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M note: This is Au-ish, the characters are ooc and there's incest. I thought I'd add a little plot and layers to the history since there is enough leeway. I also want to see what Freya and Dalia are up to so I'll involve them.

M note 2: So I was thinking a Priest/Priestesses magic differs substantially to that of a normal witch because there's is parasitic-or predator likeness to it. Instead of simple syphoning it consumes the magic-power of others while not draining them wearing off or showing side effects to the person no matter how much they get or how it grows.

10th century

"You were supposed to protect the Craft. Instead you insult us. Defiling your gift by tainting your body, your blood with this-this change. What even are you supposed to be? Show me."

She uses her magic to see what he looks like now that he has given up on being human. She backs away from him slightly but stills when she remembers that she came here with a purpose.

The surrounding area is occupied by three of the leaders of the nearby covens and some of its members. There is a small pack of wolves accompanying them.

They are obviously lacking in numbers and he knows they are the further west. He shouldn't have gotten sidetracked, lured away from his original goal to chase after people that were clearly attempting to either ambush or stall for time.

He doesn't know what business they have here but they are a nuisance. There are three things he knows so far.

One, he is being cornered. Two, he will not cower. Three, he has done nothing wrong, nothing they have any right to judge him on.

Even if he did, he is going to stand his ground and remove them if there is no avoiding it because he has to get moving. There is a sense of urgency telling him he has two very sound options other than to charge head on.

He can either attempt to defuse the situation before it starts, escalates. He or can offer a compromise if it's within reach.

With a breath out of the way he begins talking.

"I didn't choose this. From what I have observed there is no changing back. Sadly. It isn't all bad. I have got a new outlook on life. I'm working on getting stronger and I'm practicing on feeding on animals so that no one, nothing has to die."

It has been difficult to not kill the animals yet because he hasn't found the right balance and Kol has even offered to help him out if he gets frustrated which is bound to happen eventually so that's a great help.

He had even convinced their father to give it a try although it comes as no surprise that he makes it seem way easier than it actually is.

A part of his mind is telling him that he doesn't owe them anything, these people. Much less an explanation but they shared a bond, were-had been linked through the Craft and a sense of duty to it.

In that aspect alone he thinks he should try to be honest about it.

"It doesn't matter. It is sin against nature itself. You were supposed to keep the Balance." The witch that had spoken before spoke up again.

Her voice accusatory. Regarding him as an equal but there's an amazingly obvious amount of disdain to her tone of voice.

Now he is trying to think back on where he knows her from when it clicks. It isn't his fault Niklaus is so infatuated with Tatia, he can't control it. Not that he would want to, it's got nothing to do with him.

He is assuming that is it. The reason she is here because she has no reason to talk to him or come up and out of the blue this, hold any sort of grudge.

This doesn't feel like a simple discussion about the Craft or his now obvious lack of it. Whom or what he's insulted is irrelevant.

Still. A simple crush or the lack of mutual feelings doesn't add up and he should not just go assuming. What if she's over it or it honestly has got nothing to do with what is going on here.

At least now he can associate and he can vouch for the level of her skill, he'd seen he practicing in these woods a few times.

Had he kept his magic he is confident that he could have taken her, all of them on with ease.

Without it as he is currently, well it's up in the air and anyone's guess.

It's come down to the obvious then. The killings his family is all too responsible for. They have toned it down significantly though.

His siblings had at one point even tried to work with what they had by limiting it down to sharing one or two humans.

It was a start and they had been putting in the effort so in a way he could bring himself to admire that.

Sonia spoke up. He knows he has tuned out most of it because he hadn't deemed it interesting which has him thinking his new vampire self is not as nice as he had thought he once was.

"Now you are an atrocious, vile creature. You're a monster." The words echo around her, them.

He doesn't know why but his blood has always boiled at the word. Monster. He repeats it to himself.

Mentally and out loud. The implication of it isn't something he has ever wanted to be associated with.

"Even if I had chosen this path of my own will. I am proficient in the Dark arts. I couldn't have just discovered something like this and not tested it out myself."

He looks her in the eyes looking every bit the person he was always meant to be as he regards them.

They are beneath him when it comes to skill, power and rank. Experience. Not that he'd cared before but it's actually starting to piss him off now.

He should try again. Maybe he'll get a different result.

"You should know better than anyone leaving things alone isn't how it works to people like us. Its call is undeniable."


"It matters not. We curse you. As long as you live." She smiles at the words as if knowing something he doesn't. Is in on a secret. Before composing herself and continuing.

Last time he checked there weren't many clairvoyants in town or the covens but alright he'll go with it.

