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Number 31

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They had arrived at the airport and her Uncle Kol had compelled a family to let him permanently keep their nice, family friendly car.

Because realistically he won't go out of his way to return it or come find them.

Giving them money for their troubles. In exchange a check. Letting them take their luggage because he doesn't need them.

She didn't get a chance to see for how much because then her Uncle is speaking to them in a language she cannot understand as if he were a native to this place.

And she wonders how long it took him to pick it up. If he could give her some lessons once this is all over.

Given that she and they all survive. Now they are out of the City and she feels a headache coming on.

That's never fun. Especially because hers bring overwhelming destruction. Always.

"This is a scary looking place." Hope looks at her relatives as they step out of the car.

In the middle of the busy highway one moment then in the middle of nowhere she knows geographically speaking. She pulls on her sweater. Cold.

They are in a clearing.

Her Aunt Freya smiles at her. Looking a little worn out due to the exertion yet offering her a pair of gloves so that her hands don't get cold or dirty. They don't need that yet.

"Don't worry kiddo. We are just going to stay for one spell. I know this might not sound so reassuring now but we won't let anything happen to you."

Her Uncle talks to his Aunt Rebekah in a hushed tone then turns to the rest of the party. All smiles. Hope knows better.

"There has been a slight change of plans. I am going on ahead. I need you to meet me in Peru. Three days time. Beks has the coordinates."

He pulled his older sister aside. Handing her a list of ingredients he needs from this place.

From what Hope can pick up there is a problem with more than one witch in her Uncle's inner circle.

"If I don't make it back in time begin without me. Take care." He vanished from sight moments later.

It is nightfall by the time Kol arrives in Peru. Ready to deal with anything. Anyone who gets in his way.

The morning Sun warms him so tenderly by the time he has sacrificed a couple of troublesome underlings.

He is in the middle of rinsing off in a nearby river when he gets a glamored dagger to the back.

Another to his throat. Both packing a punch to them but it seems they forget. Who he is. What he has done.

Just how much he lives for a good fight. Odin knows, he must have blessed him himself.

Like his father and grandfather before him. Both sides of his bloodlines. Like his family he comes-is alive in the heat, beautiful thrill of a nice battle.

And that has been a constant since even before he became a vampire.

"Faulty assumptions about me and mine I take it. Mind if I correct you? I promise. I will give you such a memorable experience."


Kol licks at his fingers. Having drained the vindictive magical being of all their blood after crushing their will to live it seems.

In some particularly cruel ways because he was bored and he had a minute or two to kill.

Watching a full-grown fer-de-lance slither on by. Bending down beside it.

Paying his respects as the reptile bares it's poisonous fangs. What a beautiful baby.

"You little darling are going to be my best friend for the next hour or so."

"You see I've got a small dilemma. Some witches to torture and you are quite the marvel."

"An easy fix to my woes." He compels his newfound friend to follow behind.

He needs to get back to the Inca Trail. He has strayed off course long enough.

He had needed the manpower and magic the witches provided but with his siblings and little tribrid niece they are expendable.

And the Old gods, his new acquaintance to his ridiculously powerful Nordic ancestors.

The Chosen. He thinks he might have just enough juice to pull off what he wants and then some.

And everyone he knows. Loves can appreciate a well meaning gift. A humble offering.

A perfectly depraved blood sacrifice.



"I can help you. With whatever you need. I am still here. Kicking and breathing." Hope crosses her arms.

A deep frown making a permanent home on her face for the past seconds.

Her Aunt Rebekah sends her to her seat. Saying that she should rest up because they are about to set off.

Are well on the way to participate in one of the darkest rituals. A personal piece to her Uncle Kol.

His version of art in its purest form.

A spell he has been tirelessly working on for around one thousand years.

But then her Aunt Freya is telling them to board the plane. Pulling them aside for a quick outline of the situation. What they should expect.

"Hope, with this spell there is a very real possibility, chance of you triggering your werewolf curse."

"We will require your participation to a certain extent. Afterwards you can sit back and let the adults handle it. Niklaus and Elijah are well aware of the risks."

"Or you can follow through. Become what you were always meant to be on your own terms. Believe that whatever you choose we will stand by you. Love you."

Rebekah and Freya share a look. Hope looks up at them. Dumbfounded.

She needs a very real, long minute. She needs her Mom. Her Dad. To breathe first and foremost.

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