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M Note: I am aware that people did/might've not have/had; soap, toothpaste or toilets etc. in the 10th century but I don't care.

They could have ground up salt, slave and mint for toothpaste. I'm just saying apparently salt is effective at protecting against gingivitis due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties so I'm guessing it's also working against plaque.

All right, so I said I would try to be accurate but I do not like the fact that Kol & Finn are dead. They won't be when I post the next sectors. Also I'll likely bring Tatia back, eventually. This chapter has smut.

The morning came faster than expected for Elijah. He was still tired but he had to get up and see Niklaus-and his family.

The day had started with a marvelous morning, when in comparison to the last few weeks at least. Mikael and the siblings had bathed quickly while Elijah helped Rebekah make breakfast.

Mikael had insisted that they eat food that is more not humans as food, no matter how repulsive they found it.

No one bothered to argue with him on the topic.

When they had finished with their hygiene they all sat together and had breakfast. The siblings felt somewhat uncomfortable while eating in silence.

Because the last time they had eaten together was when both Henrik and Esther were alive and Niklaus was not enchained.


With the ordeal called 'breakfast' finished. Mikael had gone to a neighboring town and had taken Finn and Kol with him.

They would be gone a few days so, he left Elijah in charge of their land. Also told him again, to protect and make sure no one or anything harmed his dear daughter Rebekah.

Elijah wasn't sure if their father had told him to stay in order for Rebekah to be protected or that Mikael feared she would try to escape with Niklaus and the only way to insure that would not happen.

Was to leave her as his charge.

For it's common knowledge that at times she respects Elijah even more then Mikael himself.

He was leaning towards a mixture of both.

The first thing Elijah and Rebekah had done when they made sure their father and brothers were out of sight was rush to Niklaus's side at vampire speed.

When they got to their brother's side Elijah started releasing Niklaus carefully in order to not hurt him much and in case their father returned earlier than expected.

Like if he forgot something and had to return.

They would then just enchain Niklaus back up and their father would not suspect a thing, hopefully…

Elijah stopped trying to yank off the chains that held Nicklaus on the palisade and looked at his sister.

"Bekah, I need a favor of you. But I need you to take your time and do it right, understand?"

"Okay..yes Elijah, I understand. Now, how can I help?"

Rebekah looked alert as she waited for instructions then she looked at Nik's exhausted form and her facial expression showed that she wanted Elijah to hurry up and speak so that Niklaus could rest.

"I need you to compel a few humans so that Niklaus can feed but first I need you to bring me some soap, a few towels and the new clothes. So that I can help him bathe. It will be easier for me to do it in the river."

"Shall I, call Tatia to assist you or should I help you?"

Rebekah didn't want to ask because she didn't want to see her brother naked but maybe Tatia could help after all her blood had helped seal Nik's wolf-ish-side.

Yet there is still the whole want to be love triangle thing going on with my brothers and Tatia so that could get weird quick. She thought while looking at Nik.

"No. That will not be necessary Rebekah, I am more than able to take care of Niklaus… Tatia is human. He would drain her easily with how his hunger as it is right now. Thank you. For your offer and suggestion though. But I shall spare you the horror of seeing him naked."

Elijah looked at Nik then met her eyes as he held back from smiling while he spoke in a cheerful voice.

"Oh, that's lovely dear Elijah. To know you find me repulsive, I mean. Actually, no that hurt. But I will have you know.."

Nik's voice sounded indignant for a bit as he tried to keep his eyes open. "…I am very filthy and hungry so fix it."

"Uh yeah, I will get going then…" With those words Rebekah rushed off to get the supplies Elijah had asked for.

Meanwhile, Elijah had finally taken the chains off Niklaus and held him close to his body by carrying him near the river.

"Alright Niklaus, take off your clothes or do you need assistance?" Klaus gave him an incredulous look as he tried to take off his shirt normally, he failed do it so he ripped it to shreds.

Elijah gave him an appraising look but it was mostly concerned seeming and Niklaus spoke up.

"Do you like what you see Eli-jah? Oh wait. I forgot, my body repulses you." His voice made it sound as if he were joking but Elijah heard a note of curiosity.

