They Have No Shame @miranda_raizel

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to 'The Originals' like the characters etc. and I don't know who does but the thing is, it's not me...

Pairing: Kol/Finn

M note: This is Au-ish, the characters are ooc I guess and there's incest. I thought I'd add a little plot and layers to the history since there is enough leeway.

I began this story as a way to see how I would go about writing romance/love/all the feelings or how I interpret it.

And how it affects-or doesn't, the different dynamics to the relationships between the people they aren't involved/invested with in the family of Original vampires.

10th Century

"I would say something like 'I'm going to kill your mother' but I can't now. You want to take a quick guess at who beat me to it?"

Kol sets the pile of wood aside and tosses his sword next to him as he sits on the dirt to take a little break.

He is a little tired but he's thinking the word sluggish better for his current situation. Not that he is complaining about walking around with a pile of sticks. They are necessary.

He has been up and running around since the sun came up because becoming a vampire has everyone in the family feeling more alive than they did when they actually were.

These days he doesn't have much apathy or empathy to go around but he is feeling pretty good even though things are looking a little stacked against him at the moment.

Finn on the other hand is looking like he just wants to take a nap without worrying about his person and surroundings practically leaking with blood the moment he awakens to a hunger unlike what he had known before.

His siblings have experienced the same fear. Have witnessed and awoken into similar situations.

They have expressed it aloud, on different occasions in the short time span.

Kol thinks it a little funny that all have apparently experienced a level of something that he has not or yet to, remorse.

In time he is certain that they will ease up on it and accept that they will never be what, who they once were.

Not that he has a problem with it. His emotions and sensations are heightened. As is his awareness.

And he is certain that if anyone has control, his father is likely the only person to have a hold on it.

He's been through some stuff so that is not a surprise.

"Kol" Finn says his name as if it were cursed and Kol is taken by sound of it. He takes his brother's demeanor in, notes the effect of his words.

He wants to feel that.

Like that.

The passion behind the word has him thinking, wondering; what he's willing to offer-trade, surrender.

Give in order to get another chance, glimpse into that all consuming emotion.

He thinks it rage.

The fact that Finn is not looking like he wants to talk about it has him questioning it however.

Has his mind slowly providing the question 'is it sorrow?' As if he of all people knows, should know the answer to such an extent.

Finn knows that he probably looks somewhat shocked then pissed off because it's too soon and his little brother knows that he was not supposed to bring other people into this.

They discussed this, he had thought it clear unless his brother realized early on that he could get to him in another way.

On second thought, this is probably Kol's way of dealing with it but it is in bad taste. If Kol mentions Henrik.. he's knocking him out and leaving him there.

He'll be back for him, eventually. If it comes to that. He'd deserve it. At least in his opinion.

"What..I am not lying..." Kol swears he can feel Finn's anger roll off of him in waves but he is going to cut it out because he is the one to ask for it.

Speaking of which he should probably visit Niklaus sometime this week because his brother must be extremely bored and hungry.

Now that he's thinking about it he doesn't know how long it's been since he has seen Elijah leave to check on him.

He wonders if he should be concerned or care really. Thanks to Nik, he is down a brother and his mom is dead.

Well, dead-er..super dead...

All things considered though, his siblings and father are taking this surprisingly well.

Maybe it's the weather or the fact that they can shut off all emotions at will. Not that he needs to.

He feels a little bad about his older half-brother's situation.


But there's no need to exaggerate here.

Niklaus got a relatively good deal on account of his punishment, considering what he did.


Finn tosses his sword next to the tree and sits down beside him close enough to call it that while managing to keep a bit of distance so that he can move if he wants.

"Fine. I take it back. I did not mean to be so quick with the tasteless jests around you. If I had known and cared. Taken into consideration that you were going to get all sad and angry on me-"

"Shut up, Kol." Finn feels like punching him in the face then walking up to the water and tossing him in there.

The water is freezing this time of year.

Sure Kol would be pissed off and put up a decent fight afterwards all the while listing a number of colorful expletives because he knows that it always gets to him but he wants to see if he's wrong.

He isn't going to however. Even though he is somewhat tempted he asked for this, a demonstration of what's to come if they want to pass off as..enemies...rivals...distant?

