead of setting it down and walking away from it, she held onto the book a little tighter and kept reading as she blushed.



Klaus had gotten home; expecting to get wasted and to crash in his office, because he didn't feel like being in his room all by his lonesome.

But little did he know, that's not exactly how things were gonna go down for him that day.

So he had been drinking bourbon while walking casually by his office. When he thought he had seen some of Elijah's journals sprawled all over the floor, he wasn't sure yet.

But that had succeeded in pissing him off; Elijah's belongings should always be treated with respect, his brother deserves it.

Therefore, he strained to calm his temper. As he slowly walked into his office, he raised an eyebrow as he sniffed the air and he gulped at the scent.

It laced the air around him and his eyes flashed golden at the implications. He just stared when he spotted Haley near the corner enthralled by one of the old books.

Niklaus recognized it instantly all too well, for he had read it many times and memorized every word. As if he would, a prayer or a promise.

Elijah's Journal

Our father and brothers' were gone for six days and had gone on a voyage to one of the towns over. For those days, my…endeavor to keep away from Niklaus… From my brother- was for naught, I am a little ashamed to admit that I slipped up two minutes after I had made my vow.

Haha, I have failed epically thus far, in my mission to stay away from him. I find my attempt at self-restraint both a little comical and wretched.

I had, made my vow to erase our lustful acts from my mind. And to not seek him out again. Unless, I saw him again, for what he is…for what he should be to me, as just a brother.

It brings me great shame for I know that it was I who started this disgrace we call our love… I am aware that I should love myself more than I do him.

That he is damaged… and… I no better. He deserves a great life for all the sorrow he has endured.

We are brothers and our state of affairs, should never have even occurred in the first place. He was not meant for me, never me. That fact is as clear to see through, almost as if it were made of crystal or water.

I will ruin him and he will hate me for it in the end.

I am a monster because not only am I vampire. But also, because I made myself what I am...

I defiled my blood. Corrupted it for nothing more than my amusement. My enjoyment.

I know not of words that can truly describe my person but I think immoral is a good one to start with-I find my dilemma to be a complex paradox that is messing with my mind and psyche.

I gave into temptation. On multiple occasions. I loved every minute of it. and I cannot seem to help myself.

Can he? Would he need to? It's not like he wants this to end. He loves in love.

I know it because I recognize the feeling, have seen that look before.


She's gone and nothing will change that.


If we don't end this-ha this what exactly?

There are too many words I could use, yet not enough. Ugh, if we don't end this soon… fuck we are already too involved in this to just simply walk out.

We've caused too much damage to everything and everyone around us already.

I know. I am selfish. I for one have not once, nor will I ever deny that fact.

I am also possessive and a fool, if I denied the honesty to myself -Well, things would never look up for me.

Not that I deserve it or any happiness in truth.

I feel I'm being a tad melodramatic but am I really?

The only things I have achieved so far since becoming vampire, they are foul.

I have corrupted Niklaus and I have greatly enjoyed every second of it. I got our first love murdered, and ah yes destroyed our family…

I got his first love murdered.

I killed her.

Destroyed her in the most personal of ways.

I honestly loved her and yet I found myself capable of such an atrocity.

Therefore, I know I should regret our sinful actions; I know in lieu of that, I do not. I am not, remorseful. Not for all of it really, sadly.

At least not of or for loving my brother, he makes me feel. When he is near… I feel what a man should not feel towards another, much less their own family.

That reason alone, is why thing's cannot and will not end well for our bond or affection.

Our family is broken. Father is trying to kill us. In part.. I suppose he's justified.

And yet I won't allow it. Cannot.

My brothers and sister have scattered to different parts of the world. They've all gone to places where Mikael will never find them. I made sure of it.

An alpha-were arrived, when Mikael had almost caught us and he bought us enough time to escape.

By, leading our father off our trail. I shall be forever grateful and in their debt.

Not only, because they saved our family. Furthermore. Because they will raise Tatia's son. As if he were one of their own.

Ayana has promised me that she will help the boy when the full moon arrives.

Take him in, provide shelter, an education. She loves him for he's a mirror image of his mother.

Anyone who met her couldn't help understanding why she was so well greeted.

My dearest Tatia was the embodiment of perfection. I..miss her..

Ayana will help raise her boy. She will keep him safe. In exchange, for her help... I have sworn to not return home for at least three centuries.

One day, we shall return to Mystic Falls. Our hometown. However.. for now I must keep running and just hope that my brothers and little sister stay safe.

I must admit, I miss them all so... I cannot express with mere words, how much.

I'm sure my siblings understand.

How I often miss my mother, Henrik and even though he wishes death upon us…I really miss father.

Is it wrong, that I sometimes miss Niklaus above all others?

Why do I bother asking you my journal, you that cannot speak…But if you got the opportunity, I'd bet anything you'd tell me that what I feel is 'truly disgusting' and that Nik ought to be repulsed by me as well.

Oh well, I will just keep running and hope that...I live long enough to finally be happy with my siblings.

With my family.

Klaus vamped over to where Haley sat and he put his hand on Haley's face before she could even begin to protest.

He used his 'Original's vamp. power' to send her back in time, through his memories.

10th Century: America, Mystic Falls

The day had been sunny and warm when Klaus had decided to apologize properly to Tatia for scaring her a few nights past.

Elijah had come along for both moral support and because he was bored.

Even though they had just strolled along the city once, bought Tatia food and walked back to their house.

The day had been perfect or at least it had started off that way.

They had no idea, no way of knowing…it would turn out to be one of the worst in their lives.

They had sat by the chimney. All three had taken advantage of the fact that Rebekah had decided to babysit Tatia's son at Ayana's house.

Tatia stood up and put her hair up in a bun. Then, she smiled brightly as she walked over to the still sitting brothers and held her hands out for both of them to take.

She spoke in a joyful voice.

"Hey Elijah, let us dance like we used to." The she looked at Klaus and said. "C'mon Nik, you can join us. Remember love, bygones."

Tatia gave Nik a beautiful smile as he looked up at her shocked.

He smiled back at her as he took her hand and started to waltz with her. Elijah, on the other hand was about to decline the dance offer so that Klaus and Tatia could enjoy their dancing.

That plan backfired. Both of them had started pouting when they realized what he wanted to do.

"Elijah." Klaus said to him, his voice stern.

"Niklaus..." Elijah said back in a condescending tone.

Tatia wouldn't have it, so she said. "Elijah c'mon, you said you would dance. What happened to 'Mikaelson never go back on their word'? Hmm."

Tatia just stared down at him waiting for him to give in and stop resisting. Any second now he'd let up.

He would not dare resist her anything.

Elijah gave an amused smile as he saw her pout and tap her foot impatiently. "Ah my sweetheart, I am pretty sure that I said-"

Klaus had vamped behind him and put a hand over Elijah's mouth, in order to keep him from talking further. Elijah just licked at his hand and Klaus removed it quickly.

He started wiping his hand on his shirt, while acting all grossed out about it.

"Elijah, look. I think you've broken him." Tatia laughed happily at Klaus's reaction.

