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Pairing: Finn/Kol

M note: When I first began to watch the show I didn't know who any of these characters were because honestly I found 'Vampire Diaries' to be boring. Although I will admit the current season isn't that bad and so far Kai is great with his psychopathic self.

Anyway, I had no idea why I shipped them (Kol/Finn) at first. Now I think I know and that's good enough for me.

Maybe it's the fundamental wrongness cause it's worse than Klaus/Elijah in the 'you're my blood' department.

The way I see it, it's less dependent on the other person because it's mean and selfish but brutally honest because neither was/is in it for love, intimacy or bullshit.

Sure those elements found there way into the relationship I envision but they just wanted someone there and found solace in each other when no-one else in their lives gave a flying fuck about either one...but that's just my opinion.

Also I know Finn will probably die because someone who is more badass-awesome than Klaus or Elijah since they are the main characters, can't possibly live for much longer.

Still he is my favorite Original-witch so far.

Oh yes. Someone needs to explain to me why it is that Klaus and Elijah seem to hate him for some unfathomable reason. The guy was in a box for 900 years. Like I don't get it, he's fantastic.

10th century, Kol was 14

"Finn c'mon I see a clearing. Walk faster or I-found it." Kol smiled to himself elatedly but it died when he beheld his older brother's blasé attitude as he approached indolently.

The sun was out but it didn't really help anything.

Snow still fell lightly all over and the woods looked fantastic so he had taken, he prefers the term 'borrowed'.

A few spells out of his mother's grimoire then Kol had snuck out and dragged Finn along so that he wouldn't be bored in his room.

Well that was true, in part or it had been at first but the further he walked into the forest and the more distance that lay between him and his home.

The better he felt, more at peace.

Especially now that the cold air seemed to freeze his blood and fill him with a sort of macabre delight as he thought of Finn's irrational discomfort or his father's insatiable blood-lust during this particular season.

This time of year their mother would slowly begin to detach herself from the family and seclude herself only to focus on her magic.

Sometimes she would bring one of them along. Although lately it was usually Henrik because he was the baby of the family.

Kol wasn't sure why but it probably had to do with a sister he'd never known by the name of Freya.

He briefly recalled his mother mentioning her death at the proverbial hands of some plague.

Shame his parents thought more of some dead child than him, at least he was alive.

Kol remembered mentioning that fact once and the sting of slap to his face by his mother and the brief look of arrant ire from his father then nothing.

Elijah would later tell him that Finn had used his magic to boil his blood to a point where he'd passed out from the pain and their parents sending them off to Ayana's house while they punished him.

Whatever the punishment was, it must have been truly horrid for them to not want anyone to disturb.

He remembers thinking nothing in the realm of sanity warranted the seclusion of their eldest brother for a week or their parents unnaturally kind attitude towards them afterwards.

One thing he knew for sure though, the punishment had to have been worse than what Niklaus usually received.

Because the older in age they happened to be the worse things were for his siblings because they were 'older' and should 'know better'.

Anyway it was probably super fucked up and he didn't really want to know or be in his shoes.

The reason as to why Finn had been forced to tag along is because Kol wanted some company, needed validation and his brother could be used as bait if a bear suddenly awoke from hibernation.


They had walked for what felt like hours, it was cold outside and he was hungry.

Truth be told, going back to sleep did not sound like a bad idea.

Snow covered everything around them and his fingers were starting to feel numb under the thick layers of animal skin and fur.

His hatred for winter ran deep because it reminded him of Freya and how he was unable to stop her from being taken from his mother's loving arms.

All Finn wanted to do was go back home. Maybe read a book while trying not to scratch at the fragile wall in his mind that kept all of his hatred and need for retribution at bay.

One day he'd make sure to cleanse the world of evil but not today, he wasn't strong enough yet.

When he got enough power Freya would return to him and his parents then they'd be happy because their favorite child would be back and all would be well.

Dahlia had promised him the day she took his sister. Only when he truly honend the power of the Black Art would his sister be free.

