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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to 'Mr. Robot' like characters etc. I'm excited about the new season.

M Note: I thought I'd update. To recap most of the key members of F-society have kicked the bucket while the Dark Army gained control of the Congo thanks to Price and Elliot.

I was going to make the Dark Army meet fsociety but I'll do that next time. I'm just gonna skip to the season finale: S03 E10 ยท eps3.9_shutdown-r. And recap a little, again.

Heads up, I am just going to take it at face value that baby Wellick was shipped off to Denmark along with Mr. Sutherland - Donald Hoffman bc I bet he'd keep him safe.

'There is a group at the top in charge of the world, those who play God without permission.'

Saying that alone would be enough to get the ball rolling.

People rushing to dismiss the notion as fake new. Others saying that it's nothing new, that the world has been aware and simply doesn't care or will not change the system that is already established.

While some even claim to play a key role in the act. The real players they are not as flashy, careless.

So many different views, opinions.

Hidden figures. Plans. People with agendas and those who see right through them.

Truths in plain sight. Conspiracy theories. The illusion of control. Etc.

It would serve to open up a conversation. A dialogue.

5/9 happened. Folks lost their shit and some even their lives because they would rather die than be broke.

Flipper's chip gave away Elliot's location and he was like 'fuck it I guess I might as well go to jail XD'.

He pled guilty for it, his crimes and was subsequently arrested, pled a second time.

This one before a court of law then was sentenced for a boatload of stuff.

Such as felony theft, hacking, threatening/blackmail.

Maybe gta because I bet that he had to practice the hacking of other cars before trying to get Irivine's to stop otherwise things could have gone different.

And he was possibly charged with espionage too. All within a days notice.

At most 48 hours.

Or what seemed like it but was probably a lengthy process unless Whiterose had something to say about it.

Then 9/29 came around which was definitely worse. Mr. Robot came through for Elliot which was awesome.

Angela has kept and is taking care of Qwerty on Elliot's behalf/request. Then later on Flipper most likely whilst living with her dad, Phillip Price.

While getting over the overwhelming news of being a mass murdering terrorist aka the bombings of 71 E. Corp buildings and I'm sure somewhere down the line, subsidiaries.

Which is what a decent chunk of the government chose to dwell. Focused on as opposed to the dead victims- fatalities. Or casualties, meaning somehow injured due to being in the area. Fallout from the ordeal.

Elliot remembers 'The Red Wheelbarrow' poem Tyrell shared with him about his dad. And why the name of the restaurant/its brochure pamphlet thing was so familiar to him.

Trenton and Mobley were tracked down, kidnapped by Leon with the Dark Army not far behind.

They were set up as the scapegoats for Whiterose's Stage Two power move and killed off by her peeps covering it/dressing it up as dual suicides.

Calling them out to the world, making it seem as if they were terroristic hacktivists who could not deal with the pressure of playing in the big leagues.

Rip to them.

Joanna Wellick had her baby whilst Tyrell was off being a kidnapped lumberjack in a boobie-trapped farm just asking about Elliot all his life.

She had wanted to file for divorce then took it back because she realized she still had feelings for her husband but then she died due to being shot in her car. More specifically for taking a bullet to the head.

Instant kill shot. Courtesy of her enraged, humiliated ex. Who was then shot himself by Mr. Sutherland.

I love that guy he is just so committed to his job. A real one, hell he's the mvp of the show imo.

Her baby survived and was held on to as leverage/ransom for bargaining to keep his dad in line by Santiago shipping him off to Peaceful Acres Foster Care.

Elliot hacked the Dark Army then flipped the tables on them to save Darlene and himself because he had later been kidnapped after getting himself out of jail.

Oh yeah Dom succeeded Santiago because Irvine whacked him, Grant died and Vera's back in the picture for reasons.

And Elliot found old pictures of himself with his dad getting ready for either Comic-Con or Halloween and it was the cutest thing ever. Something I can never get over basically.

Now moving on.


"You can't say you have been riding your whole life then tell me you have got yourself involved in forty plus accidents. Are you good?"

"Look bud, it is a sign that either you have gotta quit or well that again but in a nicer tone. And by that I mean through a serious threat to your person or family and loved ones."

Irvine stops talking on the phone long enough to see Leon walking by outside of the window.

Whiterose must have asked him to go fetch Mr. Alderson and what remains of his F-society group.

Knowing in his heart that he likes that kid and he hopes he doesn't see him too often in the future or comes to find out later that he is dead, that would be horrible.

Tragic even.

He would miss him to extent and he'd get over it but that still counts. Getting pulled back into the conversation with the person he says.

"Right well, I don't care that you have got good insurance. Life and otherwise."

The person one the other side of the line takes his word to heart and into consideration only to come back with."There is just no way I'm giving up my bike but this one, it haunts me."

Before they hung up on him and he is left sitting there wondering if he has enough time to work on his novel. He is almost done with the chapter. Thinking it time to move on to the next.



