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So in this AU Tatia and Elijah had taken a break to see other people because of their parents suggestion that they needed to live/explore a little before settling down even though they loved the idea of their marriage. Stefan-Salis 2.0 showed up/the doppelganger curse happened. And Elijah killed him, made it look like an accident- covered it up. Dngaf. Cause he's good at that.

10th century

"They begged me to stop. What have I done..they were innocent. Doing their job and I just tore families apart. Friends. I am a damn monster!" Finn breathes out and punches a tree. He has to focus on staying collected.

He had not expected it to knock over four and a half over on its way down because what was that about now?

Normally he had been able to keep his strength or emotional problems under control. He wants to ask if she can find a way to kill him because someone has to and this is the perfect opportunity.

Take him out before he has a chance to do it again. Hurt anyone else or worse. He doesn't want her to be the one to do it though.

She is innocent and should have no part in it. He has to find a solution for himself.

Try something, anything.

"I know you spared them. Two of them, the cousins. They were hiding behind some bushes. You could have killed them. I'm glad you didn't." Ayana grabs his hand and walks him closer to the water without resistance then hands him a bottle of dark green liquid.

"Wash up then come visit, I have some information if you are not going to be sulking what is left of the night away. I do not know what you are going through and I never will but you know where to turn if you ever need or want anything."

She stood up and walked towards the path home. There is not much she can do for him now that he has made up his mind but she will always help him out.

Esther was her best friend and so is Mikael, despite their faults or sometimes unfavorable characteristics.

She truly adores their children. All of them.

"What became of those witches? I remember little only that I had told them to stay away from Tatia. If they approached her. I will not show mercy again. My feelings, promise, morals be damned."

He had wanted remain a good person but apparently that's too much to ask and he is going to be doomed to repeat the cycle of..of evil.

He should have died when he lost his magic or stayed dead when his parents 'killed' him to make him immortal.

He killed Sonia and he wants to cry because he did that. He's sad, hating himself and it's bad, worse than usual.

The only way he thinks he can stop it is if he shuts off his emotions but that had turned out horrifyingly for everyone.

Except for his father and Kol. They looked proud. Had said as much.

Finn's voice stopped her in her tracks and she wants to say that to her he will always be the kind boy that would help her test out spells in the forest.

Doing almost anything to keep his family safe even at a distance is okay she supposed but he has to get it through his head that he has done more than enough as it is.

That he should start to look out for himself because his journey is just going to get so much worse.

She had known that this day would come.

That the last of the Mikaelson line would spill blood but had thought them capable of showing restraint especially with all the practice and effort she had seen them put in so far.

"Elijah took her home. She is safe. I will take you to the founding families in the morning. Right now you could use a bathing and your body needs rest although if I know you then I am certain your mind will make it exponentially difficult. I will help you." She hands him some plants and tells him how to mix them once crushed when he gets out of the water.

There is a sound of crunching leaves as birds fly off the branches and he thinks he saw ravens then crows but he has to drop it.

Stop with this senseless chase because he won't find his older sister. If it had been difficult before it is just impossible now and he has to accept that.

"There is nothing left for me here. For me to say. Stay here. I made my choice, I stand by it no matter what will come my way. If it is death, I welcome it. In the morning I will seek them out, make my case. Follow through with my punishment."

"If I..tell father I love him. Tatia, that I wish her and her son all the happiness. My siblings nothing, they wouldn't care, notice anyway and I'm fine with that." He had tossed the empty bottle on his pile of clothes and kept talking because he has to say it, make his peace before it is too late.

"There's a box. Inside are two books. It is hidden under my bed to the left in the ground.'s spell books, my very own works too." He stopped talking for a moment as if contemplating either his fate or his words.

"They have never been tested. I wouldn't be surprised if they are all failures. Were simply theories. A pointless waste of time. Can you burn it? The first one. They wouldn't help anyone because it's in Norse. Not to mention boring. Who would find the time.." He clears his throat and puts his clothes on as she hands them over.

Having used her magic to clean them while he'd bathed. She wants to ask if she can check them out before tossing them in pyre or whatever he wants done with them.

"It had started as fun in the beginning, a nice distraction. The second one you can keep for yourself or throw it in the river. It is in English. It was for Kol originally, I thought he might have found it interesting but it was a foolish thought. It is definitely worse than the first one. So get rid of it, please. I'm ashamed. Deeply. Because it's utter trash."