He vaguely remembered Freya crying in the background as his aunt regarded him with what he could best described as something akin to respect.

Then she saying nonsensical words like he was something called a priest as his mother tried to shield him from her with her body.

"The day you are no longer weighed down by weakness of any kind is the day you shall meet again. A High Priest needs his High Priestess, after all."

He remembers his mother's gasp of horror as if it were yesterday then her words, each full of rage and hatred but tinged with a little sadness.

"Enough! Dalia just go. You have what I promised now leave, please."

"Goodbye my precious sister. May we never meet again but keep in mind will you. Every first born of every generation to come belong to me."

Just as she was about to leave Finn attempted to reach out for his older sister as his tears began to freeze on his cheeks and he was starting to feel lightheadedness begin to take hold.

However Dalia stood in his way and he couldn't help but flinch when she approached him then ruffled his hair gently while speaking in a quite tone.

"I'm sure Freya will enjoy seeing you when the time of reckoning and rebirth are one. Her magic will call out when you're ready."

He was pulled out of his thoughts as snow flakes landed on his nose and with a snap of his fingers all of the snow within a six-mile radius melted and everything around him became nothing but ash.

Taking a moment to worry and wonder if he had accidentally set his little brother on fire. He called out loudly but sighed in relief when Kol told him to haul ass.

His mother would not be happy with him if Kol got injured and his father would probably punish him.

Either way, he was the the responsible one. Being an older brother demanded that of him.

Finn looked at the world around him with a sad smile that didn't reach his eyes, now everything looked how he felt inside and he kept walking to get away because it was a reminder.

If being outside was a force he could always set his blade against a tree and take a nap by the riverbank while he let Kol walk on without him.

Kol had walked off ahead to see if all was impeccable because this was one of the few moments he wanted everything to be prefect just so he could show off.

He noticed that Finn had lingered on behind as he set his sword aside and frowned slightly.

He wouldn't have it so Kol spoke angrily while he power-walked back for him and grabbed his brother's hand a little more forcefully than he thought he would.

"No, this is not happening. I know you are feeling under the weather for whatever reason you don't want to talk about. Well, that's all fine and dandy but look at me then file this into memory."

Kol started a Finn and his older brother felt somewhat uncomfortable because it was weird to hear him be so convinced his words rang true.

"Finn you will rest when you are dead. Now on with it. We only have a an hour or so."

After a few more minutes of walking they arrived to Kol's chosen destination and Finn sneezed a few times then got a handkerchief.

When he was half sure that wouldn't happen again he spoke.

"This is it? The place you would not cease speaking of until I relented. It's…" Finn's droning tone was getting on his nerves and he would do something to adjust that later but now wasn't the time.

"If you…" Kol bit his lower lip in concentration slightly then settled with himself and sat cross-legged on the floor as he continued.

"Look at this but tell no one until it's perfect. I've practiced for some time and I wanted you to see it, first."

Kol cast a fire spell on a wildflower that grew near the outskirts of Tatia's house.

After the first he lit a few more and Finn smiled while he crouched near a bush after having found a few blueberries only barely bothering to pay attention.

The incantation was simple but he could tell Kol was nervous because he had stolen it from his mother's grimoire.

Finn looked his way after having eaten a few and gave a 'thumbs up' in encouragement while promising to not tell their mother only if Kol agreed to return before sundown.

"Fine but if you tell mother I will get you back brother."

"You have my word, your secrets aren't mine to tell."

Kol smirked then began working on gathering his magic together so that the spells would work with the help of a few ingredients.

All was set to begin now that he knew his brother wouldn't snitch him out and that their mother probably would not notice.

The reason as to why was because Ayana was over for breakfast.

After they would probably gossip about the neighbors or friends while drinking chamomile tea and fussing over little Henrik's first words.


"Why not show Niklaus or Rebekah first?" As Finn spoke he looked around as if ready to fuck someone up if his siblings were playing a prank.

