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Disclaimer: I don't own the show, anything related to it, or characters from the show 'The Originals' and I don't know who does.

M note:The story is AU-ish, it has some canon to it. The characters are likely ooc and I missed last week's episode so I've got not idea what's going on.

Niklaus is staring at Kol while he's drinking some coffee. Just glaring at Freya as she paints her nails and Finn is eating an apple, not really paying attention because being human again kicks ass.

He went shopping then out to an amusement park and ate a scone while relaxing in the sunshine.

All without a daylight ring.

"Would you like to take a picture, it would last longer." Freya doesn't know why her youngest brother seems to find her mere presence distasteful but it is starting to become somewhat unbearable.

"I'm going to murder you." Finn begins to cough as Kol's response catches up with his brain.

"Apologize to Freya, this instant." Honestly, he has no idea what has gotten into his little brother but whatever it is.

It needs to stop. He isn't like this at least not around them.

Kol laughs but it is obvious that he means everything he says as he speaks.

"One. You don't tell me what to do. Two. Check yourself. Three, my dearest brother. She will betray you. But I know you well enough to see that you will forgive her because in your eyes she can do no wrong."

Finn sets the fruit down and looks at him as he speaks. Totally ignoring the fact that both Nik and Freya are still present.


"Why would you say that? Oh right. I almost forgot, everyone has betrayed me in this family. I hold no hope that she is any different but at least she deserves a chance to prove me wrong."

"If she is our blood then I know enough. She won't be your salvation, trust me."

"Even if the day comes when I see that she is nothing but trouble, my downfall. I will remember that at least she didn't allow me to rot away in a coffin for a thousand years. Unlike, everyone here."

Finn doesn't have to say anything else.

"Get out, both of you."

"This is my house. I paid for it." Niklaus doesn't want to leave, it isn't like he actually cares about this little banter between them but he already sat down and it's too much of a struggle to actually get up.

He's comfortable and if they want privacy..They know where the door is, it's not difficult to locate.

"Did I ask to hear your life story."

"That's it . You know what, I'm not inviting you for Christmas. Rebekah suggested that I make tamales. Yeah, you fucked up big time."

"Wow. Okay. You're full of shit and that's just fucked up, Nik. I haven't had food for a thousand years and you shove the prospect of a feast in my face. I hate you so much right now."

Kol takes a drink of coffee but pushes it aside because it's making him sleepy and his bed's currently occupied.

"My heart hurts, you can't say that to me." Klaus looks hurt and there is indignation in his voice as he speaks as if waiting for someone to back him up on this but not caring enough when no one does.

"You just kicked me out of Christmas. That's just wrong. I haven't seen you in forever and that is how you greet me. Fan-fucking-tastic Nik, I'm out come December and you can forget about presents."

"Kol..." Finn knows why he is angry with Niklaus but as far as he knows and he knows Kol well enough, to know that he shouldn't get this annoyed so fast.

"I'm not talking to you. At least not until they leave." Kol looks at Finn then glanced at Freya because she's just sitting here taking in the scene without so much as a comment.

"Yes. Fuck you Finn, you're not invited either. You started this." Klaus almost tips over his glass as he speaks, apparently totally okay with basically banishing his brothers on Christmas.

"I wish you the worst. Oh wait, now I can curse you-" Finn looks vaguely amused by the way he feels about saying this.

He's going to make Niklaus suffer.

"Finn..." Freya doesn't look like she approves of her little brother's words but he doesn't look like he cares about it much.

"Stay out of this bargain deal. Or nothing, no one will stop me from making you choke on your blood." Freya seems more than a little annoyed by the look of it but Kol is done.

He knows that she probably has everything going for her right now. He doesn't care, he won't share even if this bitch looks like she's thirsty.

"Let's go. I just bought this table and am not about to let you muck it up with blood." Klaus basically has to drag Freya away from there because she looks like she's ready to kill Kol.

Family be damned, he's not risking his new table. He didn't just spend five hours trying to find the right one for nothing.



"I wasn't supposed to fall. Not for you..this depth, it's boundless..Sometimes, I hate this. You've made me vulnerable."

Kol isn't really looking at him for a couple of seconds then focuses his gaze on him and Finn doesn't speak because he knows his youngest brother isn't done just yet.