Kol had tried to be honest up until the note of sarcasm started seeping into his words. Then he attempted to keep it light with enough of a bite to sting.

Having said that, Finn's words sound dismissive to the point where it can also pass off as a threat if he doesn't back out a couple of steps.

He doesn't appreciate that.

The shift in his little brother's demeanor is instantaneous as he stands there staring at him with this incredulous and offended look.

It seems to lessen after a couple of seconds and he finds that interesting.

"You broke rule one. So soon into it too." Kol tried to laugh it off but he doesn't commit to it because it doesn't seem appropriate, not that he would have cared enough a couple of seconds ago.

Now he thinks he is feeling out of place. To the point where he is unwilling to play it off even though he got what he set to find.

He had to test the limits in order to know what he is willing to dish out.

Maybe he will try again some other day and he will make it a habit to stay on a reasonable level until he knows when to move forward.

He has never really questioned why some things, people get to him and others simply don't. Or do just with a lesser impact on his mind and emotional state.

What if there is something wrong with him..he was like this when he was human. To lesser degree of course but not all that much and he got along well enough.

Made acquaintances, friends.

Hooked up with a ridiculous amount of fun girls and made out with some guys to witness the difference for himself.

Whether it's fate or not that he is the way he is and was born into this family is irrelevant because he thinks he's relatively normal.

If he isn't then that's fine with him. He's basically a gift to humanity, well now he's kind of forced to eat and drain a portion of said humans.

He wants to smile at this because he's finding his..what..epiphany... just a little ironic.

"Yes. Sorry..I should not have let it get to me. It was pretty good." Finn covers half of his face with his hand and stands up.

He asked for this so he knows that he needs to take a walk or two until he is certain that he has his emotions in order, under control..This was a test.

One which he failed. In theory he thought it clear, easy.

In practice-reality he is unsure of being able to pull off a 'next time' or that Kol should or would bother dealing with his issues.

"I will not bring it up again. I did not mean it, okay. Please remember that." He won't accept or acknowledge the apology because it is uncalled for and he feels uncomfortable with it.

He stands up and takes a breath before looking around while ignoring the way his brother's silence has him thinking that he wants to stay like this a while longer.

Where does he get off though.

Apologizing for something he had no control over...he wants to say..well that is irrelevant because he is willing to go by his brother's rules and regulations.

If it means that what he started. What they have doesn't have to end. This will take a little effort to master, it will work. It has to.

"You think they will believe that because I'm a vampire I somehow despise you. Now? Just you. For no reason. Or is it magic related..your lack of it before the...transition."

He knows that Finn doesn't want to talk about it because he left it behind him a while ago, he had a breakdown and everything before both of their parents and Ayana.

Clearly not a topic of choice or discussion then. Okay.

Kol breaks a branch off the tree he was standing next to and uses it as a makeshift pike/spear against the deer that trotted into his line of sight.

Instead of just getting one from the pile of sticks he was going to throw onto the fireplace.

"On some level you have always hated me. Now you have no reason to hide it. Instead, you will embrace it. Have fun with it, act belligerent or something."

It fell over on its side with a loud thud noise to it and Finn raises an eyebrow at the excessive force Kol used without meaning to.

He's got to ignore the scent of blood because he has worked hard to keep himself from from killing anything or anyone if he can avoid it.

So he keeps pushing past his needs in order to control it and talking isn't really helping but he has to try it.

Otherwise things will get messy and he won't forgive himself even though he knows it'd be justified because he doesn't want to die again.

Not yet anyway.

"Just don't push it. It has to look natural until you aren't the only one who can no longer tell the difference between it and the real thing."

They will have to practice, 're-educate' themselves if they want to pass off as relatively normal people.

He takes his eyes off the roadkill and looks at his little brother as he speaks without bothering to move away from the spot even though there is blood pooling around his boots.

"Next time, keep it simple brother. We do not want or need unnecessary attention. People hunt, persecute and despise what they fear or do not understand. You know that. Now make sure to remember it."



"If and when I find myself in a situation like this l will keep it in mind." Kol rolls his eyes then smiles because Finn looks satisfied with the words and he knows that is as much of a compromise that he is willing to dish out.

