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She has been on this plane for a couple of hours now and she is just as ready to face whatever comes their way as she was then.

Marcellus had called her when she and Kol had arrived in Mystic Falls to fetch Hope. Along the way they met up with Freya and Vincent who had gone to scout supplies.

He went separate ways after that saying that he would have no other part in assisting them anymore then this because he owed them nothing and only wanted to help Hope.

Now that they have made it a decent distance in record time she feels her excimenexc building. She can't stop thinking about the possibilities.

Her optimistic view is getting the better of her and she wonders if she will get a chance to see Henrik, Ayana or Tatia again.

Her heart stutters with joy at the thought but she shoved a lid on it because they haven't yet arrived and she is already planning on getting them a back.

Because she just feels lady luck on her side. Like she hadn't really felt hope in a stupid long time.

Rebekah stared Hope as she ate some food while trying to read an online article otn people willing to go around paying a good amount of dollars to drink dead folk goo which she admits that she cannot judge them.

She doesn't care all that much though so she looks at Kol one minute, the next he gets up heading to the restroom saying he had to take a shit yet she can barely hear fragments of him arguing with someone over the phone.

This is going to be a long trip but she has a blood bag and a copy of Hamilton downloaded to her phone so she doesn't mind being stuck here.

Freya watches them for a few seconds before going back to meditating, she has to focus on the goal and in order to succeed she needs to focus on handling both her magic and Finn's.


"Okay. You see, I don't think you're getting the point of it Elijah. She is in a plane with a nut case poltergeist who is willing to throw her to the wolves in order to get control of her body."

Klaus looks at him then back at the screen only to see Kol roll his eyes as he leaned against the door letting out a huff and mumbled the words. "We aren't that incompetent brother."

He practically feels Elijah nod in agreement. As he adds on to the conversation, sitting next to Klaus as he drinks what looks like cognac.

"You sure about this Klaus. I am not saying that you shouldn't go too since you actually want to be there but if you do. Don't confuse being there with taking an actual part in the ritual or picking a fight with the people there. Kol has a plan. And you have to remember. Once upon a time he was good with those."

Kol's eyes narrow on sight but he ignores the shade thrown his way to instead shrug, saying.

"Heh, thanks for the vote of confidence. Look just to be clear. Even though I thought I had been already. I need to bring our brother back and fix her problem." He points at the door as if she were really out here eavesdropping.

"In that order." He looks away as he sees Elijah fingers brush up against Klaus' own before sharing a sympathetic smile with him.

"Look, those are my sole priorities so basically you either follow my lead or fuck off. It is excruciatingly simple."

He grips at the collar of his shirt thinking that the room feels a little bit stuffy in here and that he should relax because their stunned silence is agitating. Clearing his throat he tries again this time with a lighter almost optimistic tone.

"At the very least when we have Finn back he can help us stabilize what she has going on. Power in numbers and all that Hallmark crap.."

Elijah looks at him strangely as if he can gauge his thoughts. Before he can get a word in Klaus starts with.

"I can't just let her go. I trust you both with the knowledge of magic but her safety is my business and I won't risk her getting injured, she is the absolute best of me and her mother."

Klaus feels like he's pleading his case yes but also like he is winning and yet talking himself into this while not really wanting to go.

He wants everything to just go right. The first time. Without him but realistically speaking he is afraid that this is too big of a task to leave up in the air.

Not that his siblings are useless it is just that he isn't physically there to witness this every single step of the way.

"Alright. Get it straight then. You find yourself a witch then you are there to observe. And observe is the only thing you will do or I will zap you home."


"Having said that I am low-key anxious about the potential outcomes. Like if he doesn't want to come back or if I will want to stay with know me. Always gotta envision the worst scenarios first and all."

He leaves out the words 'since that's usually how it goes' but he ends the conversation at that. "K I'm hanging up now. I'll keep you updated so don't blow up my phone. It's annoying."

Kol heard a knocking on the door and turn the faucet on while calling out that he 'needs a minute' since he 'just went through labor.'

When he opens the door he sees Rebekah standing in the doorway with a blood bag and a small hopeful smile.

His eyes soften at the sight of her but he really doesn't want to jinx this or be a downer. All he knows is the facts.

Bad shit stays happening when he goes out of his way to try and actually be happy. Still he won't deny himself this little moment with his sister. Her optimistic outlook is simply infectious.



Freya opens her spell book to brush up on a page or two detailing what looks to be a powerful binding spell when she hears Hope yawning and watches her throw her phone on the seat adjacent to hers.

"Aunt Freya...can I sit here?" Hope is suddenly in the vicinity of her personal space. So she closes her book and winced in horror at the sight of the protruding veins clearly visible on her niece's arm before she concealed it, reeled it back.

Exchanged it for a glance that expressed concern before nodding, clearing her throat and grabbed a water bottle.

"Yes. Of course sweetie, you don't have to ask. Just sit down next time k."

"What if there isn't a next time." Hope can't meet her gaze as tears well up in her eyes. She promised herself that she wouldn't cry. Be weak, never again. It is what got her mother killed.

She wasn't strong enough to protect her. Yet right now. In this moment she deadass can't help it.

She is frightened by what is inside her.

If she thought, knew that she was already a freak as it was. Now it's like she is a freak on steroids.

Hope shuddered to think of the mess of a man her father would become when- if she died. She wonders if uncle Elijah or Marcellus would blame her for hurting him like this.