Klaus sounded patronizing as he spoke. "Tatia love, quit laughing. This is serious. Now, I have Elijah germs. Hey I'm sure his 'nobleness' will rub-off of me now."

Both Tatia and Elijah snickered while Klaus continued, unfazed.

"Yeah love, I think it is a serious condition...Now, only a kiss from a beautiful maiden such as you. Can save this brave man, what do you say?" Klaus winked at her suggestively and Tatia blushed as she looked away and rolled her eyes.

She put a finger to her chin and pretended to think on it, her voice was low as she said. "Hmm...I think I must oblige then. What do you think Elijah?"

He looked at the two of them and smiled slightly as he said. "I think, you should go for it. If you desire, otherwise my dear little brother might turn and become dare I say...decent."

Tatia laughed and let out a shocked gasp but all three knew that they were just jesting.

Tatia ran over to Klaus's arms and jumped. He caught her effortlessly and she kissed him tenderly for a few seconds.

After that, they had just danced and laughed. Until, Tatia became tired. She sat on a chair as Elijah went into the kitchen to get her some water.

Klaus sat by her while choosing to sit on the ground, even though there were plenty of chairs around. And he spoke.

Keeping his voice gentle but inquisitive and low.

"I know that you've seen us…I think Elijah suspects it as well but he hasn't said anything. Why is it, that you have not confronted us or told anyone? Yet, I'm assuming?"

She sighed and gave him a look that told him, she was offended. "Klaus, why must you always be so paranoid? Look. You can trust me, I am honestly offended tha-"

Tatia looked down at him and into his eyes; he compelled her to speak, unintentionally of course.

Since he was chained up for a long time, he hadn't had much practice with compelling people but he'd seen it done.

He raised an eyebrow in confusion and said. "Tatia, love... what were you saying...why have you stopped talking?"

She blinked, even though she was still compelled and said.

"I was saying that I-I love you both…when I saw you two together… I felt envious. Angry and hurt, betrayed but I also saw an opportunity. To have you both. I know, you wish to have me."

"Every man I meet, dulls in comparison to you both. When it pertains to any affection I feel. However, between you… I cannot choose. I do not want to hurt you by giving my response and I don't want to push him or you away."

"Yes, I think you just did…give me your response. You chose him. But he chose me and I choose you." As he said the words, Klaus stood up and vamped them over to a couch.

They stared at each other's eyes for an instant to see if either wanted to back away then they started kissing each other frantically. However, they stopped when the heard Elijah clear his throat quietly.

Tatia pushed away from Klaus slightly and stood up. He huffed in disappointment and rolled his eyes at her actions.

Elijah however, raised his hand in a 'stop' motion and she stood motionless, awaiting his command or for him to speak.

Elijah vamped behind her and whispered in her ear, his voice full of love as he hugged her waist close to his body and said.

"Your blood was used to help make our family what we are…You gave us life…what say you, if we returned the favor Tatia?"

Klaus stood in front of Tatia, as they waited for her to respond. Her voice held no regret as she said the next words. "I shan't become as you are…I do not want to be a vampire."

She kissed Elijah's cheek softly but moved away from him, gradually removing his hands from her body as she backed up.

When she stood a few paces away, she regarded them both equally with a not so happy smile as she spoke and said.

"I am aware, that you both love me and I you. However, I love my son above any other. I will not desire your affections, if it means I have to leave or upset him."

"Well then... that is reasonable… even though it pains us, we understand." Klaus's voice sounded dejected at first but it grew poised and confident rapidly as he said.

"You would have made a wonderful vampire. A beautiful lover, we both could share the world with. Who knows, in time you might come to change your mind. And we could turn you. Then your son when he grows of age."

Tatia looked optimistic yet, contemplative as she heard Klaus speak.

Elijah laughed quietly as he heard his brother speak. He held out his hands towards her and Klaus, they both took it. "Yes, what Niklaus said is quite brilliant actually. I expected no less but this proposition from you brother."

Then he looked at Tatia and said. "Tatia. My sweetheart, we shall respect your wish and you shall remain mortal. For now because that is what you desire but if you happen to change your mind. Just say the word and we will come to you, okay?"

Tatia nodded then spoke as she looked at the two of them.

"So what… the three of us shall be lovers, even if I choose to stay human? Are you... sure about this? You must understand. I find it perfectly acceptable, just watching you two getting it on. It's actually really erotic, yet joining in does sound a whole lot better."

Klaus took that as a challenge and smirked at her, his blue eyes looked almost a shade darker. She gave him a look and Elijah laughed silently as he caught on to what was about to go down.

Therefore, he took off his shirt leisurely as Klaus vamped in front of her and kissed her roughly. When they broke away, her eyes were glazed over and she held Elijah's hand tightly.

He had vamped behind her and kissed her softly as Klaus began to undress her slowly.

She closed her eyes and leaned against him then she told them to both stop and watch her. They moved away from her and looked at each other quickly then back at her. What they saw mesmerized them.

She stood proudly in front of them, in all her naked glory. Without any shame and with a promising smirk.

Elijah had been about to speak but shut his mouth and took in every detail of her perfect body.

Klaus touched his face quickly to make sure he wasn't drooling, when he made sure he wasn't he started to undress.

Elijah did the same as the remainder of his clothes hit the floor Tatia took the opportunity to stand in-between them.

She looked them in the eyes and spoke, the smile not once leaving her face as she said. "The both of you, kneel. Tonight. I'm in charge."

Elijah followed her command without question but Klaus just stared at the scene before him. She walked in front of Klaus and he held her gaze evenly then she looked at Elijah.

And back at Klaus, her voice commanding when he smirked.

She tiptoed and even though, he wasn't standing up to his full height cause he was sort of slouching. She still wasn't tall enough to fully meet his gaze at eyelevel so she touched his blonde hair and pulled roughly.

He got with program when she said her next words, her voice heavy with desire and authority. "Kneel and lick, bitch."

He kneeled slowly and grabbed her legs as he pushed her to the ground hard. Then he bit his wrist quickly and fed her his blood, with a sheepish smile he said.

"Sorry Tatia. I didn't mean for that to happen." He really meant the words, he would be more careful next time. But his action would be beneficial to both her and Elijah, so he wasn't that sorry.

She groaned in pain for an instant then the pain faded and she felt high as his blood traveled down her throat.

Elijah was at their side quickly and she laughed loudly then moved to get up but decided against it and said. "C'mon Niklaus, have at it."

Klaus stared at Elijah then he kissed her toes and his lips traveled slowly as he savored every inch of her lower body.

As he parted her legs and he really looked at her he said. "Oh Tatia you really are an exquisite beauty...the most, the best I have ever laid eyes upon." She blushed at the words and as he put her legs on his shoulders as he got to work on her.

The other Mikaelson kissed her forehead then he touched and licked at her chest and stomach. He licked at the blood drops that had covered her chest and he somehow knew Klaus had done that on purpose.

He took his time kissing her and licking at it, as she shivered and gasped while she thrust roughly and slow into Nik's skilled mouth.

