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M note:

Real life comatose patients can't talk while down under.

Apparently talking to one In a soothing or loving manner is the worst thing someone could do, according to new studies that makes them feel horrible pain but idk look it up if you want.

I was listening to 'Say it' and 'Angel' by Blue October

Day 1

"Wake up brother, I don't want you to be asleep any longer."

Finn looks pretty bad in the bed as he breathes inaudibly but Kol doesn't bother focusing on every scrape on his body or memorizing there location.

He doesn't.

Not even as Ayana asks if he wants to help re-dress his brother after having cleaned him up and brought new gauzes.

Day 2

Kol didn't sleep much that night. He was praying to all the gods he could think of to save his brother.

They were now on his shit list because nothing happened.

Day 3

Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah visit but don't stay long. Klaus said he had it coming, Rebekah stays silent and Elijah agrees.

They make excuses to go home and for the first time in his life Kol understands what it means to hate.

Day 4

He moves his fingers to try and make something happen but Finn is limp under him.

So he grabs a blanket because the room is freezing and he gives it to Finn as he lays down next to him then starts telling stories about random things.

Day 5

Kol stole Ayana's grimore and has been testing out different spells on Finn and himself after deeming them to dangerous to try on his brother.

Some make him dizzy and feel bad but he will try anything.

Day 6

He sleeps the day away. It's not that he wants to but he needs to feel like something will change if he does.

He hugs onto Finn's body tightly and surrenders to sleep quickly. Maybe now he can reach him.

Day 7

His father tells him to go home and eat or shower then to join Elijah as he teaches neighbor kids something.

He walks away without protest but lingers near the doorway after having shut the door and he thinks he can hear his father crying but that can't be.

Day 8

Their mother has a coven of witches at Finn's bedside but Ayana tells them to leave and says something about coming of age.

Kol was immensely relieved when they left and he brought warm porridge with him.

"It's time you eat something other than the tonics Ayana has prepared. They are repulsive." With that Kol grabs a spoon and sits down next to him.

Day 9

Kol is crying and throwing things around the room but is careful not to disturb Finn.

He is aware that even if he accidentally hit him with something because it bounced off a wall, that it wouldn't make a difference. Still, he wouldnt try it.

The woods they had seen a thousand times before cannot be the last thing his brother sees.

He will sell his soul if need be but his brother will not die or be asleep any longer.

Day 10

It's early in the morning and someone shakes him awake.

At first he thinks it's Elijah or Nik but they hadn't been around since their last visit with Rebekah.

His eyes are barely open as he mumbles the words.

"Finn I'm awake and your on my leg. Move." Kol made to shove him off but stopped when it dawned on him what was happening.

"Oh, Finn how are you feeling?!"

Finn ran a shaky hand thru his hair then spoke although it was difficult. He wasn't sure why, maybe he had caught a cold and that was the problem.

"I'm still finding my feet, it feels strange. Oddly tragic like I have lost a piece of myself to-"

Kol cut him off by pressing his lips against his softly but Finn pulled away in shock and punched him in the gut.

Then moved to get off the bed and fell off only to hit his head against something hard. The left side of his head hurts as he just lays there.


He wasn't sure what was supposed to happen after having pressed his mouth against Finn's but he didn't expect that or the unrestricted desire to do it again.

Kol laughed as he helped Finn to his feet then smirked against his lips as he forgot the pain.

He kissesd him again but stops as if burned when Finn begins sobbing and screaming for Freya.

In a second Kol sees it all as Finn realizes that his magic is gone.

He doesn't know what to do so calls for Ayana but sees their parents instead and they command that he leave.

21st century

"I am going to regret this. I know you can already tell. Yes. Apparently, you're on that physic level. What? Like I said there's no need to rub it in."

The friendly person at the cashier gave him some change and he dropped it all it the 'tips' bin as he waited for his coffee.

"Finn don't test me or I will hang up on you. Obviously, its threat. I didn't think I would have to spell-"

Kol stopped talking as he gawked at the teenage girl outside the shop's window but ducked down when she looked his way as if sensing someone was staring.

"Fuck. Oh, shit. Okay…this is not okay. Finn listen to me and convey this to Rebekah as calmly as possible."

Kol whispered the words quietly while crouching down with the pretense of tying his shoes if anyone asked or gave a weird look in his direction.

Finn had been home helping Rebekah pack for their trip to New Orleans while their brother bought some coffee just for kicks as it also gave him a not needed excuse to check out some of the ladies in town.

"Mother is in town."



"I'm such chicken shit when it comes to our parents." Rebekah sighed then put Hope back into her crib after having spoken.

"Cannot say I blame you. Mother just fetched herself back from the dead. That's some serious skill."

"I have a plan but I won't lie, it's sketchy." Finn looked at both of them as he said the words and Kol spoke up.

"Go on. It might not be that bad."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence brother. Okay here it goes…she needs to kill us again."

"…" Rebekah was going to attempt speech but it seemed her older brother had rendered it useless.

"The fuck type of plan is th-" Kol seemed to hop off the couch and practically zoomed in on Finn's face as he asked the question but he interrupted by backing up while saying.

"Shut up, both of you. I'm in the zone."

"He's right Bekah, you can't interrupt genius."

She laughed as she replied with the words. "Now that just sounds acerbic brother."

"…Are either of you willing to hear me out or not? Actually, you know what. This isn't up for debate. Take a seat."

Rebekah and Kol sat down on the couch as they looked up at him expectantly.

"Ah brother. It's nice to see you taking charge but I'm positive that will change once mother says hello. I loathe that-"


"Fine but stop that look. It's creepy as hell but gotta say it's made my day."

"Are you two done? I want to hear the plan so that when he's done I can start criticizing." Rebekah asked while drinking some blood in a bored manner.