"There is a merchant down by the shops. A newcomer. Give this to her before heading home. Before nightfall, Kol. It is a list of supplies for father. I will wait for you by Tatia's house. That way you don't have to go home by yourself."

Finn hands him a list but doesn't let go until he's certain that his little brother won't shove it in his pocket and forget about it.

He's done that enough times to suggest he is either doing it to get him worked up or that Kol has other things he's got prioritized at the time.

"You owe me, brother." Kol looks at it then meets his eyes when his hand lingers near his and he nods.

He knows why his brother is insisting on keeping his thoughts anchored to the task at hand.

"What do you have in mind?" Finn looks at the river then back at him. He doesn't want to think about the animals blood that's currently dripping from Kol's skin.

Kol noticed but he doesn't comment on it. Instead he brings his fingers to his brother's mouth.

His plan was to taunt him a little and move his hand away because he's more than willing to offer his own blood in its place.

Finn shuts his eyes as he licks at his fingers delicately and Kol can't bring himself to complain about his idea backfiring on him.

"Dual. I want to be certain that what Elijah's taught you is being put to good use." Kol had not meant to say that he knew about his brother's arrangement but he wants to experience the progress for himself.

"You of all people wish to test me? Fine. I'll take you on." He backs up and licks at his lips while he listens to the wind as it travels through while knocking off the tree leaves.

"Three days time? Meet me here. Now. Start walking. I have other things to do." He moves past Kol with purpose because it seems like his only interest is the blood dripping onto the muddy water.

He's no ones errands boy but he knows why Finn is reluctant to go near that particular shop.

He will take the note after he's done. It's on his route. If he has enough money he will get something for Niklaus so he should probably get to it.

Right now he plans to take the animal over to Ayana so that she doesn't complain about her favorite Mikaelson abandoning her for the village girls.

On second thought, he probably shouldn't say that aloud in front of her or she will hit him up side the head with her spell book.

The last time she did that Finn laughed but held his hands in mock surrender when she said he would be next if he didn't help her rearrange the furniture.




"I can sell it. I might need a little time however. I find it somewhat difficult for me to actually be mean to you and not just mess around. I think you should defend yourself from time to the next, it could help make it believable."

He doesn't bother saying that once he starts and makes his comments.

Not only will the rest of his siblings but also people who have no business talking to or about his eldest brother, will think it acceptable to join in.

He'll have to work extra hard to not go slaughter-happy. That one will be difficult.

Something about the way his brother holds himself in this moment has him thinking that Finn knows what is at stake.


He will play the part.

"I know you will put on a good act. They will believe it, trust me. Eventually..In probably will notice soon enough, it won't be so difficult..Not that I want that..I know how much you enjoy a challenge."

He doesn't say the rest of what he had intended to but it's fine because he's paraphrasing here and he is counting on the fact that his little brother has never been one to read between the lines.

"I doubt it. That I would hate you. I could say it a thousand times a day, every day I'm awake for the rest of time I have left and even then. I still wouldn't believe it-"

Kol looks at him questioning how it is possible that he can show this level of restraint when all he clearly wants to do is drain anything in sight.

"Not unless.. it's what you want to hear. It could be my way to keep what I feel let you know that it is the truth."

He wants to say more but he's incapable of stopping his heart from acting all stupid on him when he just wants to keep a lid on it.

Because this wasn't supposed to happen every time he so much as thinks of his brother.

"In the eyes of anyone, even though we have to way of telling you that I know what this means and that you should too."

He needs to stop talking because he thought he had passed the point of spouting off embarrassing gibberish about four years ago.

Apparently that's not the case but this is dangerous territory, not that he's scared to see where it leads or anything.

He pulls the pike out and tosses it into the river then stands as he grabs hold of the animal. "Fine. I'm in the game. I will win."

"Win what?" Finn covers his mouth with a hand and turns around like he is about to go home and lock himself up for days because he's incapable of stopping his fangs from showing.

"I don't know yet but I can tell you what is at the end of this game." Kol drops the dead animal and takes a breath before taking a step forward and reaching out.

Even though he's able to feel his brother tense at his touch that doesn't deter him from pulling on his arm.

