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M note:The story is AU-ish, it has some canon to it. The characters are likely ooc and I wrote some smut.

"Fuck, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right..." He has got his fist up Niklaus' ass and his other hand on his hip as stops the hard sucking ministration at the length of his hybrid of a half-brother.

"Keep going" He wants to scream when Elijah hits his prostate only to move away from it clearly teasing him.

"I'm a fucking size queen." Elijah raised and eyebrow in mild surprise as he attempts to keep from laughing because Niklaus is being a little too vocal.

"Are you sure that's what you call this? And oh dear. Competition, really?Well I suppose I'd like to see them fuck you."

"Completely destroy you against the mattress as your skull hits the headboard. Although I don't see anyone being quite up to the task." As he says the words he moves his hand out of him and grips his thighs in a tight grip.

"On second thought, I might get jealous. Kill them just before you reach the point of orgasm. As their blood drops on your flawless skin." He smirked something evil when he hears Niklaus whimper, uttering a 'fuck' and 'too much' as if picturing it in his mind.

"I'd flip you over, push your head into the mattress and spank you. Hard. You'd deserve it. I'd have you begging for it like the good boy you always are. Only for me." As he says the words he vamps over to Kol's nightstand.

Glad he's doing well for himself apparently because the bottle of lube is almost empty but trying not to think about it when he realizes just whom his little brother is fucking.

Pouring out more lube into his had than what he'd actually carried with him was was him being civil, nice even because the thought of having someone else bringing Niklaus to the brink of pleasure wasn't something he was too keen on imagining.

It sure as hell wouldn't have a pretty ending if he had anything to say about it.

He looks at Niklaus wanting to fuck him with something other than simply his fingers and he knows that he can get away with denying Nik's release to the point where his brother is crying and saying that he will agree to absolutely anything.

To him it seems a bit aggressive. Something he can reserve as a special punishment for future reference.

They are on the floor somewhat trying not to make too much noise but not completely limiting their actions.

"You keep it up any longer and I swear, I'm going to think of this as me conducting a prostate exam." Niklaus whimpers at his words because they are followed by Elijah withdrawing his arm out slowly.

Just enough to have his wrist free but he noticed that Nik sensed the loss and is trying to get more friction going while not willing to ask-more like beg- for it.

"Eli-don't stop" He is trying to tone it down but Elijah is making it extremely difficult. This is just mean.

"Niklaus..don't fret. I won't." He monuvers them with stealth-like, almost surgic precision.

He's got Nik on all fours and pulls out just to see the reaction but forgets about his wanting to tease him and instead he thrusts his hand in hard and deep.


Finn is smoking something from a stash of herbs Kol found in a kitchen drawer. At first he wasn't going to try it because he has no idea as to what it is but Kol mumbles something about it being extremely helpful to mellow him out.

He has no reason to doubt his words so tries it as he leans against counter and looks down at his phone.

He's livestreaming some news.

At first going in with the intention of trying to catch up on current events. If asked, what's it's about-he would say he hasn't the faintest clue.

He isn't really paying attention or all that sure when and why he lost track.

All he knows at this moment is that the world doesn't feel so debased, he feels good. Warm.

That's probably got something to do with the fact that he hasn't stopped knocking back a couple of drinks since he walked into the kitchen.

"How does Jamaica sound. You know, a week in paradise. Bask in Sun. Book a cruise maybe." Kol takes his joint from him without asking but he smiles for a moment before taking a drag and sitting near the fridge.

He's got his legs crossed, looking totally comfortable on the floor. He is human now and probably should refrain from corrupting Finn but right now he doesn't care because it's just a cigar.

At least that is what he thinks.

He doesn't want to know or cares because he is currently undergoing the exciting process of experiencing an epiphany.

Just wondering why he didn't possess some poor sap sooner because he is currently, seriously considering body jumping when his current meat-suit kicks the bucket.

He's all ready to live a long, normal but most importantly human life. This is what he wants. What he has wanted for a long time.

Kol being happy, having Freya near and Rebekah alright for the most part.

His mom is around and honestly his dad probably isn't far behind. So he has got the family together.

Elijah and Niklaus though... He could do without them, Niklaus at least. For now. He doesn't hate him, not dislike him if he's being honest with himself.

All he is, is upset. Pissed off to the point where he is definitely getting revenge and not even apologizing.

Feeling the kind of way that get shit done.

Anger is just that good of a motivator. He just doesn't want to get back to his ways, that is what got him locked in a box in the first place.

This time he'll get it right. Put himself first.

For once.

He wants it all; to be selfish, blunt, mean and happy. Realizing that in the real world itsi hardly ever possible is something he definitely always keeps in mind though.

Even killing all hope for himself is a full-time job and although he hates being a 'downer' as Kol often refers to him, for as much and all he gets. His efforts he cannot change who or what he is.

