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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to 'Reign' like the characters etc.

Pairing: Mary Stuart and Louis Conde

Summary: "I would do anything for you. In this or any other life."

M Note: I was Listening to 'Into the Night' by Carlos Santana ft. Nickelback, 'One Thing' (acoustic) by One Direction and 'The Birds' (part 1) by The Weekend while typing this.

So I thought I'd write a story for this because this ship is super cute and even though I love Francis/ Frary, this needs to happen.

Warning: This is AU, the characters might be ooc-ish and the story based sometime in the year 2015. Maybe I'll add one-shots that are canon-bendable.

She had never been much of a socialite.

Always choosing instead to be more of an introvert than a party girl even though her friends and family did not approve.

Mary is a young woman after all. A beautiful girl at that.

One with a good head on her shoulders and a brilliant future.

Everything was always decided for her even in this century and she thought it sad. It is the 21st century not the dark ages.

For once she just wanted to be absolutely free so when a cute guy bumped into her on the way out of an elevator.

She was.

Taking an instant to sigh in relief, she glared at the guy.

Good thing her coffee didn't fall or go all over the place because of the tightly placed styrofoam lid

Her relief didn't stop her from quickly saying.

"Watch where you're walking next time, will ya."

The ridiculously handsome man carrying a light stack of books stopped walking to just look at her then seemed to catch himself and kept composure while quietly saying.

"Yes, sorry. May I ask, uh guess I'm asking now... who are you?"

"No one important." Mary didn't give out her name because she would probably never see him again.

So wasn't totally sure why the next words escaped her lips but she didn't try stopping them as she said.

"Just a wanderer, in the search of you."

He looked surprised for a moment then gave her a beautifully shy smile and laughed for a moment but stopped quickly lest he offends her.

Which wasn't his intention.

"That line work for you often, my fair lady?"

With an eyebrow raised and a quizzical look, he asked. But couldn't help the blush that covers his face when she replies with a shrug then leans in as if letting him in on a long kept secret.

"I wouldn't know. You see, this is my first time testing it out."


He has always been what one would call free spirit. According to his family and friends that needed to change.

So he decided to enroll into a community college and get a job.


He was getting his shit together.

Granted, he needs neither because his family is well off money wise.

But he guessed doing something other than getting girls numbers and panties down wasn't an accomplishment resume worthy.

Actually, now that he thinks about it he supposed it was. On account of him being a people person.

He yawned as he stood up from his chair and picked up a few books from the table next to him.

Louis had thirteen minutes to get to the elevator before rush-hour fell upon him. If he hadn't dipped by then.

Well there would be hoards of people shoving around to get inside and he would be forced to take the stairs.

He wasn't afflicted by climacophobia but is too lazy to actually attempt walking the distance.

If he could he would buy one of those electric wheel-chairs just to try it for a day but that was beside the point and honestly a tad exaggerated.

On his way to one of the elevators someone bumped into him. He was glad the books under his arm hadn't fallen because of his hold on them.

To be honest he was going to ignore the incident and just keep walking but the second he locked eyes with the person he had inadvertently crashed into, he knew he was doomed.

For standing before him was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He had to know her of that fact he was sure so taking an instant to breathe, he spoke.

"Well then miss wanderer." He looked at his phone for a moment as the loud noise of an alarm blared and he turned it off as he spoke hurriedly, apologetic.

"I have a class in a few minutes but since you've found me. Would you like to have dinner tonight, say 8:30?"

Louis wasn't sure why but he knew that for once in his life he was genuinely interested in getting to know someone, well just her.

Now he just hopes she feels the same.

She smiled then wrote her phone number on the palm of his hand quickly as she told him to meet her in that same spot around the suggested time.

With a smile that wouldn't leave her be, she walked away and he was no better off.

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