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Klaus and Elijah

M note: This is about Elijah's 'blank period'. Nik has kept tabs on him everyday for 7 years (usually making sure Elijah doesn't see him but when he does well Klaus can't be held accountable.)

And Elijah after their conversation S5, EP1 says 'he's either got a crush on me or it is Antoinette but she is strangely quiet on the subject. Does he know that I'm a Mikaelson. More importantly is he a friend or foe?'

Only to see the error of his ways in S5, EP3-btw it was my favorite episode of the show in its entirety by far. Whomever is to blame for it 'thanks'. I paraphrased because that was too much. Antoinette and Elijah are hella cute btw.

Alright back to it Elijah wants to get to the bottom of it so the thinks the best course of action is to straight up hit on him and if not then just string up a conversation everytime he sees him afterwards until his grace period comes to an end. Because he can't help it. It's basically instinct.

Also $100 dollars is 83 Euro give or take a few cents I think. I'm estimating.

Here's how it goes.

'There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.'

-Leonardo da Vinci

Year 1

"Elijah, you have to remember me." Niklaus sit in a booth at the far end corner drinking bourbon and watching the line up for the World Cup because even though he is bummed out at the moment he still has a life.

He ordered some wings because he has to blend in. A tourist. If anything his American money, foreign accent and casual but nice outfit speak for him.

He comes for Elijah and stays for the music. Listening to it's in his mind long after he's gone home as he replays it in memory.

When he gets the chance he has even managed to paint the scenery. Capture the joyous atmosphere with the knowledge that Elijah did that. He played with graceful finesse.

For the most part to a new crowd each night. Either by himself or with a beautiful woman who manages to keep up and play just as wonderfully.

Both getting money and appeasing the crowds. It is easy-going, laid-back. Simple even.

And he does not want this for Elijah.

It is a monumental risk simply being here but he straight up refuses to go longer than strictly necessary without seeing his beloved older brother.

The whole world can go fuck itself in these moments, he is not going to give them up for anything or anyone.

He cannot just watch him from a far his whole life. That's just not right. He refused.

Year 2

"A hundred dollars huh. As gracious as it is I don't think I'm worth it. Antoinette is the real talent here. She's an angel and it shows best when she plays." Elijah looks at the tip jar with a renewed sense of mirth because he is proud of himself and his accomplishment.

Still $100 is too much and honestly going to a Currency Exchange location is a drag. They are always crowded and close by the time he has a chance to get there.

"You're right. You are worth so much more. Never sell yourself short bro-" Klaus literally bites his tongue but it heals as soon as it's done and he smiled sheepish.

"The angels themselves, nay I dare say all of creation itself pale in comparison to what I've heard from you so far."

Elijah looks genuinely flustered as the sincerity of the words is evident coming from this stranger's voice.

"I haha, thanks." He rubs at his ear before his fingers are in his hair scratching gently clearly about to say something else.

Before Antoinette calls out to him and he turns her way as Nik gives a fleeting smile that doesn't reach his eyes before he threw them away into the night.

Taking the opportunity she gave them unwittingly so he could make his escape.

Year 3

"I have a girlfriend." Klaus can set that for himself, she is playing a lovely melody like it comes as naturally to her as breathing.

He hates it.

Her and the whole shitty situation.

She is just as perfect as Elijah.

She makes him happy. Truly, truly happy. At least that is what he can see as his brother's face softened by just looking her way.

The way he had only done with Tatia or himself and that is a thought he cannot fathom.

Still she doesn't complete him, cannot ever hope to compare to him. He is Elijah's soulmate and that is all there is to it.

To end all matters.

"Well, I didn't ask. But good for you. All the same." Klaus gives a tight smile and drinks his bourbon in one go.

Hell someone should bring him the whole brewery at this point.

He is definitely going to need it.

Like right now because he feels like crying and he can't help it. And he wishes that someone would just plainly tell him to quit his shit because it's unbecoming and will not help him in the long run.

"You should have." Elijah drinks some kind of pinot gris wine while Niklaus still wonders when and how he got a taste for it.

"I should have what?" Raising an eyebrow because this can't possibly be a come-on he clears his throat and orders some mojitos at the bar.