She moaned their names as they took care of her needs and she felt sensations she had never even come close to feeling before.

"Nik-ah! Fa-ster-" She couldn't say more as his tongue moved faster and deeper than she expected. Elijah moved away and just enjoyed the show as he stroke himself slowly.

Tatia's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she came and she almost couldn't breathe. Elijah noticed the problem first and he fed her some of his blood. Her body convulsed and his helped her get up slowly. Then he asked, "Tatia, if this is too much maybe we coul-"

She tried to glare but failed and looked a little like she was pouting, as her face was a dusty pink color. He held her waist as Klaus licked his lips and looked at them both from him kneeling position.

She took some deep breaths and she said, "Do'n- you dare...lijah.''

He nodded and looked her in the eyes as he compelled her and said. "Fine Tatia but you will tell us if we go to far or you get uncomfortable. Okay, sweetheart?"

She blinked and nodded. So, he tried to make up for the compelling by smacking her ass lightly. She yelped and Klaus whimpered. Elijah grinned and did it again, only this time harder. The result was better then he had expected.

Then he said. "Ah, so I see you are both a fan of this. Marvelous." Then he looked at Tatia and said. "Tonight you are in charge my love, we both are at your full disposal. Anything, you want from us shall be granted sweetheart."

Klaus nodded at his words and was about to stand but she held her hand up in a 'stop' motion so, he ceased his action. Then she looked back at Elijah and said. "We are going to your bed."

Then she looked at Klaus as her voice lowered and she said. "I want you to take me while I pleasure Elijah, what say you?"

The young hybrid smirked evilly but he didn't say anything. Instead, he picked her up and set her on his back, not minding one bit that they were both naked as he vamped to the room.

When they got to the room her threw her gently on the bed but remembered that this wasn't solely about him so he moved off of her and she got on her knees.

All three were somewhat unsure on how to proceed so they just went with whatever felt good.

Klaus vamped towards Elijah and kissed him slowly. Elijah could clearly taste Tatia on his tongue but he didn't mind, if anything that turned him on more.

He stopped kissing him and his eyes snapped open when he felt Klaus grab his penis and tug fast.

His other hand roamed over his body as he took in the sight and he pulled hard, making Elijah come undone.

Tatia didn't help much in his predicament when she bit his right butt cheek and licked at it. Then she said. "Enough, we only have this night and I really want you both."

Elijah and Klaus agreed and they were surprised when she grabbed a dagger from the drawer and cut her body all over deep enough to draw blood but not deep enough to hurt herself much.

Both the hybrid and the vampire's eyes changed in color slightly and their fangs showed as the veins under their eyes became visible.

They tried to will it away, they would never harm her, at least not on purpose. They love her and she didn't fear them.

Elijah closed his eyes as he tried to think of something, anything other than her blood dripping down her stunning body or on the sheets and said in a strained voice. "Ta-Tatia what have you done-"

Klaus could not resist and he vamped in front of her, Elijah went behind him and held him back before he could hurt or bite her.

Tatia held her hand up and Elijah hesitated in letting go of Klaus. Even though they had relinquished their control for the evening, he would not let her folly let her get hurt.

Her eyes narrowed and she said. "Elijah. Trust him, trust me. Have confidence in yourself damnit, I do!"

Klaus stopped moving and Elijah stared deeply into her eyes, then he let up his hold on his lover's body. Klaus moved forward slowly and sat on the bed as he licked her blood and scraped his fangs softly against her skin.

Elijah did the same as he kissed her body slowly. When the cuts kept bleeding, they both offered to heal her but she said she was cool with it.

Therefore, Tatia got back on her knees as Klaus positioned himself behind her and she took Elijah in her mouth when Klaus plunged deep.

Both men went slowly at first but they stopped and got more into it as the minutes passed. All three were close to the edge but they ceased their actions and thought of something better.

Tatia was a little nervous but she shook it off when Klaus kissed her softly and said that, 'all will be okay my dear'.



She shut her eyes as Elijah took her from the front and Klaus from behind. She felt pain and a little light headed but maybe that was because of the blood loss... she was not sure, nor did she care really at that point.

Klaus pulled her face to his chest and told her to bite his neck hard so that she could drink from him and she did at the moment both men thrust deeper. She came but that did not discourage them and she did not mind the sensations.

If their blood and the sex was euphoric to her now that she was human, she couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be a vampire.

She knew fully well they were holding too much back and she would try to correct that, even if it sent her over the edge a million times.

"Oh fucking shit! Fu- -fuck me har-harder!" They obliged and moved almost as if in sync.

They came almost simultaneously but kept going faster and harder.

She was seeing spots and beautiful colors she had no idea existed, maybe it was their blood, or that she kept at it.

Tatia's voice was but a whisper as she said the words. "I want more. Give me that." Just as she was about to come again they both bit her slowly savoring the taste of her.

Klaus bit into her shoulder and Elijah bit her chest. Her eyes rolled all the way to the pack of her head and she blacked out. Her head fell on Klaus's shoulder and he kissed her lips softly and checked on her pulse.

Elijah blushed lightly and Klaus laughed quietly. However, they also covered her naked body with a clean blanket and went to wash up.

They would give her one of Rebekah's new dresses or whatever else she wanted, once their sleeping lover awoke.

An hour or so later

Tatia was eating anything and everything she could get her hands on. Never in her life, had she ever been that hungry or thirsty and she was pretty sure she lost at least ten pounds.

She felt absolutely amazing, like no word could describe accurately. How she felt... words were beyond her, maybe one day a scholar would come up with one.

Sex with Klaus and Elijah was doing great things for her, she would totally try that again.

She had moved to the living room and was now wearing a golden dress, that fit her a little loose but it still looked great on her.

As opposed to the purple one, that had been a little tight but it had shown off great in all the right places and that she had worn just to see them in the first place.

She had been going over the day's previous activities in her mind and she blushed darkly.

She almost didn't catch what Klaus had said but he spoke slowly, so she caught on quick. "...Absolutely Tatia, but I am almost certain you will want to become a vampire. You will be both my lover and Elijah's. In my eyes, I you as an equal. You are worthy enough of the name Mikaelson, love."

Tatia said in a curious tone. "Are you sure Niklaus, what if one day you or Elijah get bored of me. Or worse, what if you bore me?"

She couldn't say that with a straight face and laughed but kept talking, her tone sounding serious again as she said. "Or even worse yet, that I start to repulse you physically? I love you both and that would seriously hurt. I-"

Elijah shook his head and looked her in the eyes. He took both of their hands in his as he kept her from talking as he said the words.

"Trust me my sweetheart, for as long as we shall roam this earth. We shall never forget, or grow bored of or ever come close to loathing you. Ever. My love. My Tatia, I give you the truth. So now, you have my word. I won't ever love anyone more than you or Niklaus."

Klaus nodded and smiled as he spoke because he didn't feel like being left behind, so he said. "I mean who could ever resist, charming men such as ourselves-"

He had stopped talking midsentence and looked at the open door, Elijah and Tatia both saw Mikael just looking back at them.

