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Summary: "fsociety...I want in"

M note: I just finished binge watching the first season on the USA channel so I'm all caught up. The characters are likely ooc and this is an AU-ish take on the show.

It's 4:46 by the time he's back home. Darlene said she'd crash with Angela and her dad.

He can recall the fact that threw up in the sink minutes after hooking up with some girl then brushed it off, rinsed his mouth and took some coke.

She didn't get offended, actually said as much. He wouldn't have cared if she had though.

Perhaps, she was more fucked up then he was at that point.

He'd mumbled a 'thanks'. She answered just as quiet.

A simple 'any time'.

Both know that they'll never seen each other again.

Neither care.

Some guy near the bathroom entrance bumped into him on his way out then gave him some xanax as an apology.

So as a curiosity to the stranger, he took that too and smoked a couple cigarettes on his way back.

Honestly, if he goes to work in a couple hours he'll be trying too hard. He should call in sick because right now he feels amazing but that'll wear off soon.

He laughs to himself as he remembers the incident earlier.

He'd bought some coffee halfway between the club and his home. The damn thing had him fucked up so he threw it at a passing Kia because it was piping hot and he burned his tongue.

I probably shouldn't have done that. The guy had a bat. Where did I get this glock 17? Oh, right. Jesse's party..

He recalls asking Mr. Robot who Jesse is a couple weeks ago and getting the response 'hell, if I know' but this was before he realized that he was simply talking to himself.

A ghost.

Nothing but another figment of his imagination. He simply took on a different character for a moment.

An almost perfectly flawed emulation of his deceased father.

Most of this happened a couple of hours before he started whatever it is that he has with Tyrell Wellick.

Getting back to the present though, this night was eventful.

He just finished taking a shower and putting some boxers on.

Elliott doesn't think he wants to throw anything else on but he puts on some loose clothes then sits on his couch because the air is cold against his skin and the heater doesn't work.

He should feed his fish before he forgets, the dog is curled up on his mattress so he's not going anywhere near that tonight.

It's probably covered in shit. He doesn't want to throw up again, it's one of the worst feelings in the world.

Just as he is thinking that he can get in a quick nap the sound of his door creaking open has him on high alert.

The gun is under the pillow next to him and for a moment he's got murder on his thoughts but he doesn't reach for it.

"What the fuck..I just saw you-" Tyrell doesn't look around and is basically cool with throwing caution to the wind this instant because he's kissing him the next.

It's desperate and hungry but he's holding back. Elliott can't help but wonder why this reminds him so much of the time he first tried Lsd.

"Just stop talking for a moment, okay." Tyrell is as breathless as he is after what feels like a couple seconds but Elliott doesn't protest.

He's kissing him again and touching him everywhere but stopping for a second then getting back to it like he's struggling to not be so in a rush about this.

Elliott can't understand why he loves being touched by this cheater of all people but he's touching him back.

Tyrell pushes him onto the couch and gets on his knees before him. They make eye contact for about a second before pulling his pants and boxers down.

Are you seeing this? Holy shit, it's fucking hot.

"I can't get you off my mind tonight. I'll leave after this if you want just let me have this right now."

"Mmm okay, go ahead with whatever you want." Elliott groans the moment Tyrell licks at his cock because he's handling it as if it is what he's wanted all his life.

After a couple of minutes he has him straddled on the couch and Elliott spits on his hand then reaches for him as he licks at Tyrell's neck.

He enters him swiftly because they've been doing this for a while and he knows that Tyrell likes it rough.

He thrusts slowly before speeding up after a moment to catch up with Tyrell's movement but he can't help but wonder if he should have worn a condom because he fucked some girl in a bathroom.

He'd worn a condom then, she'd come prepared.

Maybe they'll be fine. He took a shower.

He can smell Tyrell's wife's perfume on the Evil corp executive and see the scratches on his back but he's okay with it.



"You know. I once got hacked."

Elliott thinks he probably should not be saying this or putting this amount of trust when the situation here is clearly nothing more than a string of casual flings with the frenemy but it's already too late.

It's out there and he won't take it back.

Both call in sick because neither feels the need to get back to normalcy just yet.

Tyrell is eating pizza and Elliott can't help but be amused by the things he's learning about him or himself by exposing the handsome businessman to random stuff.

"Oh, what happened."

"I let them see. Catch nothing but a glimpse, sure. But I made certain they left scared. I doubt they'll try it again."

Not that I can ever get hacked again. What? I was twelve. Trust me, I've gotten so much better.

"Hmm, mine's the opposite. Everything, I 'show' is perfect. Painfully boring. Almost like I driven by nothing but sheer fear to be anything but.. With one exception."

He clears his throat and for a second Elliott thinks he's in love but it, the 'emotion' passes like everything else.

"A flaw to make it obvious you don't mind but are aware of what's going on just to mess with them."

Like what you did with me. I fucked up.. I like him...

"Exactly" Tyrell smiles as he closes his eyes while he yawns then drinks some iced tea as Elliott runs a hand through his hair almost gently but not enough to call it so.

"I'm not sure which one of us is more fucked up." He hadn't meant to say that out loud and he's thinking his 'friend' should have stopped him but he already said it so no real harm was done.

"You. Surely." Tyrell pushes his chair in as he speaks then laughed slightly but looks at his phone then stops.

"Now that you've said it I'm not so sure." Elliott smiles a little to indicate that he's kind of joking but shuts up because he's got things to do and waiting for him to leave so he can get his shit together.

"Think what you will." Tyrell pushes the box aside and grabbed a napkin. "I've got to go."

They've spent most of the day fucking. Here, on the couch. In the shower. They'll be sore later and probably tomorrow.

It was worth it but he's right. They need to get back to their lives.

"I'll see you around."

Tyrell walks towards him and kisses him slowly but Elliott probably wants none of this unless it leads to more so he backs up slightly.

"I'm sure." The words are a finality but also a promise and he's okay with it.

"Bonsoir Elliott" He smiles slightly and is ready to back up more and go home or drop by the office quickly if he feels like it that badly.

"Goodbye friend" Elliott simply takes a step forward and kisses him again, running his tongue against his own and he knows his plans are ruined because he's not leaving anytime soon.

He doesn't mind.

Tyrell just turns off his phone and tosses it in the table along with his shirt and pants as Elliott appreciates the view before following.

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