Telling himself that if this bar doesn't serve any he has no idea what they are doing with their business.

"Come back sooner." Klaus tells him self that it doesn't mean what he wants it to mean. No matter how much he wants it.

No matter how hard his heart is beating in his chest.

And he somehow magically refrains from jumping three feet into the air when Elijah's hand hovers above his heart without touching him clearly looking puzzled for a second.

And neither of them mention it effectively moving on.

"Yes well, I've been a little busy." He really has. Killing people, dead or otherwise left and right.

Protecting Elijah and even as reluctant as he may be about it at times his brother's 'boo' safely from the shadows.

Avoiding his other siblings like the plague and for the longest time mentally saying 'Hope who?'

Wishing that he could see Marcellus but his son is most likely with Rebekah and he does not want to risk it.

At least that is what he is telling himself.

Year 4

"Thank you. Here's a beer." Elijah pats him on the back. Gripping his shoulder in a friendly manner before pulling up a chair and sitting across from him.

"I'm running late." Klaus honestly has no idea what he's talking about or thanking him for. And he wants to say 'every time I see you, you are all so full of surprises.' but he keeps the comment to himself.

Daring because he is unable to keep himself from looking at him ruefully before quickly focusing on something else before he is caught staring.

"Would you like to request a song? Or would you like me to let the piano rest for a minute." He looks at the piano then holds his gaze until Klaus chickens out and breaks eye contact.

"If I chose the second option?" He speaks. Thank everything good in the world for his karma.

"The first round would be on me." Elijah winks and checks him out. Completely unshakeable in his intentions but adding on to it as he says. "Preferably somewhere a little more private." The way he is looking at him as he says it makes Klaus blush.

He hasn't done that in years. Openly flirting with him. As if it were the most natural thing in the world because for centuries it had been.

He sighs dreamily before remembering where he is at and what he is doing as he can see Elijah gauging his reaction.

Thinking he is sly about it.

And the sentence is cheesey. Really bad.

A cliche, one that would still work to get him on his knees and begging without another thought because it's Elijah asking.

"I'lI take bourbon." He cannot afford to stay longer than a few minutes before the flowers and plants around them start to decay. Any liquid turns into blood red looking vine because it can't be blood.

This isn't a miracle.

Or he sees the Gucci snakes.

Then there are the maggots and that's just nasty.

"I'm a scotch man myself." Elijah holds up his glass then takes a long drink. Looking at ease as he watches new people come as others leave probably never to come back. While others will be here tomorrow.

"Since when" the words are so incredulous but deadpan that it has Elijah looking at him all suspicious like.

They were out before he can stop them and when Elijah smiles after a moment he feels his heart stop for a lack of better words.

"You amaze me" those, those words come out breathless and for an instant everything in his life feels normal.

A thing of mythos in such trying times for him.

"Well that's not what I was expecting but thank you." Elijah hands him his cup and raises his arm slightly in mock toast before drinking from his own and looking at the bardtender.

"To compliments from stranger." Klaus laughed uneasily is he focused on his drink before making an excuse about needing to use the bathroom and disappeared into the crowd as took another glance at his direction but decided not to follow.

Year 5

"Niklaus, that is what you can call me. Most people call me a number of things, mainly Nik." He doesn't say the impressive slew of curse words or occasional 'Monster' thrown around at him but it's not important.

"Only the important ones call me by given name." He smiled at him openly thinking his curse and the hollow be damned for the moment.

He's enjoying himself. Lives for the moments like this. Where it's just him and Elijah.

"Alright then Niklaus. I'm E. Pleasure to meet you officially. You've been coming to this place so long."

"It's a complete mystery how we've managed to never have a conversation lasting more than three minutes." He holds out his hand and thinks it's his imagination when he feels a spark only to see a look of awe on Niklaus' face.

"May I ask, is E short for something?" The way Elijah looks at him can only be described as guarded for a minute before he laughed shaking his head.

"Edmund probably or Ethan. Between you and me, I think I look like an 'Elliot' or maybe an 'Eric' but I wouldn't know.. I was in an accident before coming to France. One that gave me amnesia or at least that is what I'm chucking it down as."

