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M note: Elijah got his memory back and the siblings are able to see each other again, that is awesome. Alright so this continues on from the last chapter. The story will end on Chapter 35. Okay, thanks for reading.

The Mikaelson siblings had to disband and went off to different places of the planet. Niklaus searched the world for Elijah and found him in France with Antoinette, the daughter of a Nazi vampire he had killed in Germany.

She is cool though and has feelings for his brother, is helping him lay low in a decent bar which is why he chose not to kill her too.

Haley died because she compressed her werewolf side and Declan did not get to see her which sucks but Elijah compelled him to forget about it.

Hope has the Hollow inside of her, she is feeling the weight of that choice and she went back to school which puts everyone there at risk which is going to set up Legacies I'm thinking.

Klaus found out that he loves Haley, she is dead though so that does not matter anymore. Caroline is showing up which is unnecessary but I guess.

Rebekah is still amazing. Marcel is fighting for the people which is awesome. Kol is off testing out different spells to get shit done to help Hope, any other theory is unacceptable regardless of Canon.

Freya is getting married, plus got engaged on pride month, cool. Onto the story.

They wake up to sunshine and music assuming that some festival is going on outside. Klaus has been awake for a few minutes now just laying here watching Elijah.

Wondering what to do now because he does not know. He wishes he could just flop right back onto his mattress, kiss him a few times and fall asleep in his arms.

Knowing that he is going to wake up again in a few hours to see him still there with him.

That would be the case in a perfect world and because that is not the case here, he is now is perfectly aware of the shift in Elijah's breathing pattern.

He opens his eyes.

The light is too bright as he is staring at the ceiling opting to be the first to speak before he just chooses to ignore the elephant in the room and not pay attention to the atmosphere surrounding him for as long as he can.

"I thought letting you go was a good idea at the time. You deserved the chance to be happy and everything that goes with that. Now that you are back though I find myself not wanting to let you leave again. And yet I know that it isn't my choice to make."

Klaus had been sitting in his bedroom legs dangling off the edge of the mattress as he sits there putting his clothes back on slowly. He wants to take a shower then go eat some breakfast.

Does not care if Elijah only came by due to him having had some sort of argument with Antoinette or if he really came to see Hope because he is almost certain that his brother will leave by lunch time.

"I remember you. It made me uncomfortable to think about at the beginning. To fully realize the extent at which I hurt you and come to terms with it. You found me at a time when all I knew was the facts, dates, faces. Thanks to the internet mainly."

Elijah gets off the bed, seeing things for what they are now that he has returned to the compound.

"At times I found it a little suspicious that while I was indisposed not once did I run into any of the family's enemies or my own. You protected Antoinette and myself."

Klaus knows that there is no point in denying that he went to check up on his brother on numerous occasions regardless of the dangers it boded to himself, the rest of his siblings or his daughter.

"I could not leave you alone while you weren't yourself. Elijah you were basically a different person, someone new and yet that did not mean that you had to be placed in one stupid situation after another just because you had no idea who you were."

"Niklaus you understand that I honestly could not have cared less about you or your family, the collective struggle."

Klaus shrugs as if running around the world to cross people off his hit list one night only to seek him out the next morning with lighthearted conversations and the prospect of drinks like an insane person was nothing new to him.

"I had convinced myself that I was perfectly fine without any of you in my life. For the longest time, the years with amnesia and Antoinette I was happy. I fell in love with her. I know it isn't something that you want to hear but give me a chance to explain myself."

Elijah looks at Klaus as he finishes getting dressed. Listening to him intently trying not to interrupt even though he doesn't like what he is hearing.

"When you left I was seriously considering myself hitched. I gave her a ring and everything but something was missing and I myself missing you."

"The rest of the family. The little things. Kol, Rebekah, Freya, you even Finn and everything you all had going on. Then I thought about Marcellus and how badly I have failed him."

Elijah looks at the bedsheets as Klaus stops what he is doing and is just listening to him talk.