Ayana had walked towards him and kneeled down beside him as he sat away from the mud.

She sensed an urgency to the words as if he knows something she doesn't but whatever it is it must be new information and that is hard to come by without her knowing it first.

Being clairvoyant and all. He is talking as if he knows his fate and it's not a good one.

What had he seen, heard? She knows Sonia and a portion of her following had approached him.

That she could see beyond. The Other side and what comes with it.

"If it is life then embrace it just as tightly. It is a gift you should not waste. Don't act as if you're dead when you clearly aren't. Not physically. And as for the books. Show them to me yourself one day."

She smiles at him but he can see through her. She is trying to stay positive for his sake and he feels like telling her to stop because it has nothing to do with her.

He does not want to drag her down and he can't just make himself happy magically or otherwise.

"Who knows, I might pass them down. Help translate it for the future generations. I'm sure the Bennett line would appreciate the knowledge. It should go without saying that knowing you both must be something amazing. Never doubt yourself. You have my word, Kol won't know anything about them. Neither will anyone else in your family."

Ayana remembers holding Elijah in her arms as a baby while Finn looked out the boat at the water solemnly.

She had just lost her baby and wanted nothing to do with Norway anymore so had helped Esther convince Mikael to accompany her to a new land, one with opportunities and a place where their children wouldn't be taken by the plagues ravaging their village.

When she'd told him to take a step back because it was dangerous he said it didn't matter what happened to him as long as he was heard.

At the time she hadn't known what he meant by it. When he awoke without magic she found out.

Wished she hadn't. That she had been there for him but she wasn't because she had her hands full with his mother and then father.

Their grief. Then her own.

Only to have Mikael carry him on his shoulder for a moment before a look of devastation settled on his features and he let him go. Told him to play where he could see him.

She hadn't thought about that since it happened years ago and is wondering why she is thinking about it now.

"Ayana. Thank you. For believing in me. For helping me when I've clearly never done anything to deserve it. I love you but this you do not understand, cannot see. I deserve to-" She held a hand to his lips and he looks away, clearly taken aback.

Accepting her words nonetheless and message before she stood up, just walking off. Now he has to take the next step in his plan.

He thinks his heart feels heavy but he can get over it quickly if he just doesn't doubt himself. She has a point.

It was his fault for choosing to live in the delusion.


"Where is your brother? He should not be alone right now." He knows that Finn is not inclined towards violence or death and why but he had hoped his son would outgrow his fear one day.

Apparently it isn't today. He sighed then looks over at Kol as he stopped carrying a corpse, tossed it in a pit and let the shovel drop on a pile of dirt to the side.

"Why are you always so worried about him? What makes him so special to you. He isn't by any of your standards a warrior. Is it because he is the oldest. Your favorite. I thought that was Elijah though. So I'm thinking it is not that."

Kol met his gaze and Rebekah slows her shoveling as she pretends not to be eavesdropping because it is none of her business.

People just don't question their father though. No matter what circumstance.

Still it happened now and she wants to hear their father's response.

"That is not your business." Mikael had picked up the shovel then continues his work. He should finish long before dawn.

Shoveling faster and Rebekah follows his example. He is not sure what Kol was thinking about when saying what he has or is caring about it all that much.

Still, one thing should be made clear.

He doesn't have a favorite.

What type of stupid shit is that. He loves all of his kids. Equally. That includes Freya and Henrik.

Regardless of their death.

Except for Niklaus. Not anymore. Esther's betrayal then death had sealed the deal.

He does not love him.

"He is a grown man. He should act like it. Come to think of it. No man should be allowed to be that sensitive. It's unnatural." Kol had bit his tongue after speaking.

He wonders if Finn would punch him in the face if he said this in his presence. Would he just take it?

Would the words hurt him..he doesn't want that. Ever.

Saying them out loud sounds awful he thinks yet convincing so it works to his favor.

"Get out of here, Kol." Mikael doesn't bother to face him as he is being dismissed and Kol is like 'whatever' before walking off, stopping then facing him again when he thinks he deserves an answer better than what he got.

"That's not answering my questions." He is going to stand here until he gets what he asked for.

Deep down he knows the answer for himself. Does not blame him. But he wants to hear it.

"Son, I will not tell you again." The words made Rebekah want to intervene because she feels like something big is about to go down and it has her terrified.

