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M Note: Kenna married into Austrian royalty instead of going off to Sweden in this AU via the world's blessings and a good word here and there. And Matthias isn't her son irl, again just for fanfic.

Austria- 16th century

"King Antoine suggested that you would make a wonderful wife, Queen." Rudolf II looks at Kenna showing a brief smile as he continues.

"With such high recommendation and now that I have come to know you. And about your life, friendships, loyalties to the monarchy. Ties to Scotland, France and Spain. It would be an honor to welcome you to the House of Habsburg."

"Soon I will be named Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria. I would like to have you by my side. What do you think?" He looks at her with hope evident in his eyes. She would weigh her options had this been a different person.

This man is soon to be a King. Kenna knows it would be foolish not to snatch him up while he is on the market.

She does not love him though. He has to know that and yet he wants her in his life, that's interesting.

"I would love to be your Queen." Kenna would have been content knowing that her 'sisters' son Matthias would be a royal ward.

She had already assumed that she would at most be a mistress to the King or some rich-influancial gentleman.

Never daring to believe that she would be something more. This was a great surprise. Antoine is still as unbelievable as ever. He secured her and her baby a grand future.

She wishes it was him here for her, with her instead but she refuses to wreck his marriage. He can do that all on his own and come find her when he is ready to see her if she hasn't fallen for this man by then.

Which she wholeheartedly thinks will definitely not happen but they can be happy enough if they put in the effort.

"We leave for Vienna at once then." He is done talking to her. Full intent on moving to the carriage when her voice stops him from advancing.

"Hold on a minute. I need to know. Why do you want to marry me, Rudolf?" She thinks it a fair question one he has to answer before she goes through with actually marrying him.

"What I truly want is to build a unified Christian empire. Although I myself lean more towards the Protestant end of the spectrum."

"I wish to apply the knowledge of arts and occult sciences to everything I see from now on. To help forge a new way to peace." He turns walking to her and grabbing her hands in his as he spoke with conviction, clearly passionate about what he wants in life and for the future.

"These past weeks with you have made me think you can help me. I am considering instigating another war against the Ottoman Turks. It was a long time coming. One that will end it. Finis. Once and for all. So that we can all at the very least coexist."

"Hey Louie" Elizabeth had arrived face painted in his teams colors. With his jersey and he has never found her so attractive but he knows that she is also a fan and he loves her for it. Her spirit.

Louis closed the door allowing her into the house. Kissed Elizabeth then quickly walked past her as he basically ran to the couch. His phone lay forgotten at his side as mumbles a 'hey Liz' and offers her half a sandwich while scooting over to give her some room.

Kenna read a magazine, moving her feet off the couch and on his lap because his team was playing and Antoine did whatever she wanted when distracted like this.

"Antoine, honey bear." Thinking this is too easy and that she should feel a little bad but pushing the thought away she taps his stomach with her foot because he is not paying attention to her.

"Yes?" He looks at it then her ushering her to make it quick because as much as he loves her shess on his time.

"My parents are staying for the weekend. You are taking it off to come with us. My mom wants to go hiking so I am going to handle that and you can go fishing with my dad."

"I wouldn't miss it." He stops mid chew as he processed her request and his answer. She has got him at his weakest moment and he has no one to blame but himself for being screwed over so mercilessly.

"Wait Kenna, I change my mind. I do not want to do that I have better things to do. Not really I was planning on loafing around with Louie, I haven't had quality time with him in months." He nudges Louis with his shoulder. Asking him to go along with it.

"You saw him yesterday. He is here right now. Honey bear you are not getting out of this you already agreed. Your word is your bond. Plus I know you both hate golf and horses. It is what helped you bond in the first place. So please suck it up and entertain him while I'm out."

She glared at him holding onto her stomach as if the argument is disturbing the baby and presses his lips together in thought.

"Do they know that you are pregnant?" He looks at her raising an eyebrow knowing she will break if he keeps this up long enough because she is terribly bad at lying.

"No yikes, I'll tell them after dinner. I do not need them fussing about my condition or with their concerns."

"As much as I love you and your family. I don't appreciate that you just sprung this on me. And honestly I would rather not have either of them around Kenna. Can't I just dump my secretary on them or- nevermind." He stops talking he would never subject Louis to such boring and tedious horrors.