Kol didn't look his way as he replied in an uninterested manner.

"He went with father but don't worry. Elijah will protect him as he's always done, Nik will be fine more-or-less by the time he returns. Also, Rebekah is mad because I lost her doll."

Finn attempted to reach out for a butterfly that had landed near him but stopped when Kol cursed mildly when he got a splinter.

"I don't know why father dislikes him so... I know why he should but as far as I'm concerned he doesn't."

Kol nodded slightly then he went off to find some brushwood to try the spell on a grander scale but slowed his pace when Finn's words sunk in and he had finally removed the splinter with his teeth.

His brother knew something he didn't, that wasn't really news to him but maybe it was just the manner in which he said it that wasn't sitting right with him.



Finn got a few rocks then made them levitate with his mind while thinking he was on that telepathic-telekinetic 'Chronical' shit as he spoke and Kol heard him clearly in his mind.

"I would suggest he just try to keep a distance then again I'm nothing like him."

As Kol aligned the brushwood he spoke in a causally indifferent tone.

"If he smiles unnecessarily father would kick his ass. We have horrible parents. Although, I have to admit that they are incredible."

Finn sat down after picking a few sticks and silently agreed but ignored it and instead said.

"They weren't always this bad. I've seen what a happy family is like firsthand."

For a moment Kol thought he saw the flames change color but looked up when his older brother said his next words in a bitter tone.

"Then Freya left and mother kept popping out kids thinking that would make her pain go away. It saddeneds me to know how wrong she was."

Kol had stopped toying with the firewood and tried to hide his hurt by changing the subject.

"On one side, you have mother with her magic. On the other father with his aptitude with hunting and strength."

"Maybe one day we'll surpass them in power and they will acknowledge us."

Finn spoke then laid his sword on the ground and took a deep breath as if about to do something interesting but just kept eating calmly.

"You are a dreamer but if you really want to make a difference try action."

Finn smirked and stood up then patted the snow off himself.

"I will make my aspersions a reality but as of now. I am not remotely prepared. It is good to know your limitations. Either you jump or keep safe behind the walls life has built to enclose us all."

A few kids were heard laughing in the distance and were probably up to mischief as they were.

"I want to see the spells you have been working on but first let me show you one of my own. Look at this, it is one Ayana taught me last spring."

Finn looked at a tree then spoke again before Kol decided to follow.

"Actually stay here and stand back a little I don't want you to get hurt. I think I can do this from a distance but am not certain yet."

He started climbing up a giant tree then shut his eyes in concentration after having climbed up to the top and his nose started to bleed after a few seconds.

Kol took a deep breath as practically smelled the magic radiating off his brother even from a distance.

"Not moving! So show me something worthwhile."

Finn opened an eye while he spoke softly. The wind carried his voice effectively but didn't manage to convince his brother.

"I'm warning you my little fox boy."

Raising an eyebrow while smirking confidently Kol replied with carefree honesty.

"You've never managed to scare me! What makes you think I'll fear you now?!"

The wind picked up around them but the snow flakes seemed to still in place as Finn replied with a bit of strained force.

"I'm tempted to show you what real fear is."

Kol looked around him quickly but saw nothing out of the ordinary other than the snow or wind and began to laugh outright.

"I think you have failed big-time brother!"

Seconds passed by as Kol waited for a response but it never came. The next thing he knew his brother was falling at top speed and hitting a few branches on his way down.

"Finn...Brother? Quit messing with me that looks really painful so stop it! Hey watch out."

Kol attempted to use magic to help his brother but he couldn't because he was falling way too quickly for him to do anything of use so he did the only thing he could think of.


A type of bloodcurdling cry that seemed to come from his very essence as he witnessed his brother's corpse on the floor.

He knew he would be in so much trouble when his parents found out but he would man up, face the music and burn the bridge after crossing.

With those comforting thoughts in mind Kol pushed his fear aside as he used his magic to try and heal his brother's wounds.