"Finn isn't like us. Without his magic, without his humanity..He is sad and I don't know how to fix it. Everyone in this family knows he has potential to be the stuff of nightmares-legends if he gets the opportunity but he does not want that."

He looks disgusted before shoving the feeling down and switching it for disappointment as he continues.

"I have been watching him. Stalking his every move because I find it compelling. Asking myself, now you and Rebekah here. Why would we want him around? I hate him. He's boring. You do too, right?"

He can see Rebekah tense up as she calls his name. Clearly telling him to shut up because he's going to say something regular people would regret.

That is a good sign, start. Now he just has to turn it up a bit.

To get vicious.

"Sometimes I find myself thinking that he should have taken a dirt nap instead Henrik or your precious Freya." The disdain towards the end of the words is evident.

If Mikael had thought his son should have measured his words before it just got so much worse.

Kol knows what he said was probably out of line because he knows why Finn is acting the way he is but he has to cement his actions, feelings and who better than to start with than their father.

Dragging Henrik into this conversation was definitely uncalled for. A dick move and okay he feels bad but he honestly could not care less about the dead sister he would have supposedly adored had she been around.

He had not expected Mikael to vamp before him and he fell back on to the blood soaked dirt because oh shit.

Okay. He definitely messed up here.

It had been a great idea at the time. At the moment not so much.

Regrets are for the mediocre. And he regrets nothing, ever. This one is likely going to cost him a limb or two however.

There is no way he is getting out of this alive or in one piece and he wishes he could see Finn one last time before he dies.

He doesn't know why but his heart is racing, doing something stupid again as he thinks of him. The feeling is fleeting as he thinks he wants his mother too, for a second then it disappears.

She never did anything for him worth mentioning because all she had ever cared about was Niklaus, still would if she could.

And now he knows why. So he is glad she is dead.

Now he wants Ayana to intervene because he loves her and he is scared or something similar because he can't move. There is a cold sweat running down his throat and back.

He has to get Finn's magic back to him. To see him smile again. He wants that more than anything and he is pretty sure that there is something wrong with him.

He doesn't care. It does not stop him from wanting.

To see magic at its purest and darkest. At some point he had wanted to see the world for himself.

By himself. Because that is the best way to travel. No strings attached.

Whatever is out there worth exploring.

If anything at all. There is an edge to the world. Everyone says it. Shit. He wanted to find it, still does.

There is always new things to learn. He had proven that for himself with his experiments and there is no way anyone should have stopped him from learning new languages because it had peaked his interests.

Kol closed his eyes before thinking he is no coward. If he is going to kick the bucket at least a family member is going to do it so that is something good..motivational?

He does not know. No longer cares.

He still respects and admires his father. Loves him even or thinks he does because he doesn't want anything bad to happen to him regardless of what takes place here, now.

With a breath to calm himself he looks up with a seriousness to him he knows he had not ever showed outside of hanging out with Finn as he lets all thoughts go. He is ready for his fate.

It's a real shame he can't bring his self-assigned pet toad he had named Frog because it would confuse many, along but it would die soon enough.

Unless he'd feed it some of his blood. A vampire toad, frog? It would be great. Tricky.

He would have liked to try it out. On other animals first unless he was too eager which has happened before.

Still. It would have wreaked havoc and he would have liked to see it. It would have been so much fun to scare the hell out of Rebekah and Tatia.

Elijah would probably fight him and Niklaus would be on his side because when it comes to Elijah and his happiness it's like his own feelings take a backseat.

Ayana would knock him on his ass without trying all that hard and his father would kill it. Is going to proceed to kill him know so..

Finn...he can't die here. There is no way he can accept that for all his talk, thoughts. If he dies who is going to pry this stupid ring off his cold dead.

Dead-er finger.

It won't walk off on its own. He is assuming because what the hell happened back there?

He wants to kiss him again but that thought is in no way shape or form helping him out here and Kol is thinking he hates him.

For making him feel weird shit he hadn't before, cannot place and actually abhorring that on the honest level.

That if anything or anyone tries to get in his brother's way. Keep him from finding what he wants.

Nothing is going to stop him from haunting them. And the families, friends, neighbor. He would kill them all but first he'd drive them to insanity.

Now he wondered if ghost life was fun. It sounds awful. He won't get to see him be happy again. If he ever truly has and he wants to see it.

He gets it his oldest brother is perfect and he is different from what he feels to Tatia or even Rebekah so it isn't love.