And he is a cynic. It just is what it is.

This body and its magic don't belong to him however.

No matter how much he wants to be so. He doesn't want to rain on his own parade but epiphany or not he realizes in that instant that he doesn't want to live like this.

He doesn't want to steal someone else's identity, life. Deep down he kind of wants to if he's not going to lie to himself, he's willing to admit that much but he cannot rip this guy's away.

His intentions are good.

At least that's what he thinks.

Just so he can get some peace of mind though, he'll have to take a few days to locate then consult with the appropriate 'professionals'.

At the right price, he's bound to find a way to fix his dilemma.



He's assuming that he has been quiet for the last minute or so because the room all quiet.

He doesn't think Kol cares all that much for a response because he seems to be enjoying himself as he stares at the ceiling but he'll speak for the sake of attempting to distract himself.

"Last time I was awake I had the equivalent of twenty-three dollars in my pocket. I'm sure I don't have enough money for-"

Kol laughs as he looks at him while he holds up a hand as if telling him to hold on then clears his throat and speaks up.

"Whoa. Stop right there. As fun and carefree as I am. Seem because sometimes I'm not feeling it.." Kol stands and runs a hand through his hair as he takes another drag then exhales leisurely.

"Trust. I haven't been a bum through the duration of the nine hundred years you've been asleep."

He's totally going to buy him some cocaine for Christmas.

Make it white. Snow and all. Both to a; prove a point and b, see what kind of fun trouble comes their way.

Right now he just needs to grab his phone. He checks his pockets but finds nothing but wads of cash, two quarters and an unopened package of peppermint gum

Oh right it fell off the bed when he rummaged through his luggage last night, remembers saying that he'd pick it up in the morning but didn't because Elijah was creeping about in his brain.

"I'm going to get my phone." Kol doesn't wait for a response as he walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs.




Perhaps some sort of fracas will be underway if he keeps Finn near Elijah or Klaus for too long so he's willing to draw a line and think up a quick compromise.

"Where's your phone?" Finn backed up off the counter when he noticed Kol's demeanor. He looks frazzled, almost disgusted and the word annoyed doesn't cut it.

I should lie. Tell him what though? "I.. lost it..." Kol mumbles something else but Finn doesn't hear it.

"Fallacy can't help you now.." Finn takes his phone off the counter and is about to dial him up but Kol snatches it away and shoves it in his pocket without a word.

Finn looks confused as he follows, slightly reluctant but assuming Kol saw the worst upstairs.

Because he's pointedly avoiding glancing up there. Maybe he had an argument with Freya though, yeah that sounds more reasonable.

"..don't care. We're gone. Leaving, like right now." Kol waists no time in walking outside or as he walks up to a random car, punches the window with enough force to shatter the glass and sits on the driver's seat.

Apparently not mindful of the pain or the fact that he's bleeding and shards of glass liter the seat, his skin and sidewalk.

He's in a Fiat but it's already too late to find a different car because Finn is already beside him on the passenger seat probably wondering why he didn't simply use magic to unlock the car.

He'll hotwire the ignition effortlessly in a minute but first he's going to get a little even real quick.

"Wait for me, I'll be right back...need to take a shit.." Kol isn't really looking at him as he speaks and Finn thinks he's got him figured out enough to know he's not willing to say more so he doesn't push it.

"Okay..I didn't ask..." Finn looks vaguely amused by the response but focuses his gaze upon the radio.

He opens a compartment, he thinks Rebekah called it glove box and pulls out a manual. After a couple minutes he gets bored of reading and just uses his magic to turn on the car.

Meanwhile Kol is in the kitchen taking out Finn's sim card one instant, tossing the phone on the ground and grabbing a couple bags of sugar the next.

He rips the bags open, pours it all over the kitchen and finds a lighter near a knife drawer. It's just a simply basic makeshift bomb well more like explosive.

Actually now that he takes a moment to appreciate this, considers his options and it's potential reciprocations.

An almost vertiginous anticipation befalls him. He thinks he should use this opportunity wisely after taking a deep breath but he isn't being serious here.

Just having a little fun is all.

After weighing his options and skimming over the materials at hand he should have enough time to make three or four.

He sees an air freshener can and some candles.

Nik, Elijah and this 'Freya' have got him fucked up. It's fine though, he'll show them what they've been missing out on.

Thanks to his vessel's magic, Finn's fortuitous 'dilemma' and his common sense. His game is going strong.

He has got enough time and materials here to make a quick molotov cocktail. A small pipe bomb would also do the trick so that's on the table.

If he puts his mind to it and uses some spells he can recall from his travels he can mix up a batch for acetone peroxide.

It's practically impossible for him to question his decision now that he's come this far but he cannot help realize that he is a little disappointed at the need to exercise caution because he's human now.

He's going to find a way to fix this issue next.

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