"I was merely jesting brother. I knew our dear Rebekah would not wish to see you while you are indecent. Just so you know. I am enjoying it, I think a little bit too much actually. But you need to get clean."

Elijah vamped over to where Klaus was and pulled the rest of his clothes off. In an instant they were both nude and in the water.

Klaus was surprised by the coldness of the water but even more so by Elijah's sexy and muscular naked body so close yet so far from him.

"Ah, so you planned to join me, Elijah." He gave him a teasing smile but it vanished as Elijah looked away.

"I am very hungry. Rebekah should hurry up; I want to eat something, preferably before the day is over."

Well the water has certainly woken me up. Thought Klaus while being bored.

Elijah stayed in the water but he used his heightened vampire senses to feel around the woodland.

However, he did not sense Rebekah or anyone else near. "Well then, come closer. On second thought wait there, you look a little weak brother."

"Yes. I must look like a disaster and I am sure. I smell even worse but I feel better now. That I am off that awful palisade. Thank you. For freeing me. But I am not patheti-" Nikaus stopped speaking because Elijah had crushed his lips on his softly.

When Elijah pulled back he saw that Nik was kind of blushing and that shocked him so much he thought he was going to start swooning practically.

So he did the only logical thing he could think of at the moment, he grabbed Nik's head and pulled it towards his neck.

"Bite me Niklaus, I assume Rebekah will be a while. Besides you need to eat." Niklaus looked at Elijah as if he were retarded, but Elijah did not seem to care as he commanded.

"Go on Niklaus, drink. Look if you find the taste of my blood to your dissatisfaction, then you will never have it again. You have my word but right now, I need you to feed."

Klaus still looked like he wanted to refuse, so Elijah pleaded one last time. Guilt tripping him would probably work.

"Drink, please? You…you had Kol's blood last night without question. Yet you won't have mine..fine."

Elijah looked hurt and slightly angry as he gave a curt nod and turned away. He had started to leave when Niklaus vamped behind him in the water, moved his neck to the side (tilted it) and bit him.

Elijah closed his eyes as he relaxed into his hold. By doing that, he gave him better access to his neck. Thus, making sure Nik could feed more comfortably.

The depth of the act was not lost on Nik as he pulled away and watched the bite mark heal swiftly.

However, before any other interaction could happen. Klaus backed away quickly when he sensed that Rebekah was coming closer.

When Rebekah came into view, she saw Elijah laying by the river in just underclothing and throwing pebbles at the nearby trees.

He looked like he was trying to get something out but what, she has no idea. She sat down by him and looked at Elijah's chest as if mesmerized.

Elijah and Nik seemed to notice so Niklaus snapped his fingers to get her attention.

"My dear Rebekah didn't mother ever teach you that ogling at men. Especially your acquaintances, is extremely unlady like. So you need to cut it."

Both Original vampires knew, it wasn't a question but the blonde answered anyway.

"No. But I bet she would have. Had you, not slain her."

Rebekah glared at Nik while he just gaped at her looking bewildered. She had effectively shut him up so he kept his mouth shut. She then threw the soap at him and he caught it with ease but kept quiet.

"I am getting in the water, It is hot out here." With those words out of the way, she started undressing quickly. She kept her nightgown on.

Elijah sat up quickly and said. "What? No. You are aware that Niklaus is naked in there right?"

He picked up her dress and he started handing it back to her when he realized that she was already walking towards the water. He vamped in front of her and grabbed her arm but she pushed him in.

He accidently fell backwards and into the water, while pulling her along with him.

When they resurfaced, Nik noticed that Rebekah was smiling and laughing while Elijah silently glared at her but then his face broke into a grin as he pacified when she splashed water at him.

Klaus felt a strange sentiment build up in his chest as he saw the scene in front of him unfold. He recognized the emotion as jealousy.

He had felt it every time he saw Tatia near Elijah or towards anyone that got a little too friendly with him for that matter.

The only reason he persuaded Tatia at first was that he liked that she had shown an interest in him.

Then he realized that she liked Elijah as well and he would not have it. Nobody but him would ever be good enough for Elijah, he would make sure of it.

He first noticed his perverse love for his brother, when he was a child with night terrors and the only one he chose comfort from was Elijah. However, this feeling was different because they were family.

Sure that did not apply to them because both wanted what happened last night, Elijah had proved it and so had he.

