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M note: This is Au-ish, the characters are ooc and there's incest. I thought I'd add a little plot and layers to the history since there is enough leeway. I also want to see what Freya and Dalia are up to so I'll involve them.

10th century

Finn looks at the woods and spots Tatia walking by with a basket full of clothes. He mentally debates whether or not to call out to her before settling on 'okay why not' and waving slowly.

"What brings you my way this late into the evening?" He smiled a moment so that she knows he's acknowledged her then he went back to focusing on his task once she'd approached and set the basket down.

"I was on my way to see Elijah when I came across Ayana. She told me to do her a favor. Come out here to find Kol. I think she just discovered a new form, strain of magic..She looked excited. I found you instead. Would you like to accompany me?"

She asked then looks at his hands. Smoke is coming off of them and they look dark red in color. Raw as if burned. Taking his hands into her own and a low gasp escapes her when she sees the extent.

Looking at him questioningly almost accusatory as if she had seen him actively harming himself before and was catching him in the act again.

He pulls his hands back slowly. Like if he made any sudden movement he would expose some heavily guarded secret.

"Yes. I suppose I could. Just give me a moment. I'm participating in a little competition. Kol is on an errand, he should get around to visiting her in a couple of minutes." He wipes at his face with his arm when they cool air blows their direction.

"Who is the competitor? Is there a prize?" She looks mildly interested and she still talking to him so she must be really bored or sick.

He should probably make it a priority to walk her to the healer once they have walked back to town.

"Kol. Bragging rights is all.." He trails off at the end because he just wants to keep it at that.

"Is this what you are seeking?" Tatia looks at the flowers piled high in a stack and picks one up to observe. It's really pretty in her opinion. She has some around her house.

Telling him would probably be cheating though. He's smart he'll figure it out.

She wonders why he is really out here collecting flowers but he would not be out here wasting time if it wasn't important.

This is hard. She gives up. She won't watch him hurt himself over getting some plants.

"I'll take over. You can help me carry my laundry basket. That way we're even. If Kol complains he can take it up with me. And if you think this doesn't count I can at least give you a break and a hint wouldn't kill you."

She look both ways as if anyone else is actually around then leans in close like she's ready to get him in on a secret.

"I know where you can find more like this." Both look down at the flower in her hand as she continues. "They also grow in a piece of field near the border of the town. I can help you get them tomorrow if you want and my boy's asleep."

"There's something approaching. Take it." Finn looks around but doesn't see anything. He just knows because he's thinking he hears it.

Whatever it is. It chose the wrong day to sneak up on them. Tatia holds the sword as she prepares to defend them both from whatever dangers lay ahead.

He thinks she looks cool but this is not a good moment to say it out loud.

Tatia takes a step back when she sees Finn's fangs extend and the veins under his eyes. His irises turn a blood red color and okay this is awesome.

She hadn't really taken a moment to look at Elijah when he was in a similar state because he is always covered in blood. And in this moment she wants to find him, ask if he would show her one of these days.

Preferably when he looks presentable but another part in the back of he mind is saying 'no' because she doesn't have a death wish.

She wonders how it is that she gathers enough courage or folly in this moment because she placed her hand on his shoulder and looks determined when he meets her eyes with the same look of acknowledgment she's used to receiving from him.

"I won't leave you alone here, trust me. I'll stand beside you." Her words reach him and he wants to tell her it's alright. That there's no way he will let anything happen to her.

"Thank you."

Even though Finn is a little different now like Elijah and the rest of their family, she knows that she should not have a reason to fear them. At least not when they aren't feeding.

That part still has her skin crawling.


Elijah, Kol and Niklaus had scared the shit out of her initially but after a couple of times of seeing them in that state and hanging around Rebekah she's pretty sure that she's got a handle on it.

"Protect yourself against anything that tries to harm you. That includes me on the off chance, if it comes to it. Okay. I know you can wield this better than I ever will. Better than most people in the town in fact, Elijah has taught you and I know he does that well."

He looks away and his fingers twitch a moment.

"Elijah told me that you are a quick learner when it comes down to it." He digs into his pocket and pulls out what she knows to be a dark object. One she had seen Ayana craft personally for him.

"This object holds a small amount of Ayana's magic. So had instructed me to use it if the moment ever came. Keep it, it's yours. It requires no magic to activate it. Use it, the knowledge. If I so much as scare you."

He pick up a rock and uses his other hand to demonstrate. "You just toss it in the air. Cover your eyes, it won't harm you since you are the new owner but just to be cautious."