"I missed your smile when you had some small victories to celebrate or when before you even started to paint on a canvas you would double check the colors on the wood-board contraption whatchamacallit..the way it was so effortless to get your attention."

"You mean a palette, uh hold on." Klaus vamps over to his studio and points at it only to find himself in a better mood because he sees that for all the iffy crap going on with them now that Elijah is still here.

"I will give you some time to think about what you want to do from here on out without me hovering over your shoulder so to speak. Elijah before I do and you make your choice, reach a good final decision."

"I just wanted to let you know that these past few years without you and the rest of our family has been really shitty, the absolute worst with the exception of a few days."

"In which I was too busy killing off some steam and enemies alone the way. Those times I was a little busy. That's as far as I go with the guilt tripping then."

Klaus vamps over to his side not really sure what to do now because this is the most uncoordinated he has been with his feelings towards Elijah.

"You protected me by keeping me in the dark and out of the loop whilst I was a for the most part care-free amnesiac."

"I know you even saved Antoinette a few times although she has yet to mention it, if she is aware. Thank you." Elijah kisses his temple then backs up because he wants to shower before going downstairs.

"Do you have an extra toothbrush?"

"Bottom drawer to the right. I'll get you some clothes while you're in there." Klaus smiles brightly and to Elijah it reminds him of what it felt like being back in the 10th century. When they were children and so innocent, free of all the enemies and troubles.

"You can always join me." He smiles back at him as he says this and even his voice holds up a note of happiness because he is glad to be back, to be home.

"I can also politely decline. What's your point?" He is bluffing because he wants to spend as much time as possible just being around his older brother.

"Oh..Would you?" Elijah is a little confused thinking that he is moving in the wrong direction then, that he has made a bad call by not giving himself or Niklaus time to consider their options.

"Never" Klaus smiles at him grabbing his hand and kissing his knuckles lightly only to see Elijah's face turn a pretty shade of pink while he looks anywhere but at him.

Saying 'you know me' and that they should hurry before anyone comes barging in. They must now know that he is here now.

He knows that the bubble can burst in a moment so he wants to enjoy being with Elijah a little longer.


"Oh fuck me." Kol looks at Freya then finally Rebekah setting his satchel on the floor as he takes his boots off because he is here now he might as well get comfortable.

Looking around he sees that the place hasn't changed much since the last time he was here and he wants to get out of New Orleans again.

"I don't know how to fix this. Do me a favor and leave me out of it. I didn't volunteer. You know you have some nerve dragging me back from Machu Picchu for this, I was in the middle of jumping off the mountain top."

He looks at his watch thinking that whatever this is better not take more than a few minutes. He wants to go back because it took him three weeks to bribe the group of witches he has waiting for him there.

"Elijah has his memories back. We should try to help him ease the process of seeing us again without you know, overwhelming him. And why would you do that?"

Freya sets her spell book aside confused about the markings on his body and the blood on his shirt but is not sure about wanting to hear the answer.

"She is right. He would do it for us." Rebekah adds in only to have Kol cut her off saying. "You sure about that? I just know he would do it for you and Nik."

"Absolutely. And Freya it's for a bungee jumping fest he has going on every ten years he is awake. Usually he goes off on his own but I've gone with him and joined in after the sixth one."

"It was amazing. The view from the top, the culture and the wonderful people. It was just the best."

Rebekah pulls out her phone showing her a few pictures of the beautiful scenery. She knows without a doubt that what her brother had been in the middle of doing right now was not bungee jumping anywhere, at least physically.

"Oh that's cool. And yes." She seems interested as she says. "Can I go with you guys next time?"

"Fine. On one condition, bring Keelin. You two need an excuse to have some fun." He smiles at her slightly when he vamps beside her to see some of the pictures.

"Anyway back to the topic at hand where should we begin then and how is having us all here not overwhelming as.. I know of some concoctions you can give him. Give me two minutes."