"Father?" Elijah quickly noticed that something was wrong…seriously wrong. Maybe he heard Tatia or Nik's words, oh I earnestly hope not...

"Huh, uh… what are you doing here-" As Elijah said the words he released their hands, cautiously slow.

Elijah then moved forward while looking at him and away, from both Klaus and Tatia. "Father wait,where are Finn and Kol…what are you doing?"

Mikael set his belongings down and started walking towards Elijah. However, he stopped halfway and glared at Klaus. Then sneered at them both.

That day would forever be burned into their memories.

"No!" Yelled both brothers as Mikael vamped behind Tatia and ripped out her heart then stepped on it, crushing it instantly.

Both Klaus and Elijah's eyes held rage and despair as they saw Tatia's body fall. However, they had been too late from stopping her from dying.

They vamped over to her corpse and caught her before her head hit the ground. They both felt a part of them die along with her as they held her bloodied body close to their own.

Even though Klaus knew, it was useless. He cut his arm and tried to feed his blood to Tatia.

Elijah, while in his rage staked Mikael in the heart with the wooden chair leg and broke his neck for good measure.

Kol and Finn vamped over to the house quickly, when they heard their brothers' shouting.

They stood by the doorway in shock while they looked at Tatia's dead body and their father staked, with a broken neck.

"What the hell is going on?! Why is Tatia…exactly... how is father dead?!" Kol asked as he felt the desire of having vile rise up in his throat, so that he could at least try to entertain the notion of being human.

Rather than the sad truth, he was a vampire. One, that with a single thought could for all intents and purposes turn off all of his emotions and not give a shit.

Not that he even really would usually but this is different. This is Tatia.

She's family and that means something.

At least to him.

"I-I killed him…Finn, Kol I am so sorry. I was just so angry-" When he heard the response Finn ran over to Elijah punched him in the face, knocking him down hard but Kol held Finn back from trying to hit him again.

"F-father… he killed Tatia, I don't know why…I-" Klaus stopped speaking as his voice failed him when Kol and Finn turned to look at him, theirs eyes differed in emotions.

Klaus felt a chill run down his spine as his tears mixed in with her blood. He held Tatia's blood drenched body closer to his own than before and his brothers looked away from him.

"Where is Rebekah?" Asked Finn as he helped Klaus up and Kol moved to help Elijah.

"She is babysitting Tatia's son at Ayana's house." Klaus did not meet Finn's eyes as he spoke.

Kol moved over to where their fathers body lay and he undaggered him. All four brothers jumped when Mikael's body started to twitch and Kol was all like "Fuck that shit!" and he redaggered him.

Finn had almost started laughing but then realized how that was so not appropriate so he stopped.

He's got a surprise in store for them but it's irrelevant right now if things got to this point. For now the best plan of action is to pause its motion.

Finn and Kol looked back at Tatia's dead body. Then, at their broken and seething brothers as they mourned for their deceased lover.

Both Kol and Finn felt relief at the knowledge that their father was still alive, one dead parent was enough... even though that man had killed their friend...Their last real friend on this earth.

Klaus and Elijah had buried Tatia's body as the sky darkened and the clouds gathered. What a fit-Elijah didn't dare finish his thought as he took her necklace; they would give the silver chain to her son.

Her family had passed it down each generation, and even though they had disowned her, when she got pregnant.

She had been their only daughter, so they had let her keep it.

Finn spoke and patted Elijah's shoulder twice softly, while Kol just nodded sadly at Klaus. "I am sorry for your loss brother's. Tatia is…she was a great friend, the best we've ever had."

He continued talking, his voice low but kind when he asked. "But what of her son, what of her family?"

Klaus wiped at the tears falling from his eyes when spoke while trying and failing to keep his voice from revealing all of the pain, anger and all of the other thing he was feeling. "I shall speak to her parents."

He would not turn of his emotions, his beautiful Tatia deserved at least that much… And he, he deserved to rot.

He thought, as he spoke his next words. "If things come to blows, I will not hurt them… but I might compel them to stop that…then again, I kind of deserve it. I let her die!" At the words, he fell on his knees and punched the ground as he allowed himself to revel in his pain.

"If anyone is at fault beside father, it is I. Niklaus…" Elijah almost reached for him but he refrained as tried to look at him briefly but then looked at the sky and back at the ground as tears rolled down his face.

"I will speak to her son, and Anaya. I- I know that father heard of us… please... listen to me." He didn't look at Kol or at Finn. But they nodded anyway. He did not bother to wipe at his face as he said the words.

"I need you to find Rebekah. Tell her, to wait for Niklaus by the river and then I need you to leave. Run. Far away from here. Mikael wants to kill us all."

Finn and Kol looked at each other then back at them and vamped back into their house to gather most of the precious belongings they would need or could carry in their satchels.

They avoided looking at their father or the blood and gore that filled the place.

When they returned they said their farewells and that, they would meet again someday.

Mikael had started 'waking up' when Kol and Finn left the house and it took him some time to start moving again.

But once he was able to move he vamped out of the house and after his children.

Oh, he vowed he would find and kill Niklaus.

In the forest

Klaus and Elijah were deep in the forest when the first spoke, his voice quiet. "I…I will never draw you, no matter how much time passes us by."

"What…why?" Elijah looked slightly hurt but also a tiny bit curious.

"Because I shall never share my image of you with paper, you are mine. And I will never forget my love for you Elijah." Klaus leaned to whisper gently in Elijah's ear almost touching it with his lips and said. "Before books, my love…"

"…People actually had memories." Finished Elijah gave him an attempt at a smile but it was sad as a tear rolled down his face and hit the ground silently.

He then looked back up at Klaus and said in a low voice. "Take Rebekah and swear to me-on ourlove... that you will run from father, from this place and that you will protect her."

"I swear to you my brother- My love… that we will meet again and soon hopefully." Klaus wanted more than anything, to just kiss or touch him but he refrained.

Instead, he just observed as Elijah tried to concentrate as well as think of a strategy of departure. One, which would not involve great injury or y'know death.

Certainly, Klaus really wanted to knock Elijah out with a tree or something, haul his body over his shoulder. Find Rebekah and just run, but Elijah's voice brought him back to the 'real world' and out of his contemplations and scheming-plan.

"Make haste Niklaus; we do not have the luxury of tranquility, this time. Run. Now brother and I pray, you do not make yourself a spectacle. Do not seek me out. I will find you, and I-if you or Rebekah feel lonely or frightened…whatever- and you think to come after me. Don't."

"It might be a grave error, please think of…" Elijah looked around the forest quickly and turned back to look at Klaus while speaking with sorrow yet honesty.

"…Remember that I will love you…even when you hate me, and that you and our little sister have each other to look out for."

He tried to lighten the mood when he said. "Ah and Niklaus, what exactly would you do to me. If I drew a portrait of myself? I'll let you think on it my love."

With those words, and a sad attempt at a teasing smile and false joy. That didn't really reach his eye's or voice, he vamped out of sight.