"I will. You have my word. Thank you." Tatia looks at the blade and the Mikaelson crest etched into the hilt like a brand mark.

She shoves the feelings down as the sounds of howling makes her skin crawl and the cold air is clearly adding to the level of anxiety she is experiencing at the thought of freezing up or dropping the sword when he hands over the dark object.

"Good. I will rejoice the day I welcome you to the family." He looks around as if he's forgotten something.

Vamping away a moment before returning he hands her a makeshift bouquet of the poisonous flowers because if anything happens and she bleeds..

Being overly cautious has never hurt anyone. As far as he knows.

He will attempt to refrain from making her a target from all sides and for that she will require the protection of the blue-ish/purple flowers.

"One day, I will have to call you brother." She smiles brightly and he laughs because she knows way too many embarrassing things about him already.

"I'd like that." He should get going because it feels like a pressing matter but he can spare another minute. Trouble will find him regardless.

"You know. I can still remember when I named you one of my dearest friends. You said I had a fever then bothered Ayana a full day until she caved because your mother wouldn't and she gave my mother broth instructions to make it 'disappear'." After a breath she continues as if taking to try and keep herself calm.

He knows that she isn't worried about herself and he can appreciate that.

"I ate the broth for a week and you remember what happened in the festival. I think Elijah still has nightmares about his ruined shoes." She made a face and he can feel his heating up. They need to stop hanging out together because whenever they have it has always ended up in trouble for everyone.

"Well I didn't tell you that the joke is on you because I ate it and it was good. Next time I'll have you try it since I learned how to make it myself." She knows it's a promise that won't really matter or make a difference because he can no longer eat regular, human food but she's going to carry it out.

"Until then." Finn's words echo in the silence of the forest as he looks at trees ahead then backs up slightly, bumping into Tatia in time for her to move the sword out of the way because she doesn't want to hurt him.

He's basically shielding her from everything but she doesn't seem to mind at this point because he is looking a little tense and confused.

"Tatia. Look at me, I need you to run to Ayana's. Stay there, Kol should be around by now." Both of them can clearly hear screams to the west of the woods and Finn mumbles the words 'so much blood' then backs away from her slightly.

He looks at her and she is still meeting his eyes as if worried for him but trusting him enough to make sure that both make it home tonight.

Speaking of safe he knows he is also going to protect Niklaus because he's chained to a pole thing but is pretty much looking at the sky. Unable to do anything to protect himself. Not that said brother ever has to know.

It isn't a full moon so he doesn't know what is going on but he will figure it out in a couple of seconds.

"On second thought, Tatia I think you should stay here until I get back. I won't risk you getting in any danger. Elijah- no one in town would want that, especially not your son. So I'll make it safe for you to get to him."

He turns around and holds himself in place long enough for her to hear him say 'wolves' with a level of hatred she had previously thought anyone incapable of unlocking.



Rebekah walks a little faster because it's getting somewhat dark outside all too quickly and tonights moon is looking crescent-y so that won't offer enough light for her to finish here. It must wait until the morning then.

She has to find her brothers before it gets too late and they get lost or decided to just stay where they are.

The night's cold air has her wondering why she didn't bring a cloak or a blanket.

Niklaus is probably asleep or awake and pretending that he isn't chained to the palisade because he straight up murdered their mom.

That's one down. Onto the next then.

"What the that blood?" She smells around the forest and feels her skin crawl at the faint scent of wolves around the area.

"Tatia?" Elijah's voice echoes around her and she wants to call out but hovers near a bush because there is a stack of those purple flowers that are apparently toxic to her now.

"You scared me." Tatia holds his hand without hesitation and he looks so incredibly smitten with her that Rebekah considers just walking away to find Kol instead.

"It was not my intention. I was looking for Rebekah. On my way here I found some neighbors with an obscene amount, stacks of flowers. Apparently I just found out that they are poisonous to me and that is unnerving. Flowers similar to those..what do you know about them?"

Elijah looks at the flowers at her feet then the sword held by her other hand. And what looks to be a dark object. He wants to ask why she has his brother's sword and more importantly where he's at because he is clearly not around right now.

"I was talking to Finn and he told me about your problem with this flower in particular. I had begun to tell him about a place where he can find more. That I would get them for him tomorrow morning because it's getting late now and I want to go home. But I can't. I'm waiting for him to get back so he can walk with me."