"Gee, thanks..."

"At ease, boys."

Finn stood up then looked out the window and back at them as he spoke.

"We let mother 'find' us on her own and we work as…?" He looked a little lost as he thought of the right word so he grabbed a dictionary.

Rebekah tried to help him out then said 'emissaries' while Kol whispered something bitterly about harlots in a play and getting even with Klaus.

"Right. I see here that the words spy or double-crossing agents work."

"Rat or betrayer works as well but I wouldn't know. Guess I should ask Elijah when I see 'em."

"You're an angry little man aren't you Kol."

"Bite me Rebekah. Do not tell me, you have never held a grudge or wanted to get even. Siding with our mother doesn't sound that bad if she makes sure they suffer."

"They're still family and are to be regarded as such but I agree as long as we make sure she doesn't go over and actually attempt slaying them."

"Finn, you can't be serious."

"We made a vow and will see it through. Otherwise, our word means nothing and all you will be is a liar in the eyes of those cuckolded."

"…" Rebekah gave a standing ovation as his words sunk in.

"Brava. That was fantastic. Really. Doubtful. I just have one question."

Kol scooted a little to the right and was about to ask it but Finn held up a finger as if telling him told holdup without actually talking.

"However, I have a feeling factors are in play that will sidetrack our goal. By that I mean I might attempt shutting off my emotions and just slaughtering everyone."

"I vote for you doing that. Rebekah second this, now. It would be great."

"No, what is wrong with you?"

"The question you should be asking is, what isn't."


Finn tapped his fingers on the table slightly while he drank from one of Hope's Sippy-cups then resumed talking while Rebekah gave him a disapproving look and took it away.

"Neither you nor Hope can go back to our brothers or Florida while we are there with Mother. It's too dangerous when we're together with Klaus and Elijah, trust me you're not ill-advised. Also. Give it back."

Rebekah gave him a funny look but said nothing as she handed the cup back. When he was done he tossed it in the chimney.


"Here goes nothing…not gonna lie, I don't want to see our brothers again. They're assholes and we somehow always get fucked over by our family members. Like the bottom of the food chain or-"

"If you think about it. Now that mother's back and we're here, father can't be far behind."

"So what. We prepare for the worst?"

"Indeed but you keep any information on him secret from her and me. I can't be trusted when I'm around her. She was benevolent towards me when father overlooked me."

"Everyone has a sob-story but seriously. Finn will you ever stop being so attached to our mother; it has been about one thousand years. What's next you gonna offer her a sponge bath?"

He made a noise of disgust as the mental image attacks him.

Finn looked like he was about to kill a bitch as he vamped Kol against a wall roughly.

"I've been asleep for most of it, this useless life. Then dead the other half, sorry if I can't hate her. But you will refrain from speaking ill of her in my presence."

Kol pulled Finn closer to him slowly and kissed him softly as he tangled his fingers thru his hair.

"So angry. Fuck. You just enjoy teasing me." With that he let go but not before saying.

"I'm gonna miss this but not for long, you have my word."

"Quit smiling, Kol."

"Can't I'm on default."

"She's going to catch on."

"Not if I do this." Kol vamped away while yelling the words. "It's your lucky day, enjoy while you can Finn."

"What do you mean? Do wha-"

Kol hit Finn in the stomach with a street's 'Stop' sign and sent him tumbling back when his head made contact with a brick wall.

"Shit, Finn. Quit playing around. I made sure I didn't attack you that hard. Fuck this is why I told you going on a binge was you best option."

He threw the sign to the ground and checked him over quickly while speaking with dissatisfaction evident in his voice.

"As of now you are the weakest member of the family. Truth hurts but I'm being honest…and you're bowled over, sorry."

Kaleb knocked Vincent out and sat under a sapling just outside a park.

"In my life, there has never been a princess or damsel in distress I could not ruin in an hour. I have done that and worse by the way. You were asleep and I was bored but not the point."

"There only was a mad Queen challenging an unhinged King but you know that is not significant to whatever it is I'm trying to say here..."

"let me try this. A beast once upon a time met a knight clad in armor who soothed its thirst for power by gifting him love and unwavering patience."

He wants to laugh as he notes the shift in the air and instead says.

"That knight is a hypocrite that stood idly by as said beast daggered me repeatedly... Anyway, by the end of this seemingly endless cycle of hatred. All I see is you and me, I will make sure that we win."

"Still for that to be I will betray you but I won't apologize. I'm a thousand years too late for that." Kol looked at his brother's vessel for a moment as he spoke softly.

"Being human has been your desire for so long. Even though let's face it, we have been some of the strongest creatures in existence."

Kol touched the scar on his current vessel's forehead and frowned, etching the look of disgust to his features flawlessly.

"I can say I understand were you're coming from. Even if it does nothing to detour my egoism."

A few leaves fell as Kol continues.

"Dying has taught me nothing and many things at once, found it humorous yet rather wretched when I grasped such an epiphany."

"Wish to hear it? Promise, t'is a good one." A few cars drove by while he spoke quietly but he didn't care.

"That without your presence everything around me dwindles until- I can't, sorry."

He stood up and picked up Vincent's body then put him over his shoulder with a bit of effort as his eye's narrowed in suspicion while he whispered the words slowly in his still cataleptic brother's ear.

"But I feel like somebody's watching and I'm getting a little jittery." Kol ran his tongue over his teeth then spoke a little louder.

"Feeling a tad uncomfortable, fret not brother. Someone will die."

"I find your insolence, distasteful."

"Ah. Elijah where is Niklaus?"


"Chasing his tail then. Good, it's great for dogs to walk around once in a while. Haha you wouldn't want him to-"

Elijah vamped over to them to a tree and began to choke the teen looking witch but tossed the other, unconscious one aside.

"Who are you?"

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