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The First Shot

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My portrayal of the family is most likely off-ish because I skipped some, idk how many seasons of TVD. I think I have the basics down. I'm not sure but I'm trying so that's enough.

They Have No Shame

"For about five weeks or so." Niklaus looks at his phone while speeding up because the streetlight has gone green.

"I know Elijah has dropped a couple of jokes here and there. Some are really funny, so I don't mind sharing this bit of information."

He looks at her for a moment before looking back at the road ahead without much interest.

"And you asked. Plus, I guess you're family so I owe you that much. Although. Thinking on it for a moment I suppose it's basically common knowledge. At least to anyone who 'lives' this long."

He's texting someone although Freya doesn't care to know who it is. He's old enough to know what he's doing.

What she wants to know is what his life was like before meeting her.

Before Marcellus or Hope.

What happened. What he can recall of his siblings and parents before it all went to shit.

"I was chained to a stupid pole."

He turns left and laughs at whatever the person texted back then leaves the phone on the cup holder next to him as he speaks without bothering to keep a note of mirth to his voice a secret.

"Honestly as far as punishment goes at least speaking 10th century wise. It's obvious, official. I'm one lucky son of a bitch."

Niklaus remembers it felt like an eternity even though it likely wasn't more than a month and a half.

Anyway. He had been forced to stay chained up on palisade by his father.

He remembers little about actually being human.

Just that he was young man that was offed in the 10th century along with his siblings.

His parents stabbed him or something and it wasn't a quick shank like if some idiot at a gas station just stole your wallet because this was clean and effective.


Not that it'd surprised him, knowing whom it was that took up the task.

This actually got the job done. It killed him.

And it was anticlimactic as fuck because he woke up like five minutes later. On the floor and covered in dried up blood but all around okay-ish.

His feelings had been all over the place. He remembers that. Then he found his siblings and he relatively chilled for the most part until he saw Elijah.

That moment.

He recalls all too clearly.

He ran to him. Shoved some of his siblings and his mother out of his way and practically pounced on Elijah.

He did all this without a concern for himself, their situation or another being.

Elijah had hugged him tightly for an instant before moving back long enough to look him over while asking if he was okay then moving away slightly.

Only to put an acceptable distance between them. Not that he had wanted to or minded really but he did when he noticed that everyone was staring at them both incredulous and pissed off.

Niklaus couldn't have care less.

In that moment he literally thanked God, Mother Nature, the Devil and his parents because why not.

Elijah was safe and in his orbit.

That's all that has or will matter. Well until he later adopts then somehow knocks up a random girl at a dingy motel room via one-night fuck.

Back to the point. Here he was. Outside with his siblings and everyone except for his mom was covered in dried up blood.

Made into something not human. Not that he himself even ever was one but that'll make sense/come later.

So here he was.

A newb vampire like his siblings and not really/anymore father-although he loved him until he didn't/kinda stopped-moved on because Mikael seriously abhors him for some reason.

The reason(s) they gave them for what took place was that they did what they did so that their children could protect themselves from wolves or death.


Anyway he was later in this predicament, if one could call it that because he had killed his mother.

Matricide, sounds lovely.

He had ripped out her heart but in his defense he supposed, she somewhat deserved it for conspiring against her children and killing them in the first place.

Who knows, had he not killed her then she might have tried to do it again and this time finish the job.

Oh well, she was dead like dead-dead. That dead, she wouldn't be waking up soon or at least he hoped.

Thanks to her, he was cursed. No. He would cherish what she gave him as a gift.


His siblings; Kol, Finn, Rebekah and Elijah had snuck away every chance they got. In order to feed him, keep him clean and keep his spirits up about the spell.

Before his mother died, an untimely but not completely unjustified death. She had cast a spell upon him.

Their half-brother. Said that he was unique, apparently. For he was half vampire, half werewolf.

Regardless, ever since their father found out he treated Klaus as a monster. Better yet an abomination.

His mother had done nothing to stop it so he decided to stand for himself.

It didn't work out as he had thought.

His mother laid six feet under and he was chained to a fence-like tree? That was right in the middle of a huge forest. He called it a palisade.

Anyway, when his siblings finally 'came to visit' they told and shared with him stories about hunting.

Theories of what more the world might hold outside of their neighboring villages were discussed.

The wildlife in the forest and fish were also a topic of choice in order for them to try and comfort him.