Is sure of it. Love is for people that have nothing better to waste their life on or are scared of dying alone.

What is bothering him now is that his mind won't shut up about him.

It's really weird. And..and he won't have it. It is not what he wants, is but should not be. It isn't him.

He has to let it go before it consumes him further.

Fuck, it is too late. He has wanted him since he wasn't supposed to and does even more now that he is an adult.

Not that he had thought it possible.

He isn't going to die here. He is going to get out alive, find him and..he doesn't know.


Mikael saw an array of emotions display on Kol's face as his son seemed to be malfunctioning.

Unable to stick to one before his face went went blank and his eyes met his. His face and eyes are devoid of emotion and Mikael had seen this look on him plenty of times as a child.

He had only seen Kol look alive, completely blissful and in control when he is covered in blood.

Killing things and he knows it comes from his side of the family. His mother in particular.



Mikael saw him for who and what he is because there is no way he would not. Being his dad and all.

He had not expected to such a reaction from Kol of all people.

It was obvious towards the end there that the poor boy is terrified before having shut off any sort of fear.

Now he is questioning his life choices. As a parent.

He supposed he had taken things too far with Niklaus in more than one occasion especially now that Ester's dead and maybe his kids assumed he would one day take it out on them.

His rage, anger. Thirst for battle.

That is awful and it is amazing how much a moment can just have him do a reality check. Have him question his past actions silently promising to try a little harder to do a better job as their parent because he never wanted to be like his old man.

"Don't you ever say that again. If you hate him now that's fine, he is your brother. That is what siblings do. From personal experience, I suggest you try a little harder to meet him halfway."

Kol is just looking at him like a fish out of water and Mikael pats his head like a dog for a second before removing his hand.

That is enough of that and he does not want to do it again.

"You should get over it, stand by eachother no matter what because that is what family is. Does. If you can't then leave him alone. He seems to want that these days."

Mikael had looked away and Kol doesn't want to ask, know for the first time in his life. He just thinks he should drop it.

He feels like he crossed a line he hadn't even thought to be there so he just wants to say 'forget it, we're good'.

Then move on from this a smarter man. His father started talking again and that's great he can focus on it without thinking of taking his words back.

"And it goes without saying that I forbid you from saying that or anything similar of, to him or any of your siblings ever. Otherwise.."

"Otherwise, what father?" Kol doesn't want to think about it anymore. He just wants to go back to the river a few hours earlier or in his bed.

"You won't be my son. All you will be is a monster. One, who has no purpose being on this Earth."

There, he said it. Isn't feeling bad about it or good either. It is what it is and he's made his peace. Spoken his mind regardless of what his children think because he hasn't forgotten about Rebekah.

"What are you saying, dad?" Kol doesn't know why his voice comes off as frightened rather than angry or prodding but it does and he feels like a child about to get disciplined.

"That I love you and I do not want to lose you. Even though I know thinking, a recognition of emotions or acting like a normal person clearly isn't something that ever comes naturally to you. You are still my son. I would never hurt you or your siblings."

He put his hand out. Offering to help him up. Doing more of symbolic thing rather than because he thought Kol couldn't stand up on his own.

Kol grabs his hand and lets the words seep in. Was he getting insulted here or was his dad just keeping it real? Was it both? He could live with that.

He is awesome. They should see the amount toxins he has developed. How many people he's saved in town. To kill at some point, some even today or in the future but it still counts.

Still it's odd. This moment because this reminds him of a similar situation. Finn getting called out on his shit then turning the tables without realizing or trying to.

He thinks of the day Finn awoke to see the loss of his magic and mind later that day because he had moved with a quickness.

Agility he hadn't thought humanly possible. Taken their father's sword and tried to end his life only to have their father step in his way with just as much purpose to his actions and get cut clean through.

Have their mother screaming because of shock or fear then moving as if without control. A haste to use her magic to save him as Ayana grabbed a hold of the sword and Finn's hand to check him over then his father as he tried to apologise saying it was his fault everything was happening.

That it is his fault for being born or something stupid like that. It was his fault for bringing the plague that took his sister from him forever because it began the moment he'd displayed signs of extraordinary power when trying to save a bird that Freya had told him to leave alone because it was sick.

That death walked towards him dressed in black with the face and grace of a beautiful woman in the dead of winter.

How he thought her a Valkyrie but that it couldn't be because the magic he felt from her was terrifying yet he could see similarities to his own.

