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10th Century

"What are you doing here?" Niklaus had been dozing off by the time his little brother walked by and up to him with a pretty girl following behind him.

He blinks a couple of times then shuts his eyes for a moment. He wants to drink something but he's thinking that once he starts he won't be able to hold back.

Kol wouldn't be here just to taunt him at least not without a purpose. Nice of him to visit. He's been the only person in the family to check up on him, to his knowledge.

It's been about a week that he hasn't even seen his-well their father. He won't lose his cool, he can get through this.

He's not really sure how much longer he has to stay on here or what lays ahead when he gets released.

For now he's focusing on concerning himself with the feeling of numbness at his wrists and above his ankles because he knows that he probably deserves it for killing their mother.

Henrik's death was his fault and he will carry that with. That's a can of worms he sure as hell isn't going to delve into.

Not now or ever again because it's in the past and he knows that nothing can fix what happened.

Kol looks like he wants to say something but he stays quiet until the girl opens up with a greeting and his little brother's mind seems to kick start as his eyes go wide before narrowing a fraction.

Even though he is thinking that he has it covered with an easygoing smile Klaus can see through it.

The only reason he noticed the slip up was because he has got nothing better going on and Kol is looking a bit pensive.

He chalks it up to his little half brother being forced into coming here in the first place, he is probably unsure of how to proceed but shift in and of itself is a first.

Maybe he is wondering if there should be smalltalk or a jest to clear the air unless he feels reluctant.

The wait has him feeling sweltering and he is blaming the Sun although it is soon to leave.

It won't be long before it goes judging by the noises he can hear. The scurrying of rodents, approaching of foxes alike the flight of departure or arrival of the nearby birds. Although there is wind it has done nothing to help him out.

"Hello Nik, it's nice to see you too. You know you could have used that line first. It would have been a lie but I would have preferred it."

Klaus tries to get the words out for a moment. He tries again, this time the impact feels worse because in the end it looks like Kol would be willing to resign to waiting patiently, well Kol's definition of it.

He knows what he has at home. They are his family and that means something.

"Kol..I-I am surprised to see you here. With company no less... I have missed you." He smiles slightly when he comes to terms with the thought that he has no shame here.

Which comes as a surprise because honestly. He is chained to a pole, his clothes are somewhat raggedy and he is certain he could use a couple hours in water.


Their relationships and personalities vary, differ when around or away from each other so he can clearly tell that none of his siblings would have a problem letting him know that he isn't alone.

Or telling him that they are done with him if that were the case. Even though it's running low. There is hope.

Perhaps one of his other siblings, if not all have made certain to visit when assured that he is asleep.

At first he had assumed that he was pushing it and he felt awful at the thought so he let it go, tried finding something to occupy his thoughts to pass the time.

His mind isn't playing tricks on him and delusion has little affect on him because someone has to be doing this.

No matter how many times or ways that his mind is attempting to dissuade him from wishing that Elijah were one of those people to jump at the opportunity to see him like it's nobody's business.

Because apparently it wasn't foolish enough that he has accepted that his heart has been and always will be for his dearest brother now he just wants to say it out loud.

It's taboo, everyone knows and Elijah would despise him if he knew but he doesn't care about that.

Not when he has looked at him or spoken up to their-his father in his defense even though he is certain that there is bound to be repercussions for his actions.

He won't forget the words of comfort, encouragement or the fact that he can always sense honesty from him.

At night when his thoughts took him places he'd never dare visit in the light of day he would wonder what would happen if he actually goes through with saying what he's half dreading-half screaming internally.

Beyond that he is uncertain or maybe he knows, he just can't fathom a world where Elijah hates him.

He has to learn to pretend a little better, when the time comes he has to be able to proceed with his head held high even though he might no longer possess the ability to feel anything past a void.

His mind is attempting to distract him from his reality to help him cope possibly. That is not the case here, now at least.

He has awoken a handful of times surprised to find that he's relatively clean and not really hungry.