They rarely ever went together to seek their brother. Instead, they went in pairs or more often the case by themselves in order to keep their father distracted.

Their father Mikael, had been outraged when after Nik's first night as a vampire his 'son' had turned into a werewolf.

Therefore, he did what any reasonable person would do. Just kidding.

He got hammered, after he had finished confronting his wife and he set off into the village to kill some werewolves.

When he got home he was a bloody mess and he had just wanted to take a shower or a nap.

His plans were fucked. Instead he found a crying Niklaus holding onto Elijah as if his life depended on it.

Then he realized that both of his sons were covered in blood and that Niklaus was holding a human heart in his hand.

His first thought was that he had a headache, the second. Where the hell was everyone else?

Like seriously, three men were covered in blood while standing in the middle of the street.

Oh well. He had chalked it up to it being a Sunday and thought nothing much about having to clean his children's mess.

Something in the back of his mind told him this would be the last time he'd do it.

That thought had seemed ominous enough but he had not cared for it really because he had to get to work on seeing just what he was dealing with.

When he followed the trail of blood their house came into view. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed that his sons were reluctant to follow yet chose to dismiss it as he kept walking.

He took a few steps inside but stopped when he saw Esther's dead body on the ground and he knew that Klaus had ripped her heart out.

Therefore, he took a breath then and walked outside slowly. Once outside he told Niklaus to bury her body himself and Elijah had offered to help.

When they finished a few hours later. With cleaning the blood and digging, the whole shebang. He told Elijah to help him chain Klaus up on a palisade.

One that was far off and deep in the forest, totally away from the public. Because it's not like he actually wanted to see him or have anyone else knowing the degree of shit that became of their lives.

He prohibited his children from having any contact with that beast. Until, he deemed that the spell had worked to his liking or that his anger had subsided enough.

Which it had not as of yet, in fact it had gotten worse with passage of time and the fact that his children would not cease their begging that their 'dear brother was not at fault.'

Their other words didn't help either, like when they said. "He has suffered enough by the hands of the villagers for they have found out that he is a bastard."

"Father, they have mocked him ruthlessly since they know he can't and won't fight back while being chained up. The people of the village haven't tried to hurt him that much because they fear him, well all of us but I feel bad for him."

That's a lie. Not a very good one at that.

No one has gotten close enough to that part of the woods. They wouldn't dare. Not according to the rumours he's heard people spreading around like wildlife.

Mikael looked at Rebekah for a minute and she stopped talking then walked away with a sad look on her face.

How did they think he felt?

It was embarrassing to have everyone he knew mocking him behind his back for his recently deceased wife's stupid mistake.

One of the most used phrases by his second oldest son and young daughter, was one that really pissed him off.

He couldn't really remember the first part of their speech because he tuned it out but by the end they said something about the punishment.

The only words that came to mind were. "-unjustly cruel and beyond humiliating." Or something like that.

Hh didn't care. That boy was dead to him. Well dead in general. Dead like him. Still dead though, the official kind when it isn't.

Finn had been sitting near Rebekah and him as they spoke but he kept his comments to himself and Mikael looked at him then raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Bah, who were they to tell him what was right? He knew, they were trying to appeal to his pride and humanity but he was beyond caring.

Or human now.

It was not his fault his whore of a wife had shamed him, why should he feel remorseful for taking out his anger on her son.

Although it still angered him that he wanted to mourn for her...Why does she deserve it?Oh yes. I still love her, damn.

He stood up then looked at his son for a minute but said nothing and walked out the door.

What, he didn't comprehend was why were his children mad at him. But they seemed to not harbor any anger towards their mother's murderer?



On the 'off days' when Rebekah, Finn, nor Elijah could not distract their father from one of his 'moods'.

Because for some reason Mikael seemed to dislike Kol a little more than he did Niklaus. Although he went about stating that in a less vicious way.

And that fact was the kicker.

It was pissing Mikael off beyond reason because he knows for a fact that Kol is actually his kid.

His youngest son is a shit person if honestly speaking but at least he hadn't killed anyone of import or at least not to him.

He would have no problem answering truthfully if anyone asked what he did in his spare time when in one of his 'episodes'.

He would go and beat his 'no longer pride and joy because he was a bastard' son senseless and take off his family ring his-Nicklaus's ring for a few minutes.

