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Summary: "If you want to be strong enough to fight. You will have to pick yourself up. No one will help you. Not without asking for something in return. Keep that in mind, little witch."

M note: I was listening to 'Catch and release' by Silversun Pickups and 'Tear you apart' by She Wants Revenge

This is AU. Mikael is an Anesthesiologist while Davina is in the Air Force, as a fighter pilot.

These are random one-shots on how their love/domestic bliss came to be.

He is still an Original vampire and she's a powerful witch who discovered immortality thanks to Qetsiyah.

I just don't ship her with anyone other than Mikael. I am well aware that I'm probably the only person who is on this ship but this is happening.

She hears birds chirp in the distance as she opens a window and see's Mikael sleeping soundly on their king-sized bed.

With yawn she puts on some sandals and finds her underwear somewhere near the kitchen sink.

She isn't embarrassed of her nakedness or the lingering smell of sex. Why would she be, though?

It's her house and her husband is perfect. According to her and anyone who has ever met him.

Like a Viking God in every aspect of the definition.

Davina is only a couple centuries old but she knows what it means to be fearless.

Time and experience have done her wonders.

With a light blush she recalls last night's events as she turns on the shower's handle. Hot water pours onto her skin but she sets it on cold while getting the shampoo.

Blood and semen wash down the drain when she approached the stream of water and she can see a bit of bruising near her hips.

Sex with Mikael has never been too gentle. She would have it no other way.

He doesn't do anything to really hurt her and she is always in control of the situation.


She left New Orleans after her nineteenth birthday and never turned back.

Having left behind something that would punish Elijah for standing so faithful by that abomination he called a brother.

She would call Marcel sometimes. He wouldn't ask her to return because that would be like having a death-wish.

Just to make sure that she stayed safe and happy.

Going off the radar was relatively simple but the Original Hunter found her the moment she thought nothing could.


Mikael awoke to the sound of the shower running and he ran a hand thru his face as he tossed the covers aside.

He found his clothes near the living room and Davina's scattered around the kitchen floor and countertops.

With a swift motion he pulled some briefs on from a drawer near their bedroom and vamped over to the laundry room after having picked up all their discarded clothes.

Once he turned the washing machine on he walked over to the fridge and took out a blood-bag, set it on the kitchen table and got his phone.

A few people called but his phone had died and he hadn't bothered to turn it on. He found a charger near the flat-screen television and put it to charge but left it off.

He would leave for work in a few minutes but he had to shower and brush his teeth then exercise.

It was his normal 'morning' routine and no one would disturb him.


He left New Orleans after leaving a deliciously evil parting gift for Niklaus.

One that was truly fucked up.

At least enough to leave Freya, Finn and the rest of his children appalled at the severity of it.

Esther should have known better than to play him and he made sure her son paid the piper.

Life threw him a curve the moment he met the feisty harvest girl.

He had fallen harder than he remembers doing so before and loving Esther had brought him so many problems.

The realization that having a life. One outside of his children, his hatred of his ex wife's half-breed and vampire hunting.

That it wasn't something to be ashamed about was somewhat of an epiphany.

A great one at that for had he not realizd it the moment he did.

Mikael would have never asked Davina out the day she told him she was leaving but needed help to leave a parting gift for Camille.

Because 'one day she will need it' and she wouldn't be there to bother helping.


"What time is it?" Davina was brushing her hair as she asked quietly and dropped her towel when he leaned into her and bit his wrist after having seen her bruises.

"6:32. I need to get going."

Mikael replied after having spit out some peppermint mouthwash and she licked at his wrist teasingly but giggled when he pushed her up against the cold marble sink.

"I won't be back till-" He stopped her from talking when he kissed her then mumbled something about 12 hours against her chest.

She gave a mocking smile when he looked up at her, curious when she wrapped her legs around him and told him to fuck her against the sink.

So that she wouldn't miss him as much when they went to work.

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