"I thought you would have liked something other than roadkill for dinner or is it breakfast in this case?" Kol looks at the girl beside him, clearly expecting her to move forward with her end of deal.

His older half brother looks relieved to see him even if both know who he's wanting here instead.

Still Nik is grateful. He can tell by the way he seems to relax and the troubled look to him evaporates.

"What are you doing?" Klaus looks at the girl with mild recognition, he has seen her around town a couple of times and kissing up on his little brother on more than one occasion.

She walks up closer to the Mikaelson bastard all of the neighbors were suddenly whispering about, people blame his distance on the burden of atonement for his parents sins.

People know what he is, what he's done because people talk. They just don't know his whereabouts.

Not that anyone cares all that much. All he was is a brief topic of conversation and rumors at most.

Currently everyone around has been cautioned to stay away from this part of the forest and most people have because it is rumored that there are wild animals, maybe demons or creatures of unknown origin that slaughter anything in the guise of night.

Members of the community agreed on it, the forest is no longer safe but there is strength in numbers.

Some of them which have included herself and two of her family members at one point or another.

Have sacrificed animals to the forest so that it may flourish and keep whatever lays within out of reach of the sunshine or humans.

Animals ranging from goats to chickens or cows to horses have been released before dawn in hopes of keeping anything evil at bay and away from the river.

At first she had believed the stories of rabid beasts that rivaled only the most feral, wolves.

At first she had thought it a temporary solution, a small blessing because the tribes alike the packs surrendered control to the moon at its fullest.

She was wrong. This new season brought along a curse to any and all that wandered around into the unlit, desolate woodland.

There are stories of horror spreading to all four corners of the lands. From and possibly by the covens to the east, south, west and north. They plainly state the same message in the end.

A new evil plagues the earth and it began in this forest.

By Sun up all that is left are torn limbs followed by what most of the brave men or unlucky witnesses describe as a sea of blood.

Now she knows the truth about what has happened lately because she is one of the first people Kol has confided in.

She had dismissed his allegations, called him crazy and a liar in front of their friends. Everyone agreed and laughed at him.

It was evident to her that he either felt hurt or angry in that instant as he looked at the floor before a rueful smile took its place and he apologized.

The moment they had seen him near one of the main paths that lead to town everyone freaked out.

A couple of hours ago, for about five seconds at most.

All of them had seriously been concerned for their reckless friend because he came out into the clearing covered in blood, water and mud.

Two of their friends had praised his talent for spinning tales while others assumed that he bumped into a tree and was disoriented.

Because he had come through spouting nonsense about poisonous flowers, an all consuming hunger and heightened awareness.

It had not ended at that because once he started talking he looked like he did not want to stop talking until he said everything.

He spoke about his love for magic, hatred for wolves and the thought of dying again. His mother's death had yet to affect him much which kind of had him worried about what Elijah or Rebekah would say.

He said he knew Mikael's, Nik's and Finn's opinions on the matter without having to discuss it with them.

Then he spoken of a vow he had overheard his siblings say and he made one of his own.

As long as he walked the earth he would fight for them, protect and keep them straying too far because they are all that will ever matter to him so he is going to stop at nothing to make sure that they are together.

He mentioned a deep sorrow at Henrik's death and a long lost sister he doesn't want found, one Finn would stop at nothing to find and their father would give anything to know about.

He spoke of game that he will stop at nothing to keep and win. Then he said he trusted them to keep his secrets because that is what friends do.

That this should not have to be a one way road and he wanted them to stay at his side.


It is strange to see Kol's older brother like this even though everyone knows why he is here under punishment.

Even though people have heard about situation with the dead mother and young child, no one in town really knows which of the Mikaelson's had snapped.

She had been expecting to see Elijah or Finn. Perhaps even Rebekah instead because she has not seen them around and people here are used to not questioning why Niklaus isn't among them.

It's just known that Mikael has had a special kind of hatred for his son but no one makes the mistake of interfering with that.

Devils of the forest or not, on any given day of the week people would rather steer clear of that man if he is out for blood.