-(The one that lets them walk in the daylight)

The only reason it only worked for Niklaus then was because his wolf side had been sealed off-.

On those nights he would have Niklaus bled himself to check if the spell was working or if his- if the boy would become a were-beast.

Deep down he couldn't help but think that a part of him had always known Klaus wasn't his son.



The first time he had struck his daughter was on a Thursday and when she had said something along the lines.

"You are treating Niklaus worse than you would an animal. Father, can you not see that it hurts us all? Not just him. Mother's infidelity was not his fault, yet you act as if he was to blame…"

She walked closer to him while tears streamed down her cheeks and her voice grew angrier as her tone of volume decreased.

"I cannot stand it any longer you- you shame this family but worst of all you shame our-"

The force of the slap to her face had knocked her down but instead of apologizing, he looked down at her and spoke in an angry voice.

"Who are you to judge me on my actions, child? You. Whom has never known the loss of a child. Let alone two. Or the betrayal of the only person you have ever truly loved. Esther played me for a fool. May you never know the feeling, for it will wound you more then…"

Mikael seemed to have been lost in his thought but he seemed to have regained himself quickly as he blinked twice. His voice grew quieter and kinder as he said.

"At least you will never know the loss of a loved one any longer, my dear Rebekah." She kept her eyes on his as he spoke.

His voice sounded a mixture of both sorrow and anger but he masked it all with hatred.

"That boy ruined our damn family by letting Henrik die and killing your mother."

Just as he started walking out of the room she yelled words that made him pity her stupidity.

"I love Niklaus, half-brother or not. It was you, who destroyed our family not him. Father! I-I will no longer stand by you if you cast him off. You have my word as Rebekah Mikaelson."

Once the words left her lips she wanted so badly to take them back and apologize but she knew that deep down she meant every single one.

Doubt plagued her mind as she thought of what a life might be like without her beloved elder brothers or her father.

But she had given her word and a Mikaelson never goes back on that, their pride wouldn't allow it.

Both of her parents and siblings had taught her that.




He did not turn to look at her but stopped to gaze at Finn and Kol then stood there long enough to tell them they would be leaving shortly.

After that, he left the room and the three men helped their sister up as they tried to fill the uncomfortable silence that had filled the room.

However, Kol gave up and walked out the door looking ready to kill anything that walked near him for the next five minutes.

Which, he was most likely going to do and Elijah kissed her forehead then said he would go speak to their father.

In the meantime, Finn tried to avoid the awkwardness that had settled in. Therefore, he told Rebekah he would start packing some provisions for the trip.

The next day, Mikael summoned both Rebekah and Elijah in order to give them instructions for the following days.

He allowed Elijah to keep Niklaus fed and he told him to keep Rebekah safe from harm, while he was gone. By telling them.

"Elijah, Rebekah; I will allow you to keep the boyfed but under no circumstances, is he to be untied. Just remember. If the wolves come I want you to slaughter them all without mercy. Is that clear to you."

He looked at Rebekah then Elijah, both nodded in agreement so he continued talking.

"The full moon is coming up tomorrow. Even though no signs have been presented that he will change as of yet, the boy is still a threat. Keep him as he is. Chained like the dog he has always been. If freed he could kill you both, understand."

It wasn't a question, only a command. A statement.

Mikael's voice was laced with regret, at first but he seemed to get over it quickly.

"You would die the true death and your mother…and my efforts to keep you both safe would have been for naught. I trust, you will both follow my orders."

Elijah and Rebekah looked at each other then nodded and said. "Yes, father."

His son looked him in the eyes and asked in a deliberately louder voice but he stayed cautious of his word choice.

"Father, the full moon is tomorrow but without you here or our brothers. Who will protect Niklaus? How would he, you know. Be able to protect himself if the wolves come?"

Elijah takes a brief moment to breathe slightly before continuing with what he has in mind.

"You started this war with them by killing their kind, in retaliation to the..accident.. of course but what if they wish to return and fight. What if, Rebekah and I aren't enough to fend them off?"

Mikael dismissed Rebekah, just before she left he told her to wait outside with her brothers and not to disturb them.

Only when she left did he then seemed to think over the question.

But he did not say anything so Elijah continued talking but his voice sounded irritated, even though he tried to turn off his emotions and not let his feelings show.

A part of him didn't want to do that though.

"Our brother-" Elijah had opened up with those two words and Mikael glared at him so he would try to tread lighter.