While still yelling for their mother since the house wasn't too far off.

"Finn, damn."

Kol remembered the location of a few plants but wasn't sure if they bloomed this time of year usually Nik and Finn were the only ones into that stuff.

"This is too much blood. Ugh it's so gross."

He wiped some blood on his clothes and tried not to gag as she stench his him.

"Is it fucked up that this reminds me of day I found out about Rebekah's time of the month the same day she did. Only this is worse because you are dying and she's not yelling for our father."

He laughed awkwardly for a moment whilst still maintaining focus but words kept coming as if something told him this would probably be the last time he would get to see his brother alive.

"Seriously though your bones should not bend that way or be out of flesh. Now be alive by the time I get back with mother or I'll find you in the after-life and drag you back because you're a bore but you are my bore and I... I shall return."

Kol kissed his brother's forehead quickly then ran while screaming for help.

Somewhere in the distance he thought he'd heard horses maybe whoever the riders were could save his brother or at least give him something for the pain.



Mikael had been in the middle of demonstrating how to hunt a deer and skin it properly to some neighbor's children after being asked then paid to do so.

Elijah already had the technique down and was busy flirting with Tatia while Klaus was attempting to not barf for the thrid time that day.

Their father shot Nik a look of annoyance and Tatia told Elijah to help him out because the struggle was real.

"Just relax and think of-"

He was cut off by a bone-chilling scream and for a second he thought he recognized it then his suspicions were confirmed when his father mumbled the name 'Kol' worriedly.

Then got on his horse, told Elijah to find Esther quickly and rode off deeper into the woods he knew like the back of his hand.

Niklaus wanted to follow but Tatia held him back while speaking in a low tone.

"With your father's temper as it is now. I wouldn't want to be around. Actually if I were you I wouldn't return home until I efficiently killed and skinned a deer."

He shot her a look and she held her hands up in mock-surrender while saying.

"I'm simply basing off what Rebekah and Elijah have told me."

Niklaus wanted to say something in protest, to laugh it off or say well something, what he'd didn't know.

Anything to make her understand how wrong she was.

But she wasn't even though he really wanted her to be. With a sigh he picked up his bow and arrow then shot at a deer but it ran away.

"Shit... almost had it." Klaus threw the bow back on the floor then looked at the floor in anger and shame.

Tatia picked it up then shot one in the neck and looked self-satisfied while whispering the words.

"I can help."

He looked at her for a moment then smiled slightly as she handed it back.




Blood ran down some branches and dripped onto the snow as Esther just stood frozen on the spot.

Ayana knew something was wrong with her friend but dismissed it and blamed it on shock.

Instead as she ignored it, brought some herbs and began chanting some healing spells that seemed to work a little too slowly for anyone's taste.

Mikael attempted to stop the bleeding by tearing his shirt off and using its pieces as a makeshift gauze.

While ignoring the cold air as if it were nothing and quickly telling Finn how much he loves him but that didn't stop him from saying how stupid it was-is to be playing with magic, high trees or fire.

Because the flowers Kol had lit aflame were still doing just that, burning.

Elijah questioned Kol as best he could but the poor boy looked so traumatized.

Still he answered all his questions and held on to him while sobbing loudly.


The name her son whispered brokenly as he struggled to breathe and spit out blood while staring up at the sky, his look disoriented.

Brought her back to life and Esther used her magic to help Ayana and Mikael as other people approached and asked how they could be of assistance.

"We need to get him inside but it is too far and he is in a lot of pain. Kol how high up did he climb?"

Kol wiped at his tears as he replied and moved away from Elijah when he had calmed down enough.

"He climbed all the way to the top, so about forty-five feet. Said he wanted to show me something but all that happened was the wind picking up and I felt a comfortable warmth as the snow stilled."

"Was there gr-"

Ayana stopped talking as the snow began to melt all around them and the sun began to shine brightly.

"Finn you did this? This is an incredibly difficult spell and to cast it in such a magnitude... How did you get this much power without a dark object?"