Not like the one Freya has or his mother either. Who, what is she was or wanted from him he didn't know.

How he had told Freya to stand back as she screamed for their mother who welcomed death with a solemn look to her.

That he himself would summon her again one day.

That he made a pact with the Spirits when he was eight after stealing Ayana's grimoire and gathered a number of witches with the promise of his allegiance one day when he grows into his power because they know what he is back in Norway.

Or at least he thought he had given up his immortal soul, his body.

Anything they wanted from him.

No matter the cost in exchange for her and Elijah's safety because he had not wanted the same to happen to his little brother but that so far nothing has come of it.

That he could tell at least. Only to have all three adults stop what they were doing and stare at him with shock and horror evident on their faces.

Then have his mother put him to sleep again.

Tell their father that Finn obviously had an overwhelming experience and that he was not thinking straight.

That he has an overactive imagination and that nothing he said now should be taken seriously because Ayana had only fed him tonics with hallucinations as a side effect.

Kol had seen resignation on her face before she nodded, picked up Finn and let him go onto the matress then resuming her healing for his father.

"..I am sorry, father. I was out of line and will not say it again, I promise. By my honor." He is still looking at him even though he had zoned out for a minute.

He wants to be like that not to the extent but he is going to find a way to get Finn out of the deal and what better way to get every piece of information regarding, related to magic.

"We won't speak of it again. Either you help us out here or go ahead and check the forest for any more bodies. We should go into town and see what damage has been done there."

Kol vamps out of sight calling out that he has something to do first. That he would be back eventually.

Mikael thinks he should have a talk with Niklaus. That boy is no longer his son but he supposed it wouldn't hurt.

There is a number of things to do and take care of here, in town and at home so he will put it off as long as possible.

If they happen to never get around to having that conversation it is alright with him.




"What are you doing here?" Kol had ventured out of the path leading home to a clearing only to find Finn sitting here as if he were thinking about life. He walks closer and plops down after a moment.

"Looking at the sky. I see figures in the stars. I wonder if someone out there will name them one day. Or if-"

"Is there a name for stars in Norse?" Kol cut him off. He had not expected that to see him so calm just looking at the sky like it held all the answers.

Something is up here or happened already because his eldest brother has never been so if ever composed when someone dies because of his actions.

So he is going to ask because he wants to not think about what he discovered about himself today.

"Yes. Stjarna." Finn hadn't looked at him as he spoke and that in and of itself wasn't odd but this feeling is nagging at him. Telling him that something is off.

"That's good." Kol vamped next to him and he leaned to kiss him softly at first. Not sure if this is appropriate because it really matters or makes a difference supposedly.

But going for it just the same.

Deepening it by opening his mouth, adding his tongue in the mix but stopping when he feels Finn hesitate a brief moment before kissing back with an intensity he hadn't expected or seen until now.

Where had that been his whole life?

He has no plan or goal here. Just wants to live in the moment. He thinks it nice but isn't used to it.

"You want to say something?" Finn had moved back and seemed to lose all focus or care about whatever it had been that was on his mind.

"No..." He wants to ask if he is suggesting that he should have one to be around him from now on because why. And no, he is going to do what he wants.

"Okay" He barely got the word out when Finn pushed him against a tree and lifts him up like he is some sort of girl.

Pulling away from him when Kol holds up a hand to signal that something is wrong. Said he feels sick. As if his stomach is burning from the inside when it clicks and he groans.

Frowning as realization does it's job, saying. "Please, Finn. Tell me you didn't, f-" Before slumping forward, against him. Asleep like a log.

Finn wipes at his hands. He is glad Ayana knew what he had wanted. He is going to miss her greatly. But he can't think like that.

Crushing the plants in the order he had made a powder-like dust at had helped him put Kol to sleep but he knows it won't last long.

He hadn't planned on using it now or like this but it works too. Right now he just wants to look at his little brother for a moment.

He sat him down against the tree he had held him to moments ago. He hadn't known Kol would be around. Here. He is glad he hadn't come by earlier.

That would have been horrible because he had done some stuff he isn't all too proud of. He cannot die, has spent these last few hours trying to get it together long enough to get it right but nothing is working and he's fearing the worst.

What if only a family member can kill him? He could see that. If he just angers them enough maybe. Doesn't want them to go through with it if they'd later regret it though.

It's too much to put on a person. He should know. He just wiped out what feels like an entire generation or what's left of it besides his family, Kol's friends and Tatia.

