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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to the shows 'Bates Motel' or 'Damien'. Like characters etc.

Pairing: Norman/Damien

Summary: "I'm not evil epitomized and he's not the Antichrist incarnate. Look, if either of us actually believed that then we would belong here. This is my mother's doing on my end and a psychotic break or episode on his. Nothing more."

M note: I saw one episode of each show. I did a little research but I will probably be off-ish on some details. It's irrelevant though since this story will lean towards the Asylum AU side.

The romance will be slow built cause that's fun and it won't even be that excessive. This takes place around season 4 of Bates Motel and season 1 of Damien. The characters are probably ooc and I'm not sure where I'll take this even though the ending is pretty much set.


"Oh. We're just going to start off the whole introduction thing with me, ay? Okay. My name is Damien Thorne. I just got back from Damascus, Syria..about a week ago. I'm a war photographer..."

He's not sure what else to say so he'll finish this quickly. There's probably a time limit on this and it's not like anyone other than the psychiatrist is actually paying attention.

"I don't believe in coincidence. Not anymore. That's pretty much the reason why I'm here, in the nut house."

Damien doesn't look at the people sitting around him for more than a couple seconds. He needs a couple of days to get his act together.

A bunch of weird shit happened on the way here, stranger than usual. Like the universe itself was trying to keep him from seeking help or something.

Honestly though, this feels more like an AA meeting than anything else. He just has to stay here six weeks or so.

He didn't drive all the way to the city of White Pine Bay in Oregon of all places to Pineview just cause he wanted to sight-see

Well he can check himself out whenever he wants but first he's wanting to exhaust any and all options.

There's something wrong with him.

A darkness growing, a cloud looming over him. One that is just wiping strangers and friends alike off the map if they so much as look at him funny.

He didn't ever think he'd end up here though and on that honest level he's a little disappointed that there is no straight-jacket in sight.

Well yeah now, he's sure that he's binge watched way too many pointless movies.

"Am I rooming with anyone? I should have asked sooner. Half my stuff is still outside in the car." He knows that he should have made arrangements to get situated before actually walking in and sitting down on..

What is this...a support group?

All he did was walk in and say his name, he hasn't even signed anything yet. So that was a little surprising.

There are nine strangers sitting around in what is basically a circle, ten if he includes himself. A couple of nurses are standing nearby, looking uninterested because this is probably routine by now.

He runs a hand over his face as he leans back into the chair in an attempt to move without actually doing much.

Norman thinks the guy looks tired or jaded. Either way he's giving off this weird vibe like he belongs to world.

Not cooped up in a place like this.

This guy is someone undoubtedly vital if the special treatment he's received since walking into the room was an indication.

That thought has him uncomfortable. Unsure if he wants this guy's attention.

So far it's not an issue.

Even though he's clearly sensing something's off, amiss with this character. The guy gives an air of power.


"What. Oh, I'm next. Great. Hello fellow humans, my name is Norman Bates. I don't know why my place of employment is relevant but I guess we're going with that..I'm a motel manager."

"I'm here today, in this looney bin I must say because apparently my mother thinks I'm a menace to society or myself. I'm not sure which is worse."

He exhaled slowly then looks at all of the people present. His baggage is placed near a table to the far left of the room along with some others.

All he has to do is survive the next forty two days.

Norman is looking slightly passive aggressive as he speaks but lightens up towards the end of it.

Even though he's cracking a little smile that basically vanishes a couple of seconds later everyone present currently can see that he looks sane, well for the most part.

Damien is going to keep it at '-ish' because one, he doesn't know the guy and two. He doesn't really care to.

For all he knows the guy could be a total psycho.

Norman is feeling let down by the fact that he has yet to be shoved in a room with padded walls or seen some poor soul being forced into a straight-jacket.

Maybe he's read too many useless books.

"I'd like to request a single room." Norman reins the persona of someone well accustomed to giving an air of hospitality.

Damien thinks this kid should be doing something other than spend his time here.

He doesn't want to be here either and he wouldn't be if the word 'seal' wasn't in the back of his mind like the luring of siren.

Or if the mark of Satan wasn't etched into the back of his skull like a birth-mark.

He just wished he'd brought his camera before entering the room. This place looks bleak enough.

"This is like on a first come first serve basis, right?" Norman speaks again as he moves to stand while looking like he's actually willing to go roam about the place.



"Why is it that you're the only person here without a set curfew?" Norman speaks again for the first time in a couple of minutes.

He's done unpacking and not really sure why he got stuck with the only other person that looks like they don't belong here.

The guy raises an eyebrow before meeting his eyes and taking a step forward, closer just not overly so.

"I've got a persuasive advocate. Why do you care. I know you've been watching me kid. Just so we're clear, I don't go for someone so..young."

Damien looks him over before smirking and backing up to get his camera. He opens the door and walks out as if nothing happened.

Norman looks confused for a moment before sitting down on his bed and wondering how he's going to get through this without killing anyone.

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