Certainly, his little sister did not harbor any of those feelings towards Elijah. Ugh, he was being insecure of himself.

The one thing he knew for sure is that once Elijah was his he would remain his forever and vise-versa of course for he knew he could never love or want anyone as he did his brother.

"Niklaus, are you feeling unwell? You look a little ill." Klaus almost flinched when he felt Elijah's hand on his forehead tenderly.

He heard his brother's worried voice and he wanted nothing more than to hug or kiss him at that moment but he then noticed Rebekah behind Elijah looking concerned for him.

He swiftly composed himself as he slapped Elijah's hand away from his face.

He is not pathetic. one should have any business concerning themselves with was he is or isn't feeling/going through.

At least that's what he's thinking.

However, he saw his brother's slightly hurt look and Rebekah's frown so he said. "I am fine brother, I am a vampire. Remember. Nothing can hurt me."

"Oh yes…my apologies, I shall leave you alone then." As he started to move away Klaus wanted to reach out and apologize for his words but he said nothing.

"Nice way to ruin a kind gesture, Nik." Said Rebekah as she rolled her eyes and started to get out of the water.

Meanwhile, Elijah was bending over to get his slacks and he was about to put them on when Rebekah spoke again.

"Oh, I was kind of late because I saw Tatia on the way and she said that you two had a date or something."

Elijah froze for a bit but he then smirked. His smile quickly faded though as he looked at his little brother.

"Oh yeah, I uh just remembered that we had plans…I had told her that I would take her to buy medicine for her son and then, we would both come see you two… it's almost not a date…" Elijah's voice was calm as he spoke but Klaus knew better.

"Do not fret brother you need not explain to us," said Rebekah clearly not sensing the tension in the air.

Klaus on the other hand was pretty pissed off so he would make it known. "What happened to family above all? Or Always and Forever? What about me?!"

Okay, he's almost positive that when they'd made the vow to each other it wasn't necessarily implying that incest was suddenly on the table then again..

"What about you? Oh jeeze, c'mon Nik get over yourself. She fancy's him and I know he's never going to love anyone more. That extent is just unequivocal.. Plus, they look cute together. Wait...Did something happen in between you two that I am not aware of."

Rebekah looked at her brothers inquisitively but Klaus blew her off. That's a lie. It has to be because if it isn't then that's left him as second best and he doesn't want that.

At least not here.

"Rebekah don't get in this. In fact. Leave us. Go on love, find Tatia and tell her. There's been a change of plans. That you will go with her, instead."

"What. I will do no such thing! Who gave you the right, authority to boss me around?! You are just a pathetic person Nik, you are a sore loser."

Klaus flinched but he let her continue talking.

"You are a spiteful, evil little man and you are jealous of your better brother. Because the girl you pinned after chose him. You know what, she made the right choice. If I were her, I would have picked Elijah as we-"

She didn't get to finish her rant because Klaus vamped in front of her but Elijah stood in front of her protectively.

Wait. Why am I angry right now? I know he killed mother but he was not born a killer, damn these emotions... And I think I went overboard. Fuck!

"If you were her and you tried, to take what is mine. You would be six feet under."

He looked her in the eyes and something about the way he said the words terrified her and him, he wouldn't honestly want to hurt his sister but then why did he say that with such conviction?"

"If you take one more step towards her, I will kill you." Niklaus felt a chill run down his spine at the words. For the first time in his life, he felt fear towards someone else that wasn't his father-Mikael.

He knew that Elijah did not ever make empty promises. And Rebekah noticed it too therefore she had started apologizing to Klaus but stopped when Elijah cut her off by saying that 'all is forgiven'.

"Rebekah, do as he said. I swear, I will make it up to you. You have my word but leave us now."

Elijah didn't take his eyes off Nik as he said the words.

She vamped away without saying a word, leaving the two brothers alone. Neither of the brother's noticed her departure.



Without caring for whether Rebekah was still there or not. He tackled Elijah to the ground and started tearing his clothes off while kissing him harder than the night before.

He did not want to get muddy or go back in the water but he had to choose one and he couldn'tdecide, so he wouldn't.

"Where?" Elijah didn't understand the question at first but it clicked when Nik started touching his lower body slowly as he kissed his neck.

