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M Note: I was listening to 'Once Upon a Dream' by Lana Del Rey while typing this.

'One moment...
One look...
One word...
Can change everything.'

- Catherine Deane

Alcestis paced the room with Hope having finally fallen asleep in her arms. She was reluctant to let her go because hearing her heartbeat calmed her uneasiness about the spell.

Maliki tossed Sarah a sandwich and sat on the couch then looked at her watch as she told Alcestis in a low voice to. "Put the damn baby on the bed and calm your ass down, it's going to work."

She gave the witch a frown yet followed her advice and vamped back into the room but sat on the floor as she looked at Raymond. They still had a few seconds left and she was on edge.

Taking an instant to look at the ashes and supplies was all she could do. It was torture, the feeling of incompetence.

"M'kay, wake up mofo." With the words and a giggle from Sarah, Maliki punched Raymond in the chest repeatedly and with force.

The whole house seemed to shake and dishes-stuff broke as if a hurricane had just come thru then all she saw was a blinding blue light.

For half an instant, she thought maybe that was all death was- peace but then ran forward without caring and tackled someone to the ground.

Blue eyes locked on brown and Rebekah kissed Finn all over his face. He just laid there being silently assaulted while Kol was seething and everyone else in the room was like. "The fuck is going on?"


Raymond asked for three million dollars cash, he had been joking but she said 'done' then walked to another room and vamped it over to his house. "Fuck me, you're for real. I get… to keep this?"

She gave him a small smile then nodded but said in a sad tone. "Money and power are the worst things you could give someone; once they have it, all they want is more."

"I'm pretty sure I'm good with this, thanks. I'm going to donate some to charity then travel and maybe start the small business I've always wanted. Fuck it, I'm rich!"

He kissed her then laughed and started packing his clothes as he called his friends and awoke his sleeping dog.

When she had walked back to her house, Kol was drinking some blood from her fridge storage and Finn was talking to the witches.

Sarah and Maliki would be staying with them until Alcestis got what they required; they had been paid the first half upfront, as was agreed and the next would come when they made the concealing spell.

It wouldn't be done until a few days, they had to stock up on some stuff first.


Kol smirked as he kissed Finn but stopped to look at him for a second then he stared down at his hands for what felt like hours to him but was only an instant and just walked away.

Finn stood there motionless, he was not sure how to process what had happened but he swallowed the lump feeling in his throat and undressed calmly as he let the clothes fall onto the floor.

The water remained piping hot against his frozen skin for a few minutes but he decided to move and got some shampoo.

Rebekah had been walking towards her room when she felt Kol bump into her hard and she almost fell over but he held her in place long enough for her to steady herself then kept walking.

She raised an eyebrow but said nothing and looked down at her phone then noticed Marcel and Haley had called her but her phone had been off.

The rest of the day was uneventful; Rebekah had decided, she would call both Haley and Marcel tomorrow. First, she would introduce Hope. Well that would be tomorrow, the day had been full of surprises.



Alcestis walked into the room carrying a baby in her arms and both looked adorable.

Kol killed the moment by speaking in a wtf tone as Finn was brushing his teeth. "What is that little shit? She's cute but clearly not human, where'd you snatch her from?"

The blonde girl gave him the worst scowl he'd ever seen as she said in an offended tone. "Her name is Hope and I didn't kidnap her, idiot. She's a Mikaelson but we must call her Aether in public, understood."

Finn rinsed his mouth then smiled down at the baby but it vanished slowly as he really looked at it and Rebekah knew he was close to figuring it out.

He spoke and she blushed, his brilliance never ceased to amaze her. "Well then, who is this kid? Hey Kol, is it just me or does she remind you of Klaus or mother?"

Kol laughed but no one joined in and he raised an eyebrow in question. Everyone knew Finn was smarter than both Klaus and Elijah but it was common knowledge, vampires couldn't conceive.

Still, his voice sounded doubtful as he spoke to Rebekah and she avoided his gaze. "Bullshit, wait what? Pass it over."

His sister glared his way then said in a know-it-all voice. "It- is a her."

He laughed and replied without hesitation. "Like I care."

"Nik fucked a long lost were-princess and knocked her up then turned her into a hybrid! But you know him and Elijah, they can never stay out of trouble." She spoke the words quickly and Kol dropped the kid as if it had burned him.

