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Summary: "fsociety..I want in"

M note:

I'm thinking Elliot got on Whiterose' radar when he attempted to hack the wrong people or site in the Dark web.

Therefore Whiterose is the only (if anything 'first') person to hack Elliot so he got motivated & improved by practicing while Mr. Robot gained 'strength' as Elliot steps up in the game.

Some time later when he gains confidence or Mr. Robot takes over he counter-hacked them; The Dark Army/China/Whiterose and got affiliated because that was a.) awesome and b.) it got him respect.

I was listening to 'Party Monster' by The Weeknd and '6 inch' by Beyonce ft The Weeknd

The sounds of traffic, people yelling something about 'morons', 'green lights' and 'late fors' but all he can actually focus on is the sound of honking because it is annoying as hell.

Ambulance sirens going off about fifteen feet away from where he is standing and even though he cannot bring himself to feel any real concern he hopes that they make it out of traffic soon.

He feels as if he's experiencing a sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia or brain freeze.

But the last time he had such a mind numbing experience he was hacking into multiple government institutions in order to see if he could, what was going on in the world and to waste time.

And the time before that he was racing his dad with several cups of slushies. The winner git to choose between going to an amusement park or a museum for the day.

That had been excruciating but an okay way to spend an hour or so on a Sunday.

"Speed it up son, otherwise it won't count and you have just given yourself a headache for no reason.."

He doesn't know why his mind is bringing up random memories of his father.

They usually bear some amount of relevance and relief but in this case he's doubting.

There are people here. He knows he is still being followed.

Of this he is certain because like his refusal to make a Facebook account it's a constant.

Someone's always watching.

Compulsive in their observation it seems.

He wonders if most people suspect it but don't interfere.

No one desires that kind of unnecessary attention.

The sounds of traffic, people yelling and the entirety of rush hour are driving him to the brink of losing his shit.

This time it's different though.

There has to be something everyone here as of now has seemingly banded together for.

He doesn't know why he's so certain of it but he thinks it might escalate.

This looks organized.

Riot. Riot..Riot...

Elliot keeps repeating those words mentally but they're weighing on him.

Keep moving...Stop thinking.. Pause it.

Just shut up already.

I need silence.

I don't think I can handle it however.

He wants to reach for his phone but then he remembers that he is forcefully cutting back and isn't trying to relapse so his notebook should do.

But he can't find that either so he settles for getting out of his mind long enough to stop walking in the middle of the street.

All he catches now from the outside world are the words 'get out of the way' and 'move already' as the world spins and yeah the instant nausea ensues.

Yet all he can focus on is the sound of honking because it's making his ears ring and he assumes that he's experiencing a mild seizure.

The ambulance sirens are still going off too loud, close for comfort. It's difficult for him to think it a good thing.

"Elliot" Darlene snaps her fingers in his face basically and he has to take a step back as he looks at her confused.

More by the fact that she is here and less by the thought that they happen to match in tacky sweaters.

Underneath he's in uniform.

Wearing the awful shirt because Gideon stays riding his ass when someone from corporate-E-vil corp visits.

So much for wardrobe change.

These days it's mostly positive responses because the value of E- coin is increasing and soon it is predicted to match that if not surpass the value of a dollar.

Or at least that's according to the media reports.

The company is turning a new leaf.

Promising to put the shady shit behind them in order to start fresh.

Take on the new year.

The future is to the hopefuls and naive, looking prosperous.

And people are excited because most of the major holidays are quickly approaching so it gives them an excuse to relax and let go of some tension.

The reflection of the glass on a car window shows that his sweater has Santa and green stripes on it.

He thought he'd sooner join the illuminati or get shot then wear something like this. When did that happen?

He wants to ask but then again he recalls saying that he and Mr. Robot aren't on speaking terms.

Well it's not a work day so he has no idea or reason as to why he's wearing the shirt or sweater.

Or why he's just now noticed that he is bleeding, soaking the gauze wrapped around his forehead like a makeshift headband.

Now that he's thinking on it wouldn't a bandana or beanie both work and look better?