"...Niklaus, he can help us. Come on father, Nik has been enchained on that stupid palisade for weeks! You have seen it yourself. The seal has worked, mother's magic worked."

His father still did not say anything and Elijah was fed up with it so he just said what he really thought, the 'be polite tactic' was not working out as he had hoped.

"Henrik's death was not Niklaus' fault, yet you act as if it was. You call him a monster because he is a wolf." Elijah gave a humorless laugh, which bordered a little on hysterical.

"It was you who made us bloodthirsty monsters, fuck we are worse than leeches! You taught us to be the perfect hunters."

"I'm a prodigy according to you or anyone who's seen me. Finn is apathetic to it therefore a pacifist. I know you have seen his tactician notes though, it's ridiculous how apt he is without even knowing the field. Kol enjoys it to an unhealthy degree but he doesn't even need anything to get the job done other than a target."

"Rebekah is good from what I've seen Tatia teach her. And Niklaus, he's got potential. I'm sure he'll be good. All he needs is a little patience. Something you have always lacked when it concerns him..Look, I love you but I also love him and you're going to either accept that or I..i..."

He stops himself because he is unsure, unwilling to proceed. He had not thought things would be worse than before or that they'd be this bad for this long.

Is he really willing to risk, lose. Well in this case give it all up in order to have Niklaus back.


The answer is something he doesn't even need to think about because it's automatically engraved like the basic knowledge to breathe or eat.

Survive. Adapt.

Fuck yeah.

He doesn't need an excuse or to play off his feelings to himself, he knows the answer so it's enough.

He just has to be smart enough to recognize the importance of his situation and choose the moment, his words and actions carefully.

"Henrik's death has pained us all father. And I regret not being there for him when he needed me most. I miss my little brother but things happen for a reason. Right?"

Angry tears started to roll down his cheek but he wiped them away quickly, steeling his voice he effectively turned off his emotions.


He doesn't really feel different then again he doesn't feel. But a weight is lifted somehow, like a heaviness he hadn't noticed up until now.

"Father, I cannot bear to lose another and I will make sure I do not. Especially not for your pride!"

He doesn't know why he's yelling but fuck it he finds it appropriate.

"Do not think yourself innocent! You had a hand in killing mother. Inadvertently but you let her grieve alone and it's not like you seemed to care that Nik practically dumped her corpse into a hole."

He remembers being a little bit more concerned for his siblings and father than actually feeling the impact himself.

Kol looked mildly surprised for a moment then like he totally saw it coming therefore didn't care and Finn trying to looked like wasn't struggling internally with reliving some sort of trauma then came Rebekah into his line of sight openly devastated, crying.

Angry but ultimately excepting the reality of that moment because it's not like she could have done anything.

He's brought back to the present when he thinks he's delving too deep into his memory. His voice goes quieter and with less of a bite to it than before.

"Because I'm guessing she was dead to you the instant he was. Because she was to me. You know I'm honestly glad she's dead. Relieved. And I know you to extent you think that too so you are no better."

He doesn't stop talking even though he knows he's past the point of just speaking his mind.

"It was not just his fault. And if it was then I couldn't care less. I'd choose him over anyone, any day. Well, except for Tatia. I'm just saying. I seriously love her."

His voice lowered by a fraction until he kept at a normal level and he looked away then back at his father as he said.

"If you had not begged her to turn us, none of this would have happened. Niklaus would be more or less human if not dormant."

Elijah had been eavesdropping on Finn and Rebekah's conversation long enough to hear that tidbit before Tatia and her son knocked on the door and his attention was automatically hers.

"Because I mean it's like Rebekah said earlier last night, he's half witch, half wolf. He could have been a tripod. Well now it's half vampire in its place. Regardless. We would all be human and mother... she would be here."

Elijah shook his head and resisted the urge to punch the man in front of him. There's no way he's doing that, no matter the reason. He just can't.

He feels like an asshole but he's not going to acknowledge that now or back down.

"So do not, go blaming my brother for your errors. And if you lay a hand on him again, I will kill you. He may not be your son by blood, father but you still raised him. How does seeing him in pain not hurt you?"

Mikael still didn't say anything and Elijah had finally stopped giving a fuck if and whether, telling his father off was stupid thinking or not. He let his emotions return to his voice and he was furious as he said his next words.

