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M Note: The chapter's got some smut and deep-ish conversation, training then more smut so on. Okay so I'm thinking Mikael would be dead-ass serious about training her if she asked for it and that she'd def. put in the effort because she doesn't want to waste his time.

More importantly wants to be strong, hold her own in a fight and her dream job is being a fighter pilot at Air Force. Because fuck yeah.

There is no way in hell she won't get it cause once someone sets their mind on something they don't stop til it is theirs at least that is how I see it. Anyway, thanks for reading.

"I have an hour before we go at it again? Good, I am pretty sure that I can't move."

Davina wants to cry because her body hurts and she wants food but Mikael had insisted that she keep her food intake light in the morning otherwise she'd puke like all-over the place and she would not want that.

Now that she has a break and can breathe again without thinking it'll be her last. She is grateful but damn it wouldn't have killed him to be a little nice about it.

He could have been a just little more lenient without having her think he'd be playing favorites with her.

In truth her ass hurts and she has got some painful blisters on her hands while that is by far not even close to the worst of it she wants to point it out the most.

"You should not become dependent on this. I won't always be there to protect you or help you out. Either I will be occupied myself or I will think you can handle it on your own. Think about it seriously, what will happen if. When you are stuck in enemy territory overseas."

He had missed the opportunity to throw some light encouragement in there on purpose because it wasn't necessary but he is not done yet there is still an opportunity here if he feels like she should get one torwards the end.

"You can't just snap your fingers and be fine. Well you probably can since you are a witch but what if someone happens to see and you get singled out. It won't be or end pretty. You should not wait for someone to come and save the day. It's annoying and no one likes a burden or excuses."

This is a touchy subject to him because his children are idiots. Always going about life repeating the same mistakes and not taking anything serious until shit hits the fan. He 100% knows they take after Esther in the aspect.

"People die or get maimed, tortured. Extorted by those bastards looking for weaknesses or thing, significant relationships that make you happy-vulnerable if you aren't careful. Don't act like a petulant child about it. Get it through your head already."

Okay he didn't go for it but it's fine at least he was not mean about it, his light criticism.

After a long minute he bites his wrist. Holds it to her mouth only to find have her looking at him like he slapped her butt in public or kicked a puppy because anger is displayed on her face and he is thinking it suits her but that it has no real effect on him because it has no place here.

It is obvious that she got what she has because of what she gave and she knows it.

Just because he displayed a moment of kindness and generosity doesn't mean he won't hold her accountable for her shit.

She fucked up therefore should own it and learn from it, her mistakes so she won't repeat them in the future.

That is what life is.

He has always believed in telling it like it is and he won't change now just because he thinks/knows but doesn't want to admit just yet. That he might/most definitely be/is getting/catching feelings.

What does she take him for.


She bites into his flesh more to make a point than because it was necessary while he stares as blood drips down her chin and onto her throat.

Saying 'thank you' as she wipes at her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt because she is going to shower before leaving for work later and has to look presentable.

She is surprised when he vamps on-top of her for the best kiss she has had in her life until this point.

Davina let the spell book she had been holding drop on her couch after a second into it and gets up when it is over.

She walks over to the fridge for a water bottle asking if he wants one and he shakes his head.

"You did not show any real signs of improvement until I threatened to cancel our trip to Cayo Espanto. Thanks to that you have gotten cut up, shot at then burned and poisoned towards the end there. Was it worth it? Because judging from that limp and extensive injuries you had earlier I am not so sure.."

He side glanced her way and her demeanor is instantaneously shy looking because her face is flush red and she looks sheepish like she broke a Picasso while playing Xbox or talking shit to someone on chatrooms.

They have been there twice already. She knows what she's done.

"I know. Thanks again for not killing me with the last attack. It was horrifying. I almost peed myself."

He chuckled and kisses her hair because he was definitely a little rough on her towards the end but she'd begged him to 'test' her skill as if engaging her in regular sparing wasn't bad enough now she wants full on battles.

She is quite a woman and he is glad he met her.



"You know I was wondering.." She had walked towards him with that particular strut to her step that was a tell-tale sign that she wants something other than training from him.

Maybe she wants him to end today's training session early? Or to increase the level of difficulty when she knows she is nowhere near good enough to be at this one yet.

"No. No. Davina, look at some point you are going to have to expect the unexpected. People are surprising that way especially in this day and age. No one fights fair or with honor anymore. It is easier to get weapons and use the element of surprise."

He meets her gaze head-on and she looks like she's listening reluctantly acknowledging that he has a point and is still helping her so she is happy with whatever happens or he dishes out.

"A quick heads up. I'm bumping up your curriculum because I think you ready to move forward with the training. To a lesser extent than todays, obviously but you showed a real fire when you felt like it. See if intervals work better by distributing your exercises with a light incentive perhaps. It could be a start until you get back to not slacking off."