"Wait, Elijah!" Even though Elijah had vamped out of sight, Klaus knew he had heard him. "Fuck!"

Klaus stood there in the same spot looking dejected for a few moments, but he then smirked and he shook his head in benign amusement. His almost-happy mood evaporated when he thought of Tatia and her now parentless son.

Ayana and that wolf better make good on their promise, or he would end them. He swore on his blood.

He also thought of Rebekah and what she would feel about the shitty chain of events, which had taken place.

Of what it would be like, to not be able to see his brothers or father for a long time to come.

He loathed that thought; banished it from his mind. For an instant he thought again, of turning off his emotions but he cursed himself for his cowardice and punched a tree. He saw his knuckles bleed but he didn't care and went in search of Rebekah.

Ah, it's raining how bloody perfect.

Rebekah's hair was starting to get frizzy and she was getting nervous.

Her dress was drenched in water and she wanted to turn around and vamp towards her brothers but Finn had told her to stay there and wait.

What the bloody for Finn? I'm getting annoyed, you ass!

Just as she was about disobey Finns orders and run towards her brothers, a hand grabbed her wrist in a hard grip.

She was about to punch whoever dared touch her like that but then noticed, that it was Klaus.

He looked her in the eyes and did something he hadn't purposely done since Henrik's death, he hugged her and cried.

Meanwhile, somewhere not so close and really out of sight

Elijah vamped in front of the man that had saved them from his father earlier and said. "What is your name?"

The man looked Elijah in the eyes without a single ounce of fear as he said. "Call me Camden, what is yours?"

The vampire spoke and said. "Elijah. Thank you, for saving me and my family."

Camden looked to Elijah's left then back at him and said. "Likewise, young vampire."

Elijah raised an eyebrow and spoke. "How did you-"

Camden cut him off by speaking and wiping the rain from his eyes as he said. "I am a werewolf and your brother saved my mates cubs. As I told Ayana and Klaus, Tatia's boy is safe and we will continue to treat him like family. You have my word, Elijah. She was a great friend to our kind, as well as to the both of you."

"Oh, yes. I hope that they are well. Thank you, Camden." Elijah would have wanted to stay and chat but he seriously needed to leave.

Elijah wasn't all that surprised that his beautiful Tatia is-was the lycan's friend as well. She was always so kind and... He would think about her always, she held a place in his heart no other person would ever hold again. But he shook his head to try and clear his thoughts, as he said.

"Listen Camden, if you manage to survive…I know of a great place. I visited thrice, and its been a long time since I've been… but it is not far from here just go up north. Ayana know it and will, give you directions. If not then just, get yourself and your family as far away from this place as possible."

He paused for a second then continued by saying. "Take them somewhere you know, they can be safe. I know my father-Mikael…he will not rest, until your dead. Well you, and us. We wounded his pride and…I-I have to go. However, how will I recognize your clan? Do you have anything to distinguish yourselves with? Like a name or anything?"

Elijah looked at him questioningly while the man showed him his wrist and he said "Oh" when he saw Camden's birthmark.

"Only those who share my blood, have this mark. Hopefully, our kind will live as long as you do vampire." Elijah and Camden shook hands in farewell.

Then Elijah said. "Yes, and if not. Then hopefully, they'll live longer."

Camden nodded once then his eyes flashed golden as Elijah vamped away to an unknown destination.

Back to where Klaus and Rebekah are

"Klaus? Klaus, where is Elijah?!" Rebekah asked as they were running super-fast towards a neighboring town.

She stopped moving when she reached the entrance and confronted him. She grew weary of waiting for him to respond so she grabbed him by his damp shirt and shoved him against a wall then bared her fangs.

"Niklaus why is father trying to kill us?! Finn and Kol ran the opposite direction…They lookedfrightened." He said nothing and something about his silence terrified her.

" Nik, why is that?! Why were you crying? Where is Tatia? I didn't see her when I left." At the mention of her name, Klaus flinched and Rebekah knew something was wrong.

"What the hell is going on?! Wait."

As she said the words, she backed off from him but did not release her hold on his shirt then smiled knowingly as she said. "Is… this-is, this some sort of macabre jest that all of our brothers somehow got father and Tatia in…Right?"

She wanted to believe her last question but deep down she knew that if she did she would just be deluding herself.

What is more, their father would never joke around with them like that…or at all…not anymore...he hated Tatia for some reason, maybe it was because Klaus pinned after her and she liked him back?

Before Klaus could answer, everything started to fade to black.

Back to New Orleans

Klaus removed his hand from her face slowly and watched as Haley blinked, while trying to regain her thoughts.

"So wait you two are together- together?! Not only that but that-that man! He had my birthmark! Howis it, that I saw your memories and Elijah's?!"

Haley tried to reach for her cup but her hands were shaky so she stopped. Klaus noticed it, but didn't comment on it.

"Undeniably love, what don't look at me like that. Oh, c'mon spare me your judgments. Honesty, need not be feared as a friend nor foe. We have lived for over a thousand years- give or take a few years. The point is I have never met a man, woman, or supernatural being that compares to my dearest Elijah...Not anymore, the only one that could was my beautiful Tatia."

The weird look he was given had lessened somewhat.

He elaborated by saying. "I have tried to get him out of my mind by seeking 'distractions' along the way but that is all they have ever been, sadly. And I told you before; I had seen that mark on a certain group of lycanthropes before. Worry not Haley, we will seek them out later."

Klaus stood a few paces from her at first but he then decided to lean against his desk and said.

"I grow bored, angry, tired because not a single person-not one of them is him…Not one of themcompares. Everybody, that knows of us knows that our family is our weakness."

"But those who look closer know that Elijah is my strongest weakness, even though I have not many. If my brother were to get injured or killed by some unworthy scum…let's just say I have accumulated a long list of exotic torture methods that would put tyrants to shame."

He looked her in the eyes as he said. "I would not show them mercy and I would care not of whether, that person was esteemed by me previously or not-even family."

Her eyes widened and she said. "Shit. Wait if you-since you love Elijah, so much…I don't understandwhy you would just hand him over to Marcel. And wait, what happened to Tatia's son?"

Klaus got a faraway look on his face as he spoke.

"Sure, we have not seen each other for decades at a time and I've daggered him and put him to rest in a box many a time. He helped me raise Marcellus, he is well- was like our son... Marcel was family, but then he betrayed us. Ha, instead of seeking us out, I who gave him life- Elijah who gave him aneducation, Rebekah who gave him freedom."

Klaus had stopped talking but he the resumed as he started walking then said. "We gave him what little love we had left and how did he repay us, you ask. He stayed here! We thought him dead... We mourned him. He made our home his Kingdom! I don't bloody think so. You see, I will take back what is rightfully ours."

The hybrid stopped walking and looked her in the eyes as he spoke.

"Elijah may hate this place because it brings back memories and nostalgia, but with you here and our daughter. I am sure, he will come to love it again and maybe just maybe Marcellus can rejoin our family. Who knows, I might actually let him make good of his promise of marring my little sister."

Klaus got another faraway look on his face but he answered her other question in a solemn tone.