He has to focus on not crying again because he needs to be a man about this. Take responsibility for his actions.

Hadn't thought of that when he was dying from Vervain but okay he is now. And taking his own life would be incredibly selfish.

The covens would go through with it tomorrow- this morning anyway and he has all of his business in order.

Now Kol is here changes nothing, he is the last person he wanted to see.

Will be now apparently.

He chuckled to himself. Sobering up after what feels like a few minutes of staring at his brother's face.

It's time that he leaves, he won't wait for Ayana. He doesn't want to see what she'd do to try help him. He doesn't deserve it.

Has to leave, now because a moment longer and he's going to want to stay. He moves to stand except he only makes it halfway because a thought suddenly hits him.

Just sitting long enough to get what he'd wanted to say, knowing he wouldn't find the courage if his youngest brother was awake isn't the worst thing in the world.

He is sure of it. Okay he has to be quick about it. Direct and concise although it doesn't matter in the long run because Kol is dead asleep.

"When I thought of dying. Of never seeing the light of day again. A sunset, horizon. Stars, clouds. A bear or bees. Of what I'd miss about my life all things considered. I thought of you. Not Freya, my magic, the rest our family or friends."

"I'm not a good person. I don't know if I ever was. As I was dying I thought of you and you were sad but I didn't know why. Still don't. It was not right, is not what I want because you have lost enough as it is so I'll tell you something."

"I'm going to make you happy. If I somehow manage to live another day. It's going to be me being selfish and evil. But it's for the greater good. No that's a..that's not completely true. I just, I can't bring myself to get the words out. Sorry. "

"I must bring you up just to tear you down. Again and again. Until you hate, despise, loathe.."He feels like he's choking up on the words so he takes the moment to remove what's left of his fears.

"Until you get over the news, thought. Fact of my true death and it means absolutely nothing to you because you deserve that much. I only ask one thing of you. At the time of my death please don't look away.. I need it to set in. Here as much in here."

His hand hovers just above his head and heart before he's standing again.

He wipes at his eyes and is glad he isn't crying. He had promised himself long ago that he would try to limit it as much as possible.

It no longer matters much anymore or it won't in a few minutes. Standing, he wipes at his pants and his fingers land on his lips.

He wonders if Ayana had seen something. She would have brought it up directly if she had, he knows her.

Pointedly he is ignoring Kol as he moves back a handful of steps and cut into his arms with a small dagger.

Drawing a circle large enough to move in he moves to the tree and starts drawing a small sigil to accompany the ones alongside the exterior of the circle.

He may not have his magic anymore but he knows a good number of protection spells when he needs one and this sketch in particular can fool even the best of them. Whether it be witches, humans or wolves.

Without another thought or look back he walked towards the clearing and out the woods. Not having stayed longer enough to see his some of his blood drip from the tree and onto Kol's skin or see the protection spell activate once that happens.



"Niklaus?" Elijah had not used his newfound speed because he had not thought it that urgent. He's not in a good mood today and he ruined some good shoes on-top of that.

It just isn't a good time to care if anyone's life is in danger or not. Nik is not looking like he is in immediate if in danger at all.

"Elijah. Hello, brother." He looks at Elijah with an emotion the elder of the two does not want to place. Believe because that's how he looks at Tatia.

How she looks at him. He can feel his heart beating faster but he shuts that down.

And that isn't right. He must be feeling the impact of the day as it catches up with him. He shakes his head and sighs.

The people in town are in for a rough awakening in a few minutes. Once he feeds Nik he will go back. See what damage he can either manage or increase further.

"Are you.. sleeping well?" He feels like an idiot because he doesn't know what to say. There was a speech that had been eating at his brain since the day their mother died.

Now that he is finally here, he does not know what happened to the fire in him. The words abandoned him like a leper.

He had not caught his response but won't press further. He just sits down and looks at the sky. Dawn is approaching and he should go to sleep.

Niklaus has not spoken up as if he let something slip up but yeah right, his brain is fried. That is the problem.

"I love you Niklaus but you should know better than to listen to Kol. I have to find Finn because he has some explanations to give and needs his sword because Tatia had it. You seen him or Rebekah? She was with father and Ayana I think."

"No. Just a lovely lady. She was kind to me. I didn't expect that." Niklaus met his gaze a before lowering it.

Elijah isn't looking good or happy, he looks like he just wants to be at home or in Tatia's bed and he wants to tell him to leave him be.