"Here, un-unless you have complaints…" As he said the words he flipped them over so that he was on top but instead of fucking Klaus right away like he wanted he grabbed Nik's wrists and kissed them delicately.

"St-stop that! Its making me want you more and I thought that, was impossible." As Klaus said the words, he spread his legs for Elijah and he thrust up. "I want you to fuck me so bad I find it …"

He stopped talking when he saw that Elijah was jerking himself off to the sound of his voice. A laugh escaped his mouth and Elijah's eyes snapped open. "Ah Elijah, I think I'll come if you just talk with how much I want this and you right now."

Elijah got on top of him and started trailing kisses down his body.

"Keep doing that. Mm wait. We-maybe we shouldn't do this... it's forbidden and you have seen it yourself... I am a monster." Fuck why am I talking?! I really want this-fml!

Elijah stopped trailing kisses down Klaus's stomach long enough to look up at him and said in a quiet but serious voice.

"I will love you as you are. Always and Forever. You are no more or less of a monster than our brothers, our dear sister, or I."

Klaus didn't know how to feel as he heard the words. "I apologize for fathers actions... I should never have let him hurt you. I am sorry for my cowardice but if I am honest,…st-"

Klaus stroke Elijah's cock fast just to toy with him and Elijah slapped his hand away gently and grabbed his face forcing him to look up.

He stopped talking long enough to look Klaus in the eyes. "I must say, that man strikes fear in my heart. But so did the the thought of you hurting Rebekah. And abou-"

Klaus grabbed Elijah's cock again and began stroking it harder while shutting him up by kissing him passionately.

Slowly, he separated himself from Elijah and vamped over to a tree.

He pushed Elijah face-first against the tree he had previously leaned up against.

He had made sure that Elijah didn't really hit his face but that his body was flush against the tree.

Once he took a second to breathe he licked up Elijah's neck, making him moan loudly when he bit down and he drew blood.

Elijah turned his face slightly to look him in the eyes. Both of them were blushing lightly but Nik spoke first.

"I would advise you not look at me like that, atleast not in public. You should know, it turns me on."

"This is how I, never-mind… We're doing this on my terms now Niklaus- I want… you will take me first. I want to know how it is done and learn from experience what I shall be inflicting on you. What do you say?"

As he said the words, he felt Klaus touch his ass and squeeze. He jumped a little at that and he found it embarrassing.

He didn't want to show that he was panicking so he would turn off his emotions when it was time for penetration.

He had been with a lot of women and he knew the modus operandi. Aka-drill or code of behavior.

He just wished Nik would be sensible enough to know not to tear anything with his newly acquired brutish strength.

Wait can that even happen? Will I even care? It will just heal, but what if the pain overrides the pleasure and the experience makes me never want to try again?

Nik felt Elijah's body stiffen so he started kissing his back and whispering sweet nothings into his ear as he slid his fingers in and out slowly one by one, until he thought it would suffice.

Elijah would never admit it but those words meant the world to him. Both men knew that from this point on, they could never return to how they once were.

Klaus was positive, he saw nirvana when he entered Elijah. He waited a few minutes for Elijah and himself to adjust to the sensation for he knew that Elijah had turned off his emotions at the time of penetration.

He would eventually turn them back on and when he did, he would be openly exposed to a world of sensitivity.

"Oh. Go-ah, Klaus these feels- my ass…ho-I ne-need you to move. Now."

Elijah held onto the tree as if he were in love with it or someshit as Niklaus started moving and setting a slow and easygoing pace at first until he thought, he heard a noise of dissatisfaction.

That annoyed him so much he wished that it were human to that he could rip its intestines out and feed 'em to bears. What's more is that, he vowed at that moment he would make sure to never hear it again.

Not when it came to sex with Elijah, the only person that matters more to him than his own life.

Therefore, he thrust faster and just a little harder. He still did not want to hurt him. Even if, they could heal and their lives were now to be everlasting.

Hmm I guess, I could just ask what he wants of me. Though Klaus as he questioned/commanded.

"Tell me what you want Elijah, otherwise I will just have to guess." Wow my voice sounds different huh? cool...