"I should have slain you were you stood the first time you laid a hand on Niklaus. It is not his bloody fault that he is half vampire, half wolf. What happened to family above all, father? Isn't that what you taught us and how to survive."

Mikael got angry and he walked towards Elijah. And Elijah could not help but take an involuntary step back or his eye from flinching as his father vamped towards him with his hand raised as if to strike him.

Still, in this moment he can't help but think he deserves some kind of award because he straight up killed it with his speech and performance.

Wow even without my emotions fully on he still manages to scare me, just great Elijah.

He quickly composed himself as he waited for the blow to come. However, it never made contact with his face because Kol barged in the room with his clothes wet and all covered in blood.




"What is going on here, father?" Kol looked at the two men as he asked the question and wipe the blood off his chin and onto his sleeve.

Not that it matters he cares or helped because it smudged.

Mikael gave Kol an angry glare, probably for having been interrupted or maybe cause he didn't like him much.

But he then seemed to dismiss, forgetting or ignoring the fact that there was another being in the room completely.

"Nothing at all. Elijah we are done here." Mikael composed himself as he started to walk away but he turned back to look at his seething son and he said in a calm voice.

"You can let Niklaus off the palisade while I'm gone, in order to protect him and tell that boy to help you protect our land. However, if anything happens to Rebekah it will be your fault and there will be consequences."

He looks at the door for a moment as if expecting something before looking back at his children.

"If nothing happens and the spell seems to have worked. He will be free of the palisade forever, you have my word. Son."

He placed a hand on his shoulder then moved away and Elijah was mentally thankful to God that he got away with threatening his dad.

Oh shit things could have been so much worse. He wants to kiss Kol because his brother inadvertently saved him.

Kol felt slightly hurt that his father had overlooked him still standing there in order to speak to the 'oh so perfect Elijah' but he then looked shocked because of the words he'd just heard.

He smiled a happy smile, one that made Mikael feel bad for not seeing his children more happy when they were in his company.

Oh well, I'm not here to be their friend.

He thought as he Kol vamped over to where Finn and Rebekah were to tell them the great news.

"Thank you, father." The quiet words brought Mikael out of his thoughts, with that Mikael nodded his head once and left the room.

Elijah gave a sigh of relief as he replayed their conversation in his head. He then vamped over to his siblings and told them to keep their father busy, while he gave Niklaus the good news.

That night he got to Nik's side at remarkable speed, even for him. He found his brother asleep so he gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. Niklaus started to wake so he had made to move back and give him space but Niklaus told him to wait.

"What is it brother?" He couldn't help his voice from lowering despite them being alone.

He checked his brother over quickly but saw no marks that indicated injury, not that there would have been any when he thought about it so he asked. "Are you hungry?"

"Always, but it's not that. I am just a little cold." Niklaus tried to make himself comfortable but his movement was restricted.

"I think, I can fix that." Elijah hugged Nik's waist and rested his head on his shoulder near his neck.

Klaus could not help the intake of breath as Elijah started kissing his neck.

It was slow and just one.

Nothing too out of the realm of innocent but Elijah seemed to realize what he had done and he was starting to back away, looking shocked.

No, I will not have that Elijah. "Wait, stop! Why are you going, Elijah? Please, do not leave me alone brother. I-I need you. So don't leave."

The pleading tone of Nik's voice startled Elijah and he looked dazed but quickly composed himself.

"What do you mean, we are brothers!" As he said the words he paced around a little. That had not stopped or even crossed his mind an instant ago.

"We cannot do this!" Thinking about it he hasn't even done anything though or that bad but that doesn't change the fact that Elijah scream/whispered the words because he can see exactly how it's affected Niklaus.

It seemed to Klaus that he was just trying to convince himself of that. If he's doing that then it means he's unsure and he wants to see if that's what it is.

"This is wrong, Niklaus and you know it!"

"I care not for what is wrong or right, all I know is that I want and need you. I want you, to kiss me as you would Tatia. Or any other girl for that matter."

He paused for a second then continued.

"I want you to take me, now and whenever you want. I have been thinking over many things while being stuck here and I have grown tired of waiting to tell you my desires. However, I will not force to be with me if it isn't your desire. That, would be cruel to both of us."

He saw that Elijah was thinking over his words. He kept talking while pouring all of the emotions and affection that he felt into the words, they had gotten stronger with both his were-ness and vampirism.