"I- I remember there being a 'Back to the future' marathon. I stopped somewhere in the middle of the second one."


He is not set on buying for an instant that this actually happened but he's thinking, fuzz-ily picturing Tyrell on his knees.

Fully clothed and decent in a white room with some basic furniture. A computer and newspapers.

The basically E-vil Corp. CTO has his hands tied behind him and what's more 'yet not all that surprising at once' he is looking almost perfectly comfortable in the unknown/for now still unidentifiable place.

He is blindfolded and bound but not gagged or looking to be in any hurry to move or do much of anything any time soon.

He doesn't know what to expect or make of it, the situation but it is irrelevant when he thinks he isn't alone with Evil corp's shoo-in for CTO.

Mr. Robot is beside him whispering something, his mind either doesn't bother categorising or supplementing now but he-both were on the same page when they clearly heard Tyrell groan in what might have passed off as pain had he not mumbled the word 'please' so desperately.

Or given the impression that he's been ready to cum hard without having even attempted to touch himself.

"Nah. That doesn't..pertain." Elliot is looking at Tyrell now but now that he knows they are not alone here anymore he is considering his next step therefore his attention is divided.

Mr. Robot has never been a shy one and he's basically screaming at this point.

Whatever it is that he is trying to convey is getting tuned out.

I can't block it out. You know that.

Now he's back to looking at Tyrell, crouching to his level on the floor.

Taking notice of the cold air despite beaming with pride but there is, has to be something wrong.


"Tyrell, hey listen up. Are you really here? Please.. tell me the truth.. Are you real."

He wants to tell him to get up by Tyrell just says sits back and gets comfortable as though that weren't enough to to surprise him, he says.

"Don't get weird Elliot. We've been through this process more times than I'm sure is healthy. Are you feeling okay?"

Can you see what I do?

I see fear and curiosity but there's also confusion so I will settle on labeling/passing it off as disgust.

Mr. Robot pulls him aside roughly long enough for Elliot to make out his words and it's like a lightbulb went off in his head because he remembers.

At least he thinks so. His brain is fried and unreliable usually but it is too late to second-guess because he's going with it when he looks him in the eye and started talking out loud.

"Yeah and what? Then again I remember telling you I don't jerk off to that..I'm cool with it. I swear it's all good. Whatever floats your boat, man."

He can't say he misses the way Tyrell tenses at the sound of a gun getting cocked at his temple.

Or the sound of his name being spoken so unsurely.

He falters at the thought of being left out of seeing the rest of the days events because Mr. Robot made sure he doesn't get a chance to stay around to hear or attest to what happens next.

At the moment he's thinking 1.) okay, he is going to get shot and 2.) fuck, he has seen way too many Westerns because he is thinking that noise/ action was made obsolete about 155 years ago.



"Elliot.. dumbass move or you're going to be road kill." He feels himself being pulled to the right as he comes back to real time/ reality.

"Uh k." What is happening to me? I'm spacing out more than usual. To the point where even I'm getting concerned. Do I even have a grip on what's happening anymore?

" . Tell me, right now. What the fuck? You haven't been taking your meds, have you." Elliot knows that the question is more of a statement so rhetorical but he kinda wants to answer to see her reaction.

He won't do that. If he has the balls to mess with her now that she is in this mood, he knows he should have some footing in the real world.

"Normally, I trust that you can and are more than capable to handle yourself. But sometimes shit like this derail..and you scare me. That's not cool man. So take a minute and get your shit together."

Elliot looks at her hand still firmly planted on his arm but he doesn't mind. What has him all wrong is the brief look of worry that crosses her face.

He still sees it so vividly that he regrets not having recorded it.

At least taken a picture.

Something akin to tangible to have as evidence. Anything really to keep him centred on the ground.

Because as of this moment he's not even sure if he's actually outside or even awake.

He's feeling like he belongs in a psych ward or a loony bin/nuthouse.

"...Darlene..Uh okay. Well brace yourself, you will probably hate me for asking but why are we here?" Elliot looks around and licks his lips like some sort of nervous habit.