Neither, Finn nor Rebekah moved fast enough to catch her because everyone was in shock and loud-obnoxious crying was heard.

Finn picked her up gently then gave her some of his blood and shut it up, by singing it a limerick Esther used to sing to Henrik.

Both Rebekah and Kol, were about to start talking shit to each other but didn't as they heard the tune that reminded them of a life when they were happy but the blonde whispered the words without malice.

"You happy now? Ugh, I have to go buy milk. I'm leaving her in your care for a few minutes but you drop her again and I'll kick your ass."



The clock showed the numbers 12:09 and Finn was getting ready to sleep. The future was confusing and he was at a loss with some things. He tossed some pillows on the floor, the bed was full of small ones and they got on his nerves.

Just as he was about to turn off the light, he sensed a presence in his room and his eyes narrowed slightly but let himself relax as he saw his brother stand before him.

There was tension in the air and uneasiness followed closely but the man near the door dispelled it, by speaking quietly as if fearful of uttering the words any louder.

"I've only seen you, in my dreams and memories for so long…I'm a tad frightened." He wanted to sit down but thought better on it and continued even though every fiber of his being screamed at him not to.

What he was about to say, would be the end of him. If his assumptions were correct.

"I have missed you more than words could ever hope to describe." He offered a forced smile but it died and he continued. "However, I failed you and you were always self-loathing but I love you. Hell, it's always been and forever will be only you."

Finn was about to speak but Kol put his hand up in a stop motion and kept talking as tears fell upon his grey shirt. "It both terrified and angered me for years, that what I felt. What I feel for you, wasn't and has never been enough. So, I left you to rot in that stupid box."

He laughed at his irony then said. "Ha, I'm more like Niklaus and father then I thought. Its just no-"

Finn vamped before him. Kol stopped talking then looked up at him with slight insecurity as well as love and vulnerability. He caressed his face gently then kissed Kol softly and the younger original was over the moon.

Only a second went by before Finn had him pressed against a wall and moaning with desire and lust. The older vamper moved back slightly and stared at the space between them as if unsure, so Kol started to remove his clothes shamelessly.

"I thought…" He didn't finish his sentence because he trembled as the words 'No, not now. You know we both want this' were whispered in his ear encouragingly.

His eyes shut as he felt his cock and body being teased by skilled hands and moved into its warmth but spoke humbly. "Maybe, we shouldn't be doing this. Don't get me wrong but while here? Isn't there somewhere least not with the girls sleeping in the rooms adjacent to ours? It would be disrespectful."

Kol smirked against his neck and bit it hard enough to draw blood then spoke.

"I'll tone it down but if they want to hear or watch that's their business. However, if it'll make you feel better we'll barrow the neighbors house. Just, keep in mind Finn. You nay we, owe them nothing."

"They saved us."

"We saved ourselves by accepting their help. Now be still, I'm going to demonstrate just how much I've missed you my dearest."

Protesting would be useless and frowned upon because both craved it but shit would get awkward if they didn't compromise or bargain.

"What if they hear us? Wait. They might be hearing us right now, see this is why I hate being a bloody vampire. I don't give a shit about anyone's business but my own and-" Kol cut him off by pulling his pants down swiftly and sucking him off against the wall.

Finn would get even and Kol knew both would enjoy every second of it.




A week went by without incident. Kol loved to make Hope laugh and Finn read to her at night if she was crying or awake. Things like; magazines, books, newspapers, instruction manuals and a US citizenship/examination book.

Kol also read it because it told of things like who was the current president, what the branches of justice were and things of the like. It was a great book that provided question, answers and tidbits of other information.

If they were gonna live in the country they might as well learn a few things.

The quiet original tripped up on some words because he had no idea what they meant or how to pronounce them properly, so Kol compelled a librarian to teach them stuff and bought his brother a dictionary.

Rebekah bought them phones and taught them how to use some electronics, after she also read the manuals. They were informative but a bit boring.

Maliki packed their stuff and put it in their car.

Sarah looked at the family then said. "Line up bitches; we're going to perform your cloaking spell, then ciao."

"On with it, darling. I think it, about time we met up with some relatives." Rebekah and Finn gave Kol a weird look but Maliki spoke up before they could comment on his words.