From the beginning he was honest with her, told her not to pretend that he's exclusively hooking up with her.

Kol is unattached to anyone outside of his blood. Ayana and Tatia are the only exceptions because in his opinion they are basically family and he chose to consider them as such.

He has known them long to respect their roles in his life and has been through enough trials or good times with both to trust them.

Kol is notorious for being able to pull some of the prettiest girls but anyone around knows that once he is bored of them.

It's the equivalent of saying that they no longer exist and he has no problem basically parading around with someone new the next second.

As fun as he is it has been clear from the beginning that his interests will always be divided- revolve around/between himself, the family and his search for amusement.

He is caring and all about her. Until he isn't.

Anyone who has ever been with Kol says that he is not worth the headache or the heartbreak and yet she knows that they would do anything to have his attention once more.

At one point she had honestly thought him a incubus.

Then considered it a ridiculous notion when she had overheard him having a lengthy conversation with a toad about the ratio of similarities to differences between the snakes and their respective strings of venom.

Those he said he had found along the road home. Now she is not too sure.

"I want to be as you are. I have seen the power you hold and I want the same. Kol promised that it would be so. Only when I offer you a little of my blood."

She wonders if he will see her as an equal or if she should care about him anymore after this because what matters is immortality.

Klaus looks at him incredulous for a moment then he just nods and attempts to lean forward as she pulls on the sleeve of her dress.

The veins under his eyes are visible and his fangs extend but she is not going to back out now even though from the proximity she can guess that this is going to hurt because he is looking hungry.

He bites into her arm harshly and she's getting a little scared because Kol does not seem to mind.

"Let go of my arm. Now, please." At first she had been wanting to just move back and yank it out of his way but his teeth are really in there and she is beginning to feel nauseous followed by a sort of lightheadedness.

"Kol tell your brother to stop already. This is not funny." She says this as the urge to get away from here is taking over because she is getting a little frustrated and is unable to keep it from seeping into her voice or features.

Not to mention the fear that is attempting to overcome her senses because the Sun is going down.

She had thought that this would have been something quick and is thinking of leaving soon just to be sure in case the witches aren't spreading rumors for the hell of it.

There is to be a full moon some time this week. The new owner of the potions shop looked convinced of this.

"I thought you wanted immortality. Pay the price, love." Kol looks at the sky as a couple of ravens circle around for a moment before flying east and a couple of seconds later a murder of crows heads the same direction.

There's an uneasy feeling he gets at this and he touches his daylight ring unconsciously. He wants to see Ayana but Nik comes first, at least for now. He thinks he has enough time left.

In order to do that, get everything done faster. He had tried emulating Finn and asking nicely because that always seems to get the best of responses.

When that didn't work and his friends looked at him as if he had made a joke he compelled a couple of the guys to take the deer over to her house.

By giving them the option to either look at his eyes or run-one of them chose the latter and no one is stupid enough to try that again.

Even though he already dropped off Finn's list and actually took the time to recall then jot down a few recipes that will help the 'greater good', he is certain that he only went through with it to make a point.

To prove him wrong this time because he sure as hell doesn't care about the neighbors or the thought of saving anyone.

He didn't sign up for that.

He has put time and his focus into doing extensive research. Finding the basic properties to whatever ingredients he has available to him before mixing them around either on purpose or at random.

In his opinion seeing how specimens react to one or more traces of poison is as interesting as being under pressure to find a cure.

Because he has always enjoyed figuring out a number of solutions to problems before anyone else.

It is the rush that has him hooked, that and the thought of possessing knowledge no one else has and might need.

He will not help or interfere if it doesn't concern him or the family. He decided that the day he began.

Then Finn saw what he was doing in his free time when he just wanted to get back to it without interruption, about four years later because by this point his brother had 'lost' his magic and he had been around fifteen.

At first Finn had said nothing of it and just looked mildly surprised before walking away like nothing happened.

Kol had felt somewhat embarrassed then angry because he had yet to figure it out, the reptile that particular string of poison belonged to.