"What? Why are you looking so-" Tatia holds up a hand as if asking for silence and he stops talking to hear what she wants to say.

"Something about the way his eyes narrowed in the midst of this eerie silence..He looked ready to kill anything and yet I'm still here, safe. I didn't doubt that I would be around him but now I'm feeling somewhat scared for him...what he is seeking..what he will find."

Rebekah considered the words and steps towards the side. She knows what he is after right now.

"The scent. It's in the air to the west. There are a handful of wolves around. More are approaching. I'm getting father and taking you home. Elijah, find Kol. Finn is handling the situation and he headed west so we know Nik isn't alone."

Rebekah takes charge of the situation and as much as he'd like to follow her command he can't because Tatia doesn't seem to budge or even want to leave for that matter.

"I cannot leave. And Kol is at Ayana's house according to your brother." She rearranges her stance as if she were ready to fight him if he tried to make any sort of hostile movement and he takes a step back.

"Why can't you leave?" Elijah looks at her then at Rebekah with a pressing questioning to it and his sister mumbles an 'oh, Kol was right.'

"I'm waiting for it to be safe. You are welcome to wait with me." She smiles. Looking at him as if her response is the most obvious thing in the world.




The first thing he sees is a trail of blood. The extent of it sets off alarms in his head because that means someone in his family is involved now, reluctantly.

Kol sees it before the smell of it gets to him as it lingers with the scent of wolves all around the forrest.

The next is the amount of bodies. There are witches and wolves here.

Who did this, father? He can see it. But no that's not it. If it were he'd have just killed the wolves.

Elijah then. It's impressive but he wonders what set him off. Maybe they'd made a move on Tatia.

Threatened Klaus.

How could he do this though? It's a little much like he pushed the 'fuck it' button one too many times.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

His mind must be playing tricks on him. It's surely a side effect of the flowers he's been touching all day. Obviously.

Because his brother can't be here. Shouldn't be here. He should be at Ayana's moping about not having to eat food again and how he misses taking a dump.

Okay, he has not complained about the last part but he thinks someone in his family should.

Focusing back on the main problem though.

They are discovering there strengths sure but the hell happened here, this is insane. He knows this is not vampirism alone.

Was it with the help of dark objects? That doesn't add up. They can't use it, they don't have magic unless Finn found a loophole but he doubts it because he can't think about anything related to his loss of magic or he'll get emotional.

The more, further he scans the area the worse he feels. There is a cold chill that runs down his spine as the blood in his veins freezes.

Finn is on the ground looking at him with unseeing eyes and he doesn't know what to do so he yanks him forward and slapped him hard to see if that'd do anything.

"Wake up!" Kol screams the words but something tells him it isn't him that Finn is looking at.

Because the moment he touched his skin he could feel as if he were looking through his a older brother's eyes.

As weird and cool but still weird as it sounds.

So from what he can tell where Finn should see recently cut short brown hair he can only see long blonde locks and instead of brown eyes he sees blue.

"Søster. Jeg elsker deg. Jeg vil at dere skal vite at." Kol easies his hold on his shirt and the other on his skin.

Whatever his brother is saying it isn't directed at him. Because he has this note to the tone of his voice that makes it seem personal, intimate in nature.

There is a finality to it that tells him he should take a step back. Let him be.

He doesn't care if he's intruding on a 'moment' his brother seems to be having. He's going to snap him out of it.

He just whished these new found powers also came included with a translator. If he lives long enough he will focus on learning every language he comes across starting with whatever is being said here.

"Og jeg er glad i deg, vil alltid være med deg. Alltid." She thinks as her words come out quietly, hoping against everything that her feelings will reach him even though her words won't.

As long as she's in his heart she won't go anywhere. He just has to stop.

Take a step back and stop fighting so hard. It won't get him anywhere if he gets hurt worse than he has.

She find a way, the opportunity when it comes to escape. She had just wanted to see him. To see their father.

Before she was forced to slumber. It is all she had asked for in exchange for giving up her magic to Dalia.

Apparently she has siblings now. For a moment she had been so happy.


She hadn't meant for any of this to happen.

He can't hear her as she cries silently. Watching from the trees thinking she shouldn't be this paralyzed with fear.

He no longer has his magic and it seems his body and mind are struggling to cope but what has her on edge was the spirit like thing, the monster she had thought she had seen standing beside him for an instant.

Translations : Sister. I love you. I want you to know that.

"And I love you, I'll always be with you. Always."

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