He moves the fabric of his shirt aside just enough to get it out of the way without much effort.

"Oh? What.." He wants to tell him off because he's sure that he can get Kol mad enough to have him keep his distance for a little while.

He doesn't do that.

Not when Kol kisses his neck and runs his fingers along the front of his throat then down his chest while his nails dig into his skin.

"You and I" His voice is a whisper against the sound of falling leaves as the wind picks up but it feels like time is on a standstill just long enough for both of them to feel like laughing for some reason.

"It's where we started. Simple and yet.." Finn holds onto his arm and turns around while looking at him, he smiles.

It comes off as he feels and looks which is somewhat confused but he noticed that Kol is looking the same so there is a dash of confidence to what he sees.

"I'm just really good company and you can't get enough of me." Kol looks self righteous but doesn't let go of his hold on him.

"What are you doing out here? I thought you were going to help father fix the roof's damage."

Lighting had hit a couple of the nearby trees and damaged a few places around town. When that didn't happen to destroy enough there was another storm the next day to finish the job.

No one died, just got more problems or headaches than necessary which is worse in his opinion.

He had thought that Rebekah and Elijah would join forces for about an hour to brag about being better than life itself because they are noble too busy offering a helping hand.

He knows they are only doing this because they are avoiding things so that means that they above reproach from anyone.

They should have been doing something about the situation with the strained relations between everyone in town because no one is particularly interested in sharing supplies or offering support.

Not that he cares really but it is surprisingly odd to take this into account.

"I finished and it looked like father wanted to be left alone. I was thinking of going to the witches. I need to get rid of some things."

Kol looks at his ring and gets an idea about what it is that Finn wants to dispose of.

"At first I couldn't bear the thought of it. For a while.. but I decided to move on..There was no one there which I found odd but I'm a pariah since losing my magic." He clears his throat and Kol thinks he can feel what he does.

As strange as it sounds lately nothing much comes as a surprise so he doesn't rule out the possibility.

"So I thought I would just dump them into the river or bury them."

He points to the bag to his left as if he thinks Kol needs visual aid to follow along. Both know that dark objects can't be burned so it's not an option.

Kol knows what he has to do. He wants to hear it for himself to be certain. "Did you create them yourself or did mother help?"

"I infused my magic to create them. Mother's style differs from the Bennett's so I combined both after finding the material needed."

Finn goes for the bag and sets it a little closer after taking one out to show him.

"With their supervision I created the first three, then I branched out and made more after looking over the designs. They said only my magic was needed therefore that is what they hold."

He tosses it into the air and contemplates throwing it into the river but Kol speaks up before he goes through with it.

"Can I have them?" The question comes out more intense than Kol had expected to ask him but he already did so it's not like he's going to take it back.

"Yeah..I guess. They are yours. Why though? They are useless now." Finn raises an eyebrow and looks a little confused.

He hadn't thought that Kol would have cared but he is guessing that he doesn't need them so it's a fair question.

"A keepsake. I refuse to let your work, all the time and effort. Care you put into perfecting these go to waste. I can't use them. That's true, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate something so incredibly crafted."

Finn feels unsure of what to say and he wants to know why Kol just loves catching him off guard but he can't get distracted right now.

"I found you instead. You looked like you could have used someone to just sit there without the need to say much."

"At least that's what I thought..I'm not really into talking but you know that and I should stop already..." He smiles slightly before grabbing the bag, putting it back and setting it further away from the mud.

"Ah. Are you my someone?" Kol is fascinated by the array of emotions he's dealing with right now but he's at a point where he doesn't think about it too long because he's living in the moment.

"I think my someone needs to be a little taller and have a fun personality. I'm not sure that you fit the criteria. It's the tail. That's the deal breaker."

Kol swears by anything worth exploring that Finn is working so hard to keep from laughing because that would signal defeat and he's not having it.

"Tail? Not the horns or the hoofs. Here I thought. Assumed I was a shoe in, since I own a handful of dark objects that I can never use again for something other than a funny looking rock collection."

He moves to the water and rinsed his boots. It had to be done before the blood and mud began to crust over.

He knew that the water would be cold but the extent is worse than he had thought. But Kol doesn't look like he cares because he's picking the sticks up.