The hybrid smiled for the first time in what felt like millennia then spoke in a low voce. "All this time I have wasted, thinking you would detest me even more…but apparently, I was wrong. This is a great feeling, thrilling indeed." Elijah stopped pacing and looked Klaus in the eyes as he listened to him talk.

"I have always wanted you, loved you more… it is a different kind of brotherly affection if you will."

Klaus looked at his lips for a moment, then back to his eyes as he flashed him a giddy smile.

Elijah vamped over to him and pressed their bodies flush together and he kissed Niklaus hard.

The kiss was a little sloppy at first but they eased into it as they fought for dominance. He then broke the kiss and looked at Klaus as he held his waist.

He kissed him again but this time slowly, he felt odd. Kissing Klaus was wrong, he knew that but it felt so good. Like nothing he had experience before, it was compelling? No, addicting and delicious.

His voice was heavy with want but he tried to clear his mind of dirty thoughts. "I could never hate you, not without loving you all the more but... Are you certain, you want this to happen Nik? You are aware, that we could stop this madness here and now. Never speak of it, right?"

"I want this more than I want my freedom, Elijah but if you do not then just leave!" Klaus harshly scream/whispered in an angry tone but suddenly, his voice grew gentle and teasing.

"Just know that I want to do real bad things with and to you, filthy things really." Niklaus licked his lips as he looked Elijah in the eyes and he felt blood rush down his nether regions when Elijah whispered in his ear.

"Tomorrow, you will be free brother. I think all we need is just a good night's rest and in the morning all will go back to normal, do you not agree?"

Elijah was still pressed against Nik's body but as soon as he started to move away, Klaus got a little desperate so he started grinding his cock against him.

He moaned quietly and it was driving Elijah mad. He wanted to just let go and touch him everywhere but he was trying to make sure Nik understood that this was serious.

"Damn it. Niklaus, this is serious." But as he said the words he got closer to Klaus, grinding harder against him.

He was not really understanding why he wanted to do this with his brother of all people but he knew that he didn't want to stop.

Niklaus could be with anyone he wanted but he wasn't asking anyone else but him for this, right?

Was he only asking this of Elijah because he was just there? Why was he going along with it anyways?

He knew that he had always thought Niklaus was a beautiful man, a great warrior, and that he was incredibly smart.

But none of that changed the fact that they shared the same blood, damn they were/are family!

He felt a little sick just knowing that even though he knew it was wrong, it did nothing to detour him from the fact that he was enjoying the sinful act.

That he wants to take this further and just dominate Niklaus.

"Mmm oh yes, I am perfectly aware Elijah. " As he said the words he scraped his fangs along Elijah's neck and his eyes grew dark with lust and hunger.

They heard birds chirping but neither cared, they were too gone with their situation.

"…the last chance, I am giving you to back out. I will respect your decision, Niklaus."

He then gave his ear a small kiss and waited for him to respond. I think my body is betraying me. Thought Elijah as he felt his cock twitch at the noises that spilt from Nik's mouth.

"I want you to fuck me Elijah, that is all. If I die the true death tomorrow because of the full moon or the wolves, I will not care. For I will have died a happy man because I know you want this too and that you were in me. More importantly, that you don't hate me."

"Okay." That was the only response Klaus got before Elijah pulled down his slacks and his underclothing. Nik was sporting a full hard on and Elijah was just staring at it.

Nik's patience was wearing thin, he needed something, - anything to happen but Elijah seemed frozen and he was starting to get self-cautious. Well, that will not do.

"Well do something please just... Get on with it Elijah, I cannot move and it is pissing me off so much. But believe me, if I could..." Niklaus seemed to be struggling viciously with the chains, yet they would not budge.

So he smirked as the veins under his eyes started to show and his eyes seemed to dilate as Elijah got on his knees and kissed his inner thigh.

"If you do this for me brother, I will show you just how grateful I can be tomorrow." His voice sounded thick with lust and promise.

And he knows he's being a manipulative shit but he plans on keeping the promise, enjoy every minute of it.

"Um yeah I-ah. Hold on, hey can you stop. Just chill. It's just I've never done this with or to a man. Also don't make empty promises Nik, its unbecoming."

Elijah grabbed hold of Klaus's length and he started touching it as he would his own while trying to look up, checking to see if he was doing any good.