But another part, the shameless part of his brain is screaming at him that he shouldn't care. That he has him here and now. That he is safe and that is enough for him so he should be grateful.

"When? I didn't see anyone. Did she give you a name?" Elijah raised an eyebrow. He hadn't come across anyone other than some of Kol's friends, corpses and soon to be wolves that he himself later did in.

"No. She gave me something better." Nik sounds in better spirits now and okay that is good news for him he assumed but something isn't adding up.

"What did she gift you. Blood? A hug..I don't know.. sorry." He holds up a hand, had been about to say a good night's kiss but that felt unnecessarily rude on his part and he doesn't know why he had wanted to say it.

Is he jealous? Of what. Something his brother's mind conjured up? Maybe throwing in a bit of solitude into this punishment is making him start to lose it or he really had seen something, someone.

Where are they now. What did they want with Niklaus?

"I-I don't remember." He tries to think about it and the beautiful lady but he supposed he is getting tired because he can't.




"If I were to die tomorrow, this morning technically. I would want you to cremate me. I don't care what you do with my ashes as long as I am cremated. There is a clause I need checked. That is it. My only request."

Finn had walked into town and knocked at a door he didn't think he'd ever have to. He is talking to an executioner.

"That's a stupid request. Your crimes that intense, then?" Finn nods somewhat reluctantly. He thought he had acknowledged that nothing matters anymore. That he is bigger than his fears.

That he should not be scared. That he is done because he can't stand living like this, hating himself.

What he is becoming and those around him.

"'s the only one I have got. And I'd rather not talk about it until I strictly have to, if you don't mind. Thank you." He smiles awkwardly but it isn't helping him so he stops.

"I'm going to chop you head off with an axe and you're thanking me? Right..well, you are welcome. It is getting late, I better go. This, it can wait. See you then."

Until it is after 6:00 am it is not his problem, business who dies or doesn't. Everyone in town knows it, this kid should too.

"I can wait." Finn looks around him for a moment and sits down near a wagon. Glad to see that there is no one about town yet despite the first rays of Sunshine.

He had seen him years ago. This kid is definitely familiar.

Around town practicing magic with a brunette girl running behind him as a blonde boy chased her with a stick and another three kids trailing after them until this kid told them to stop following him.

That they aren't ducks or chickens. Something along the lines so they should not act like it.

He remembers the kids mother. She was doing anything but sleeping with a wolf shifter. He could've sworn he saw it for himself once when they got careless.

Now they are both dead so that is something he should be weary about.

If legend has it right and he is certain it does this kid's father is Viking, one of the best.

Not only that he is going to kill him if Ayana, the town's healer doesn't get to him first.

He has to find a way to contact them without impacting himself in it or into a situation he'd rather not be in.

Whatever he did has to do with the covens and he knows it must be pretty bad if he's at his doorstep waiting to die without even hearing a verdict.

He'd survived wars, tyrants, hunger. There is no way he is going to let this man throw his life away if it really isn't about something related to a crime.


"I want to leave, now." Freya looks at Dalia with a seriousness, an urgency to her.

"Why, I'm just getting started. Did Finn disappoint you, let me guess he didn't recognize you..That break your heart?" She smiles and then continues. Knowing Freya is hooked and listening to her every word.

"No, no you didn't see him. Face to face that is. Shame, I bet he's quite the perfect boy. Someone to match you, equally."

She knows that Finn is obviously around town or the woods lacking in magic but she supposed that she should keep the detail to her self if Freya doesn't know it yet.

"I saw him, he is different than I thought he'd be but it doesn't matter I still love him. Can you believe, I saw Elijah and father. I have a sister. She's beautiful. I wonder if father trained her as a shield maiden?" Freya wonders if Dalia had seen her. But she supposed it was better not to ask, mention them again once they leave.

It won't matter, thinking about them if they aren't around. It's pointless unless she can back it up and find her way home, to them.

"You also have another brother and a half brother. Why don't you want to stay a little longer? See them as well." Dalia walks closer to her. She wants to know what happened to have her niece this upset but doesn't care about it all that much.

"I saw enough. I doubt I will be able to leave if I stay a minute longer." Freya grabs at her pendent and shakes her head. She wants to leave. To never come back. Not until she has her own strength, magic to par without the need of assistance from dark objects to channel from.

She grabs hold of her aunt's hand and starts chanting a spell.

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