He can appreciate it.

Still common sense dictates that he should probably be scared or at least weary about her words and her demeanor.

"You shan't get your magic back." There was an uproar of whispering amongst the gathered.

His world starts to spin but it's not important because it's obvious that the real problem was that he didn't catch what she had said.

He doesn't need this. Does not want it.

He heard wrong. Is certain of it. That must be it. A misunderstanding.

She repeats herself as if knowing it is a blow he wasn't going to recover from anytime soon.

He can hear them as he stares at nothing and doesn't really concentrate on anything because he's having an internal conflict.

Some saying 'now that's going too far.' Others 'you can't'. 'Ayana has claimed him her apprentice', 'do you know who his mother- his family is' and 'he is the last of the chosen'. While the remaining seemed to approve of the passed judgement.

It matters not who he is. He crossed them. Now he'll feel their wrath. She holds up her hand. He understands. She stands here with there support. Otherwise she wouldn't have found the gall to do this.

Having apparently just proclaimed herself by uniting the leaders of the nearby covens. Tribes. She's Regent now. That's obvious. If that's how they're willing to play it, place their cards.

He has been out of the loop for too long. If he had been doesn't matter. It too late anyway, it has already taken place.

There won't be much of an option other than to retaliate. Thinking it's the only one his family, his father would choose.

"Because the monarch of the Bennett bloodline has claimed you successor, you have displayed a raw talent unseen before and you come from an ancient- well respected, strong line from the Old world. We will be lenient on your punishment."

The air drips with magic and he hungers for it. It flows through the trees. He can feel it on his skin. Can taste it on his tongue. But he has to snap out of it and focus.

"Finn Mikaelson, you must prove you to the founding covens of the New world that you deserve it. Your title, your magic. You are a Priest. So far we aren't impressed."

"N-no!" He had wanted a chance to persuade them further. This is his first offense. What is this? He feels his head hurt.

It hurts. Everything. Freya. He has to find her. Was going to find her eventually. All he needed was a little time, practice.

Ayana had just removed his magic for his safety. Until his body was ready to handle it.

Now these witches stand there. They know nothing and still here they stand. Passed judgement. It's official, taken place. Even though he no longer has it with him he can feel it. Can see them take it away.

Ripping out any hope he had in ever reuniting with her in this life.

Destroying any faith he had gotten in himself and his effectively puting an end to his quest in a reasonable timespan.

He'd never be able to enter Valhalla if he wasn't at peace with himself. If he does not prove himself worthy.

His eyes are leaking blood and he wonders if they are his tears. His teeth ache with the need to tear at flesh as the extension of his fangs carries the threat of death and the veins around his eye protrude.

His mind clears of any thought. Can only hear the word 'kill' as if it's whispered against his ear but that's impossible. He stands alone with no one in his corner.

He had not wanted this. All he wanted was to find her. To be happy but apparently it had been too much to ask for.

Thinks he can hear, feel something snap in the back of his mind but it doesn't matter. His face contorts in rage as he runs forward, screams into the forest ready to kill anything in sight.

He had not wanted this.



Kol lowers his hand and tosses the heart he'd ripped out of the now effectively dead wolf. "Nik I gotta bit of a situation as you can see. I'll take care of it."

"Kol wait!" Klaus pulled at his chains and yells obscenities into the night air.

He had known killing Edith was pretty fucked up but at some point he had to choose his battles and in who's corner to stand in.

Having scored himself a favor if the need ever arose along the process. He kept walking although he feels like there is something odd about this situation.

The crickets are no longer making noise and he can't hear anything, birds or hear the noise of the wind as it passes through the tree leaves.

He slows his pace as a heat rises up his veins. "The hell is this?" Okay now it hurts and he knows it's coming from his dominant hand. Off his daylight ring.

If only that were all he can his veins basically glow now and it's reached the point of excruciating but he can manage.

It's not that bad. Even if his hand rots there is no way in hell he is going to give up here. Is this a side effect? Ayana certainly hadn't mentioned this would happen but he thinks the magic is treating him as hostile.

As if had a mind of its own. He thinks he's going to die here. He has to get to Ayana. She has to know what is happening to him, Finn's magic or his body.

Before Kol's screams get any worse than they already are she acts. They are drowned out by her silencing spell. No one has come close enough to hear them or him as he screams into the night.

She puts him out of his misery by making him go to sleep. It is obvious that someone with considerable power and skill had sealed it off for everyone's safety.

Now it appears that someone else is trying to steal her nephew's magic. It's a sloppy job and she's taken offense to it.

There is no way that she is allowing that. When the time comes it'll belong to her.

