They Have No Shame @miranda_raizel

Disclaimer: I don't own 'The Originals' or its characters etc. I'm just a fan.

M Note: I'm going to skim through the events that lead to some of the other stories. So AU and ooc based on some canon.

Old Norse translation 1- Þú berð eins ok píka: You fight like a bitch

Old Norse translation 2- Far þú, heimskr: Fuck off, stupid

"Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated."

-Alphonse de Lamartine

"Think of it this way. Things want you when you want them. It's the same with people. If you want it you can't have it. Once it's yours or you have given it a decent break it's not the same. Not as inspiring. Sometimes you're just over it."

Klaus looks at Elijah only to find him seemingly ignoring him and just staring at the piano longingly.

While Klaus sets some boxes on the floor. Finn and Freya have been helping them fix the damages to the house as Kol and Rebekah are taking care of the public.

"The last time I really played, I was teaching Marcellus. He was quite good. My little prodigy."

"You think I'd be able to hear a song. A short one if you want." Elijah looks surprised before staring at him all suspiciously and walking around to it, sitting down and looking away. "You laugh at me and I swear Niklaus-" He smiled as he looks down at it and his fingers on the keys.

Playing a simple tune because he's out of practice and to him it is choppy at best.

"This takes me back to the nights up top of Notre Dame. Drinking with Rebekah and watching you paint those beautiful works of art you later called lacking."

"That they weren't truly yours, saying you'd 'lost inspiration' that I could help you get it back by sparking your interest then taking it back because I apparently never lost it in the slightest. I found it quite endearing."

"I was an idiot. I didn't lie however. I'm sure you are my soulmate and even if you aren't I still gifted it to you free of charge even. You're lucky."

"The luckiest in all the land." Elijah smiles and kisses his knuckles only to look all too amused by the way he noticed the little telltale signs that Niklaus still can't control himself around him. That without trying he pulls him in like a siren's tune.

"Telling me the secret behind-" Elijah stopped talking as Klaus brushes his hair away from his face only to back up and see Haley saying it was time.

That Hope was on her way.


"Freya did you get the spell?" Rebekah looks at Kol's corpse, his real body then Finn's. Both are on a table fully clothed and clean.

Fully restored. Well they will be once her sister completes the spell.

"I think it's time we begin. I want to see his face and listen to Kol's voice. In the night I've dreamt about this moment time and time again. We should make it a reality."

Freya begins the spell as Nik and Elijah walk in to pull up a seat because they don't know how long it will take.

"You think I can get some chocolate before I go back to being a vampire?" Kol shrugs, he doesn't know what he wants as his last meal and that seems like a good option.

"I would like some paella." Finn sits on the floor because he doesn't want to go looking for a chair even though there is bound to be one nearby.

"If you're going to have Klaus do a food run I'll take a bit of risotto." Kol pulls out a bag of chips out of thin air and his siblings don't know if he actually used magic to obtain it or if he had it with him the whole time because he hasn't moved much.

"I never offered to go." It seems his words and voice fall on deaf ears because Klaus hears Kol speaking in a mockingly pleading tone.

"C'mon you love me."

"Not that much." Klaus looks at him only to smile when Elijah pats Kol on the back empathetically.

"Oh no, I'm crying." Kol wails sarcastically and he drapes himself over Elijah like a child as his older brother holds onto him as if he weighed nothing and says 'please shut up Kol and if it's of any condolence I love you plenty.'

"Wait, have either of you tried smoked pork?" Freya looks at them questioning it and Kol nods until Finn shakes his head saying that he himself has 'not in a thousand years' and knowing that she is going to get it for him.

"You should definitely get some honey glazed smoked pork before you die." Elijah pipes up helpfully and they kind of agree.

"We should have a small feast before we get the spell started." Everyone looks at Rebekah in agreement having been reached between them.

"She is right we can't all be doom and gloom all the time. Let us take a day to just hang out."

Alright then he will relent. Because he can use the excuse and it would be nice. At least he wants it to be. Only time will tell.

Looking at the corpses on his table he huffs saying. "I'm not going shopping, I already called it."

Freya is the last one to say 'not it' and the burden falls on her but this works in her favor because she has an excuse to see Keelin.

Finn finds that in seconds everyone leaves the room only to be surprised when he finds Kol lingering.

"Are you scared?" The question is an even bigger shock when he doesn't detect sarcasm or anything relating to that.

"I trust in Freya's skill and our siblings to keep vigilant watch or at least protect us well enough no matter what animosity or bad blood maybe between us at the moment. We have nothing to worry about, fear."

Finn pats at his clothes as if clearing the nonexistent rumples. He wishes someone else had stayed or that he could come up with a distraction but this feels like a conversation he cannot afford to avoid.

"I wasn't asking about that. I-" Kol's voice had gone quiet, soft. Pure velvet as he walked to stand beside him. Looking away when Finn cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

"About being in my body again? Yes." Finn does not dare to look at him as he spoke. Slightly terrified about the judgment he might hear at the end of it but he can live with that because he is being honest.

"I wasn't strong enough to protect myself. From anything." This house, this room is quiet, far too silent for it to be normal.

He is thinking that the rest of the siblings are probably giving them a semblance of privacy by not butting in because he knows even without his vampire senses that they have not left yet.

"Not from the dagger. Or from Niklaus. Not from that damn box. You ask if I'm scared. That doesn't cut it or cover the half of what I'm feeling."

"Finn" Kol can practically feel magic in the air as it responds to his brother's agitated state without said brother taking notice until he calls out to him.

"I'm scared of sleeping alone. I am scared of the dark. I can't believe I'm saying this, I am scared of enclosed spaces. Of technology because I don't know how it works."