It had taken him about a month to crack and he had almost died because it had pissed him off to the point where he was either going to solve it or die trying.

And from the beginning he obviously planned to keep in mind that if he ever found a specific strain of poison he had yet to solve he was going to test a stupid amount of different tonics of antivenom on himself to monitor the effects.

He had laughed so hard when he remembered the fact that he had located a guy who sold him a few barrels full of poisonous fish and that he had dumped them into different sections of the river.

The only reason he remembered was because his father had mentioned a slew of dead black bears as a passing thought while he ate lunch and from then on it just clicked.

At first he had decided to give it up because he wasn't seeing a quick enough progress, that he should leave it to apt healers or smart witches.

His mother's gift, her talents didn't apply to him like strategy came naturally to Finn, luck to Niklaus. A victory to Elijah or words to Rebekah.

When he has seriously applied himself the best he got was nowhere near good enough in his opinion so he has to get better.

Apparently he had left an impression because he later came to know that Finn had asked around, wrote what information on the subject he knew from his travels.

Consulted the topic with their father and Elijah because they had not been too busy. With their help he found a couple that he had forgotten then some he had yet to know about.

Since Kol assumes it is no secret that his eldest brother's artistic skills have always been as bad as his sense of direction or use of a sword.

It did not come as a surprise that he asked Nik to draw maps of the areas where most of the plants grow in abundance and pictures in case the items were too far off.

Rebekah later admitted that he had bribed her with sweets so she could go around collecting samples of everything listed nearby so all that was left was to stick on with a paste their mother had taught him.

The day he had finished the book he had later confessed to have begun without the intention of making into a family project he ran to the place he had found Kol.

He was not around so he went back to town where he assumed his little brother was with his group of freinds.

They said he had not been around for a couple of hours and they thought he was grounded or forced into spending time with the family.

Then as an after thought Terra mentioned two ladies asking after him specifically. A blonde girl about his age and a brunette, probably her mother.

He had apparently started to panic or something because he didn't hesitate to cut into his skin with a dagger as if preparing to amplify the use-range of his magic until he seemed to remember that his magic was never coming back.

Not that it even ever really left if technically speaking. For the longest time however, he was sure Finn would have first stabbed him with said dagger.

Leave him bending towards a state of chemical equilibrium basically rather than allowing him to handle the responsibility entrusted to him by their godmother and parent's closet friend.

Before he sprinted toward the forest he was heard mumbling the same words repeatedly. 'You see crows. I see ravens. Until they meet again. I will be waiting.'

Or something equally cheesy, he would have preferred something a little less significant on impact.

Words that didn't etch themselves into his memory like the habit, ability to smile through anything or the instinct to breathe.

Even though it is uncalled for because it is unnecessary now that he is immune to reapers alike the God of Death itself.

Finn had called for him, screamed his name until he thought that was not doing anything so he ran home and found their parents watching Elijah fight the butcher's son.

He knows that because he followed behind, Finn had scared him unwittingly so that did not, does not nor will it ever count.

But hearing his eldest brother's voice echo throughout the forest had done something to him.

Sure he had yet to, well he was not going he had not announced himself because he wanted to see what would go down.

That is until he heard Finn whisper Freya's name as if he needed her like he needed air to breathe.

And that had killed his vibe instantaneously. He was not the only one apparently, shame. He had planned on hogging up the spotlight even though no one could see him.

Their father had wasted no time in pulling him aside with enough force behind it to bruise, he knows because he saw it for himself a couple of hours later.

It had probably been unintentional and he wasn't in a rush to call himself out on seeing it so he let it go.

He recalled however that their father made no move to apologize and it was not like his brother was about to mention it or bring up anymore unnecessary comments on the particular topic.

With the help of his magic and some spells he had more or less borrowed, Kol camouflaged himself and cloaked his location from any potential locator spells his mother might have used.

He didn't walk closer because his father had gone 0 to 100 all quick and that was something he knows to this day, he still cannot find the courage to face.

