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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to 'The Originals' like the characters etc.

Pairing: Klaus and Elijah

M note: I am going to make this a small filler chapter for now. Folks Klelijah (Niklaus/Elijah is Canon-endgame) and it was so soft omg, like yes!

They died though, what. I had read the spoliers early on bc they were everywhere all at once so I decided to not ruin it for everyone.

I'm kind of bummed out that I didn't get to see Finn and tf I thought the Cure was gone along with the white oak stake but fine.

Also Rebekah forgot she had two more brothers lmao, for shame. I still love her and am glad she'll he happy with Marcel. Well up until she takes the Cure and dies in like 2. 5 seconds because y'all remember when Katherine took it, she died in like 2 days and she was what a couple hundred years old.

Anyway my head canon is that in the afterlife; Finn, Henrik, Tatia, her kid, Ayana and Mikael with Esther plus Dalia are out there living their best life while y'know dead. Until Kol +co comes around with his/their fuckery-to help Hope and bc I'm here for it so he has a choice to make.

Okay well, I'll add on to it and continue the story later this week. This chapter has smut, fluff and all the feelings. Thanks for reading. And Guest for telling me about the typo.

With everyone else gone. Apparently they has unanimously decided to go off somewhere without telling them Klaus and Elijah found themselves alone in the house.

At first they had gotten out of the house for breakfast, walked passed parade goer's and even sat on a bench to throw bread at pigeons to waste some time.

At first it was crumbs then slices and a whole loaf because they grew bored of it too fast. Only to walk away laughing and joking about when a flock of birds swooped in only to scare pedestrians and tourists alike.

They had taken a picture by a passing float even though they had seen a good number countless times before.

It would be a little difficult not to spot one specifically because of where they live but he thinks it a nice momento.

One they could later probably send to Hope if she got reception in Peru because they look really nice and good in it.

When they got home they were surprised to see no one there still and find a few texts from their siblings saying that they had things to do, that they would be back tomorrow maybe.

Elijah walked upstairs saying that he wants to dress up a little more casual since he has no one to impress and nothing better to do until Klaus vamps before him, an evil looking smile to him while saying that he can help with his little problem.

Well Elijah is happy to oblige if it means Nik can relax a little. He is looking at him as if he were shy or feeling trepidation and it isn't like him.

He removes his coat pulling him in by his shirt only to kiss him. Placing his hand on the back of his neck to meet his tongue and draw a wimper out of him.

Wiping at some saliva with a thumb as he backs up a little and a chuckle escaped him when they part because this moment had taken him by surprise.

Thinking that Klaus will get out of his way now so that he can continue walking towards his bedroom.

When it doesn't work he starts talking. Since they have some time alone he thinks he might as well say what he is thinking.

"I think a small part of me, perhaps my subconscious mind or something like a vague glimpse. A feeling of being around you before. It helped jar a thought that somehow I just knew you. Not as a simple 'oh hey' but more like a calling."

Klaus leans against the nearby wall as he listens to him begging him to continue without saying anything, just looks at him in a way that Elijah's got the message.

"It helped me remember how much I loved you Niklaus. And still do. Without a doubt I just knew that you are my soulmate." Elijah walks up to him with was deliberate steps. Stopping to look at him and see Klaus melt against him as he kisses him gently.

Feeling his little brother start to get hard against him so he strokes him through his clothes. Watching with fascination as Klaus' eyes widen while he leans closer to his hand unable to keep from thrusting into him a little.

He holds onto the railing, uttering his name like a prayer. Begging for more.

Elijah smirks a little. Inching close enough to his ear to say.

"Walk with me to my bedroom." To hear his brother's intake of breath, Kluas nods unbuttoning his shirt because suddenly the world feels ablaze and he just wants to get there already so that he can kiss him again.

Touch him while he watches his older brother begins to undress him. "I want to devour you." The words are said in need and at the moment Klaus wants nothing more than to let him.

His fingers trail over his skin. Down his neck and onto his chest as he pushes him towards the mattress.

"Oh, did you now." Klaus tried for teasing but he wants him just as badly and his brother knows it so Elijah doesn't waste time as he kisses him.

Holding him in place. Moving now.

Wanting to go down on him therefore he doesn't wait long. Unzipping his pants and pulling at his clothes he grabs ahold of his cock.

Kissing it once then twice he licked at the precome. Taking him in slowly as he begins massaging his balls at the same place.

"Mhm" Elijah bobs his head slowly as Klaus let's out a little moan, drawing out his name.

Klaus kisses him slowly pushing himself up by his elbows to met his lips.

"I love you."

His words come out breathless and soft, so painfully honest. It makes him want to cry because he is so happy and he looks unbelievably cute like this but he doesn't say or do that instead choosing the words.

"You think if I didn't know that, I would be at this point in time with you." Klaus comes onto his hand as he is pulling Elijah up to meet him. Staring at him as if the world could end for them in seconds and it would be okay if it meant that he would still be with him.

"Then I think you should kiss me again and again. Until I tell you to stop then perhaps even then."

Elijah bites his lower lip before running his tongue over it. "As you wish but I have to warn you. You just might never get enough of me."

He laughs easing into the mattress bringing his fingers up to his lips and tasting him on his tongue.

Sitting down fully as he wipes off his hand with a handkerchief. Not bothering to look at Klaus to know what is going on through his head as he spoke again to distract him.

"You have a shit eating grin going on right now. To drop you down a notch I can say I am sure that I had enough of you the moment you looked at me for the first time."

"I'm not buying it." Klaus smiles brightly as he says this. He wants to see what Elijah is willing to do to prove his point sure but honestly he's just teasing him.

