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Summary: "fsociety...I want in"

M note: I just finished binge watching the first season on the USA channel so I'm all caught up. The characters are likely ooc and this is an AU-ish take on the show.

So I just realized I didn't put this on here but when Mr. and Mrs. Wellick speak to each other, he speaks Swedish while she speaks Danish.

By the time he gets home, the outside of his apartment complex. He notices that the lights in his place are on.

It's about seven thirty but the sun's already dipped and it's dark for the most part but the city's lights and the illumination of random cars are somewhat helpful.

He can see it through the window as he looks up. There are shadows about his windows.

For a millisecond he contemplates just walking away but he pays rent on time and won't get scared or let up space that easily.

Whether it's a junkie or a thief he's not about to robbed.

He walks over and up the flight of stairs swiftly because the CD's in his folder, the information they hold is far too valuable to let go so eagerly.

And he's got a sizable stash of various narcotics under his couch, he is not willing to go through withdrawal or quit cold turkey like last time.

Not now, no thanks.

The door is unlocked and he thinks he should probably be concerned but isn't really and just walks in.

The second he comes through the sight before him catches him off guard.

"I called a few times but you didn't answer. What's going on Elliott? Why haven't we heard from you in days."

Angela is sitting on his couch while Darlene is eating popcorn and he feels both are regarding him like a lost child because they looked concerned.

Squad goals.

Isn't this what everyone wants? Someone, people who there when you need's not what I want...not now at least.

You know this, you're my friend. In my head, imaginary. Sure but you're my confidant even when I can't trust myself.

Especially when I can't trust myself.

"Nothing much, what's up." He smiles slightly but he's going a little tense as Darlene leans close enough without actually touching him and offers popcorn.

Why do they look angry, I was only gone for a couple of hours.

"We've seen you around and you've been taking our calls but I don't know. You seem a little distant but kind of happy. It's strange...Do you have a new girlfriend you haven't introduced us to yet?"

"No. I just made a friend.."




Tell me to stop talking. Maybe she won't care. Darlene sure as hell doesn't.

"Oh. Cool. Introduce us sometime." Angela smiles slightly but it's obvious that she's not buying it even though she's trying to be or sound polite here.

She has no reason to doubt me..on second thought, it'd be wise...

"Yeah sure, I'll get on that." He smiles slightly as he speaks and is surprised but grateful that Darlene isn't calling him out.

"What movie do you want to see?" He doesn't want to see Star wars even though everyone else seems to be going batshit for it.

"I'm not feeling it anymore. Let's go to a club." Angela looks up at him, hopeful. He doesn't think he should say no because she's probably still depressed about her ex.

He wishes he had morphine around.

"I'm down." Darlene sets the bowl down and lights a joint then passes it over to her.

"Yo, wait up. I need to charge my phone." Darlene raises an eyebrow but shoves a handful of popcorn into her mouth as he holds up his 'dead' phone to show them.

"I'll catch up downstairs." He's pretty sure that he's got a bag full of molly and some e.

If he takes enough of each he should be fine by the time he's got to get back to work.

"K, Elliott." He isn't sure which one said this but doesn't care because his phone's on 5% and he'll just leave it charging.


"Tyrell, where have you been? I haven't seen you in days." Joanna noticed that he doesn't plan on answering the questions and in turn is looking a bit jumpy.

She lowers the volume of the tv but doesn't pause it outright or turn it off. She had been wearing comfortable clothes an hour ago but decided to change into something a little more tight, sexy.

Something to show him exactly what her plans for the night are. A direct approach, sure. She's never had to try so hard and even now he barely seems interested.

The tension between them is almost nonexistent now and she feels a little embarrassed, almost hurt but looks bored for the most part.

He once commented on her 'resting bitch face' and she punched him in the stomach. They had rough sex in the middle of the living room that day.

It was fun but they haven't seen as active lately, well she was pregnant.

She shouldn't have let him use that as an excuse. Now, he doesn't seem all too interested. She'll rectify the situation immediately.

"I-you saw me yesterday and the night before that. I've been here..I came home..." Tyrell walks past her as he heads towards the bedroom.

A couple minutes later she guesses that he's in the closet looking for some pajama pants because he sure as hell isn't going anywhere but down on her tonight.

After some time she hears the water running and she takes a moment to check on the baby.

Whoever he's messing around with this time is making him grow detached. She's not going to lose him so easily.

He loves no one but her.

And their child.

Their family is all that matters to him.

Something about this feels different though..

Maybe she's just worrying too much.

"I'm sorry. I was out with friends, time just flew by."

The bathroom is foggy but she can make out his figure and words effortlessly. She begins to undress and he doesn't seem to care for a moment.

"You don't have friends." He takes a couple of seconds to appreciate her efforts and beauty. But her words sound like more of a bite then a bark.

"I do now." A hint of a smile plays on his lips before he kisses her and touches her hips gently. He isn't all that sure that they should be doing something like this so early on but he'll be careful.

He just needs to focus and stop thinking of Elliott instead.

"Since when do you have friends." He doesn't know what to say for a moment because he knows this isn't a question.

He isn't surprised by it however or all that sure how he should feel about it but it's a fair enough observation.

"A little while." He closes his eyes when she touches him for a moment. Her touch is nothing like his, the difference is obvious.

It isn't fair to her however.

Honestly, he knows she's smart enough and bound to notice if he keeps this up.

He'll be in charge for tonight, she mumbles as much against his hands are on her thighs gripping tightly as she spreads her legs and he lifts her up while hot water pours against their skin and he's got her pinned against the cool tiles once instant.

The air the next as he fucks her hard but slows down as the severity of the moment is catching up with him.

"Keep going. I like it.." She moans against his skin as she speaks, placing couple kisses on his neck.

He's so glad Elliott didn't leave hickeys but he can't say the same.


Tyrell knows that he needs to quit.

He just can't help it and wonders why but doesn't dwell because he needs to focus on the moment at hand.

"Johana,'s too early and I don't want to hurt you." Even as and though he speaks he complies and speeds up minutely.

Just enough for her to notice but slow enough for him to keep reminding himself that at this point he should not be be feeling so gay for Elliott.

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