"I want you t-to fuck me. Harder-fast-er." He tried to repress a moan as Niklaus took him with more vigor than before, while speeding up his actions on Elijah's cock. He started to fuck him at vampire speed.

Well if you have it use it, he thought as he started to feel Elijah getting close.

Just as Elijah was getting close to letting go, he heard a noise near the bushes. "Niklaus wa-it wait. I-think, I think I hear something…"

"Ag-hha..not of importance, it must be an animal- the wind. I think indulging ourselves whilst we still have a chance is much keener, do you not?"

"Brother, I said cease th-" but Elijah stopped protesting when he felt Nik hit that spot inside of him again. (The spot's the prostate jfyi)

"N-no. Do not call me that, not while we're doing this. It is disgusting." Elijah pressed his back against Klaus, making him go deeper.

"I don't think i-it's wise to tell anyone of this, un-til we are certain this is what we want." Klaus was having difficulty thinking straight but he spoke anyway.

"Then we-we will keep it a secret. I told you last night and I shall keep…telling you until, the end of time if that is what it takes. I want you more-" He was breathing loudly.

"-than I want my freedom." He turned Elijah over fast and had him wrap his knees around his waist while he looked him in the eyes and he started moving slower in order to readjust quicker. "You know, some secrets are stronger than family."

"Ha-ah. No. That's stupid.. Sorry, but I-I don't accept that comment as truth." His voice was easy but it sounded deadly serious swiftly as he kept talking.

"Nothing, should ever be stronger than family Nik-laus, do not delude your-self. please."

Niklaus secretly-or maybe not so much anymore- found an angry/serious Elijah very sexy.

Wait, do I want to be controlled by him or something? 59% of my mind and body scream the word yes, but 41% wants to rule him..damn all these issues…

"Family-ha-ahh..fam-" He paused and tried to regain his thoughts. "-It makes you weak Elijah, what do you not understand!?"

They stopped moving for a bit then Elijah said."Niklaus there is no hope for you, is there?"

"I am not sure. But whether there is or isn't shouldn't matter right now. However, I know for certain that the feeling of being in you is more erotic than anything else I've tried."

Nik smirked evilly and moved faster because he was close to coming as he continued.

"I bet you anything, that the feeling of having you inside of mm-me well be more than just euphoric. I think I shall crave it more than I do blood or dare I say, power."

Elijah licked at one of Nik's nipples slowly as he listened to him speak. "All the same, you do not want that yet so I will wait as long as it takes, my love. Ah."

Nik was so close and would come undone in seconds, he knew that his brother was getting there also.

"Don't call me that. Not until you actually mean it-Rest assured, you will have your way with me. Whenever and where-ever you want."

Nik thrust in so far that he was balls deep. He made a mental note to try this position more often with Elijah, as he hit his prostate repeatedly. At vampire speed and harder, making Elijah come with his next comment.

"All heh, all is forgiven. Brother." He tried out the word for himself and he kind of liked it a little but not much, in the kind of situation they had going on currently.

"Now come for me Elijah."

Elijah came at his command but Nik wasn't far behind. Elijah bit his neck hard so that he wouldn't say anything that might make things more weird, than he was sure they would be. Nik bit Elijah's shoulder as came inside him.

Both brothers felt a weird connection towards each other, weirder.

It was like they felt the other's emotions threw their blood, almost as if they had made a blood bond but it felt stronger-different.

Niklaus didn't waste time dwelling on it but though it was one of the sexiest things he had seen all day-ever, as he saw all the blood and body fluid covering their bodies.

He pulled out while relaxing his body and mind by breathing unnecessarily, but it helped calm himself down.

"I think we both ha-both have to wash up now. It's convenient haha..." Nik ran a hand through his curly hair. "That we're so near the water, I mean…Elijah?"

Nik moved to touch his brother because fear hit him hard as he thought that the other man regretted the actions taken but Elijah dispelled it by grabbing his hand and then brought it to his lips and kissed it softly.

He then moved forward, got in the water and said that they should hurry and wash up lest someone saw-sees them naked.

Later that night

Klaus was feeding on three teenage girls that Rebekah had compelled for him, while she was making dinner for Tatia.

Tatia, was talking to Elijah and her familiarity to his brother was annoying af to Klaus but he would just keep drinking and not comment.