"Tell you what, I'd like to be by your side forever. No matter where that leads because I world without you is not one I could ever handle so there you go. That's my confession and all you are getting. For now try to relax and enjoy yourself a little."

Elijah's words have him taken by surprise. They make his heart beat fast and his vision for the future solely zero in on him not that he had ever really strayed from that spot before.

"Take off your pants. Lay down. Let me feel you." Klaus's voice is commanding but begging all at once so he obliged only to see Klaus pull at his clothes one moment then he sits on his cock the next.

Taking him in slowly as he mumbled obscenities, saying.

"Fuck Elijah. You have no idea how much I love this. You're amazingly gifted." Among other things as he grinds on him which his brother is embarrassed about because no one has ever said such things to him.

Demonstrated just how much they loved him or actively want his well-being as he does.

"Fuck me then. I need you to move Elijah." As he says this he is rolling his hips a little, getting into the groove of things to not only lead by example but also to fulfill his desire because it's becoming unbearable and he is not even heat.

"You got on me. I want to see you put in the work. Maybe I can be merciful if you get tired." Elijah thrusts up into him teasingly. Hearing Klaus growl at him as his eyes flash golden.

"So you're going to fuck me like that then. Thanks." His voice is full of sarcasm he overcomes ot as he stares at him, moving now.

Increasing the pace as he loses himself in the sensations. Moving at a rough and faster pace he brings, saying. "I'm going to come inside you Niklaus."

And he thrusts up to meet him while closing his eyes because he cannot take it. Once he does he feels him shuddering against his skin.

Giving it a few moments before he tries to move, get off of him to roll over to the side of the bed as he stretches leisurely only to say.

"Is it weird that everytime we do this I fell like I should be thank you afterwards?" Klaus' isn't looking at him and he says this and he thinks he understands.

Still Elijah laughs something open. Reaching out to run a hand through his hair and grabs onto his wrist. Bringing it to his lips he kisses him gently as he sees Klaus close his eyes.

"I love you Niklaus. And to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind once in a while. Outside of this just to know I am appreciated but it really is not necessary." He moves to sit up only to have Kluas stop him by tossing his belt at his side.

Giving him a look that has Elijah thinking he is in for more than he bargained for but that it's okay. He can handle anything Niklaus has in store for him. Especially since it is followed by the words.

"I'm not done with you yet." The words make his breath catch and Klaus is caressing his skin lightly while just taking him in and Elijah doesn't want to interrupt his staring but he wants to kiss him again.

To consume him. Still he falters when Klaus meets his gaze with such an intensity only to say. "I'm just unbelievably grateful for you."

"What do you have in mind for me?" Elijah raises an eyebrow, smiling.

Trying to change the subject line slightly because fuck if he continues that train of thought he is just not going to let him leave this room for the next couple of years regardless of anyone else's presence or callings.

He loves seeing Niklaus like this, so comfortable with being himself and taking what he wants.

Klaus kisses his face then moves back to grab his wrists and tie him up. Enough to get it right but not too much so that it boarders constricting since he knows Elijah could break his belt with ease.

"I was going to have you turn around and fuck you slowly against the headboard until you begged me to speed up or you broke your composure and this bed. Whichever came first but now I just want to be near, feel, touch and see you. So you are just going to have to be a little patient with me, okay."

Klaus kisses him gently on the lips as his fingers roam his body as if he hadn't been here with him before. As if it were their first time and it was all new.

If Klaus sees his silent tears he doesn't mention it. He just moves his mouth lower. Kissing and licking only to nibble on him lightly. Giving him all the attention he wasn't able to in the past days.

And Elijah wonders if he was touch starved or something before because for some reason this feels like a brand new experience and so ridiculously innocent while ancient, dangerous all at once to him and he knows it is stupid but he seriously wonders if born again virgins feel like this.

By the time Klaus kisses his hips and his fingers pump at his shaft as they coat in his come Elijah has had enough and flips them over.

The veins under his eyes showing and he doesn't waste time as he bites into his neck roughly.

Drawing blood as it drips into the mattress while he is taking long gulps and his hand grabs a hold of Nik's hard cock stroking him quickly while he hears his brother moan his name desperately as he thrusts up into him.

"I'm going to come" and "fuck brother" are spoken before Elijah pulls away. His fangs dripping is all Klaus can focus on for a moment before his brain catches up with the words.

"Not yet Niklaus" and a new slew of rough, deep guys at his cock and he is kissing him again. His tongue licking at his teeth and lips only to bite his own as his eyes roll back when he hears Elijah say. "Hold it off for me."

And he feels himself breathing hard, like he can't anymore when Elijah swallows him to the base in one go then sucks hard. Then pays attention to his balls and uses his hands.

Klaus he briefly realized that he hadn't noticed when his binds came off but he isn't go to start complaining.

The next thing he knows is that he is being flipped over and spend apart roughly when he feels a wet, warm tongue against his hole one moment, to dive in the next.

He is coming harder than he had in a while as Elijah is eating him out with a remarkable diligence.

Klaus thinks he might just hate him because he made it so that no one else could ever hope to match up to him in any aspect.

But then he thinks that as long as his brother is around that he can face anything with his head held high so it doesn't matter.

"That was unfair Elijah." When he feels Elijah pull out of him he misses the contract immediately.

And he is conflicted because he needs a minute yet he wants him to continue with what he has started.

"I suppose we will just have to try again." He wonders if Klaus has noticed that he had stopped touching his cock but he has his answer when he pushes his ass back as whispered the words.

"Bury yourself in me. I need you to claim me now and again Elijah. Please brother." Elijah wipes at the sweat and blood gathered around his face as well as his neck with his discarded shirt. He nods wordless.

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