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Northamptonshire, England - 1586-ish

"You will have a chance to defend yourself however the evidence we have gathered is undoubtedly all pointing in our favor. If you still wish to proceed." One of the members of the council meeting here before her spoke.

Then another one at the end of the line. Regarding her with just as much authority as the last speaker.

"A question before we commence any further. Early in the week you personally wrote a letter to our Council. Stating your refusal to show to our commission. Now however here you stand. Before us all. Regal. What changed?"

Mary took a deep breath and tried to relax because she knows that she looks too tense, nervous.

The feeling of terror is coming off of her in waves as sweat covers her face. She is sure of it that she cannot win but she has to give it a shot.

She has to remind herself that she is Queen herself even though she gave her brother James complete rule of Scotland in her stead while she herself stood trial in England.

"I had been informed by William Cecil that you would have continued on with the trial and dictate judgement without me present, regardless. If I gave you the opportunity. I shan't. If I am going to be at the mercy of Elizabeth and her Court. This House, nay all of England and Scotland. The world. I might as well give you my version of the events which took place, why."

She met all of their eyes as her gaze swept the room.

Despite all her words and conviction her actions spoke louder than words.

She knows it to be a losing battle even before it starts. As long as she lives she is a threat to Elizabeth's reign.

They did nott see a paranoid woman fighting at all sides, tooth and nail to keep her throne. Claim her birthright in a world of men.

Only Elizabeth understands but she supposed that deep down she knows what will happen because the odds are more against her than in her favor.

These people wouldn't have even wanted her cousin if it had not been for her victory against Spain and it's Armada.

She knows that were a man here instead with a claim from God such as the one she holds, that they would fight to replace their beloved Queen in seconds.

"Very well." This time a man to the right spoke up before getting interrupted by another towards the left of him.

"Our first piece of evidence. It's quite incriminating. The papers you see here" He holds up a small stack of letters and what appearance dictates are probably correspondences.

"-are letters personally discovered then delivered to us by Queen Elizabeth's personal Spy-master."

One of the members of the team took a letter from the middle of the pile as a look of disgust flooded his features what felt like a good minute and evaporated as he applied himself while the second speaker took over.

"It shows to no doubt to anyone present that Queen Mary corresponded with Anthony Babington, one such evil intending plotter pledged to her cause. Her quest was a simple one. To stage a coup and assassinate our Queen."

"According to the letters in our possession this would not be the first attempt either. Where others had failed this one would have succeeded had Elizabeth's Spy-master not proven his loyalty that day. To further our evidence we have gathered passed accomplices and witnesses."

Mary was not about to let that shit slide and mentally told her fear to go fuck itself because these gentleman are about to hear her out whether they object to her words or not.

She had started off by protesting against the stage of this commission, arguing that the Court was illegitimate and a disgusting misuse of power.

That she is a royal and should therefore be treated as such. Calling it bullshit that she was not allowed legal defence other her damn self and that she had more than enough reason to take legal action against them as a counter because they aren't planning on letting her explain her version of how things went down.

How and what happened to have it like this now. Why she allowed it to get to this point.

"From what I gather I am not aloud to call any witnesses or permitted to examine any of the documents being used against me. And I feel my protests are being made in vain because I see now that the prosecution has planned ahead."

"Had I not showed here today there is no doubt in my mind all of you would have opened the trial with nothing other than your so called witnesses and their personal accounts of what took place in regards to Babington plot."

"The evidence we have here suggests that you not only knew of the plot, had given it her approval of it but you also agreed with it. Had vowed to help and quite frankly everyone here can see that according to your responses, the ideas you provided are visible cause enough to name you a-"

Mary clears her throat effectively cutting him off and watches some of the men in the room look forward to hearing what she has to say. She knows despite the odds that she has a small promise of opportunity to protest. Make her innocence undoubtable.

"I am certain that it is quite possible for a few of my ciphers to have been tampered with. They could have been been stolen or copied, tweaked then replaced. I trust there is no shortage of volunteers. It would not be a stretch when concerning what benefits it would bring to all of my enemies, wherever they lie. God knows they plague this Earth like vermin."

"Yes well we shall see what we think as trial you shall meet with Parliament. Stand before us one last time. The Queen herself will write before its end. Dictating a final voice to either away or favor our judgement, regardless of your own objections."

Mary knows that despite her words and fears if her cousin or son don't intervene, speak up in her favor tommorow that when she is brought before Parlamentet to face trial that she will be found guilty of treason and executed.

A morbidity in her is asking if she wonders whether Elizabeth will allow her to have a royal execution of not.

To have a sword at her neck instead of an axe.


"Hello Elizabeth. I've missed you." Mary hugged her cousin and Elizabeth did the same just as warmly.

"It's been awhile. I've been busy with work. You remember Louis, right?" Elizabeth stands aside and tries to gauge their reaction to see if last time was just a fluke.

"Yes. I met him at school. Hello." She smiles at him and his is just as instantaneous as he extends his hand and she takes it.

There is a noticeable difference between it, this smile and the one for her. Elizabeth can see it.

Knows if anyone else had been present they would too but she supposed they had been friends or partners in a class before.

"It's nice to see you again, Mary." He looks around the house, quickly sweeping the place with his gaze before pulling up a chair when she tells them to 'take a seat' and help themselves to food because there's a variety of it on the table.

Elizabeth isn't fooling around with him, this is serious at least on her part. Had thought it was on his as well.

She isn't jealous.

Knows what she has got with her cousin. Mary wouldn't betray her. She believes that. Why would she do if she's wrong? No, she won't think of it.

"Antoine, Louie's brother wants to throw a party. His wife is pregnant. You remember Kenna de Poitiers."

"Really?! Kenna and your brother.." Mary looks at Louis as he nods and she smiles looks excited while he's biting into his food before he starts wanting to invite her.

He does not know what he's doing in general anymore. Or in her house eating her food instead of being at work or school because he skipped a class to get here instead of following through with his studies and now he feels like he's disappointing Antoine.

That's not the worst of it. Having told Elizabeth that he'd met her cousin, asked her out and had even stressed out about their first date.

When he never had with her would sound a little shitty to him if their situation were reversed.

He has nothing to hide because he's done nothing wrong but he hasn't told her the full truth heart.

Thinking he had seen resignation then questioning if he had because it changed to a look of determination when he looked at her again.

"It's tommorow around five, you should come with us. I'll pick you up." Elizabeth got an apple and sat down biting into it when Mary agreed.

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