"I want you as much as I did the day you came to me when I wasn't feeling my best..I love you even if it's meant nothing for a thousand years."

"I never said that I didn't love you...I don't say it often but I do love you. And killing Freya isn't an option. Not if you want me. Ultimatums suck but here is one."

Kol nods as if accepting but proposes one of his own.

"I get it. But you can bet that I won't share. I didn't wait all this time...make sure you were safe..give you all of my attention. Just so you could run off after fucking Freya."

"What are you talking about? I'm immensely happy. Feeling like nothing can go wrong. Kol, love. You can't even begin to fathom. For the first time in a thousand years.."

"I feel free to do as I please. Not only because she's here, I'm human and I have magic. Sure. It's selfish but I have you and this feels like a fresh start."

"I'd sooner bury her alive, wait for the screams as she fails to hold composure. Feel nothing but satisfaction as she suffocates."

Kol doesn't like the way Finn doesn't say anything about his outburst, as if he was making the mistake of not taking his threat seriously.

"I hate being human. You know what else, I haven't taken a dump in a thousand years. I doubt that will be any fun."

Finn picks up his apple and resumes his eating. Looking like he doesn't mind that Kol changes the topic so effortlessly.

"How deranged are you? You know what, fine. I don't care. Drink some prune juice and I'll find a way to fix it, the human problem. Promise." He can look it up on his phone because he had let Kol mess with it and now he can find everything. Even the weather in other countries. It is just such a good time to be alive.

"In the meantime, does anything stop you from going with me and ransacking Nik's kitchen..." Kol laughs as his brother takes a moment to actually think about an answer.

"No, not really." Finn had even taken the time to actually think about it. Weighing his options and finding the end results to be something he can handle.

"Great. Hey, you want to make me a chicken tetrazzini while you're at it?" Kol was kinda kidding because he knows Finn hasn't even started to live his life yet and he is definitely missing out but that will help him get acquainted with it soon enough.

"I don't know what that is but I guess..."

"There are so many things I have left to show you. I suppose, I won't mind being human for a couple of weeks."

Kol takes Finn's hand because he is right there and it's just so nice to be around him without people trying to kill them for once.

He walks towards the kitchen, not completely unaware but honestly uncaring of the fact that Freya is probably listening in on their conversation.




"Are you like okay?" Niklaus is sitting on Kol's bed just staring down at him and Elijah kisses him roughly then shoves him away because he's annoyed with him right now.

"I don't know what that was for but I beg you, please continue." Klaus smiles as he closes in on him like a predator.

Elijah would have complied and found it undeniably arousing that Niklaus couldn't care less that people are around but right now isn't the time, he has some explaining to do.

"You've been keeping secrets from me."

Klaus stops his advances on his body and Elijah almost sighed at the loss of Nik's mouth on his stomach or his hands halfway into his pants.

"Trust has never come easy to me. You should consider yourself lucky that I actually bother telling you things."


"What? You know me. Look if this is about whatever you saw in Kol's dream. It isn't my fault. Nobody told you to go snooping around. Now. Get over it or don't. I just want you to stop making me feel this depressed."

Elijah can't help but glare at him and Niklaus knows he fucked up here as his older brother starts talking.

He knows that his brother has a point and that he can't just go snooping around only to get all upset with what he finds because no one forced him to do it.

"What did I say? That you should have a little more confidence in the fact that I have loved you, stood by you. Through the good and bad things in our lives. Get out, Niklaus. I need a moment to assess my thoughts."

Elijah sits up and groans at the ache of his muscles, it's been a while since Kol's snapped or taken anything out on him.

"Why does everyone think they can just boss me around today...And no, I just wanted to have a better day than most. Everyone is here, well Rebekah is safe."

Klaus bites his tongue.

Nothing is going his way and he's kind of turned on even if and probably because this is inappropriate.

"Sucking you off was just a bonus because you look delicious..All disheveled and almost angry on someone else's bed. You're doing a fine job of checking off a couple of my kinks."

Niklaus smiles and does this whole show of wanting to walk away but lingers enough to make it somewhat obvious that he wants something to stop him from leaving.

"You're not going anywhere." Elijah vamps behind his were-pire half brother and pins him against the mattress.

"And you are telling me everything you know afterwards." He thrusts his clothed erection against Klaus and finds the low gasp of need to his liking.

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