Tyrell had been released from the FBI holding facility a few days ago having all charges tied to his name dropped and even stripped clean off his records thanks to the Dark Army and its influence.

The first thing he did when he got his son back from that damn awful place is drive him to the nearest hospital to have him looked over.

Overwhelmingly relieved to the point where he cried when the pediatrician doctor came out saying he was as right as rain.

Once he was out he gave him a bath, changed him into some warm clothes then fed him. Then taking it upon himself to start calling some close, trusted relatives in Sweden.

Answering all of the questions that he could as vaugely as possible then reconsidering it when thinking about Joanna's parents in Denmark. And chosing the latter as a safer option.

Honestly wondering if his kid even has dual citizenship. Maybe even triple citizenship due to him being born in America.

"I'm sorry." He was startled at seeing Elliot at first. Watching him just standing there slowly approaching him as if he were a deer in the woods and he wants to laugh at the thought.

He doubts the New yorker has even ever seen an animal outside of a zoo or a movie.

Aside from his pet fish and dog or a random seagull at the beach. For a minute there he wants to fight him but that thought is pushed aside as quickly as it comes.

Elliot looks banged up as it is anyway all without his assistance and he wondered what happened.

"Would you stay with me tonight. I just need some company." Tyrell wipes at his face even though the tears keep coming.

Sitting up on his couch as he pushes his blanket away while he grabs a cold energy drink from the table unsure of how these got here or whom they belong to because they certainly weren't his.

After a minute or two of silence he speaks again his voice level as he looks at Elliot who sits down right next to him even though he has the full couch available and he cannot stop himself from feeling a little comforted.

"You should be. But not for this, it wasn't your fault. She was cheating and it caught up with her. I wish I could have done something. Known sooner. Suspected that something was going on."

"Protected her. I don't know, what I do know is that I failed her. It is my fault and yet I-I'm mad at her. I find myself blaming her, I shouldn't do that."

Tyrell spits out the drink. It's disgusting and he throws the can back on the table cursing at the noise them himself for the commotion.

He doesn't want to wake up that baby. The kid's been through enough and he cannot even walk or talk yet. He won't pull him from his slumber.

"What do you propose I tell my son when he asks about her? When he sees the news, hears the rumors surrounding her death."

He looks at him in desperation, his eyes searching and Elliot looks away unable to take his gaze any longer.

Biting his lower lip in concentration before answering as best he could. "That she loves him more than the world. That even though she is up there in space with the stars that she is still watching over him. I honestly don't know. I can't relate. I'm too fucked up."

He thought he'd take the higher power option. As it sounded nice on paper. Knowing that it was probably false hope but that it gave him something to hold onto.

"Elliot you tried that is more than most people would do in your situation." Tyrell clasps him on the shoulder speaking earnestly because he appreciated the words.

They brought him solace in a moment in time where he really needs it.

"I'm sorry for bringing you into this." Elliot looks at Tyrell who is focused on a point in the wall not sure if he's even listening. He truly is sorry for everything. His feelings won't fix or change anything but he had to say it out loud.

Needs and wants to take responsibility for all that he has done, caused.

"She deserved better. I cannot change a thing but I just wish she would have known that."

Elliot runs a hand through Tyrell's hair as he covers them with a blanket because the house feels cold and he doesn't want to get up just yet.

"I have two propositions for you, you don't have to answer today but there is a time limit. Tyrell I want you to come to China with me. You wanted to be part of Fsociety, you're in. Officially. But keep in mind."

Elliot stops touching him as Tyrell looks at him clearly surprised as he hangs on his every word.

"I own the Dark Army now. All of their secrets and information. Once they have the Congo, I mean completely own it."

"The drug trade, human trafficking, data leaks. Government espionage or nuclear/biochemical testing. Whatever else I left out and I'm probably missing. There is a very good, very real chance we don't make it back."

He takes a breath running a hand through his face. Mr. Robot gave him complete control of the reins even though he is in the background listening, observing.

"Not unless we put our heads together and think of a plan to get out clean, unscathed. You also have the chance to say goodbye to all of it and go back to having a normal life. I offer you an out and I mean the whole nine yards."




"Today we leave for China, Shanghai most likely." Tyrell looks at Darlene then Elliot as he tries not to think about Leon sitting beside him just listening to music, relaxed even though he has pockect knife in his hand.

"It looks like we are going to Ningbo." Elliot shows them his phone. It has a map of the city and not much else information wise.

"Have you been to Hong Kong?" Tyrell knows that he might not make it out of China alive. He was a valuable asset when it came to the events leading up to then post Five/Nine.

Then Elliot had taken it upon himself and reversed most of the damages.

The people who lost their lives; family members, friends and colleagues. They wouldn't be back however.

Elliot trusts that he has not been there or anywhere outside of NY. Then he remembers that just because he hasn't been backpacking that Mr. Robot could have traveled the world by now without his knowledge.

He is sure he would have at least suspected something. Then he looks at Darlene as if asking for her input to which he received the words. "Nah dude."

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