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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to 'Reign' like the characters etc.

Pairing: Louis and Elizabeth

Summary: "I would do anything for you. In this or any other life."

M Note: I was listening to 'How you remind me' by Avril Lavigne and 'Kiss from a rose' by Seal

Warning: This is AU, the characters might be ooc-ish and the story based sometime in the year 2015, it's on that reincarnation level.

I'm totally shipping Kenna with Antoine even though he betrayed her. Mary/Louis is up next chapter because I wanted Louie/Liz smut first.

"Here's to being stuck in the same boat." Elizabeth smiled when Louis tapped her glass slightly and she ordered more bacon strips.

"I'm incredibly lucky to have met you. For this boat was missing a paddle."

A few customers left as more entered and she asked questions that weren't really personal but boarded more on slightly interested.

Most of his answers were concise but on some he took a moment to try and explain.

"To this day, I can't believe this joke works but I've made billionaires my best-friends thanks to it. Oh this is good, my compliments to the cook."

Louis took another bite out of a four-layers stack of pancakes as he poured more syrup.

For the moment they would ignore the people that had stood them up and just try to enjoy themselves.

"Really? Okay Louis. Lay it on me. I'm a great judge of character."

"I'm sure you are Elizabeth. Okay here it is. What don't look at me like that. I'm slightly nervous girl."

She waited patiently for a second then drank some milk as he wiped at his mouth and gave her a little smile.

"I'm ambidextrous. My writing is equally shitty." He lifted both hands slightly and waited a second.

For a moment Louis was surprised that he hadn't heard crickets.

And a few people in the room laughed when they got it. He should have been weirded out by the fact that people were listening in on his conversation but he wasn't.

She laughed as he passed her a little cup of butter.

"Wow that was terrible."

"I know, my brother said the same thing but has used it. For some reason it just works when trying to break the ice."

"Perhaps it's your natural charm. Or the fact that it's witty on a simple level."

"Whatever it is, I'm grateful."


"This night was fun."

Elizabeth removed her seatbelt and made to open the door but lingers for a bit as if waiting for a response.

"Yes, it was. Maybe I'll see you around." Louis wasn't trying to fuck her but a nice friendship didn't seem farfetched.

"Wait, would you like to come in?" Elizabeth took a breath then asked casually.

"I'm not trying to sleep with you, Elizabeth."

"Sleeping is the last thing on my mind."

"You want to have sex?" He raised an eyebrow in question as he started at her.

"I'm a little full but yeah. Have you seen yourself. You're so damn hot and polite, plus I love your smile."

Louis blushed slightly as he smiled briefly then kissed her cheek, nose and throat.

She had walked to her date because the establishment was remarkably nearby her house so he had offered to give her a ride home.

He noticed the way she tried to play off her nervousness when unlocking the door.

Louis told her that nothing had to happen but she kissed him roughly against the closed door after opening then shutting it.

She broke away long enough to unzip her jeans and he pulled his shirt off. With a quick motion she toed her flats off and kissed him deeply when he un-hooked her bra.

"One thing though, I might throw up on you."

The ticking of a nearby clock was heard but he ignored it while speaking.

"Gross. Aye, I will follow your lead. For solidarity and whatnot."

They laughed at the thought then sat down on a couch as she pushed some cushions aside.

"You want to watch tv for a few minutes. Maybe use the restroom or get something for heartburn?"

She leaned against his chest as he handed the remote to her.

"Thanks, Louie."

Both knew her words had nothing to do with the tv choice.


A few hours passed and he was falling asleep on her couch.

He looked at his watch and noticed the time. Elizabeth had fallen asleep on him while an infomercial played.

Without trying to disturb her he moved to get up quickly but she blinked slowly, confused for a moment then she pulled him back to the couch and kissed him.

"Don't leave yet."

For a second he wanted to make up an excuse. To tell her he had work in the morning or something else, a pressing matter.

He didn't.

Instead broke away as she stood up and kissed her navel when she tossed her clothes on the floor.

"I've never been one to stick around for longer than a few hours." He just wanted her to know what was up before things went further if she still wanted it to.

"Good. Compromise is overrated." She kissed his neck as he pulled her thong out of his way and she saw a questioning look in his eyes.

"I'm on the pill so we're good."

The only way they could appreciate the other's physical appearance was by the help of the tv. lights glow because it was already dark outside.

"I need lube, I wasn't planning on doing this..." Louis backed up slightly as he avoided looking at her but his eyes snapped up to hers when she whispered the words quietly.

"Wanderer's a keeper then, eh. I have a bottle near the bedroom. Want to go there?"

"I-yes, let's do that." Louis knew what they were doing and he couldn't help but feel bad.

The feeling seemed to dissipate when they reached her bed.

She tugged his boxers down then pushed him back against the mattress, wordless.

Without a thought or care she wrapped her legs around him as he held onto her hips then began to fuck herself on his cock ruthlessly while he laidback for a second to enjoy the show.

Elizabeth moaned his name as he reversed their position and increases the pace then licks at her left breast while running his thumb gently across the other.

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