"Elijah broke his word 72 years later but only because Ayana called us back, so their spoken contract should have become dull and void. However, Elijah still wanted to keep away...anyway. She needed us to get rid of some 'evil folk' that were terrorizing the civilians."

He rubbed the back of his neck but kept talking.

"We knew that it was a front, she could have gotten rid of them easily herself and without any words. She was that good, even better than my mother... if I do say so myself."

"Anyways, she wanted us to see Tatia's son, if anything at least once again before he died. He grew up to be a great man, he married Camden's youngest daughter. You know, she became the next alpha. He had nine children, y'know wolves." Klaus smirked at Haley and she rolled her eyes.

His voice grew somber as he said. "And he died of old age… as a mortal."

Haley wanted to cheer him up. Even though she knew that it wasn't her job or anything, but she tried anyways. "Hey, at least he had a good-…long life and I'm sure he had a lot of grandchildren."

Klaus's eye's flashed golden and Haley sank a little into her chair, while waiting for him to speak.

"A group of wolf hunters killed his first granddaughter and his fourth son. Tatia's son had died three days earlier and the little girl was just three years old, when she passed away. Elijah and I havenever, enjoyed torturing and slaughtering humans as much as we did with those hunters."

"Ah... well... hell yeah! They deserved it." Haley changed the topic after that.

"Wait I read in one of Elijah's journals that you had daggered Rebekah for kissing him… Marcel, and that he got so pissed he left you alone for 90 years."

"Well he left again afterwards…what else, did it say?" Klaus looked at the journals on the ground; he had not gotten around to reading all of them.

"That he thinks you two are 'star-crossed lovers' and that you found him in the Safari with your brothers Kol and Finn. One of them said you two came to a compromise, you undaggered Rebekah but Marcel was not to touch her. You, Niklaus are a dick."

Haley glared at him while he gave her a shit-eating grin, then said.

"I don't like it when people call me by my full name. Only my family, has that right. But then again, Iguess, you are part of it now. Just know, that I will never marry you."

She gave him a look he couldn't decipher and he continued. "Granted, you are my Queen and our little princess will be slightly confused about her not so mortal or normal upbringing. However, we will make it work. We will be a happy and honorable family. What my dear siblings and I have always wanted, our daughter will never know the feeling of loneliness."

He looked her in the eyes as he said the words and the room felt slightly warm for her.

"Trust me Haley. For I have known what that feels like, even if at times it seems like too much time has passed for it to matter… My siblings and I. We will show you and our little bundle of joy what it is like, to have and be a family. To be worthy, of the name Mikaelson and to put family above all other things."

Haley was left speechless; she just nodded slightly while he continued to talk. A small part of her wanted his words to be true, even though she tried to push that feeling towards the back of her mind. The feeling of joy bubbled in her stomach and she gave Klaus a small smile.



"Sorry, love but I've only ever proposed such an offer to Elijah. However, he said no. Why you ask, because we are of the same blood and he said that it would be sacrilege. According to him, our marriage would not bode well with anyone, humans or supernatural beings alike."

He then said. "Like I would give a fuck, what others thought or whom I'd offend. I respect his opinion and even though I detest the answer, I will honor his wish. Who knows, my dear brother might change his mind yet."

Haley blushed lightly as she saw a beautifully rare smile on Klaus's face, his voice soft and eyes hopeful. She wanted nothing more than to take a picture and keep it forever. She also wanted to show one of his other siblings, for she somehow knew they had never seen him like this.

Damn Elijah was a lucky man- fuck why is his whole family so hot?! Then she blushed and said. "Gross, I wouldn't want to marry you either, I just want to fuck you again."

Klaus laughed, thinking she had been joking or at least partly truthful and she lost herself in thought.

He had started talking and she missed the first part. He noticed, so he spoke a little slower while she gave him a sheepish smile.

"…I am sure, once I get him back from Marcellus and he awakens. That we will have the 'lovers quarrel' of the century." He laughed quietly but continued talking.

"Oh, that reminds me, you and Rebekah might want to leave the house that day. Elijah will most likely be redecorating our home with my body being tossed everywhere. I will be surprised if the house still stands by the end of it." Klaus was grinning fondly, while Haley looked at him with a mixture shock and fright.

"Wow, you must be a fan of domestic violence." Haley closed the journal as she said the words; she would resume her reading later. What she learned today would take time to swallow. She told herself that she almost didn't hear his next words, but she was lying to herself.

"I love it when Elijah gets rough. And the makeup sex will be beyond euphoric, it always has been." He got a strange look in his eyes that she had never seen before- well she fucked him once but hot damn, was he sexier in that moment than she thought was physically possible.

Unjustified jealousy coursed through her body at the thought of Niklaus with Elijah together. But she kinda wanted to ask if they would let her join... I think I understand Tatia a little better. Now isn't the time to think of this! She thought as pushed the feeling down and continued listening.

"I know that he always holds back his punches, even when I myself even believe I deserve a worse ass-kicking…Haha okay, love I will let you in on a secret since. I guess… you are what Elijah conceders you to be, family. Since you are carrying my child. You know, he has taken a liking to you and seeing as you've gone thru most of his journals, I see the feeling's mutual." As he said the words, he threw a pencil at the center of a window that was a few feet away and both watched it crack.

His voice lost all of its previous friendliness and Haley saw a tiny flash, of how an angry original hybrid were-vamp was a force not to be reckoned with. Obviously, she'd seen him pissed before but this was different, it was as if his 'wolf' was asserting what was his or something.

"That man-Elijah is mine cupcake; if you're a good girl and back off, like I forced an old flame namedKatarina." He said her name with disgust. "You will not end up dead, like the courageous little twits that dared defy me. A perfect example, Céleste."

Haley ignored him and said. "Wait. Kathrine, she looks just like Tatia… she is 'Katarina Petrova'?"

He nodded and said. "You have met her, and yes. It's that bitch."

"What yes ...I really hate her…it's just I have read of her, in one of Elijah's journals. It said that he really loved her when she was human and that she was the first doppelgänger?" She raised an eyebrow and coughed.

"I see." He put his bourbon down on the desk and looked at her stomach for a bit as he continued talking.

"We met her in1492. She is the third. Elena the fourth. The first Doppelgänger's name still remains' unknown to me, at least. Tatia, the second descendant of the original. Was and still remains the most beautiful of them all, in my opinion."

He then sat at the corner of his desk and said. "But I must admit I never met the original Petrova. However, I got to know her name; my good 'friend' Silas said her name was Amara. I bet she was stunning as both human and vampire."

Klaus looked giddy when he spoke. "Anyways, as I was saying. Those bimbos swore to god, they could challenge me of all people for Elijah's affections." He let out an infectious laugh, making it seem as if he had just heard one of the world's funniest jokes.

And a chill ran down Haley's spine, as she touched her stomach protectively out of reflex. However, he did not seem to notice or care as he continued talking.

"I loved seeing their failing, bloodied corpses, and their pain filled facial expressions. As I told him to fuck me in front of them, while we watched them die slowly. I guess, it must have been a painful way to die but I warned them."

