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At Klaus' house

The first thing he's noticed since awaking in this strange place is that it smells of burning incense smoke.

It makes him uncomfortable with the not anymore low-key need to sneeze.

His brain is throbbing painfully inside his skull and the room is too bright with the sun's rays for a moment as he comes to and opens his mouth to demand that he should be released from captivity because this really blows and he needs some Advil.

As far as he is concerned, it's just a headache and he's not in any other danger. That's good for now.

He thinks.


"I'm assuming..." Kol looks around the room after his eyes adjust to the lighting as he begins talking. "I'm not dead because you either found out who I am or-"

"We know it's you, Kol. I'm assuming that's our dear older brother. Who 'woke' you up? More importantly, however. How did they obtain your ashes?"

Elijah is not in the mood for smartass behaviour like he is sure Kol is willing and ready to dish out so he cuts to the chase and demands answers.


Klaus is looking a little worse for wear at the moment. Just staring at them with an air of disdain to his presence.

He hasn't spoken a word yet but he seems to be glaring at Elijah every few seconds. The reason for this is unclear but Elijah seems flustered, at least for him and it is strange.

Looking in between them with a confused expression that is not quite right with the situation. He closes his eyes and concerns himself with breathing because there appears to be nothing better to do.

Kol is not okay with being tied up like some flopping bitch on the floor, the rope around him cannot get loose and this is getting embarrassing because his brothers should have had the decency to at least tie him up in heavy chains.

"I'm all for bondage. All types of kinks really but is this needed? With me, I mean. Keep Finn like this for as long as you wish, I care not."

Finn glanced at him and blinked for a moment then looked away. He is probably feeling betrayed and annoyed, maybe he'll be out for revenge once someone let them go.

It doesn't matter right now.

"However this...from you guys, is just weird and a bit gross. That's probably because our sister's out of the mix-"

All eyes are on him as his words sink in.

The silence is boring him more than Finn's supposed personality and that is sad because watching paint dry is more interesting.



Kol yawned for a moment then looked at the doorway.

He feels like he's experiencing deja vu or something eerily similar to it when a strangely familiar, pretty blonde girl walked in with a vase.

There's something oddly quelling but equally razing about her presence. It feels as if he's seen her.

...somewhere, maybe the date's of importance but nothing comes to mind...

One thing he is inexplicably certain of, she's made her presence known before. To him at least.

She reminds him of his parents and he hates this for some reason.

On his behavioral observations scale of random crap, things usually range somewhere in between something he can use to his advantage to little bits of information he doesn't totally catalogue but remembers incase he could ever come to need it.

He isn't completely spot on with what he's getting at here with her.

"I know this may come as something of a major shock or surprise to one if not both of you but I've wanted to see you again, after so long. My name is-" She's crying happy tears as if incapable of stopping them or so it seems.

He thinks she could be acting but he doesn't understand why Finn interrupted her speech as he leans forward a little.

Kol's eyebrows furrow in light of such suspicious activity from not one but both, if not everyone besides himself in this house because seriously today's just been strange since the beginning.

"I know who you are." Finn's words are so quiet that he has to strain for a moment to catch them properly.

He doesn't like this at all but he wants to see how she'll respond to his brother's words before he comes up with a strategy and plan.

"You" She looks so giddy and Kol is disgusted by her glass-clear display of emotions.

"I don't. Finn, how do you know her? You've been asleep for most of your 'life'. Klaus, Elijah...who is she?"

At first Kol's voice was deadpan but when he took a moment to think about it things were getting confusing and annoying.

"Our sister." Klaus purposefully looks away then back because his brother needs to know the severity of the arising problem with this information.

"Freya" Is the only thing Elijah uses as if he has actually been of significant help with what he should apparently expect to see and know.

After introduction is out of the way everything in the room is still unbelievably boring, actually no now it's undeniably worse.

Basically super weird, even.

Finn and Freya are looking at each other as if they've finally found their soul-mate and Kol is like 'fuck no. Get this shit out of my face. Right now.'




