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The guy who plays Finn OG is all types of fine. I think his name is Casper idk anyway..If he's single I call dibbs. I'm just saying.

The story is AU-ish, it has some canon to it. The characters are likely ooc.

This is kind of like a filler chapter to involve all of the family, well most. I think the show will be strange without Klaus for a bit but as long as I don't get that boring ass 'kolvina' shit or whatever it's called I'm good.

I was listening to 'I found' by Amber Run and 'Runaway' by Aurora

10th century

To his credit Kol doesn't make a sound as the dagger lands centimeters away from his skin.

He thinks he should have probably knocked first but he's here already so it no longer matters all that much.

"What are you doing here?" Finn covers his face with his arm for a moment before standing up and walking towards him quickly to retrieve it.

He should have put his shoes on beforehand, the floor is cold against his skin. Kol is looking a little sick, almost feverish and that's not what has him bothered.

"I think.. something is wrong with me. Look, I don't want you to tell anyone. Actually.. That's why I went out of my way to seek you out."

Kol shakes his head as he leans against the doorway before propelling himself away and close enough to Finn for him to reach out and grab his shoulders in an attempt to keep him balanced or steady.

"Show me." Finn lets go after a couple of seconds and looks around the room for a moment.

Looking as if an intruder was about to rob him blind if he isn't alert. "I make no promises, if I can't seem to help.. I won't have a choice."

"Fine" Kol lifts his shirt off and smiles proudly as if this were his default setting. Finn holds onto it as his eyes narrow in a mixture of confusion, annoyance and surprise.

Kol is looking slightly worried now. That feeling is accompanied by this almost self-consciousness because Finn is looking at him as if nothing else is important to him in this world.

"Breathe, yeah?" Kol blinks as the words catch him off guard and he's feeling his face burn up a little hotter.

He knows this isn't the fever acting up so he clears his throat and moves past him to sit in a crisscross fashion on his eldest brother's bed.

The moonlight illuminates the bedroom via a window. The room feels too hot but honestly it's probably just him.

Finn looks at him for a moment before standing closer and running his fingers gently against Kol's skin.

"It's only your chest, arms and back..right?" Kol takes the library of lighting a candle even though it isn't all the necessary.

"As far as I know, yeah. I give up permission for you to check." Kol winks at him and Finn raises an eyebrow before saying that Kol should 'shut up' or nothing will stop him from pouring alcohol onto his skin.

He knows what to do, what this is. Kol should be fine in a couple of hours. The treatment will sting and likely make him uncomfortable because he won't be able to move much in that time span.

"I should tell mother. She would be of great help to you right now."

"Father's asleep, everyone is." Kol scratches his stomach before continuing. "It's the dead of night, I thought I saw a candle on. Why are you awake still?"

Finn looks for a sweater, puts one on and finds his sword before answering.

'I don't know.. I'm feeling somewhat restless. Sit down and get comfortable. You're going to be here a while."

He looks for a quill and paper as he tries to recall the ingredients he'll require. He should probably go over to Ayana's house or wake up Tatia.

She knows the spell as well as he does, she'd been around when he learned it and couple of others for that matter.

That'd been a year or so ago however so he doubts she'd remember and even if she does.

He doesn't want to wake them up though. Now that he thinks about it he is grateful that it isn't a full moon tonight.

Otherwise he'd have no choice other than to brave walking alone or disturbing his parents. He wonders for a moment which would be worse then forgets the thought because he's got to get going.

"Where are you going?" Kol's voice has him like 'what?' when he remembers that he's not alone. He should work on not spacing out.

"I require a handful of items, try getting some sleep. I'll return in a couple of hours." He doesn't really know why he does this but he walks up to Kol and kisses his hair.

He doesn't know what to do next so he throws out a quick 'take care' and makes move to leave.

"Finn, back up..."Kol touches his skull as he doesn't seem to follow the context of what's happening but he's wanting to find out at any cost.

He attempts to reach out but allows his hand to hover over Finn's momentarily before withdrawing and speaking.

All the while unsure of what to say because this is weird. Not a bad thing just different.