He goes to his bag getting some stuff out one moment to leave for the kitchen the next.



"Hey Freya, Kol. Rebekah it's nice to see you again." Elijah walked up to them hugging them because he is still their brother.

Kol shoves a potion at him telling to drink it now because he is looking out for him and that the longer he holds it off the worse the taste will be.

"So you remember us then or you just know our names?" Rebekah asks him excited to see him after so long and hear what he has got to say.

Elijah nods looking absolutely disgusted as he places the bottle Kol gave him on the table. Feeling better now than he had this morning so whatever the gunk was it must be taking effect now.

"I remember you. Thanks to digging around into the family past, Vincent and Marcellus." He looks around the place thinking about some of the things that took place here.

"What else do you remember? Henrik, our parents or Finn. Tatia, she was the love of your life or Ayana. An absolutely amazing person and honestly we sometimes loved her more than our parents."

Kol looks at him scrutinizing, checking to see if any of those words or names triggered something in his brother.

"Elijah do you remember them too, how important they are to you or you are not really sure at the moment? Can you remember Haley and Hope."

Rebekah asks thinking that they might be overwhelming him with their questions but that they might as well press further with the questions because she has to know before he wants to get away from here.

Go back to his life in France if there is even the slightest chance that he wants to leave.




"Where are you going now?" Freya looks at him putting his boots back on as he leans against the nearest wall.

"Back to Peru obviously, but first I have got a flight to catch for Mexico." He has to get to Tenochtitlan for a quick pit stop.

He smiles at her quickly bidding adieu before she tries to convince him to stay any longer.

Which is exactly what she tries to do next as she stops him from walking towards the door when she asks.

"Why would you leave when we are finally together again."

He turns back to her clearly upset about something as he touches the ring on his finger. Focusing on her as Rebekah touches his wrist and he takes a deep breath.

"You don't understand. I can't miss this opportunity. As Rebekah said under normal circumstances it's every 10 years on the dot."

"This time is different from the last because I plan on asking Hope to accompany me. But there is no chance in hell I'm going back to Virginia. I'll call her and just meet up there."

"Why her?" She wonders if he knows about the bracelet and how nothing can hold her down but judging by the way he is talking about her he thinks he might.

"You know someone once told me that when the branch goes bad on a tree that the bad streak lasts up to seven generations. I am paraphrasing and probably have it out of context but the gist of it is that seven years ago we split up and took a fraction of a monster with us."

He grabs his bag showing her one of his own journals so that she can skim over the data gathered and kind of follow up with what he is saying.

"Hope has the Hollow inside of her. Basically acting as a container for it right. It's fucked her up in the head."

"Trying to manipulate her actions, increasing her potential but not her magic. Well I have seen that happen before her. To a different extent but close enough to be sure."

"What are you saying-" She thinks that she knows what he is talking about as she reads his book but she needs him to elaborate further.

"The Hollow had used Finn as the perfect host because he made the contract for help with something back in Norway, it was his part of the bargain but also his birthright."

"I did some research, centuries of running around with countless witches, vampires or humans and wolves to crack the giant mystery surrounding our family."

He goes up to the table looking at the spell book there and thinking that he has read it countless times already as he grabs a pen and paper to illustrate what he is trying to say.

"It doesn't surround just us though. There are twelve, were. They all just vanished off the face of the Earth one day. Some real funky shit and Finn just got stuck with it all since he didn't have a choice."

Kol knows that there is no way to kill it or make it disapear. Especially now that it walks the Earth so that their best option is to continue to keep it sealed and bound to a worthy contender.

"Now that no longer available and we no longer host it, Hope is stuck with the monster. She's blood. A freaking tribrid on-top of that."

"My niece is no priest or priestess and certainly not a regent or a witch of the Bennett caliber but thanks to her extra abilities she can work as a great battery charger source."

"With the proper training and focus she can be amazing. Do either good for the world or some fucked up deeds."