"You see love, people wind up dead, when they decide to fuck with me- or one of my family members over. Ah I'm sure you'll read all about it in his journals, if not I will lend you mine..." She gave him a wtf look.

So moved to his desk chair and sat down as he explained.

"He forced all of us to write. What's with that look? You see love; Elijah, can be exceptionally persuasive when he wants to be. Well that and dare I say frightening. My brother said that we should write and write about the big innovations, the grand news."

"The one's that made people talk and not just murmur and gossip. Nevertheless, the ones he cared and still cares for most were-are the simple-little moments. For they, were and are the ones that truly shaped times gone by and paved way for the yet to come. He said it is a way to make sure we would not forget history, well what really happened."

Haley set the pop tart wrapper down and straightened up a little in her chair as she heard his voice.

"At first, I thought his command was truly stupid, because I was there y'know. I lived it, surely I would forget. So, as time went by and more things happened, time just seemed to blend together. Events seemed to overshadow others. When I go back to it and read, it just brings back memories. 'There's the funny thing about books, before they existed people actually had memories.' You see Haley, one cannot truly relive days past. We can but brace against uncertain future."

"That was deep and philosophical." Haley look at him, her face showing that she was impressed.

"I know right, Elijah told me that once. The again, my attractive lover also said. "Over the course of my long life, I have come to believe that we are bound forever to those with whom we share blood, and while we may not choose our family, that bond can be our greatest strength...or our deepest regret. "

"Oh…shit, yeah that last part must have hurt. Am I right?" Haley looked at Klaus and he just drank his bourbon but resumed his speaking.

"I kind of stopped when I came here-to New Orleans, I mean. But back in Mystic Falls Rebekah had said, that the history books of America are way off. When I taught school, for a day. My esteemed little doppelgänger corrected me, and well that was disconcerting. So, I started rereading my journals. I must say though Elena is-" Haley cut Nik off by talking.

"Wait. So when Elijah said 'we will be a family' oh god, he meant you two will actually be the…he said you would have the family and unconditional love you've always desired! But you have him- if you really love him as you say you do, why do you still feel lonely!?"

Klaus looked like he was about to speak but Haley beat him to it.

"From what I've read and heard from his journals and Rebekah, he has forgiven you countless times and defended you when no one else would. Rebekah is right. What the hell, is wrong with you?! And fucking him in front of those poor women while they-gah you're insecure as fuck. Not only that, but it's creepy! Why does he even stay or put up with y-"

Before she could finish talking he vamped in front of her, looking lethal. His eyes showed the mix of both were(the golden irises-eyes) and vamp (the veins under his eyes standing out) attesting to the fact that he was a hybrid and a super pissed one at that, but he did not move forward as her back touched the wall.

Klaus's voice sounded offended with a bit of indignation as he whispered in her ear.

"Mayhap, Elijah is a sentimental fool. And I am certainly not the first to have wronged him many a time, you see he's somewhat gullible. But I love him above all others and I will be damned if I let you question his love for me. Or mine for him."

Oh shit backtrack Haley. Now. Both Klaus and Haley felt the baby kick, so both looked down at her tummy. Klaus gave a small smile and she allowed him to touch her stomach for a moment. "…So…Camille, what are you doing with her?"

The tension in the air seemed to lesson a great deal, when Klaus backed away from her and started pacing as he spoke.

"She is helping me write my memoirs, of course. I think someone should know my story. Well at least this part of it and it would make my brother happy. She will be my stenographer, and she is myfriend."

She looked like she was thinking his response over so he continued talking, but slower. "As you know, the French Quarter is on the verge of war. I also happen to know that both Marcel and Davina trust her, which means she is useful. Why, do you ask love?"

"I hate your friends, all of them. Won't Elijah mind? I mean. I know I would, if I had those feelings for you. Or could it be, that you want to make him jelly by bringing her around your house and trusting her with your secrets?" She smirked suggestively and he laughed quietly as he said.

"This is our home love, remember you are now family. As dictated so by my lover/brother Elijah. Nevertheless, still my family. He has taken a great liking to you, but do not delude yourself little wolf. He will forever think of you as nothing more than a friend, or maybe as I do. A surrogate mother of sorts, for our daughter."

"But no, I am sure he thinks of you as he would of our little sister. In his eyes, you are nothing but a child. What is more, I do not know was the food jello has to do with this, but I am assuming you meant to say the word jealous with that term…Am I correct or not?"

Haley threw her spoon at him and he caught it with his mouth. She hadn't expected that, it was freakin hot. And he saw her reaction so he licked it slowly, not minding that it had been in her cup. She gulped and looked away as she said.

"Mmm, I wha- uh I mean... Yes that's what I meant. Right, a 'child' that you got pregnant because of a one-night stand. That sounds gross, pervert. Wasn't Elijah mad, I mean did you two talked about it privately? You know before you stabbed him in the back and gave him over to your son-enemy… your sonemy..I think?"

"Bygones love, bygones. I stabbed my love in the front, not the back honey. And he is thrilled, although he doesn't yet know that we're having a daughter." He gave a sunny smile.

"I plan on surprising him with the great news when he awakens, who know he might just not feel like redecorating our home with my very sensual body being thrown everywhere in a fit of rage. Okay well, if he threw me around everywhere during sex it'd be fine, but not in anger. If he does that, then I get angry and things get…wild." Haley gave him an apprehensive look as he kept talking.

"Don't worry love. We have arguments like any other couple, but we get over it quickly. Alight I should say, normal couples don't argue about daggers, guns, getting shot at multiple times or bitten while other people are around, being locked in boxes for extensive periods of time or about cadavers loitering all of the quarters and countries we leave behind."

"Maybe, I should work on my anger issues but c'mon love, at least I have fun and I know how to get the job done adequately. When have my plans failed, I ask you." Klaus stared at he patiently waiting.

Haley gave him a blank stare and a shrug as Klaus said, "That's right love. Never. I asked you this once and I will do it again. You hardly know him yet you miss him, what is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration?"

Nik looked away then at Haley's wrist and back to her eye's. His voice held false cheeriness as he tried to change the topic. "The 18th century was a great era, a lot of exciting things happened."

She ran a hand through her hair and spoke.

"He was kind to me. I have grown to like you, him and Rebekah more, as the days go by and I read about the lives you've led."

"I feel that I have come to understand a least part, of the reasons why you are who you are. Yet, I am aware that once our baby is born. You will kill me. Maybe I should enjoy my new 'family' for a bit, before I die. I think I deserve at least that much before I die, don't you?"

Haley look Klaus in the eyes as she spoke and changed the topic. "Like what exactly, I mean you're telling me this for a reason right?"

Klaus spoke with conviction as he looked at Haley and she looked at him speechless at first.

"We will not abandon you, or kill you once you give birth to our daughter. You are Mikaelson, you are family and I have a feeling you and I will learn to get along remarkably well. I will not kill you Haley, I promised Elijah I would take care of you and it…my-our child. He made a vow and Rebekah gave her word, we Mikaelson never go back on it."