That is unless he has a death wish because he's passed the point of giving a fuck or it concerns his siblings.

Although it was strange to see Elijah falter when their mother told him to stay out of it and find the rest of them before Sun down.

He heard Finn say his name and Kol still thinks the difference in tone is palpable but he can't help smiling at the thought of himself preferring it over anything else because it's just his to own.

He would have held in the look of lust and pride as he pictures his dear brother whisper it against him as he comes undone.

"I saw him near the boulders north of the river paths." He wonders when or how long Rebekah had stood beside him and if she saw the look on his face as he took in their eldest brother's lack of hesitation to track him down.

As he leaves and hopes for the best he mumbles a quick 'thanks sister, I owe you one'. To this day he is kind of hoping that she heard that. Keeps it in mind.

By the time he got there he barely had enough time to drop the spell before Finn grabbed his shirt and shoved him against a boulder.

He knows that Finn would not do that if he knew how hot he found it. That is until he looks up questioning when he accidentally brushes up against his little brother.

"Don't ever do that again." He lets up his hold slightly before letting go once he thinks Kol's ready to stop squirming just to get on his nerves.

It's an act. Of this he is certain because he knows the only people Kol has ever come close to fear are his parents.

"What? I was just wanted privacy. No one asked you to come interrupt me. At least I didn't." Kol had grabbed the back of his head, it didn't hurt but that wasn't the point.

Had he not known why Finn was so worried he would have made certain that his eldest brother regretted such an action against him.

" should feel for a many fingers am I holding." Finn looks a little concerned but it is okay because he wanted to hear it up close. He sounds agitated and relieved to see him safe all at once.

"What are you doing?" He spoke without really waiting for a response because he can clearly see that Kol is fixated on something.

".." Kol mumbles something he doesn't understand so he doesn't hesitate to bring him closer even though he's well aware of what this probably looks like.

"Use your words little brother." He spoke without really thinking much of the way his voice sounds downright authoritative while dangerously close to frigid.

Kol looks him in the eyes as a smirk plays on his face and Finn knows that it's fake with a glimpse.

"You left a trail of blood. What happened.." He looks at him for a moment before slapping his hand away from his shirt and shoving him harder into the boulder.

"Don't touch me. I don't need you to help me." Finn backed up and covers his arm. It was a misunderstanding and he knows how to proceed here, he would have gotten to it had he not been distracted.

He had not wanted anyone to see this, especially not Kol because he knows how he is and what it looks like.

"You don't have magic anymore and Ayana is not here to see you. What happened last time our parents saw you like this. Oh wait, I can remind you."

Kol looks at him with an accusatory air to himself and his words hold a note of acidity.

"This is not that" Finn looked adamant enough and Kol appreciated it even though he would have picked up on the sincerity of this without it.

"I know" He pulled on the sleeve and got to healing without saying anything else.

"Look at me Kol, now." Kol had been about to mumble a complaint because he needs to continue, he's so close to finishing up the healing.

The instant he looks at his brother his brain shuts down any form of possible retort and his heart skips and he has a problem maybe but he doesn't mind.

"Promise me that you won't ever leave again. Not without telling me or someone in the family of your whereabouts. No. You know what, I am not asking. You are going to follow."

He says this as he moves his hands away. His brother has done enough as it is and if he didn't know better he would think Kol is looking slightly different. It is probably just his imagination, nothing more.

Kol mumbles a 'yeah, fine if it means that much to you' and he is incapable of stopping his intake of air as his brother hugs him tighter than he had ever experienced or expected from anyone.

"Not that I'm complaining but I think I can't breathe." He is unsure if he should hug him back because that would be strange and he is incapable of stopping himself from enjoying this moment.

"Get used to it." Finn looks him in the eyes before backing away slightly and gives him a book on different plants.

He had stared down at it obfuscated by the different styles of handwriting he recognized and he knows he'll regret not taking this opportunity if he doesn't.