"So how do we fix it? We just resurrect him, shove her back? And Hope will be fine? Because sealing off her werewolf side is off the table. I simply refuse to cripple her. Even so what you are insinuating.. It seems really cut and dry, don't you think."

Niklaus had been lingering in the background just listening to Kol at first thinking that his brother was just talking about a new, temporary love interest or another one of his misguided adventures until he heard his daughter's name.

He had now butted in, interested as he looks at him wondering if they can actually do that but then again he guesses a lot of things are possible when his family is involved and wants it badly enough.

Kol shakes his head. Wishing he could leave already because he hasn't talked with his siblings this much in years and they might mistake him for a nerd if he continues.

Thinking that with certain things that he is more of a hands on person while also resigning himself to his fate for a minute.

"Not for a while once we wake him from his 'slumber'. Personally I think he can do without the havoc in his head for a little while longer. Scientifically speaking we still have to give them both some time to get accustomed. On to being with it and the other without."

"Think of it as a parasite that both harms yet helps its host. 'Crippling' by removing their magic or sealing off another part of them won't help. If anything it might just be dormant for a while then come back far worse than before. Or it can stick around and just suck all around."

"We could definitely consider dividing it, we saw how that went down last time though. Basically it could work. Freya's magic is responsive to his, she can help us too and I need Rebekah."

He does not plan on making any rash decisions for the moment because he is not ready with all of the ingredients for the spells he needs yet and as much as he misses Finn.

Kol has to take his time making sure that no one messed up his plans so that means waiting.

For now he is going to get back to what he was doing originally and take Rebekah with him. Along with Freya and Keelin because they might as well take a small break to have some fun.

And Hope needs to get away from everyone before she goes for the danger zone. Potentially nuclear. He loves her, she reminds him of..someone he hasn't seen in a while.

So he wants to help her.

Elijah hangs tight in the background listening to the story and mildly holding a conversation with Rebekah while he is thinking that he is clearly not wanting to get involved because it sounds disastrous.

Implying that there will be more than one sacrifice involved because in this family no one bothers with the morally correct options.

He has nothing to do with the situation when realistically speaking, has nothing to win or lose.

There is the possibility that he might get his older brother back, his niece might die or that it just might not work. It could potentially even make things even worse.

He thinks he should care. That he would want to be more involved if he were completely back to his old self but also that he has options now.

That in this case he doesn't necessarily have to jump in guns blazing, thinking questions are for schmucks.

That as of right now it does not directly affect him and he wonders if the stuff Kol gave him played some part in him shutting off his emotions but then that he might not have an issue with that because he thinks clearly when he is like this.

Thinking that it is time to get back to the real world and make some amends he turns them back on surprised to see that he feels more or less the same only debating on whether to help if they ask.

"I want to see Marcellus, I don't know what to see to him. Where to begin but that is my problem to address. Niklaus call the school and send her to Machu Picchu with Kol for a few days."

"It's an iffy lead but one nonetheless and she will have me along with her aunt's Freya and Rebekah to protect her if anything goes wrong. We lose nothing by testing it."

Kol nods at him smiling because he knows that Niklaus would deny Elijah nothing so he turns to leave. Stopping only when Rebekah reaches out to touch his hand.

Her fingers interlacing with his as he looks at the couch his eyes snapping to hers when she asks if he is all right and he nods tightening his hold on her.

Changing the subject without adding anything to it effortlessly.

"I have to get back tonight Bekah. You know how important it is to me. It will be what 6 hours, 52 maybe 55 minutes by plane. Depending on when I get to one."

"If I try teleporting with help from magic there is a possibility that I will not wake up until the next day. At least that's how it worked when I had Kaleb's meat-suit on. You down to try it with me?"

He kisses her hair wondering if the witches he has waiting are thinking that he has double crossed them.

Of what fun he will have once he arrives to find a fight. That he will fill his lovely sister in on the way there.

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