It had bothered him before but ever since he'd been away from them, it seemed to have gotten stronger.

And now that sex was on the table 'so to speak' and with that weird feeling he's had since he bit Elijah during climax. He didn't know what to think or how to feel at the moment. He wondered if his brother felt the same or…

"Fuck it, it isn't time for thinking."

"Klaus!" Tatia's worried voice, broke him out of his thoughts. He said an expletive again as he looked down at the dead girl in his arms and instead of setting, the dead body down carefully.

He released it hastily, as if it had been vervain and not a corpse that burned his hands.

Tatia and Elijah watched as the body fell, as if it and time were stuck on slow motion. He looked at the body that lay on the floor then looked at Tatia, with a bored voice he started talking again.

"Yes love, what is wrong? You look, like you are about to hurl at any moment or something. You should ask Rebekah to make you some tea or you can just go home and make some, there."

Tatia looked at Elijah then back at Klaus before she spoke.

"I- um-I… Elijah, I have to go… My kid and stuff… Tell Rebekah I said sorry, but I am yeah-" She had not even finished talking, or was attempting to make sense. Tatia just up and dipped.

"Well. What's wrong with her, eh brother?" Klaus questioned as he laughed gleefully and Elijah ran a hand through his dark hair in an exasperated motion.

"Wait, what's this I hear? Aw shit. Niklaus, what the hell?! She was my guest not, yours!" Rebekah huffed in anger after she had said the words.

Tatia had come over cause Rebekah had insisted that things wouldn't be weird with Klaus back and all. Guess that plan was a fail…

"Relax little sister she's gone, just up and left saying something about her kid!" Nik put his hands up in an I-didn't-do-shit-so-don't-give-me-that-look gesture.

"Look. I swear love, hey don't look at me like that. It hurts." He then looked at Elijah, expectantly.

"Well. Go on Elijah, tell my little half-sister of how you were a witness and of how you know of my innocence. Of how, I didn't do anything!"

What is, he getting at? Elijah was looking at Klaus while trying to figure it out, when he spoke. Having somewhat caught on.

"Yeah.. Rebekah. Sorry but you were too quick to judge, he didn't do anything."

What Elijah failed to mention, was that he had disposed of the corpse by flinging it out the window.

He would bury it later. Right now he's partly concerned with cleaning his hands. Then Tatia.

Wait. Maybe that's why Tatia left in haste; she must not want to get caught up, in a murder/kidnapping investigation…Who would? Oh, fuck she is most likely scared of us again… damn.

He had worked so hard to get her to come around. Well not really because she still loves him and his family like he loves her and her son.

"Wait a minute. Where, is the third girl?" Rebekah looked at the couch but only saw two bloody and passed-out girls on it. Klaus gave her a wtf look and Elijah shrugged as if he didn't know what she was talking about.

"What are you talking about? You, only handed me two-and I'm still hungry." Klaus said the words in a super confused tone. If Elijah hadn't known any better he'd have apologized quickly, in-on behalf of Rebekah.

But he did and wow, Klaus was a good liar. Maybe, he should be cautious…or take notes-both evidently.

"Do not jest with me now, Nik! I am not in the mood for jokes. This is serious. You cannot/should not just go, dumping bodies. Killing anything you want. I've told Kol a bunch of times as well."

Rebekah took a breath to try and calm down but it wasn't necessarily working as she spoke again.

"I am certain that's what you did- you must have killed her and Tatia witnessed and you scared her off! So, you hid the damn body then tried to lie to me." Rebekah was seething by the end of her rant.

"Actually, you got all of that right but one part." Elijah spoke quietly and she looked back at him surprised.

So, he continued. "It was I, who tossed her body out the window…If it makes this any better I must say, that I would have buried her once you had gone off to bed."

"Well then, huh. Thank you for telling me brother but I am no longer hungry and I wish to slumber. By the way, I am sleeping with you tonight. So go get the body and bury it quickly, I am tired."

She then turned to look at Klaus and said. "Nik. You can go and sleep in your room if you want, I'll pick up the kitchen while Elijah buries the girl outside. I'll send these girls home in the morning and pay them for their service."

"Oh nice, I don't get an apology but he gets a 'thank you' bitch." Klaus glared at her and she glared back and spoke.