"Or being embarrassed in public. Because I do not know half the languages I hear, what most of the words of todays modern age means. The locations or knowledge of things everyone else takes for granted."

"I don't even know how to ride a bike and I just found out what it is or work a toaster. Supposedly they are the easiest things in the world."

Finn is breathing hard now and it's evident that he is crying even though he turns away from him as if ashamed as his body shakes before he gets ahold of himself because he will not do this.

He has very little self-respect as it is. Finn doesn't want to lose what's left but he has one final truth since he is here spilling out his fears.

"I can't sleep." He wipes at his face with his arm and is grateful for the handkerchief Kol probably bummed off of Elijah's collection.

"I know." Kol reaches out to him. Just brushing his fingers over his arm lightly. Not elaborating further.

He had kept all the lights on in the living room throughout the night and day because he couldn't be to sure.

Going as far as telling Finn that the lights in the future never turned off. The goal in mind was to make him not be suspicious or self-conscious about it, his need to have them on.

It had worked out amazingly.

Had realized that doors in his house had been a bad idea when Finn had gotten out of the shower while he was watching TV.

Only hear him scream as if someone were being murdered and find the door blown off his hinges and Finn on the floor looking worse for wear.

It was obvious that he didn't sleep unless coaxed into doing so and by that Kol literally had to knock him out by drugging him. With his consent most of the time. Still, he had not known about the other things.

Kol is absolutely certain that no one did. He is going to find a way to fix this.

"I'm going to get ready for the dinner. Th-" Finn shakes his head as if mentally saying 'nope' as he stops talking altogether and just walks away because he no longer knows what to say.



"Just give me a minute." Kol can't bear to look at them as he says the words because his voice is breaking and he hasn't felt so vulnerable in his life and he been through some things.

"You are supposed to wake up." Kol looms over Finn just staring at him as if shell shocked but the realization of its hopelessness is quite evident.

Lucien's bite is poisonous to them, fatal. Finn just had to save his princess. He had to die trying.

He kissed him repeating the words one last time because that's how it works in fairy tales. Love conquers all, it always wins.

What a stupid notion. Still it is one he has to cling onto, for now at least.

Sitting beside him on the floor he grabbed his hand as he stares at nothing in particular just replaying on of the last days he had with his eldest brother.

"You have to come at me like you mean it. Attack, again." Freya lets up and grabs a water bottle as she breathes hard only to relax when she wipes at the sweat on her skin with a towel.

She has to shower. Keelin is coming over and she wants to look presentable.

"Þú berð eins ok píka." Finn chuckles at Freya's words unable to help himself. Only to stare in awe at Kol's retort.

Quite impressed. His siblings are simply amazing.

"Far þú, heimsk." Kol drops his stance, fully aware that she was edging him on playfully because there wasn't an ounce of malice to her tone or demeanor.

"I give up. You win. This was fun." He stretched and vamps into the kitchen to get a bloodbag then moves towards his bedroom afterwards.

Toes his shoes off as he throws himself on his mattress feeling boneless in his comfort as the cold air his him square on.

"What do you want?" Kol doesn't look at him as he stares at the ceiling. Drinking from the bag only to toss it towards a mirror because it is placed near a trash can.

"To say that I'm proud of you." For what he doesn't have a chance to elaborate because Kol kissed him.

Clutching onto his shirt in desperation only to let go when Finn pulled at his hair with one hand and gripped him through his pants. Letting out a low noise he bucked into him slowly.

Closing the door only to be pressed against it. Fingers trailing down his spine. Kol mumbles the words 'you're fine' and 'I've got you' before kissing him again.

Asking him to trust that everything is going to be all right.

"You are doing well." Finn is panting against him as if trying to breathe life into his body. Clearly going for a distraction to collect his thoughts, cope.

"Elijah thinks so. He hasn't seen me often enough to tell though so I can't trust his judgment on the matter."

"How are you." He had hoped Finn would come find him. It was horrible to just wait.

"Good. Great even." Finn is lying. Through his teeth and without hesitation even as he's terrified of Kol seeing right through him. Knowing deep down that he won't say anything even if he were to notice.

It's no longer his business or of concern to him.

"I missed my heart." Kol whispered softly into his skin as if able to reach it without cutting flesh or bypassing tissue and bone.

Knowing him, he already has.

"Please" He knows what he is doing. Begging for. He's not had to do that in a long time and the knowledge of this fact etched shame into the very core of him.

"I can't do this. I don't wish to just leave you alone. I refuse." As he says it he pulls past his clothes and feels Finn trembling against him then catching his gaze while Kol just takes it in knowing he's never seen a more winsome sight.

As his vision begins to blur he wipes at his face and moves to stand. Letting go of his hand he nods when Freya walks into the room crying openly but speaking with a firm tone.

"Brother, it's time." Freya looks at him then at Finn's body and it doesn't seem real. She had just gotten back to him, back to her family. It was unfair of him to leave.

"Could you kiss him. If you do it he, he might wake up. He loves you and you love him. That's how it goes isn't it? How it works." The way Kol said the words, pleading with her to make things right and fix the wrong has her heart breaking all over again and she'd believed that impossible.

She knows how much effort it took for him to say that. Something unfathomable nonetheless.

"If this doesn't work I-" Freya stops talking, steeling herself as she walks over to the couch and Kol looks away because he can't force himself to see this no matter how hard he tried.

When nothing happens Kol's voice goes cold almost distant as he pushes past the rest of his family members.

Glad to see that none are going after him, saying 'burn the body' as he straightened his clothes and masks his emotions before stepping into the night.

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