He did not chicken out when he kissed him on the cheek, it was chaste and strange of him to do that in his opinion. It's fine with him though he just didn't want to make Finn uncomfortable like he had last time.

He likes the feeling he gets this time but he has to stop. Now everyone knows his location so he moves to pull his brother's sleeve down before Finn stops his movement.

The moment he looks up Finn kisses his mouth hastily as one of his hands rests in his hair and the other gently grips Kol's hands.

"You owed me that. Now, go home or to your friends. Take care of yourself, I hear there are bears dying and if people know what's good for them they won't be long to look into that."

Kol looks away because his mind went silent for a couple of seconds and it increases his thought process once it has rebooted so to speak.

He doesn't say anything as he looks back at him questioning but incredulous because he knows Finn at least suspects that it was his doing.

"Where are you going?" He stares at the book with a mild recognition to some plants and places as he skimmed through the pages.

Finn touched the back of his neck as he looked at the grass and began walking away as if he were about to take a stroll through Hell itself.

"I have to speak to our parents..They will not come here. Our sister or Elijah might, you could wait for them here."



He won't help anyone. Not unless they ask and even then he'll consider it because he worked for discoveries.

It has been a hobby since he was human and about eleven, he is willing to keep it because so far it is still yielding astonishing results.

A man near the stables had been stung by a group of wasps and died regardless of the healers and his mother's attempts to help.

Had a similar incident occurred now that person would at least have a fighting chance and time to drink or get his affairs in order.

He has gotten good at what he does and his recipes can be of assistance. That is unless the imbecile at the desk of the healers shop doesn't simply throw the piece of paper away.

The guy wants him six feet under since he found out that Kol has apparently disgraced all three of his daughters.

Both of his parents had come to his defense and to his credit all three ladies had claimed that he wasn't the first or last that week.

He is uncertain whether they lied about that or not but honestly what becomes of them isn't his concern.

And he's brought back to the present when he hears Edith's tone. She sounds about ready to decapitate Niklaus in the next second or two if he doesn't let go.

"Kol, this really hurts and I want to go. By the look of it I gave your brother more than enough blood." She uses her other hand to press his face deeper into her arm in hopes of getting his jaw open enough to move.

It works, to her amazement and she doesn't look back when instinct takes over. She mentally conjures up the quickest route to civilization because she's ran through these woods a thousand times before.

She is 100% done with Kol and his brother, anyone Mikaelson related for that matter. Once she reaches town she is going to expose them for what they are.

What was she thinking? This boy is a monster through and through. She had simply thought that he was a little off but nope, he is just bat shit crazy.

The lightheadedness is getting to her and even though she feels like slowing down and puking she has to power through this.

She runs it off as if hell hounds are coming after her ass while knowing full on that Kol is hot on her trail. What she knows is that if she actually makes it through this she is going to fight back.

First she is going to settle down with Eldon, the cook's son that Kol is always ripping on and Rebekah trips over.

He acts like such a coward because he's afraid of triggering the wolf curse but if the rumors are true then he is a descendent to two of the strongest wolf packs around so he'll protect her.

They are friends, when it's convenient sure but he's got the biggest crush on her so she can probably fall for him too. Eventually.

Survival is key that is obvious. Right now is her concern though. "Help me! Please. Someone help, I'm being chased by monsters!"

Her words echo louder than she would have thought and there's so much blood dripping onto the leaves, dirt and branches but she can use that to her advantage.

She thinks she sees it, her escape plan is in the grasp of her fingers if she can get to her group of friends because she knows there is no way she can make it home tonight unless she protects herself.

The flower. She had found a couple last spring near the covens to the north of town that appeared similar enough if Kol's description is accurate.

The moment she is about to start moving again because she had slowed down to breathe slightly Kol whistles loud enough to startle her.

"Why are you doing this..You said that you loved me. That I was the love of your life and you wanted to marry-" She shoves the feeling of fear aside as anger takes its place.

"I also said that you were the only person that I tried being good for because you made me want to bring out the good in myself. I lied." Kol looks at her then the trail of blood she left in her wake.