"Look, I'm not staying in your bed..aren't you afraid of getting infected? This is contagious, right?"

He hadn't been out of his bedroom for that specific reason, even going as far as keeping his mother at bay and away from food by saying he was experiencing stomach problems.

Kol swears Finn's bed is heaven but he can't stay here. He doesn't want to feel incompetent even though his stubbornness is making him incapable of asking for help from anyone else.

"No, you're fine. It's cold outside..we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow." Finn tosses him a blanket and Kol wraps it around himself without a second thought.

"Stay safe, I wouldn't want to be forced into cleaning up your mess. Seeing as I wouldn't get paid or anything.." Kol is kind of thirsty but too lazy to get up now. He'll go in a couple of minutes if he's still feeling it.

"Shut up Kol.."

"Thank you, by the way. You don't have to do this..I appreciate you..." Kol moves to scratch his arm but stops when Finn mumbles the word 'don't'.

Before picking up a satchel and leaving the compass. He doesn't think he'll need it in the dead of night and he requires space for the items.

"I think your fever has got you delusional."

"Yeah, that's it. I'm sure.." The smile Kol had on fades away from sight as the door closes. He clutched the pillow behind him then rolled deeper into the blankets.


Finn opens the door and walks out into the hallway. Elijah is sneaking around in the kitchen with Rebekah in toe.

"What are you doing?" He doesn't mean for his words to come out so loud or accusing as if he weren't the only one here something to keep on the low.

"Eating." Elijah looks at little too awake to be dissuaded from staying.

"You want some?" Rebekah offers him some broth and a little smile but he declines instantly, while making his intentions evident.

"No..I'm going out. Don't wait up. I'll unlock the door just in case. I trust you will keep this between us." He doesn't wait for a response before he begins heading out.

The sounds of a chair being pulled back and the shuffling of feet is what draws his attention before Elijah's voice.

"We have currently got nothing of real interest going on."

Finn feels like he's aware of what's coming but honestly thinks that probably won't happen.

He's not really all that cool with his siblings so Rebekah's next comment has him wondering if he's actually asleep right now and is experiencing a nightmare.

"He's right. So, we are going with you."

"Why?" The question is something fair in his opinion. He doesn't really care for the answer however.

He's waisted enough time talking.

"We're bored."

"Of course you are. Look, brother. Sister. You, are going back to your bedrooms. Get out of my way."

He's basically reached the door and has his hand on the handle by the time his little brother's words have him wanting to question why it is that his mother wanted more children.

"I'll wake them up."

"Go ahead." He's willing to call his bluff and silence him if it comes to that. That sounds a little extreme and somewhat vicious all at once.

He won't hurt Elijah just blackmail him if it comes to that.

"I'm going with you." He forgots sometimes that Rebekah is as headstrong as Kol when she wants to have things her way.

"No. Go away now. It's past your bed time." Finn smiles slightly before resuming his previous task. He's not lying though, tomorrow will be hectic and they'll need all the sleep they can get.

"It's something to do with Kol. We saw him walking into your bedroom." Elijah connects the dots effectively but keeps quiet on the rest of his findings.

"And if it is?.." Finn turns around and meets his eyes. If he wants to challenge him Elijah should be prepared to bleed a little.

He doesn't want to fight him but they are closer in age. If he keeps pushing it...A little blackmail will be the least of his concerns.

"He sought you out instead of anyone here. Whatever is wrong.. he trusts you." Rebekah put her shoes on and grabbed their hands.

Once outside Rebekah thinks she should have brought a sweater or a weapon because all she has is her magic and she really sucks at using it.

Finn gives her a dagger and his sweater, neither are of use to him. At least that's what he tells himself.

"What are we looking for then." Elijah looks at the sky as he asks and is glad that today isn't a full moon.

Finn hands him a rapidly sketched out list.

"This will take at least an hour or two, won't it?" Rebekah looks it over after Elijah attempted to mentally conjure up the quickest route and exact location of all the required items.

"You don't have to accompany me. Both of you. You're more than welcome to head back." Elijah smiles slightly as Rebekah laughed then grabbed a hold of their eldest brother's arm while saying the words.