"I got shot and you call that improvement. What's next. Are we fighting a tornado?" She is looking at him like he is the one making things difficult but she supposed that she should..

Could understand what he is saying. Where he is coming from and what he is trying to get her to keep in the back of her head.

She took a seat on the couch across from him and wondered where she left her phone. Well thinking bout it now she hasn't seen it in days.

"You did it on purpose. I saw you drop your guard last minute. You are lacking confidence and need to get past it." He grabs the remote control and sits down on the couch. Channel surfing as he keeps talking.

"Fear and pain are always welcome because they are a go to that push you forward. Keep you on your toes. You want to be strong?"




"It doesn't always come naturally. You have to go, live through some unsavory shit. Keep your head up. Held high under any circumstance. Mercy is for the weak. Unless you really aren't inclined for the life but even then you have to keep your emotions to yourself and fake it. Don't think that just because you're pretty you will always get a free pass."

He thinks of his children.

His sons and daughters differ in personality but they had all been taught the same lesson.

Gone though different circumstances, shit.

"I know that. I'm not shallow...all the time. You should try demonstrating." She had moved to stand then was like 'nah'.

Taking a seat beside him on the couch when he looks stuck in thought for a minute and wipes at the sweat on her face with a paper towel and hands one over.

Not surprised that there is dried up blood on her skin.

Apparently he is not finding anything worthwhile so he turns off the TV and kisses her knee as if telling her to get ready more than to show affection or encouragement.

"Fine. You want it like that you'll get it. Pick up a sword." He smiles at her and she groans in disappointment.

Noticing that nothing happened because he won't budge she kicks him lightly.

"What..seriously? Not now. I'm tired. C'mon." She looks like she is about to pout and he knows what she is doing here because she only acts like this around him. In private.

"No. Whining won't help you. An opponent doesn't just spare time to continmplate on your state of mood or physical state. They just kill you. Or re-kill you depending on what you are. There is usually no wasted seconds about it either. Lets go."

"Mikael really. You suck..when I can walk again I'm crushing your-" She had looked like there was going to be serious fire behind the treat and he shut it down by cutting her off.

Knowing it was rude on his part but not caring about it right now. He'd make it up to her, eventually. First he had to make it so much worse. Get her worked up.

"Davina. You wanted a demonstration so I will show what I meant. Now stand up, your opinion is irrelevant on the subject.."

"Excuse yourself." There it is. The tone of voice that lets guys all over the world no matter the language barrier know they have fucked up and should definitely apologize as soon as possible.

"Sword" The atmosphere in the living room seems to chill significantly but Mikael doesn't care he's faced, lived through worse and been fine more or less.

"Mikael" She looks like she's about to send him to the doghouse because he's still a man and in this instance she holds him by the balls.

"I was out of line." He clears his throat and she can see heat color his face as blood rushes to it. He seems to get past it a moment later to meet her gaze evenly and fuck he's so cute.

She totally wants to go down on him. But not now. She has to hold her ground. There is no way in hell he'll talk like that to her.

He has to respect her otherwise as much as she loves him he's gonna have to go and vice versa because that's how it should go, had gone up until now even though it could have been so much worse.

"...Rude to get a reaction. Rise out of you. You will not be getting an apology because I know you. You are at your best when out for blood, death. Revenge. It is attractive. You fight with the spirit of a warrior but the agility of a wimpy boy so it's got to improve."

She laughed. Planning on being angry at first but that last part changed her tune because it had caught her off guard and she has to recognize that he isn't lying.

Her stomach hurts and she doesn't miss his smile. It's beautiful.


"I got a better idea. Let's take a break. Something meaningful. I can make it worth your while." She winks at him sensually or tries to because she's still laughing.

Then looks him over as her fingers work there way in and out of her with deliberate ease.

Lowering her thong to her ankles instead of pushing it to the side while his gaze is fixed on her face before going to her hands, the rest of her then settling on her mouth.

When had she unbuttoned her pants? Kicked them to the floor. Now she's pulling at her long sleeve shirt and he can see more of her clearly.

The bruising has faded but he can see that there's a slight chance that she isn't moving quickly because she still has phantom aches from the injuries that should have been there, had been moments ago.

He can smell her arousal dripping down the inside of her thighs as her hand is knuckles deep and she is trying to stop a moan with her other hand above her lips while he is just enjoying the show.

"Mikael, get back here." She wants to move this back into the mattress but is trembling because she feels oversensitive to touch even though it is her own right now.

She sighed softly when he flipped her into a sitting position onto the couch and she felt him kiss her ankle and move up slowly enough to have her go crazy with need.

"Tell me about your parents."



"Why?" He had stopped kissing her at the mention of his family because what the fuck.

"I want to know more about you. Your life. Hopes, dreams, fears. All the lovey dovey crap that goes with it. What is your Hogwarts house? If you don't know we can figure it out."