He doesn't really care or think that anyone will come looking for her but he'll be ready in case someone does.

"I'll be honest with you, this time. You want to know why? You never saw me. Didn't even try. I wasn't surprised though. You only witnessed what I wanted to show." He vamps behind her and drags her with him until she eases up on the resisting.

"I practiced until it looked natural otherwise it would have been pointless and even though I see fear in your eyes that isn't all there is to them." She thinks she can break free from his grasp but for that she needs time.

What if this is a test. If he really wants her dead then he would have done it already not drawn it out. At least that's what she's thinking.

"What? Don't look so betrayed. This was never serious. You were a means to an end, don't play the part of the victim now and say that you didn't plan to use me."

"Kol don't do this. I just wanted to be with you forever." An obvious lie but she's hoping that he buys it.

"Great. Wait for me in hell." He says this and she feels a shiver run down her spine and just as she's about to tell him off he stops her by looking at her eyes and saying that he doesn't want to hear whatever she has to say.

Niklaus licks at his lips. He is beginning to feel like himself again and he is certain that his little brother isn't the only person in the family to be this level of damaged.

To think that time will bring out a little more, change them until they have morphed into what they were always meant to be because it's just a slightly heightened version of who they once were only now they try being wiser.

When Kol kisses her lips for what feels like a second Nik is kind of hoping that he just kills her already because he's dragging this along and that is unnerving.

Because he knows what comes next when Kol looks her in the eyes. "You coveted a life of folklore and could have gotten it. Had you just stayed out of my way."

If he smiles brightly then there is no saving her from any form of torture he chooses unless it's quick because he's just warming up.

If he goes deathly quiet then he won't spare her pain, he'll consider it experimental and he is fond of that.

Right now he is just looking like he doesn't mind getting dirty which means that he has something a little more merciless in mind.

"I am still hungry. Stop playing with my food." Kol looks at him as if he knows what is going on and Nik wants to get on with this because she appears to be cold.

"Okay, here." Kol is thinking that his brother's somewhat disturbed by him right now. Judging by look of it however he is seemingly a lot more interested in finishing his dinner.

He holds her in place and she loses any thoughts of fighting against him when he briskly tells her to 'stop moving'.

At the time both vampires had assumed that she had just given up but looking back at it they determined that it was definitely compulsion.


He wants to know why it is that Rebekah and Finn have only visit when their brother is asleep and why Ayana accompanies them with Tatia.

As far as he is aware, Elijah and their father are further into the dark than he is so he doesn't know how to process that information.

He does not comment on the fact that he can still hear Edith's heartbeat, faint as it is.

Kol can't help it. He is getting annoyed by the sound even though he knows Nik is working on it a little slower because he is probably uncertain about when he will get another meal.

"There is a plant around the surrounding area that is harmful to us. It is one Rebekah came across earlier today. I do not know why nature is against us now but I will gather all that I can find to burn them near the river."

Klaus wants to go home already and take a shower then sleep a little bit on his bed. He wants to see Elijah.

He wants to take a walk through the trees and get lost by himself. There are a lot of things that he wants but he's not going to get them anytime soon, he knows that.

"Oh, that is what brings you by..I want to help. Maybe I have seen where they grow. What does it look like?"

"A purple almost blue looking flower, it is really pretty..She was saying something else but I tuned her out because the healer's daughter was walking by and had no real trouble holding my attention."

"Our sister was going to take on the task of collecting the plants. After a couple of minutes she complained about being fed up with me for some reason and said she would go home. I don't think that is where she was headed, judging by the path she took.."

"Have you seen Elijah today? I haven't seen our sister or Finn for a couple of days either. I miss them. It is a surprise, delight to see you. I am not apoplectic on what I've done to mother. If that is what you seek, why you brought along a will be-leave disappointed."

Kol laughs at that and Nik is surprised by how natural it sounds, if his little brother is faking it then he has gotten good at it.

"You have had enough time to come to terms with that. So have they. Either our siblings come around and tolerate-accept the reality of the situation, move forward. With or without you."