"Finn. One thing yeah, you've got me all wrong if you honestly think I'm going to let a bear make you it's midnight snack."



It's almost 3 a.m. by the time they return. They're a little bloody and bruised but all around good because they're alive.

They didn't encounter a bear so that was something.

They did however walk into traps laid out for game, almost drowned, defended themselves against hunters who had the audacity to confuse them for then accuse them of being werewolves.

The escape was easy once Elijah thought up a plan and Finn walked them through some useful spells.

Honestly they never want to go outside at night again if they can help it.

They are mentally thankful to God that their parents aren't awake and waiting for their arrival with a belt in hand or a lecture in mind.

Niklaus is awake however no one really bothers to pay him any mind. They all just want to get out of their wet clothes and sleep their lives away.

By the time Finn approaches his bedroom Kol is out cold on his bed. Just taking up all the space and looking at ease.

Finn thinks it a nice sight but he has to get started on mixing the ingredients.

It's about 4:38 a.m. by the time he's ready to crawl into bed and tell Kol to scoot over a little or that he'll push him off.

In all honesty he plans to either sleep on the floor or simply take Kol's bed once he finishes here.

"Hey, Kol. Wake up already. I don't have the patience for this..Brother." Finn pinched his nose for a handful off seconds while thinking the lack of air would jolt him awake.

Kol is apparently a smartass even when he's sleeping as it turns out. Because now he is breathing though his mouth like he doesn't have an issue with that and Finn isn't amused.

He knows that Kol is awake and pretending to be asleep. All he has to do is prove it. He backs up into the shadows, the Sun will come up soon.

"Channel me." The words sound deafening in this silence.

Kol meets his eyes and a look he can't, well doesn't want to decipher makes him want to rub his eyes because he's probably seeing things that aren't there.

And his mind is clearly only doing this to him because he's tired.

His mind is as rattled as his body right now. Nothing more. Nothing less.

"What?" Before Kol has the opportunity to do or say anything else Finn hands him a cup with water and a strange looking thing that he's assuming is a plant.

"Eat it then drink up. Take your time, chew thoroughly. It's not that good or good at all really but it'll do you wonders in the long run."

Kol is looking a little weary then like he's wanting to puke but he's eating it without complaint. After a couple of minutes Kol reiterates the question.

"Together we can speed up the process. It, the paste requires about half a day to mix. Never mind actually kick in." Finn covers the wound on his arm up before fully presenting thus walking up to his little brother.

Kol is going to be fine as long as he doesn't move too much and stays hydrated in the time being.

"Haha what? You're kidding, right..You..Finn-you're not a witch anymore. You don't have magic, I can't channel you and even if I could. I wouldn't."

Kol sits up and shoves the blankets aside. He's no longer tired.

"You asked for my help. Well. Here I am, helping you." Finn pulls up a chair, sets the bowl in his hand down next to him and yawns.

Kol sits forward and contemplates his options. "If you don't tell me that you're in pain and I notice that you are, I'll kick your ass."

"Please. I'd destroy you, even if I weren't serious." Finn stands up when Kol smiles and mumbles the words 'tell me that's a promise'.

"Repeat the incantation after me, hold on. There are some dark objects in the drawer to your left. You will require a couple." This is going to be a long day.



Elijah sat on his mattress for a moment before laying down and taking a deep breath. His arms hurt with the effort of flexing, he doesn't mind all that much because he's lucky to be alive.

It's 5 a.m. and he cannot sleep but Niklaus made his night well day when he dropped by for a couple of minutes to ask if he was okay. He had answered truthfully for the most part.

"Elijah..You awake, still?" Rebekah tied her hair in a bun and sat down next to him when he gave her a questioning look.

"Yeah. What do you want?" He doesn't bother with putting a shirt on. It's not like Rebekah minds, she lays down next to him.

"Nothing really, I just can't sleep." She avoids talking about the night's events. He knows what went down.

No one is going to speak of it so it doesn't matter.

"Same" He kisses her cheek and looks at the ceiling.

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