Dalia walks torwards him and bends down to his level. This boy's handsome but he isn't what, whom she was looking for.

It is evident now that he has his brother's magic housed in this ring and has given up on his own. What a shame, she could have taken it for herself.

No matter.

She is astounded. He had not made a movement to remove the ring from his finger no matter the amount of pain she knows for certain he must be feeling even now.

She wonders why this boy is willing to go to such lengths to keep his brother's magic safe, surely he must not know what it'll will mean for him in the long run.

For a moment she thinks she pities him. She thinks of Esther and scoffs. Her sister chose her path, left her behind.

She should not take this kid's pain into account, it is irrelevant to her goal. Shouldn't give a damn about her children. Tells herself the kid at her feet doesn't matter in the long scheme of things.

So then she does not know how to rationalize it when she uses her magic, moves a little closer and over to heal him.

She has to move on. Still as she she moves to stand she can't help a little bit of pride that seeps into her face in the form of a small smile.

If this kid's this strong, she can't wait to meet the rest of his siblings. She's glad Freya convinced her to come for a visit.

She wants to assess their strengths and weakness. This is a simple surveillance mission.




Finn stared at the carnage. Let it sink in that he had done this. He'd killed them. They must have used a powerful charm, spell or talisman because minutes later most of the witches had 'reawoken' and he'd re-murdered them.

Again and again.

He can still taste the blood. Smell it, feel it on his person. On his face, dripping off his hair and clothes.

Staining. Seeping into his skin. Becoming a part of him while it clings under his finger nails.

His mind is rewinding things. It takes mere moments for things to get back to him in flashes. As if his body had moved of its own accord. He saw it play out in slow motion then all too quickly.

"I-I am truly sorry. You had every right to pass judgement. I-" Finn stops talking and shakes his head, grabbing at his hair as if seriously having a little trouble there.

Kol stood at a distance, staggering a moment then working on composing himself. He saw Finn stop talking, his brother had vamped over to the dead girl just staring at her. He's saying something that Kol doesn't catch.

He looks scary and that's exciting but Kol has to focus. He knows her.

She's a girl from town. One whom looked to be in her early twenties or so Kol thought. She smells of blood so the doesn't help.

He swears he had seen her before he just can't recall where from. Hanging around Rebekah? No she doesn't have friends, Tatia and Ayana are considered family.

Elijah? He's out. Tatia is his world. Nik? It's a stretch, especially now. He's equally as obsessed with Tatia as he is with drawing. And he's stuck to a poll. Heh.

That leaves Finn and well, himself. He's been with too many people as it is unfortunately for her. If he really can't recall being with her.

And Finn? Maybe witch related stuff a couple of years ago but again a stretch. An even bigger one at that.

So he had probably caught a glimpse of her around town. She isn't much to look at so he knows he wouldn't remember her either way.


Mikael looks at the carnage.

He had heard screaming. Had thought it to be Kol and said 'not again' while thinking his children are definitely going to be the death of him if battle isn't.

He had seen Elijah stressing over telling Tatia to go home but she didn't seem to be having it and he had been reminded of Esther for a moment.

Had thought he saw Rebekah leave in a flash. Heard her say 'fine. I'll be them.' To she was vanishing from sight.

Now here he is.

Instead of being angry or saying things like 'what have you done now' or his trademark- hateful 'boy' he whistles a short tune.

"You've outdone yourself. I'm impressed. This is really well done." He takes it in and smiles.

He's been trying the whole encouraging thing with his children lately because Ayana had suggested that he do it since his kids are apparently having a little difficulty adjusting to things.

Now he sees it has paid off wonderfully.

"See here boys. This. This is what I've always wanted for you to instill to memory. Show no mercy. I'm proud. Glad you took it to heart."

Finn is looking traumatized and Kol puts his hand on his shoulder long enough to let him know he's there for him but withdraws it a moment later.

Affection isn't something their father seems a necessity no matter the situation.

"I can understand why the wolves had to die yet you also proceeded to absolutely eradicate these witches. Why is that, Kol?"

Finn tenses and Kol makes a weird noise before both share a look. One Mikael doesn't catch quickly enough to decipher before Kol says.

"I wasn't about to leave witnesses. I'm sure they won't take it personally. Being dead and all." He smiled and licked at Finn's face before being shoved aside. Tipping over and on to a dead wolf.

One whom he then proceeded to drain before its blood begins to cool over. He is being provided with a feast. There is no way he is about to insult Finn by letting it go to waste.

Mikael made a face of disgust but didn't comment on it. Thinking it another one of his weird antics so he doesn't bother to question further.