Kol looks away from him long enough to notice that Edith's heartbeat is no longer an issue and that the silence of this place has a peacefulness to it.

"It's a choice they will make for themselves. I don't pity you. Henrik is dead. As is our mother. Life goes on and it will stop for us the moment time is no longer relevant."

"Healer's daughter now?" Niklaus drew out the words as if he knows something but he's not going to acknowledge that because Nik needs to find other people to focus on.

"From what Rebekah said, what she described. I think it might be vervain. She held the flower long enough to notice that it does not have a fragrance and is about 2 1/2 feet tall or so." He said this as he starts pacing a little but stops suddenly.

"Apparently when I come in contact with it, I won't be able to touch it without feeling the effects. I kept that piece of informatoin in mind then took the initiative and asked a couple of neighbors to help me round them up."

"Okay.. I thought I saw a couple towards the north of here. About two-thirds or so of an acre. And the neighbors just decided to help out of their own free will?"

"We're friends. What can I say. People just love me and I love humanity." He moves past him and smiles somewhat less optimistically than he had before but it has him looking relaxed by the time he's talking again.

"Speaking of which, my ex girlfriend just became a root inspector." He laughs to himself before sitting down next to her corpse before leaning against her a bit more while saying.

"Or hold on this one's better, she got into the fertilizer business. Well if I'm going to dump the corpse in the river would it not be something more along the lines of sleeping with the fishes.."

He shrugged to himself before looking at her and making a mental note to keep her name in mind, she meant something to him after all.

"Well now that we have got the tension out of the way and established that I still consider you my family. I have a funeral to attend. To pay my respects, you see. I should be back in a minute."

Kol picks up a his Edith's corpse and vamps towards the river. He calls for his group of friends and places her in the water.

Once that is done he piles the flowers on her corpse himself and dips his fingers into the water and takes a breath as the sensation of pain evaporates.

He friends are crying but unable to move or do anything other than watch as he lets go of her body and lights it up without a glance back.

"I thought about it. A life with you. Then I saw you for what you were. It seems like you weren't the best option. Had you been..things would have ended differently." He looks at his friends and is unsure of how to let the compulsion drop without them ending up torn to shreds.

"You left for water this afternoon but stayed too late playing in the river. Nightfall crept up sooner than expected and you guys had the misfortune to encounter a vile creature, a handsome devil at that. One of legends-nightmares."

He's having fun building himself up here but that has to stop because he almost forgot about Niklaus.

"That is all you can recall. Edith sacrificed herself for all of you to escape and you never saw me or have any knowledge on this particular flower. Now go home and enjoy the rest of your night."

He says this as he looks at them, hoping that he has this down enough to work because he really doesn't want to kill them.




"For a while now I..There has been a number of excuses, people and things I have used to occupy my time..."

Kol moves to sit and wonders if Finn has already begun walking to Ayana's house because it's passed their agreed time.

He should probably go find Elijah first because Nik looks sad about the lack of visitation on his part.

"However if experience and knowledge of the past have taught us anything then..I can't believe that I'm quoting something I actually bothered listening to while bored of mischief and yet here it goes."

Kol looks at the trees for a moment before continuing on with what he was trying to say. He will attempt to return later tonight because Nik could do with a blanket or two.

For now he doesn't bother putting on the act of trying to accommodate Niklaus or his needs because he's not feeling it.

What happened with Edith wasn't cruel. Nik had to eat something decent and she just so happened to draw the short stick.

He wonders if that rationalization ability comes off as simple to his half brother too.

"Before you move...even consider it..There is a difference between thinking about something and actually going through with it. Then there are the potential risks, unforeseen consequences or perks."

"A lecture on why I fucked up. From you..I am not going to apologize for it..." Klaus tries to move forward a little but he's just thrashing around and it increases his discomfort.

"Wait. Nik, shut you smell that? I think it's wolves..." Kol looks at him for a moment then stares at the moon and the trail of blood on the ground.

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