Judging by the way Nik was thrusting into his hand he'd say it was okay if not better. And he's thinking it's more or less what he's done with Tatia except she's like a sex goddesses and perhaps one in general.

"H-hey. Shit. I never make an empty promise ha-ahh you act as if I am the expert here, mm do it fa-faster Elijah."

Niklaus closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensations as Elijah stroke him faster but his eyes snapped open when he felt something else on his cock.

Huh maybe I cannot do this, damn Nik's big. Should I feel wariness or excitement? He almost rivals me and I am sure mine is above average. Could it be a wolf thing? Wait I'm not a wolf, this makes no sense maybe I should stop thinking.

What if I hurt him with my (cough) I need confidence in myself. I shall not take him tonight, he is vulnerable. So what will I do, what can I do to make up for it? Ah I shall try out what Tatia did for me, that was splendid!


Elijah placed an open-mouthed kiss on the tip of Nik's cock and he rolled his tongue over it.

Niklaus bit his lower lip so hard he broke skin. He looked down amazed to see Elijah licking at his length one instant, for the next made him almost come as soon as Elijah put his whole length in his mouth at once.

Klaus forgot how to think and breathe as his instincts took over and he started face-fucking Elijah fast and hard, it was difficult with the chains and all.

He tried to slow down but Elijah did not seem to mind though, if anything it looked like he was enjoying it as well.

The vibrations and sensations that went threw his body thanks to Elijah must be criminality.

Thought Klaus as he tried to stop the noises he was making, this was better then all that sex he'd had with many girls throughout his life!

Was it because it was his first time with a man? No. Thought Niklaus with conviction, it was because he was doing this with Elijah.

He was getting so near the edge and he came when he felt Elijah scrape his fangs on his cock. He had also been massaging his balls with his left hand, while using his right to keep Klaus steady.

Elijah's' back stiffened as he looked up at Niklaus then at the far left corner near the trees and he spit out some of what Klaus had just delivered.

He stood up and cleaned the area around his mouth as he willed his arousal away.

It was almost gone but not quite and he found that truly pathetic if not disgusting or a deep mixture of both as shame filled his body, he also noted that he felt amazing as he shared that experience with only Klaus.

It was darker out now than it had been before even though the time was relatively early it was still around, eight-ish.

"Nik. Finn and Kol are near or watching. I can smell them, what should I do?" He didn't know what to do for a moment but he answered his own question by picking up Nik's scattered clothes and dressing him at super speed.

Although, he noticed these were now torn because he had forced them off. He moved swiftly, while not caring whether he was being gentle or not.

He knew Niklaus could take it. Damn. Why did I not notice sooner, fuck if father does not kill me first. I will surly have to kill him. He would murder Klaus. Fuck my life...

Elijah looked like he was about to truly panic. Aka have a full-blown panic attack. So Niklaus did the only thing he felt was right.

"Come on out, you two. I want to play a game." Niklaus's voice sounded deadly without him meaning it to, but he found it had the desired effect for both Kol and Finn stood before them looking flustered and somewhat afraid.

Before they got a chance to speak he cut the crap and asked. "How long, have you been watching us?"

"First. Nope, cut the attitude. Second, don't say that around me. You see those words trigger fun but less than decent memories. And as for your situation..Long enough, to know what was going on brother." Kol spoke up and winked at Elijah.

Who immediately flushed at his comment. Their second oldest brother looked about ready to hurl.

Finn looked at Elijah then at Kol and finally at Niklaus when he spoke. Looking like he literally couldn't care enough to look shocked by the recent events or situation.

"We will not tell father. You have my word, brothers. But come on, you are taking too great a risk while doing that now."

Finn pointed at their general direction but continued talking.

Now looking like he's measuring his words enough to make it seem like that but also have them questioning as to why that is or if he knows how to proceed here better than just walking blindly and hoping for the best.

"Could you two not wait, until tomorrow? What if father had come instead of us, huh?!" Whoa he's looking at him and Elijah noticed that Finn stance is looking somewhat defensive, unattached but not in a bad way.

This raises other questions but he's got to focus on on subject at a time. Prioritize.

"What would you have done then brother, goodness you both are idiots!"

He wants to tell Finn that he knows and he's not getting new information here then again he also wants to tell him to shut up because no one told him to be the smartass of the family.

Wait…what is happening here? Elijah looked confused to all three of them and asked in a weirded out voice.