She called out his name as the excruciating pain became more than he desired and he drifted off to a deep slumber.

"Finn...son...My boy wake up, please. I can't lose you too."

The tone in which Mikael spoke the words left everyone that had gathered quite for they had never heard anything so deep in emotion from the man.

Ayana couldn't bear the look of anguish that filled Mikael's face or the way Esther's magic seemed to burn the air around her in rage and sorrow.

"He is one of the chosen isn't he." She knew the answer but Esther proved her right when she met her eyes and nodded slightly.

She gently placed a hand on Mikael's shoulder and Esther's while speaking solemnly.

"Give me a week and he will be right as rain. As of now his heart still beats so I can heal him."

Mikael carried him gently as if holding a newborn and nodded in agreement when he heard Ayana's next words.

"However, I am going to take his magic and keep it safe until he finds his priestess. Sadly that won't be-"

"Not until the time of reckoning and rebirth are one, I know. His magic will call out when nothing weighs her down."

"Yes. That's right, Esther we need to have a few words later but for now let's head to my house I have a few things that can help me there."

Esther stood up, told Elijah to find Niklaus and help Tatia's mother babysit Henrik and Rebekah while she was busy.

"I want to go as well, this was my fault. Please forgive me. Mother, Father."

Mikael held his blade to Kol's aorta while still holding onto his brother and the little boy that would later grow up to be one of the most powerful creatures ever looked absolutely terrified.

But Elijah stood in his way and their father's blind rage seemed to dissipate as he tossed his sword to the side and he looked away as he spoke.

"You better pray to all the gods that he survives or I will-"

"Mikael, he is your son and this was an accident! We will deal with him later so for now just keep walking."

Esther picked up Finn's sword then put it next to Mikael's and handed them both to Kol as she nodded thus allowing him to follow.




"Finn still hasn't woken. Ten moons have passed and the only name he calls out for is Freya's."

Mikael ran a hand thru his hair then shook his head in what she knew was sadness and worry.

"Here drink this. It is to help calm you down."

Esther gave Mikael some tea but he tossed the cup at a wall and walked outside but not before saying a few words that seemed to desire captivity no longer.

"What I want wife, is for my son to get better. Is it happening?"

She knew better than to reply so kept silence while waiting for an answer she already knew.

"No because my child is in a deep slumber and your magic doesn't seem to be of use! Just like it was useless to save Freya."

"Mikael don't, please. Just stop talking." Esther had been in the middle of picking up the pieces of the tea cup but stopped when he continued and she stood up to match his gaze evenly.

"Are you proud of yourself Esther? Because I sure am."

She shot him the meanest look in the history of them as a couple as his last sentence so full of sarcasm and spite hit her.

In that moment she wanted to hit something preferably him, make him undestand that against her sister she was powerless not only because she had given her word.

Violence would not help or solve anything so she did not bother using her magic against him.

"His body needs to get used to being without magic. It is taking more time than usual because he is strong but he will adjust Mikael."

"I need to be away for a few hours. I'll drink that crap you call tea later okay." He walked away with those words and she felt hollow inside.

Both were hurting and they just wanted it to end so they would give themselves time away from the other, deep down they thought it best.

He walked over to a pub in silence to try and make his problems disappear for a bit even though they would catch up to him eventually.

His rage apperent for all to see and no one dared walk in his path.

She cried for a bit but not because of him or their problems. It was because he was right, all she did was commit mistakes.

One after the next as if stuck in some never-ending cycle of stupidity.

She stopped then put on a fake smile while she pretended nothing was wrong when Rebekah and Niklaus approached the house with Elijah in tow.

M note 2: A High Priest and High Priestess are real life coven leaders for people in Wicca or other magic related stuff I guess but am not really sure I just skimmed thru Google.

Kinda like Liv and her brother 'TVD' but without the merger.

I'll continue the second part of this later then move on to point where this has caught up with canon events.

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