Freya studies her for a minute. Thinks it is a very real possibility that what they plan on doing will backfire on them.

Then again that her niece is way too young to be thinking about her mortality. Especially when she comes from this family.

It probably sounds a little fucked up but she tries to change the topic. Just wants to avoid it altogether to be honest.

She isn't good at this. Didn't have to be until now. She wishes she knew what Haley would have said in such a situation.

Then she remembers that Haley isn't here so she has no other choice. She is going to wing it and give it her best shot.

Touching her hand gently she whispered the words.

"Hey, honey. Let me show you something. This was one of the first spells I learned while in Dalia's care for lack of a better word." She lifted her hand forward and utters a spell only to have Hope follow her gaze.

Eyes landing on the ceiling "it got me through a lot. I wish it would help you too."

She thinks of being a child and having a nightmare only to see that neither her dearest brother nor her parents were there to console her.

Then of looking up at the sky and thinking for a moment that everything will be better in the morning even if it was a lie.

Hope break contact with the illusion of the night sky and the spell ends there. She feels pathetic and hopeless all at once.

"I'm so damn scared and I really don't know what to do. What if I hurt someone or worse. How do I live with that, how did you?"

She doesn't want to be all that presumptuous because she feels like she is grasping at straws yet because her Aunt Freya is a Mikaelson it honestly does not feel like too much of a stretch to assume that she has done her fair share of fucked up stuff.

Freya meets her gaze as her lips press together in a thin line. She internally debates how much is too much to reveal. How far she is willing to tear the envelope. Taking a deep breath she says.

"I'm not good with pep talks so I'll level. Be straight up with you here. What I do is I take things one day at a time. Some things.."

"Deeds and even people are more forgettable than others, trust me. It gets easier. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Other days however it feels like you're stuck in the zoned labeled 'polar opposite'. You wake up only to think you are losing yourself and your soul."

"To be honest. You probably are but on those days force yourself to go about spreading a little kindness. Will it fix your issue or absolve you of all sin? Of course not but you can't stay in the past. It's pointless. Nothing will change the outcome therefore you look forward."

Freya watches Hope stare at her hands as if she's mulling over the words before she looks up at her determination shining in her eyes. "Thanks Aunt you've given me something else to focus on and that's exactly what I need right now."

A couple of minutes pass with Kol and Rebekah standing towards one of the emergency exits. Just drinking enough to feel a light buzz but not enough to make a real impact.

"We fucked up here. We are getting sidetracked." Rebekah sits on the floor and seconds later he joins her. Discarding the bottle by throwing it towards the restroom.

"It's fine I just.." He brushes off imaginary dust from his clothes. "Bekah can I talk to you. Like an off the record deal."

"Uh huh, go ahead." She feels her mouth go dry at the intensity of his gaze but he looks away quickly enough.

Kol pulls out a dark object and she recalls seeing it a few times before a long time ago. It works as a white noise equivalent to the outside world so whatever he wants to say is important, something he would like to keep confidential.

"The closer I get to achieving what I originally wanted..I feel like garbage. What if he's actually found peace and what he craved? Happy without me. Who am I to take that away from him." He presses his lips together and looks away as if lost in thought.

"We can let him stay there after he helps us. We have options."

"I've been thinking about this lately. How happiness is a choice. And how it pretty much goes hand in hand with comfort, a safe choice."

"Not always. Sometimes it is accidental and plenty of mistakes are made. Maybe even a dash of fear or shame but there is definitely excitement, the threat of danger. It's more of a trial and error game."

"I'm scared. Not for the morally correct reasons either. Still I can't stop."

She grabs his hand pressing her lips to his hair. "You are both idiots." She looks down the hallway and run a hand through her hair.

"There is a little darling out there that you and I adore so we are going to help her. It might be too late for you two to find way back to each other."

"And that sounds like a personal problem because let's be real here, that is a very good possibility but there is always the chance that you might so you have a fifty fifty shot. Yet you have your ways and knew that. Kol..He isn't the only reason I'm sitting here with you is he?"

Rebekah regards him with something slightly akin to pity when he chuckled softly. He demeanor changing minutely signalling that he never stopped being all business despite his emotions.

"You caught me. Sister I rarely don't have an ulterior motive. Anyway, I had wanted to talk to you about this however so I appreciate you for indulging me." He pulls out a few sheets of paper from his coat pocket.

Each more work out then last and she knows that he isn't fucking around because she recognized some of the dates and writing. These are from a Bennett and Gemini covens.

Two covens that couldn't be further away in their practice yet two of the strongest. The last page is from Esther's own grimoire and it has blood on it. She can't help but wonder who exactly it belongs to.

She wants to ask where he got this from but she is a little scared of the response. But he is still talking so she focused on that. Putting off her questions until he finished.

"The Hollows power it has absorbed and blended with countless powerful witches that's why it doesn't die, it evolves constantly or at least it did. When you know it had a constant food supply."

"The Priest is its perfect host and the Priestess is its perfect power source once they come to terms with the weight of their magic."

Rebekah thinks she has pieced one and two together so she cuts him off. Moving to stand up. Looking at him.

Judgement evident in her eyes and he gives her a solemn look but she can see the underlying mischief and hunger begging to be set free.

"You want to exploit that somehow and that's why you chose one of the darkest and bloodiest places on Earth. You want to test a little experiment."

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