He offered her a bottle of water that seemed to appear miraculously at his hand but she knew better. "Aye love, during our time in England my family met some interesting characters."

She took the bottle and sipped a bit then set it on the floor and asked, "Like?"

He smirked and said. "Witches, a group of vampire slayers that called themselves 'The Order of the Dragon'. Van Helsing, the ripper, his brother, and an old Vampire by the name of Dracula. It was amusing, seeing their struggle for survival and a false sense of authority. Hmm haha, illuminatingactually. "

Her eyes widened in interest as she said. "Hold the fuck up, just a bit…your telling me that you metVan freakin Helsing and Dracula-the freakin Count?"

"I thought they were fictitious characters that I don't know locals, or something made up- to you know make people aware of vampers and y'knowgood people. What is this 'dragon order' you speak of anyways and what-how-who is/was the ripper, was he really that evil?!"

" C'mon tell me. Klaus, you finally get me interested in something that isn't boring. Like your awful paintings or your-our awesome family. So spill, Niklaus-sorry your name is fun to say aloud…"

He raised an eyebrow, but smiled a little at her curiosity and said. "Ouch love, I will have you know. Elijah loves my 'awful' paintings and so did many civilizations in the earlier centuries. I am not at fault for your lack of sophistication. I don't much care for the terms; good or evil. They no longer matter; such terms mean nothing to me."

She shifted on her chair and he vamped over to where she was. She licked her lips slowly as she waited for him to make a move. He rubbed at his blue eyes and sat on the ground next to her.

If only for an instant, he would pretend that he personally hadn't fucked his whole life over and his whole family's by being born.

Haley noticed his change in demeanor but she had no idea what had set him off. Therefore, she bent a little and looked him in the eyes as she saw his eyes turn golden and a tear fall from his eye.

She silently asked for permission with her gaze but he seemed see thru her. He looked to be too lost in his own mind to care and she took a chance. Seconds before their lips were about to touch he blinked and she jerked away.

She toppled over and was about to eat shit but he caught her quickly, before she got hurt. He flipped them over quickly. So that he landed hard on his back and that neither she, nor their baby would be injured.

Before she had a chance to speak, he said.

"People do what is in their best interest. Regardless of who gets hurt. Is it evil to take what one wants? To satisfy hunger even if doing so will cause another suffering? What some would call evil."

" I believe to be an appropriate response, to a harsh and unfair world. As long as I get what I want and keep my family safe, I am happy. You see over the course of my life, I've encountered no shortage of those who'd presume to speak of good and evil. They my dear Haley are fools-idiots of the highest regard."

Her voice was quiet when she said. "I'm sorry to hear that, Niklaus."

His eyes were still golden but she was already turned on and as far as she could tell so was he. He said, in a low but surprisingly kind voice. "Get off of me Haley, or I might just do something you don't want. Because you hate me and are in heat." Then he lifted his head up and looked at the ceiling as he said. "Worry not love, for I am used to i-"

She didn't give him a chance to continue as she kissed him hard. His eyes met hers when it was over and he kissed her back gently. They continued their actions for several minutes but it had progressed to just touching.

Haley got off of him thinking they would do more but he got her another chair and told her to sit.

"Asshole." Haley crossed her arms and glared at him as she said the word.

"Oh yes, I've been called that many a time. But that is what you get, for insulting my art love. As I was saying...before you started trying to attack me with your beautiful mouth, I believe the year was 1896 when I met the group."

"By the way. You know 'Jack' the ripper- it's Stephen Salvatore, you know Damon right. The 'Count' went by the name Alexander Grayson. The man was a tolerable host, he was handsome and quite the 'American'."

Then he looked down when he noticed her staring but he continued talking unfazed.

"Although, I thought him to be somewhat boring and he was somewhat ignorant ha. He didn't know our kind- we can walk in the sunlight without burning because of our rings. But he was generous, he cared about our kind to an extent of course."

"You see that all changed when Alexander met my dear friend the ripper, they automatically clashed. It was great fun, really a sight to behold."

"They fought for my little sisters' affection at first. Then Stephen ripped his little Mina to shreds hahaha, you see the count was a pompous vamper that was really nothing but a mere twit with money. You have my word, he put too much on his plate to handle. He was a threat that had to be eliminated."

"How, do I know you're not lying? You are impulsive… and a like psycho." She raised an eyebrow and he gave the …(-_-)… face.

"My word is my bond. Love- do not think me so fickle, for I may be a little impulsive when it comes to what I desire. But make no mistake, I am not stupid. I am not a liar when I feel like being honest. I am although, a tad hungry. Shall we continue our conversation over dinner?" As he said the words, he looked at her with fascination.

Haley looked away and at the clock behind her head, which hung on the wall and said. "That look you're giving me isn't helping, you ass and it's barely nine if the afternoon."

He smirked knowingly and said.

"Well then, I hope you continue reading or something to keep busy. I heard from a little birdy, that Elijah will wake up soon. I have plans with Marcel in a bit and I convinced Cami to 'conveniently' interrupt while we are in the middle of an argument. I also need to hide some objects of value, unless I wish to see them destroyed."

He stood up and so did she. She was about to bend down to pick up Elijah's journal's off the ground but Klaus beat her to it. He vamped over and placed them all on the table gently.

Haley smirked at Klaus and said. "Show off."

He smirked back and said "Au revoir mon ami. Je vais vous voir ce soir." Haley gave him a blank stare so he elaborated.

"I shall see you tonight, at eight sharp alright. Also, if you want to see any more 'action' in between my brother and I or find out more things on our family. Instead of just reading about it or you want to join. Just ask love, we won't bite. However. Not now, sorry love but you are pregnant and that would just be gross…repulsive even. Hmm, if you want we could help you get off."

"But sex isn't on the menu, nor the table or ground." Haley got a 'wtf/holy shit' look on her face so Klaus gave her a suggestive wink and kept talking.

"Worry not Haley, for I am not shy. And even though he may look it, he isn't anymore what one would call a 'prude. I am fully aware that you are in heat. Little wolf, your scent is intoxicating, addictive even. It is taking me a great effort to not just take you now."

"Let us compromise, when Elijah returns and if you want we will take care of you. But for now, try relaxing some little wolf. Sharing is caring after all so you're welcome. What say- what do you say Haley? Anyway, I will see you later." The hybrid looked at her, questioning and she spoke.

"…Um y-yeah I'll lust... uh I mean, just go shower and then I'll meet you at the-I'll meet you here at eight. Wait. I saw a portrait of Elijah…did you draw it?"

Haley got up with a flustered look on her faced as she took Elijah's books with her and she started walking next to the door.

Klaus smirked and said. "Oh no, I kept my word. He sketched it, I'll let you think on about what happened next. Ah, if you don't want to wait to find out in one of Elijah's journals, just take a look at my collection. Love, its volume 7. And on the fourth shelf behind me, so have fun."

With those words Klaus vamped away to meet Marcel. Oh yes, he would definitely chat with his little wolf more often.

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