"Excuse me?! Nik. You. Lied To Me! And then you have the nerve to- what the hell?! I'm not talking to you anymore. Ugh.. just go to sleep. In here or outside like the dog you are. We'll deal with this in the morning." Rebekah made a you-are-dismissed-motion with her hand.

"Wait..I wish to make you a deal, what do you say?" Klaus dismissed the words before he took them to heart and sat down on the couch, in-between the two unconscious chicks.

"What sort of deal?" Asked Rebekah looking interested.

"I help you clean tonight and you do something for me as well." He stood up to his full height and she did too even thought she was still a bit shorter than him.

"Out with it Nik. What, do you want?" Rebekah walked towards him as she spoke.

He didn't know why, he sounded so vulnerable but it worked to his advantage as he said. He should watch Kol practice more often.

"I-I don't, I don't want to be alone- tonight…if I help…" Rebekah looked taken aback by what she was hearing. She sure wasn't expecting, that.

She was about to tell him that it was alright for him to not speak anymore, since she got the message and was about to agree.

When she felt cold air near that signaled that Elijah had entered the house for something, maybe a shovel.

She nodded her head quickly as a few tears streamed down her face and she vamped over to Klaus and kissed his check and apologized properly for earlier, so did he then he smiled while she hugged him.

"Ah, how cute. You see. I don't get why you two are always arguing, when you work together you both are awe-inspiring." Said Elijah as he removed his shoes and tossed them near the door.

He made sure all the doors and windows were locked before he re-entered the kitchen. They were almost done cleaning.

Granted, they could have finished faster if they just used their extra abilities. But both Klaus and Rebekah were just enjoying, being in each other's company.

Although, a small part of his brain could not help being cynical and wonder just how long that would last.

"All right. Rebekah, I'm done. So I'll wait for you in my room I guess, goodnight Nik-"

"Wait, brother let us sleep on my bed its larger" Klaus looked a little sheepish as he heard her talk.

Maybe in the future I should try acting, he thought. Maybe he'd be good enough to get paid.

"Larger? Why would we need a big-oh…" He said, as his caught on to Rebekah's glances towards Nik.

"Well okay, just let me just go get my pillow and… I'll meet you two there." He said the words as he started walking towards his room.

Meanwhile, Rebekah showed Nik the new clothes that both she and Tatia bought for him. He felt slightly more remorseful then he had before, for kicking/scaring her out of his house.

He knew she would let bygones be bygones, if he apologized or at least acted a little nicer towards her. No one can ever stay mad at him.

Well his father's the exception but honestly.




So, Nik stopped feeling remorseful and dressed in just dark-blue pajama pants.

When they got to Rebekah's room, they found Elijah asleep in the middle of the bed. He had still left them enough room to move, if they felt uncomfortable.

Neither of the still awake siblings, meaning Klaus and Rebekah. Would admit it, but they secretly loved that Elijah slept in the middle.

Because both of them liked their own spots 'or side of the bed' and they both want to huddle in close with Elijah.

Again, they wouldn't admit it to his face. Or each other's but their older brother made them feel safe. Even though they had nothing to fear really cause they were immortal.

Elijah's eyes snapped open in the middle of the night but noticed quickly, that he was held down and couldn't move.

He felt warm and comfortable but he thought it odd, he knew he had forgotten something but couldn't remember what.

Therefore, he disentangled himself slowly from the bodies on him and got off the bed then walked into the kitchen.

The light from the full moon illuminated the room before him as he stared out the window and it took him a second to realize his mistake.


Just as he was about to turn around he felt arms wrap around his waist and he shivered as the word 'what' was whispered in his ear slowly, seductively.

He shut his eyes as he felt a hand touch his cock. "We, we can't do this. Not now or with her sleeping in the other room, no matter how much I want this."

Klaus smirked against his neck and licked it once then said. "Watch me."

He vamped them over to the kitchen table and sat Elijah down on one of the chairs then pulled down his pants. Taking a moment to smile at Elijah as his eyes locked on his, he bent on his knees and looked up innocently.

"Nik, I-"

Klaus put a finger to his lips, signaling him to keep quiet then he licked his lips and Elijah saw a spark in his eyes that made him tremble with desire. Both knew this night would be unforgettable.

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