His little brother doesn't knows how lucky he is that he didn't push him in there earlier.

Sarcasm like jests have never been his forte but they come easy to his siblings and Kol never shuts up about either so it must be worth a try.

"And everyone knows that implies that I live on the wild side. How does one get taller think one should just stretch a lot or drink an unhealthy amount of milk..."

"No. I suppose that they have just got to wish really hard." He says this with a couple of snickering sounds escaping his lips and Finn shoves him slightly.

"Shut up Finn, I thought you were an actual animal. I guess seeing you bare has me confuse you."

The words barely leave him before Finn has him pinned to a tree and the sticks are forgotten when his brother bites into his flesh as his hands find there way into his pants and chest.

He smiles when Kol moans out the instant he runs his thumb over the skin of his head then he grips at his shaft while grinding to get some friction.

Thinking it the best coarse to take he gives him a couple of seconds to pull his pants and underclothes down because he's sure that his little brother doesn't want to cum in his clothes.

That is uncomfortable and a little embarrassing, he knows from experience so he's going to spare Kol the feeling unless he knows what that's like.

Maybe he should ask. Not now though.

He's so hard by the time he pulls his mouth away blood drips onto Kol's clothes and the mud. So much for trying to stay clean or on task..

It's just that he doesn't care anymore and even goes as far as licking at the rapidly healing wound while running a thumb over his brother's nipple.

He licks at the other one then flicks the tip of his tongue across it and feeling frisky enough when he sees Kol's eyes roll back to say.

"I can refresh your memory." It was gone in a second but he thinks he heard Kol growl at that so he kisses his check lightly.

He is not sure it will change anything, he just really wanted to try that and is surprised to hear him gasp then mumble the words 'don't stop.'

By now Kol should know that he doesn't want to stop what they have going on but it's safe to assume that people will start heading this way soon enough.

Because everyone will want to stock up on water before it gets any more frozen.

"I'm afraid that you didn't ask nicely." He's speeds up his hand even though he knows what could happen if someone were to catch them.

Kol looks so good in this light but he is feeling like he should hurry even though he's wanting to take his time. "Therefore I am obligated to to do the opposite.."

"Please don't. Not now." Kol says this as he meets his brother's eyes and touches the base of his cock. He matches the speed enough to make sure that Finn isn't missing out on this moment.

Even though he's well aware of why they should either speed up or take this somewhere else he doesn't want to.

The way he is reasoning it is that he's on his own time so he's going to do what he wants, he was here first and he is selfish.

If by chance anyone wants to complain he'll say that he didn't force them to stick around. With that in mind he slows down because he's close.

Kol groans when Finn applies pressure as he looks him in the eyes while saying 'cum for me little brother.'

He's cuming hard and Finn doesn't let up on the pace until he's certain that he is spent.

He breathes a little and concentrates on the thought that his eldest brother's silence says more than he ever will.

"I want to say it once. Before it loses all meaning." He says this as he touches his face with one hand and starts speeding up his movement with the other.

"Fine. Just... Not now.." He doesn't look him for a moment then meets his eyes and Kol wants to kiss him but that won't happen yet.

He knows that Finn is close so he pulls him closer and runs his fingers along his skin with enough force to break it and let it hurt a moment before he licks at it.

"I want to taste you." Finn looks surprised for a moment then he is looking suspicious and Kol appreciates that because honestly.

If he hates him well good for him, that's what he gets for playing dirty first.

"But right now.." He smiles slightly and it's looking mischievous so he cuts it short before Finn catches on.

"I need you. To fuck me like you hate me, brother." Kol kisses him roughly before backing up slightly and smiling like he is innocent as hell.

The outcome was better than he had expected and he's mesmerized by the sight before him but it's short lived because the next thing he knows he's in the freezing water.

Even though Finn is next to him that doesn't stop him from shivering while looking him in the eyes while saying what he's thinking. "I hate you. No. At this point, I despise you."

He starts moving towards the mud but stops when Finn grabbed his arm. He breathes and looks over his shoulder at him.

At first he thought he loved him like he loves his brother's and Rebekah but this is different and he feels like he can name it.