Freya is just looking at the four of them with a raised eyebrow and a sort of tension to her person.

She isn't questioning, demanding their release or the reason as to why her brothers are bound but Kol is finding the thought of her not being dead more unsettling than he should.


After a moment she speaks in a quiet, obviously-to him deceptively sweet and inquiring voice.

"I'm sure you have questions but I wish to know how you both came to be stuck with these bodies."

"This curiosity I have about the situation is just that. However, if you're back..." Klaus purposefully cuts himself off and looks at Elijah, probably wondering if he understands what he has implied.

"Who is it that you think rescued us? It certainly was not you, Freya nor Elijah." Finn spoke quietly but the note of vitriol rancor.

"You're still on that? Tsk tsk, Finn. I think you just need-"

"I will eradicate you. Please remember that Niklaus." The way he says the words is not what anyone in the room had expected, this isn't amusing or empty.

Usually when someone threatens their brother the words don't install such a feeling as this, it carries a different vibe.

This is personal in way nothing else anyone says will ever be.

Because they are blood bound, family.

"How exactly do you plan on accomplishing this, brother?" The smile that breaks through his face is honestly a mixture of sadistic and full of challenge.

Elijah sees through this but looks out the window instead of commenting on anything.

This isn't his business, not really.

So he tunes out the response and the rest of the conversation.

But out of the corner of his eye he notices and makes a mental note to ask later if he's bored or just to stir up trouble.

Whatever was said probably wasn't a good exchange of words because Klaus is seething and Finn is not looking any better then his half brother.

Just outside the window near the house he notices Haley talking with Jackson about something he cannot pick up.

A couple of feet to the left he can see Davina walk alongside Camille.

They should not be here to witness matters such as what is taking place. This is a family affair.




Klaus has better things to waste his time with but for some reason he's having an unexpected family gathering in his living room.

The room has been suspiciously quiet for a few seconds now as it seems everyone else is lost in thought.

Probably wondering, stuck somewhere on not knowing what to say next.

For the first time in a total of two days, he's on the 'same' ship. He is pulled out of his thoughts as he hears Kol speaking.

"Rebekah. She saved us. Mother. On the other hand, gave us a second chance at human life." Kol bit his lower lip and let blood drip on to the rope as he spoke.

After a couple of seconds he whispered an incantation and the ropes started to loosen up gradually but enough to allow him a faster route to freedom.

"That means...Hope" Klaus reaction is instantaneous as his eyes flash gold and he is set to kill if it concerns a threat to his daughter or Marcel's well-bring.

"Not so fast, little brother." Freya used her magic to hold him back from Kol and Finn is wondering if Elijah will attempt to attack but neither is moving because his phone's ringtone is interrupting the commotion.

"Rebekah saved us. We know that much." Elijah is looking a little less worried by the information Finn has no problem providing.

"When we awoke we were stranded in the middle of nowhere with a two bags stocked with two weeks supply of food and water." Klaus listens to the words, the retelling of events as if his life depends on how and when they will end.

Neither of his brother's have mentioned Hope or really appear to be curious about his outburst.

He's relieved by that thought.

He needs to call Rebekah, what she did was foolish and selfish but he isn't that annoyed or surprised by her actions.

In a way he's a little glad he has his siblings back from the 'Other' side, even if they always manage get under his skin within a span of half a minute.

"She left a note giving us directions to Louisiana but refrained from showing herself personally. Mother just 'happened' to find us on the way."

Finn spoke as Kol nodded in confirmation of-for-to the words honesty.

"Where is Rebekah now? I wish to meet her." Freya looks at them with an expectant look as if they could or would actually make the mistake of trusting her off the bat.

Instantly and without reservations just because of her name or blood.

Kol doesn't care about what his brother's think, he either conducts a DNA test or he kills her. People can't just go around proclaiming that they a a long lost-dead sibling.

What if she's pulling an Anastasia. That lady was a fake straight up.

"Freya, you and I. We should have a conversation." Kol's loosened up to the thought of her death with ease as the rope around him falls to the floor.

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