He thinks his dear son takes after his father. The dead man would be proud to call Kol a warrior.



Rebekah had been walking along the woods. Having left Elijah and Tatia alongside the gathered, decent amount of the vervain flowers in her basket.

Smoke is still coming off of her hands from previously and as soon as she picks up a few more on her way to Ayana's it gets worse.

She feels the ache on her finger tips when they make contact with her hands so she tosses them to the side quickly.

She had reached Ayana's house without much trouble. Apparently she had barged in on Ayana.

Breaking her concentration. Okay, she's sorry about that but things can't wait.


Whatever spell she had been focusing on must have been a difficult one because she is sweating and gets up after a moment to see what Rebekah wants.

"Sorry for interrupting but we need your help. There are wolves out and it's not a full moon."

Ayana frowns as if she knows something that is unsettling before grabbing a talisman that was hanging off a stake near the window.

"Show me the way, Rebekah."

They walk quickly and Rebekah would offer to move faster with her new found speed but she's not confident in her skill with it yet so she won't risk Ayana coming to harm.

They get to a spot near enough to where she had been previously. It seemed that Elijah had success in taking Tatia home.

Now she just has to find her brothers. She's about to tell Ayana to head north because she had seen some of Kol's friends and they should be sent home.

When she hears her father speaking not too far off into a clearing to the south.

He had startled her.

For some reason she looks up at the sky and her eyes land on a tree in particular because it held a person on one of its branches .

Their eyes met as the cool night air carried some leaves from the trees and ground with it. Both girls stayed equally in place because of the surprise at having been seen.

"W-wait! Hey!" It sped off. Either phasing through the tree or glitching somewhere else.

Was that an angel, fairy or a demon. Something else entirely? Human, obviously not a part of the equation.

"Rebekah. What's wrong?" Ayana had stopped walking and turned back to look at her then looked at the tree.

She doesn't see anything but doesn't assume that Rebekah just goes around screaming in the woods for no reason or to be weird.

"Nothing. A bird scared me is all." She looks sheepish and Ayana's not looking like she's buying it but it seems she has dropped questioning further.

She thought of chasing after it but not now.

With her new found prowess and powers she thinks it would not be difficult to pull off but now worry on a different matter has established itself.

So her father is nearby. She had heard him talking. What if he's injured? That is incredibly unlikely, he is the best warrior she has ever seen.

Choosing the lesser of two evils she follows after her father. Whomever it was that had been hiding, clearly observing from up on the trees didn't engage so they were probably on a recon mission.

She doesn't know why she feels it in her gut, that girl isn't a foe.




Elijah had finally succeeded in what he had set to do. He looked for Ayana and his father but neither of them were around.

He had walked Tatia home then went back into the forest.

Gutted some wolves that had persuaded him into engaging in battle when they threatened to hurt Kol because his little brother had apparently killed a girl.

He didn't care in all honesty. People die all the time, they should get over it.

His interest had only been peaked, his thirst had only increased when they thought it was a good idea to mention Niklaus. Only once he has wiped at his hands does he vamp further into the forest.

He has to go to him at some point. Niklaus will probably be sleeping anyway. Or awake and wanting him to go away because he likely doesn't want to be seen in that state.

He doesn't care. He had set out on seeking him out before then chickened out. So it has got to stop. It might as well be now.

What worries him is that he doesn't know what caused the wolves to shift when it's not even the right setting according to the moon but here they are.


Rebekah bumps into Finn who doesn't seem to notice her as their father calls out and Kol mumbles a 'don't worry father I'm on it' quickly as he walks at a normal pace behind him.

Saying 'I owe you again Bekah' when she catches his eyes. Both of her brothers are covered in blood but damn Finn is considerably worse off.

"Father, had a rough night?" She looks around clearly horrified but honestly with the battles he's fought and now that she drinks blood, well she's used to it. Seeing things like this.

To a lesser extent okay but not by much.

"I didn't do this. It's a shame I wasn't here. That I didn't see it." He seems way to giddy for a person who has to clean up what is clearly a small battlefield.

Ayana sighs in relief before excusing herself. Said she had to find a few ingredients before walking off.

Shit. Alright she has no idea what or why whatever went down here happened but at least her siblings are safe.

Now she just has to find Niklaus.

"Rebekah, help me out." Mikael moves over to one of the corpses and she's popped out of her plan.

"Okay father." Well, Nik's just going to have to wait until they're done here then.


"What happened down there?" Kol had stopped walking. Speaking up only when they'd reached the rivers edge.

"Why are you covered in blood." Finn doesn't turn around. He's just staring at the water as he asked a question of his own instead of answering. But it had come off as a statement.