"Why will you help us hide this, I know we are family… But for that reason, should this revelation not repulse you instead?"

"You think you are the only one in this family with a dirty little secret brother, ha that's cute."

Kol said as he looked Elijah in the eyes, then looked at Finn. Finn shot Kol a 'don't-fuck-me over- or-I-will-fucking-kill-you' look and Kol cut the tip of his tongue with his fang.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Elijah looks at him questioning and Kol's on the spot but he doesn't mind because he doesn't mind keeping Eli in the dark.

He then let some blood drip down his chin as he smirked with a crazy sort of spark in his eyes.

"Don't worry about it. It's nothing you need concern over. I'm just into prime numbers." Finn facepalms and sits down.

Elijah looks confused by the words but let's it go because Kol is just Kol and he will never understand that so he won't try.



"Fine. I-we might as well tell you, before you figure it out on your own and shit hits the fan." Finn look resigned but Niklaus spoke up suddenly, saving him from his revelation.

Not that he was going to necessarily offer one they'd expect. This one is bound to be enlightening.

"What in the bloody hell is wrong with you Kol?! You see, me here starving. Yet here you are with food and you do not even have the decency to offer. You damn tease."

Kol had been dragging a half-dead woman who appeared to be in her early thirties and dying of rapid blood loss. If her ripped esophagus was anything to go by.

"Hell no! What the hell do I look like to you, a damn mother bird or something? You will be unchained tomorrow. Kill anything and everything that catches your fancy then."Just as Kol was about to bite on the woman again, he made the mistake of looking up.

He saw that both Finn and Elijah were giving him that 'I-am- so-disappointed-in-you-right-now' look. He tsked but said in a low voice.

"Fine. Here you go Nik, you are one lucky bastard ha-ha. Here. Have at it; for I am no longer hungry, brother."

Kol vamped up to where Klaus was and put the woman's throat to his lips. "Now go on brother, the mademoiselle here does not have all day. Drink her dry and fast, if anything she has a few more minutes to live."

Klaus looked up at him, grateful for an instant and then he drank all of the blood her body had to offer. But when he finished he found out he still wasn't full so he looked up at Kol expectantly and it's not like Kol misunderstood.

"Understand this now Niklaus, for this is the first and only time in the history of foreverness that I will ever do this for you. Have I made myself clear brother?"

Elijah raised an eyebrow at Finn as if expecting him to explain but he just shrugged, being equally at a loss to what was going on.

Kol pulled up his sleeve and put it next to his brother's mouth. Niklaus bit into his wrist, drinking in his blood hungrily.

Oh, so that is what is going on. Thought both Elijah and Finn as they sat down on the ground.

Kol waited for Nik to finish and when he did, he removed his arm swiftly and looked at Elijah.

"Well then, we should probably be heading back. Our father made Rebekah cry, again and we didn't really feel like dealing with their shit."

Kol looks at Finn with a look Nik can't decipher but he doesn't dwell on it because he needs to ask Elijah if he's okay.

Ask him if he will be looking at him differently in the morning so that he can practice honing his mask of apathy.

"So we came looking for you and Niklaus. But then we realized you were busy... and you know, how it's rude to interrupt. Heh." Finn vamped close and elbowed Kol hard in the stomach, enough to have him doubling over.

Kol winked at him and Elijah noticed but gives zero fucks because he is currently looking like he's about to suicide himself because life's getting to him.

"Anyway, what Kol is saying is that it is late. I guess it is around 10:30 or so brother. And father is looking for you." Finn spoke the words quietly as he looked at his brothers.

"Really, it's that late? I thought I left at eight, huh." Elijah turned to feel around the woods for any more surprises but he didn't sense anyone.

"The clock is broken. I threw it at Finn and it broke. Therefore, I put it back on the counter naturally and walked out to massacre civilians. Father doesn't know and what he is not aware of won't hurt him or us."

"Oh, okay then…" Elijah turned to look at Klaus with a small smile but he stayed in place as he said.

"Goodnight." He doesn't really know what else to say but he thinks Niklaus looks like he's okay. Like he'll manage.

He'll be fine.

Considering the events he better be because he's free in the morning.

Niklaus nodded his head slightly as he mumbled it as well. Kol and Finn repeated the action without really trying to look at him.

To say it was 'awkward' would have been a big ass understatement but Elijah was still looking him in the eyes so at least there's that.

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