There is no way that he is going to do that however because it is not what Finn wants to hear and it isn't like he's jumping through hoops to admit it.

This is unfortunate but he doesn't mind, much.

"I like you better now. Not much but it's fine. There. I said it." He smiles when he looks away but he wasn't kidding.

The temperature of the water is ridiculous for this time of year. He pull on his pants and fixes his shirt once he gets out then goes for the pile of sticks.

"I think it's a good thing." Finn fixes his clothes then hands him the list and picks up his sword.

The bag of dark objects is next to him but he can take it back and leave it in Kol's room when they go home later.

"What? Now I'm all wet. If I get sick I'm blaming it on you." He doesn't know if he can get sick now, he knows that he cannot die and that he heals quickly.

There is a theory he has, people listen to him if he looks them in the eyes. It doesn't seem to faze Finn or Elijah and definitely not their father.

Another one, there is no way he is trying something on him again.

He has yet to test the extent or on the wolves but he will soon and when he does, he will move on to the next perk of his parent's gift.

"You said there are things that have you booked all day. I'll take half. See who finishes first."

Kol smiles slightly before grabbing Finn's shirt with one hand to hold him there as he wipes the list on his shirt with the other.

"I planned on looking for a purple sort of blue-ish plant. One that is harmful to us now. Rebekah said that it is vital to rid ourselves of it."

He can tell that his brother didn't want to muddy but that sucks because his clothes are covered in blood and it wasn't his fault that the list fell.

"She found a couple. I was going to find more after I finished disposing the I saw you and here we are. Go already or I will make you regret not escaping when you had the chance."

"Really?" The words he had been wanting to say for about a minute died inside of his mind the moment Finn smiles with a cold edge to top the note of teasing to his voice.

"I think she should have you helping around the community. You could instruct some of the neighbors on the different toxins you have been looking into."

"This time of year a lot of people fall ill. Your knowledge could make a difference."

"You wouldn't.." He doesn't want to review or reveal what he has found with anyone else and he knows that Finn respects the privacy aspect of their relationship to keep it at a reasonable level of free space for them to share middle ground.

"Watch me. And you broke rule one. We are even." Finn feels the importance of this topic to his brother is a little surprising but he is simply teasing.

If he doesn't want to share what he knows that is his choice to make a little perspective from someone relatively unbiased never did any harm though.

"Fine" Kol lifts his sword as he mumbles the word and flips him off when he hears the words 'have fun' the moment he begins to walk away.

He picks up the animal and contemplates leaving a handful of recipes by the healer's shop if he still has enough time, after leaving father's list two shops down.

Niklaus is definitely on his schedule so he knows that he has to cut his visit to Ayana's house a little short.

Even though he's bumped into a number of places, mainly walls and trees because he's getting used to moving around with the help of his newly acquired speed.

He thinks he can use it here where there is no one human but it's a given that he should stop about half an acre away from civilization.

He's getting better and is certain that he's got this down so it comes as shocking when he spots a few neighbors halfway to the path towards the river.

Luckily for him they have yet to see him well that was until the deer he had been carrying crashes into a large tree square on and with enough force to knock it over.

So much for progress or blending in..


He's actually friends with some of these people and is well acquainted with the rest.

There is no way he is going to kill them, well he can totally live without one or two of them so Nik's dinner is secured.

He hears one of them ask 'Kol is that you?' and 'are you okay?' while others just look startled by the loud sound.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Went out for a walk then a swim and thought I'd get firewood. On my way home I saw this by the trail." He smiles and touches the side of his neck Finn had been feasting on.

Partly relived that there isn't a mark on his skin then a little put out because that would have been great.

"What are you guys doing here?" He looks around to see if anyone else is on the way but this seems to be it.

"There is a shortage of water in a handful of houses and we are on our way to get some from the river."

Edith looks at him then the rest of their friends as if waiting for someone to say otherwise.

It'll never cease to amaze him that Finn is always right. Eventually he will have to pretend that he finds it tedious or mildly annoying so he's got that to look forward to.

He'll have to pay attention next time but right now he's thinking these people could be of assistance.

Time to test his new skills.

"Okay. First, no. You won't do that because I need to find a certain flower and the thing is that as my friends.. All of you are going to help me."

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