He looks away and touches the back of his head looking a little uncomfortable possibly self-conscious.

"You don't say. Hypothetically speaking, if you could have.. this is purely hypothetical mind you. If you could have your memories back in full...would you want them?"

He tried immensely hard to keep the note of longing or hope out of his voice and yet he knows he failed.

Only for it to be crushed by Elijah's next words. He feels like a fool.

"Of course not. I love the life I have here. That I've built for myself all by myself. I love waking up with the love of my life each morning."

"My job is literally the best in the world for me. I love it so much I am seriously considering buying a dog. Do you have any idea how important of a step it is for me? Well of course you don't."

No... Just keep the hurt coming it's not like he's had enough..

"Hell maybe in a few years Antoinette and I will even adopt. Although not now. Fuck that, you know." Elijah laughed to himself, here he is doing the venting. Just pouring out his hopes and dreams for the future, bike secrets to a 'not so complete' stranger.

Only to see him lost in the clouds just stranglys quiet enough to cause him worry because he had seemed so cheery before and now he seems troubled.

Melancholy even. He reaches out to touch him, gently brushing his hand on his arm only to remove it from him as if burned. "Nik-"

"You'd be a shitty father." Klaus barely manages to keep the chair from tipping over, or his anger from showing in his haste to get out of the establishment only to have Elijah one step behind when he looks over his shoulder.

He's pissed off and worse still is that he fucked up. He barely manages to lose himself in to crowe as Elijah calls his name clearly confused if not then definitely worried about him.

Year 6

"My brother is my Lodestar." He doesn't bother to keep this piece of information to himself. Elijah has no idea how much effort it takes from him to show such a level of restraint.

How exhausting it is mentally, physically and emotionally. Everyday he leaves this place he is flat out drained to the extent where at times he deadass wishes someone could kill him.

But they can't and he gets over it quickly once he falls asleep just dreaming of Elijah. Reuniting with him. Touching him.

Just being in his orbit for longer than a handful of minutes.

He'd give anything. Almost anything. There are things Elijah would never forgive him if he really means 'anything' which at times like this he eh low-key does.

As despicable as it sounds.

"Maybe he needs time." Elijah's voice anchors him to the ground forcing any other thoughts from mind as he mulls over his words.

"He's happy without me!" Klaus has to put a lid on it and keep his emotions to himself because 'E' doesn't know him like that. To this extent.

Not anymore. He's come to acknowledge that. Even though it eats at him Klaus wants so desperately to respect it, him for now.

"I'm sure he is. So if you love him. Better yet if you respect him just let him be for a while. I'm sure he will come back to you and your family when he is ready."

Year 7

"Elijah Mikaelson is dead." The way he says it with such open conviction has Niklaus all wrong and he wants to scream at him.

To hit him. Make him see the error of his ways and take him home with him because without Elijah Niklaus cannot cope, can't live.

"You loved your family! You loved me!" He feels like he's about to hyperventilate but he can't and he is just done.

He tunes the rest out. He is over it.

Niklaus will move on because fuck him. He did the most he could with what limited options he had and he has nothing to show for it.

And when all is said and done instead of feeling liberated of this task. Of watching Elijah live his life without him he just doesn't know how to cope but he has to learn.

At least for a while until his brother comes back to his senses.

He is going back to New Orleans not that he wants to but Hope dragged him back by kidnapping her mom and then losing her.

Freya will find a way to break the curse and his siblings will be safe. Until then he won't seek them out anymore.

- - - _***Bonus*** _ - - -

(Year 8)

"You came back home. To me." Klaus smiles joyously. Thinking his senses had stopped playing tricks on him after so long.

"I am here for Hope." Elijah wants to say that he misses he niece but it's a lie at least it is one now.

He doesn't know her. Therefore care about her. Maybe he had once upon a time but he sure as hell doesn't now.

Still he wants a chance to reconnect with Marcellus and see for himself the woman his niece has become. He misses his family.

"Right, of course. Still I am happy to see you doing well." Klaus doesn't know what to do with himself or his hands because he's nervous so he keeps his distance.

"Don't lie to me Niklaus. I know you hate Antoinette." Elijah looks at him accusingly but takes a few steps forward, closing the space between them.