"Right now?" He wants to ask what a Hogwarts is but he might not like the answer because she is looking manic with excitement.

Still he likes this side of her too. She's so cute.

"You said people are surprising that way. Implying I should try the unexpected." Well he had said that but he hadn't meant this. Oh well. He'll tell her anyway.

"My father was a warrior and my mother was what one would call a shield maiden. They met in battle, while raiding a small village. She'd almost killed him."

"Let me see..he was mean. A good guy at heart unlikely, that I saw anyway but he taught me to be a warrior and has my gratitude for it."

Mikael sat up and put some space between them because there is absolutely no way he is going to continue talking about this while taking her from behind or against the marble coffee table.


"She was kind but could hold her own under any circumstance and didn't take his actions or attitude without dishing it out herself just as fiercely. She demanded respect so it was given."

"That is how I tried to raise my daughters but Rebekah was odd amongst girls of her time. Probably still is to be honest, I know what I've got and Freya. My little girl was taken from me at a young age."

"You know without the need for battles or fighting. They were my girls, I didn't want to expose them to the reality of the world just yet if ever if I'm honest."

Davina had long since ceased her actions, taken a shuddering breath when she pulled her fingers out of herself.

"How did you meet Esther. Make her your wife, how did you propose? I want to compare for the future. I bet it was epic."

"I'm going to marry you? Really, now." He smiles at her raising an eyebrow playfully then kissing her hand.

"Duh. We're planning a Spring wedding. I love the rain and I want a rainbow. In a Palace and a Church because I'm a princess and before God. Or Odin in your case. Both maybe."

"We can invite your kids. All of them. Friends. Marcel and Josh, definitely. Or have it be a semi-private ceremony in a few years when we're both ready. We should sky dive afterwards. That'd be so cool and fun."

He laughs and says 'anything else' to which she replies 'don't temp me, that she'd make a list of he keeps pushing it'.

After a few minutes he composes himself and continues from what he had saying.

"I was raiding her village with a number of Vikings and we kidnapped them basically, her sister Dalia and her."



"To answer your unasked question. No they didn't get raped or violated as far as I know. The woman in our village held great value, still do and how I saw it at the time we wanted wives not more slaves. Especially when it came to her."

"We fell in love relatively quickly. I realized that I wanted her to spend her life beside me so I told her as much. I was direct and she accepted. It was easy. Real cut and dry actually."

"How many languages did you know before becoming a vampire? You sometimes sleep-talk in the morning." She had wanted to ask this question in particular a while back but had held off on it till the opportunity presented itself which means now.

" Old Norse-Norwegian. Our village held a good amount of trade. My travels fast and wide for the time period."

"I later began to teach Freya and Finn but let it ease up around the time Henrik was born since most of my children were more interested in the native tongue of the tribes in the New world and English. You know what, English took some time to master. A lot of practice but the more I tried using it the easier it got."

"I'm going to hit the shower before I don't want to leave anymore. You're welcome to follow." She is down for the challenge.

Wants to see if she can make him say something in one of those languages during sex and is definitely going to find out he just has to take the bait.

He pulls his shirt off and she almost crashed into a wall, had at one point because fuck. Who told him this was alright? He should not be this good-looking but he is defying logic.

Especially at his age, she isn't fooling herself. Knows what it looks like at events or parties but doesn't mind. She loves him for who, what he is and knows what he isn't.




She kisses him harshly with a rush to her movements now before he moves back a little looking at her like he wants to say something but refusing to go for it.

He had pulled one of her legs up and taken her against the wall as water pours on them.

Using a good amount of lube on his cock as he holds onto her ass and his other hand has her hands above her head.

Thrusting in slowly just to pull out and tease her entrance, around her clit with his cock.

She moaned loud enough to have him feeling smug because she's looking like she needs to get thoroughly fucked this instant.

He can't help a groan of his own when she nips at his neck so he returns the favor by thrusting faster and harder.

She calling his name in-between breaths and moans. He knows she is close when he licks at a nipple because she has got her eyes shut, screaming.

Her breathing is shallow and short as her clutches around him and he can feel her orgasm hit her hard as she rides it out.

He says something she can't understand against her shoulder as he comes inside her and she wants to do anything he would ask in that moment because damn she hadn't expected it to be this hot but isn't surprised.

"Let's move this to the bed, Mikael." She doesn't have to wait long till she's tossed onto the matress.

He is towering over her and for a second she completely forgets how to breathe.

"I am certain I want to spend my life with you. No matter what comes our way."

She has not been good about keeping her mouth shut these days.

When it comes to him.

What she wants because knowing him taught her that she should say what she means.

To stand up for herself and believe that she is capable of anything if she puts her mind to it because she is slowly proving it to herself by working her ass off.

"I know my little witch." He reaches out to move some hair out of her face and she pulled him into the bed.

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