"At least switch with me. Your mom adores me and I bought a necklace for such an occasion. It should destract her.."

"Don't ever let it get to this Louie." He leans against him as Elizabeth smiles entertaied by his display of emotional support.

"Stop it. You know you can always get out of it if you tried. Deep down you don't want to. Now I will put your game to record and you are going to shower. They will be here in an hour." She shoves the remote into his hands as she turns to look at their guests.

"If it isn't too much to ask I really want you both here for dinner." Louis nods getting up and Elizabeth says "because you're asking. I wouldn't miss it."


"I will call later then." He kissed her hand feeling her melt under his touch knowing just how much she likes it when he is a gentleman.

He found a nice fishing spot, rented a motorboat online and had them deliver it on the spot because he sure as hell wasn't going to go for it.

Knows he has to lighten up so he buys a few cases of beer, ice and orginizes food in a cooler.

Taking Louie's Range Rover out into the driveway and adding a spare tire to the back in case of an emergency.

He leaves his phone in the car, keeping his keys in his pocket he pulls on his fishing hat and covers himself in bug repellent. Pretty sure he would die out here if he doesn't bring sunscreen.

All he need now is bait and less shitty outlook on the day wondering which one would be easier to come by.



"I'm pregnant!" Kenna claps her hands excitedly. Having gone hiking a good distance she had persuaded her mother to take a spa day and she feels refreshed.

A little bummed that she can no longer take ice baths or relax in a hot spring until she is due but right now she feels good.

Smiles brightly as Antoine's face colored when her father glared at him and Louis made a wisecrack at his expense he had supposed was only for Elizabeth's ears yet all the table had heard.

"I am the father." He had no idea what possessed him to say that or so proudly but he did. And to think he had greater nerves than when he had led an expansion past Silicon valley and into Seattle for his new side project.

"How far along are you?" Her mother wipes at her mouth as she asked setting her silverware down.

"A few weeks. I just found out myself and had let them know almost as quickly."

"Do you plan on quitting your job at the institute?" Her father keeps eating after the question. Knowing her get an answer on the spot.

"Of course not. I love working there." Kenna looks at Antoine to see if he has any objections he'd like for her to take into account undoubtedly relieved to find none as he digs into his food.

"What do you plan on doing with your beautiful Shelby Cobra." The question has Antoine wondering what exactly he means by that question. He would sooner get rid of him than his car but that's horrible so he won't do that.

Getting as far as actually saying "what do you mean-" in a guarded tone only to be cut off by his little brother silently thanking him because he is certain that he would never said something unkind if prompted.

"He is keeping it at my house but he was going to let you borrow it for a week. A token of appreciation for giving him your daughter's hand in marriage."

"The opportunity to court her and start a wonderful journey, a family together." Louis grabs at his leg when Antoine kicks his foot hard in swift retribution.

Glad that Elizabeth forewarned him by placing a hand on his shoulder and the destraction she caused by spilling some wine on the hem of her dress.

Gaining the tables full attention long enough to have his brother silently curse him to Hell or at least that's what he is assuming because Antoine looked upset in that moment.

He knows what the car means to him better than anyone but he has to understand it was all in good nature. That he has got an objective in mind.

"Well then. I thank you but even without this gift I can say that we are thrilled and await the arrival of the newest De Poitiers-De Bourbon. You have done well for yourself and by your family. I am greatful to both of you."




"That was awful. How about we have a rule, let's never do that again." He removed his towel drying his face and hair.

Having discarded his clothes on the mattress he moves for the closet grabbing some pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt.

"A decree nisi then? Please you were only my victim for a few hours. It wasn't that bad." She throws her robe on the nightstand. Pulling on the covers and revealing a pretty nightgown.

"You sacrificed me to your parents. They ate me alive or would have had Louis and Elizabeth not stepped up."

"I'm sorry, okay." She kisses him gently as he wraps his arms around her.

"Save it. Today was not all bad. Your dad promised to take care of my baby. Then he and Elizabeth went over some of the company's past statements."

"Showed me how to increase the profit since it's earnings are estimated to reflect similarly to the upcoming quarter."

"I thought I had people for that. If I do they are fired. This helped me realize that I haven't been as on top of things as I had previously been. That has to change."

He got on the old man's good graces and his mother in law's as well. Antoine has her, his beautiful wife and Louis to thank for that.

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