She withdraws her hand and looks around quickly to see if anyone is eavesdropping or paying a little too much attention to their conversation before pulling him aside and walking out of the road quicker.

"What do you mean. You're the one that called a meeting despite the number of objections from all of us. Especially on my end."

"Right. Cool. I-I did." Elliot blinks a couple of times even though his words come out steady, self-assured.

He looks stumped and she knew it was getting bad but this level is having her past the point of just nervous.

Darlene thinks in this case it's more likely Elliot is the only person in dire need to have and believe the self-assertion himself.

"You have to eat it quickly otherwise it doesn't count."

"What. That's how you're choosing to describe a discrepant event, dad?"

"Sure. Why not. As long as you understand and it makes sense, who cares."

"Okay, I guess. Thanks for elaborating."

"What day is it?" Elliot snapped out of it long enough to ask.

"Oh. I see. You're having a 'moment'. We're still in December. It's the fourth. To catch up, we've got a new president. Donald won because the electoral college fucked us. Although, the same happened with Al Gore and George W. there's not much we can do."

Elliot looks forlorn as he soaks it in before speaking again. "Fuck society. Still, I doubt he'll be impeached. Now that the opposition has reluctantly acknowledged that he's won."

"Maybe he'll prove everyone wrong and be a competent leader or at least be a compliant puppet to those pulling the strings. Either way it doesn't matter or affect me." Elliot looks at the sidewalk and tenses at that sight before him.

"I was expecting to be met by someone other than you and your..." Whiterose looks to Elliot's left and Darlene shifts slightly but doesn't introduce herself.

"I have no idea what any of you are doing here. Did I invite you?" He looks at Darlene without really thinking that she'd have the answer to anything he needs right now but he appreciates it when she shoots him a look of on edge confusion.

"On second thought, I must have and it slipped my mind momentarily. Tomorrow is an important day after all."

He smiles slightly, reassurance evident for a moment before he leaves her side and invades the stranger's personal space to whisper something into his ear casually.

Giving the impression that he is either ignorant or vaguely aware but definitely uncaring to the sight of the members of what she's assuming is the strangers security squad and their hands lingering dangerously close to their weapons.

Elliot isn't himself right now. At least he's not all there because this side of his personality is all business.

The shift in his presence and demeanor is instantaneously noticeable to her.

He gets like this when something big is about to go down but she plays along because he rarely does things without a valid reason.




"Can you please go to Starbucks and get me some coffee. Otherwise, I can't function properly."

Darlene doesn't let on that she's working out the depth of his words as she takes them in stride.

Because she sure as hell knows he doesn't like coffee and if he did he'd make some himself and not buy it from Starbucks.

"Sure. Coming right up. Would you like anything?" She looks at the guys because she's thinking she might as well.

"Not at the moment. Thank you."

The main guy looks at one of the men next to him and he steps forward, saying he'd like to accompany her. It is obvious that he wasn't about to let her out of his sight.

She's betting anything that these people have ties with the Dark Army because they look too organized and uptight to be normal.

"I don't think she needs help. We can just go to a bar. Drink until our teeth rot." Elliot smiles slightly before pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and offering one to the guy next to him.

He gets a lighter the instant Darlene is sure she's cracked the message but he's paying her no mind.

"Oh..fuck you. I'll get you an Americano." That was an anagram and he basically had to spell it out for her.


What the hell is wrong with him. If she figured it out the people here likely caught on as well.

This is Whiterose?

She expected something else but okay.

Who else is coming and why did Elliot think it OK to have them meet up in the middle of the city during rush hour traffic.

So when did they start acting all chummy? Because Elliot looks like he's ready to start talking about something else before she catches the words 'next phase', 'explaining' and 'I'm not sure'.

Before he turns to her then asks for her phone, apologizes and promises to make it up to her.

So the fact that they are too exposed here isn't an issue because no one seems to be doing anything about it therefore care this point.

Okay. She is done. She will drop it and let go of the thought.

"Hello Mr. Alderson. Care to introduce us to your lovely friend here."

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