As if he knows Kol won't deny him anything, no matter the circumstance or what's going on between them.

"Wolves went interrupting my conversation with Niklaus. Your turn." He keeps his hands in his pockets. His body aches still and he knows it's somehow related to the ring Ayana gave him.

Not that he regrets putting it on but damn something like this should come with a warning sign.

"I found out how to shut off my emotions. At least I think that's what I did. Not sure. Could have been what you had been talking about for a week." Finn looks at his hands and sighs before speaking again.

"I killed some of the most important witches around and the funny, the extraordinary thing is that..Kol, it was really easy. Two of the last witches." He doesn't skip a beat when he says.

"They begged me to stop. I said 'now you want that. Not a minute ago when..' it no longer matters. They were right." He shoved his hands into his pockets and takes a shuddering breathes if to calm himself.

"What did they do to have you like this?" If they did something he doesn't want to hear he's going after their families, covens. Packs, tribes. It matters not. He's going to erase their existence from history.

"I was cursed. Now. I truly won't have my magic back until I not only prove it to my Aunt Dalia or myself. Now they've added spectators. As if my life wasn't bad enough already. All I wanted was to find her. The moment I think I have finally gotten things, that I'm on the right track.."

"That's it? It must suck now, okay. Get it together. Our other sister, your Freya probably doesn't have it that bad off. At least she's with family. You on the other hand will get over it, her absence and these deaths in no time."

Finn feels his teeth extend and there's no way his losing control again especially not when whether he likes it or not Kol has a number of valid points.

"You were amazing when you had your magic then now you just have to keep studying the Craft. Ayana can help and you know. I'll sign up regardless of you wanting my help or presence."

"I was supposed to maintain the Balance. Instead I'm pretty sure I just screwed it over. My ancestors, the future generations will condemn me for it." Finn is up in his face and Kol is like 'okay boy tone it down'

"They already have. Therefore brought it up on themselves. No one will go against us and win ever again. Henrik died, his sacrifice is more than enough."

Kol sidesteps him because he's losing his cool and he doesn't want to risk what he's worked so hard to get here just to lose with the tension. He pulls on his shirt then thinks better on it and dives into the water.

The freezing water is a gift to his skin so he swims deeper before he turns back and beads for the surface.

Finn hasn't moved. It's unnecessary to be feeling like his world just ended.

"They're dead. That's what they get for pissing you off. Get over it already. You might have done the world a service. No one likes-"

"There was a point in time. Where Freya, my magic. My sense of wrong and right no longer mattered. I just. I think. I must have actually enjoyed myself because I kept at it."

"There was no honor yet I held no shame. It wasn't fighting. I just proceeded to rip them to pieces. There wasn't anything fair to it. They kept waking up and-" He doesn't want to keep it in. At some point he's going to have to say it so it might as well be now but damn Sonia's words ring true.

He's a monster.

"I would do it again. If anyone gets in my way. No matter the person or what they mean to me." He doesn't know what that was in the forest, that voice edging him on.

Why he felt as if instead of losing his magic he was regaining it, eating away at all of the magic belonging to those whom had opposed him.

There must be something horribly wrong with him. Worse and now the list is just piling up.

Kol slowed his scrubbing at his clothes roughly as the words sunk in. At that he met his gaze.

He understands the implantations but it won't deter him and on another note most of the blood washed away so it's a good thing his clothes aren't completely ruined.

"I wouldn't blame you. You gotta look out for yourself. Everyone does. Tell you what. If the day ever comes where it's you versus me, I'll give it all I've got. That way you either let off steam or gain experience. And I love fights. It's a win win situation."

Kol laughs after a moment then keeps talking."If the fight is over petty shit. No matter who starts it I'll kick your ass and have all the bragging rights."

He broke off the staring long enough to put his soaked shirt back on and got out of the water to sit on the dirt.

He wouldn't go home just yet. "You did what you did. There's no point to regretting it. It's done. It's that simple. There's no changing it unless you find a loophole but that creates a whole new set of problems."

He makes a move to leave but Finn stops him when he grabs his hand. There's a spark of something that makes him feel powerful for the lack of a better word.

A feeling of electricity that runs through him and he's glad Ayana chose that moment to make her presence known.

Because Finn's not paying attention to him anymore as he runs into her arms. Fuck he wishes he could have him do that with him one of these days.

But he lets the thought go. It doesn't matter anyway, what he has is enough.

She catches his eyes and he is lucky because this time when his veins are glowing again there is no pain but it disappears instantaneously and he wonders if his mind is now just going to keep playing tricks on him.

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