"If you fuck this up it's on you, we're still getting paid. But family reunions are okay, if somewhat awkward and surprising."

Finn laughed then said in a low voice. "Oh, you have no idea."


Klaus went down a worse self-destructive path than usual; the one he took, left all of his prior attempts in shame. Both Marcel and Elijah were worried but they wouldn't bother Rebekah, she had enough on her plate. Seven days and nights had gone by, it was hell.

However, neither Elijah nor Marcel would be detoured; their family needed them to by strong for the Quarter and city, while they dealt with their issues.

Everyone in the Quarter was aware that the heir to the Mikaelson 'throne' had died before she even drew breath and anarchy was about to go down.

This time around, it would be worse because there were new players in the game and no one had anything to lose but everything to prove.

The different species saw only flaws and terrifying power, regarding the reigning family. They also knew that with mourning came opportunity to take what wasn't theirs.

Marcel was aware, as was everyone else that their assumptions were correct. He aimed to change that by setting new laws. Elijah, Davina and Cami enforced them upon the civilians.

Those that had betrayed them would pay in blood but first Niklaus and Haley had to snap out of their gloom. Hope was alive as long as they strived to keep it that way.

Elijah had set his foot down and voiced his anxiety. When angry words or threats, didn't work because the moon-stones that Genevieve had used to draw from the hybrid to betray them made him weak and took its toll.

The older original tried a different approach.



"I can love you, past your pain or vices. Always have and will. Nothing, no one will ever change that; I will say it a million times and prove it, if that's what it takes. Niklaus we have been thru millennia, seen it all and accomplished more."

Klaus just looked out the window in misery and rage but Elijah still thought he looked beautiful, even when in his tempers.

"You take what I give. The same, I from you. However, people in the Quarter need. Yes, Niklaus it's a force. You to hear me out and do as I say. You need to pull yourself together, for no one other than yourself but we can help with little things. Hope is safe and Marcellus lives."

Blues eyes locked on brown as he vamped before him and the older man saw a spark of optimism then smiled joyously.

The original hugged Klaus tightly and watched him fall asleep in his arms. The hybrid stirred in his sleep and Elijah watched but thought it odd, normally he stayed in place. He had been like that for the past three hours.

Haley had locked herself up in her room and cried herself to sleep every night for the past week. Not even bothering to go out of her room for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Marcel and Jackson took food or blood, up to her because she was now a hybrid. They stood outside her door as if knights protecting a Queen, after all that is what Klaus had made her.

She opened the door to no one at first but knew it was about time to get even with the rest of the people that had betrayed her, Klaus and their baby.

Elijah and Marcel left early in the morning; some new witch was causing trouble and would be taught a lesson, those of the Mikaelson family weren't about to start taking anyone's shit.

Klaus had taken a shower and was putting his shoes on.

The newly made hybrid knocked on his door that morning and when he opened said in a disgusted tone. "You, look like shit."

"Like you look any better, little wolf." Both gave a slight smile at the retort.




Mikael was getting bored and he wanted to kill something-Klaus but Davina kept him in chains, metaphorically yet somewhat literally, it was lame.

So demon-spawn jr. was born and he was a grandpa, these were strange changes of events. He knew the 'Other side' was fucked and gone but deep down he hoped Finn, Kol, and Esther made it out.

He knew Henrik had found peace, after all he hadn't seen him in the 'Other side' or his other relatives for that matter but he somehow knew they were there. So, he wasn't worried about him.

"Are you hungry?" The teen witch spoke with boredom but he knew better as he looked her way.


"Not yet. Just a little more time, okay." He vamped before her and bit her wrist; making her blush, when she moaned as he drank gently.

Her heart thumped rapidly as he showed a slight grin and bit his thumb then gave her some of his blood to heal. He moved away from her leisurely and she felt flustered as weird images flashed in her mind.

One thing she knew, his blood was delicious.

He opened an anonymous book that was on his bed and sat down.

"Fine." At his word, she smiled then looked down at her phone.

M Note II: At the end of the season finale a young witch girl came out of the cemetery and the guy next to her called her mother, I'm assuming she is Esther and he is Henrik. Idk its just a guess but yeah, I call it.

If I'm wrong I'll be like- "Oh wow, that sucks." If I'm right I'll be like- "Yay me, bitches."

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