"She is your wife. You chose her just like you have chosen every woman before her, over me. Fuck you Elijah." Klaus looks at him with contempt because he's angry and that word cannot really cover how upset he is.

"I gave myself a chance to be happy with someone else. Someone new and wonderful. Yet I find that I canno keep doing this to myself. I am only myself. Actually myself in your presence."

Elijah had not denied the words much less apologized for his actions. All Klaus can do then is just look at him for a good minute and a half before he stands before him clearly contemplating his words and next actions.

Cool and collected, fresh looking with a relaxed swag to him Klaus hadn't known him to posses before and kisses him slowly at first.

Asking without speaking if this is okay with him and Niklaus has never stopped being putty in his hands.

Gently brushing his mouth against him only to pick him up and vamp him to his old bedroom. And Klaus wants to cry because if he remembers where it is the he remembers everything.


Freya, Kol, Rebekah and Finn. He remembers Henrik. Good. That's good. He remembers them and their experience throughout the centuries.

He remembers Tatia and Ayana. Their parents. His love for them, their love for him.

Before Nik could so much as stand properly Elijah has begun removing his clothes and trailing down his throat. Biting down hard enough to break skin because he is impatient as he thrust against him.

Body pressed against the wall and his half brother while blood poured passed his lips in a gasp when there was a thumb rubbing precome against his head then adding pressure.

"Get on your knees." Nik's irises flash gold as he unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down.

"I've missed you." The words have Klaus whine quietly while thinking. 'Fuck don't say that. It's like falling in love with you all over again' and 'low-key hate that you do this to me without even trying'.

"I think it's too late to say that-"

"I wasn't talking to you" Elijah licks at his shaft then grips it as he chuckled softly, adding pressure.

"Ah, fuck" just as the words register he cannot help the way his fingers twitch in Elijah's hair as be grips it rougher than he has in his life.

Thinking it'll hurt worse once he has finished here and Klaus thinks it serves him right. He will not apologize because Elijah's been AWOL and Nik hasn't even had the motivation to keep up with masterbation since Elijah had renounced him so publicly in France.

All he would do is cry and get mad only to kill people then cry again because it wasn't enough and hedh missed him more than anything in all of existence.


"Keep your hands on the wall." He knows that if he removed them from there that there was the very real possibility of this ending when they both come to their senses and pick up some shame.

"Ni-" Elijah stops talking as Nik bends him over against a cabinet. Failing at keeping his moans to himself when his hybrid brother bites him, claiming him.

He belongs to him. Has since the very beginning Elijah had just wanted so desperately to forget it for a while.

No other could give him this feeling of completion. He has searched the world over through countless centuries.

inserting a finger to explore and adding one more after another.

Teasing him. Almost smug before licking around his hole a few seconds to plunge his tongue in deep the next.

Having Elijah quivering under him and he breaks him so intimately.

He moves back with a low feral growl he grips his thighs and claws at his skin hard enough to break skin.

"Niklaus please." Elijah is panting, coaxing him to give in to what he wants because Klaus has never been able to deny him anything. Why would he start now. "Brother please. Let me come."

"No. I think I won't. Not until you've earned it." Elijah may have his memory intact but he is going to endure some form of punishment.

He has to because he has no idea how much he has hurt him, unwittingly okay but still. Petty would be his middle name if he ever got one.

"I love you Niklaus" The word echo back at him with such open sincerity in this dusty room as the weight bring him to his knees. Physically knocking the air out of him like a left hook to the stomach.

"I think..I think you should go Elijah." Klaus moves to stand shakily as he unable to keep the tears from falling as he goes for his clothes looking completly in shock.

"Hey, Nik. It's okay. I'm here now. With you." The words do wonders in reassuring him but he's still scared.

"I don't want this to be a dream." The way he says the words has Elijah hugging him tightly as he kisses his sweaty hair reassuringly.

This seems a little suspicious, too easy. As if he's playing himself by giving into this renewed sense of hope.

Okay he may never learn but he is going to give it a shot.

And in the morning when he wakes up is greater by the sight of Elijah using his arm as a pillow just breathing into the palm of his hand.

He knows the universe has righted its wrongs. At least for now and for him.

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