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Disclaimer:I don't own anything related with or to 'Mr. Robot' like characters etc. I don't want to get sued hence the words typed above.

M note: What I know about the show/characters so far; Tyrell got fired from E Corp. but hasn't pushed Elliott under the proverbial bus because he wants to either work with, break or undermine-study him.

Btw his wife is beautiful and okay with him having affairs, either it's an open marriage or she sees an opportunity to better their monetary gain.

In the finale he's made like Houdini-pulled a vanishing act.

Some guy went suicide and blew his face open on national tv, that was fun. Mr. Robot is Elliott's alter ego or something but also his father.

I feel like I'm watching a novella.

Angela is giving that cutthroat af vibe and has a nice taste in shoes. Darlene is Elliott's sister and good at her job.

I'm assuming White Rose is playing for both teams.

K...this story is AU-ish since I've missed most of the season, the characters are likely ooc and I bought a milkshake and mini churros just now. I'm ready to do this.

Tyrell is looking at the screen with mild interest as Elliott watches entranced by the fact that he is actually as good if not a little better than he's claimed to be.

The projection of the screen's images are nothing but a test, one Mr. Wellick himself had asked for.

Elliott thought starting off with something simple would be an obvious choice.

He just didn't see the reason to waist his effort on such menial a task so he takes his phone, sits on his couch and finds his music playlist.

This is going to be a while.

It's something Darlene conjured up herself, he trusts in her level of skill.

Now he simply wants to see Tyrell's.


Elliott is looking at the ceiling with a blank expression as his head rests against his office's couch.

This little test is proving to be a bit more challenging than he had anticipated but that fact alone, it's thrilling in way.

He can just see it now. This is as clear as day. As if this were just a taste of what could be accomplished.

"Elliott. You and I, we are parallels in the same equation."

Fuck. Did he really just say that?

Elliott lowers the volume of his music as he ponders the answer because freaking out right now or mentally discussing this with his 'imaginary' friend(s) isn't the best thing to do right now.

"Destined to see but never interact? That sounds about right, at least it would have had you not been fascinated by me."

A hint of smile plays on his face as Tyrell laughs then pauses what he was doing on the computer.

"Once together they don't separate."

I know. You don't have to keep saying it. He's married, I take people like him down. "Tyrell..."

Is there anyone like him though?

"I know, all I'm saying...had I met you before Joanna..." There's this look of absolute certainty.

He's probably waiting for something but Elliott isn't sure what that is so he'll refrain from making assumptions about this yet.

If he knows what is good for him he won't say anything else but avidly 'checking' on him and seeking his company is not quite good or of the norm either.


"Don't." Elliott lowers the volume of his music until he can no longer hear it as opposed to just pausing it completely.

He sits up and touches his face in exasperation.

Wether it is because of the situation or his boredom, it remains unclear to Tyrell.

"For someone of your intellect..." Elliott starts then pauses what he was going to say to probably think his next words over. "You say some stupid shit."

Tyrell looks vaguely put off by the words as he stands and walks towards him in calculated, mindful strides.

Damn, not again.

Elliott sits up, all the while Tyrell is looking at him as if he is about to run out the door faster than a road runner but he stays.

Silent, always a slight nervous...doubtful edge to his person but he's here with him and that's all that matters.

Tyrell kisses him with a hint of possessive force that fades all too quickly for Elliott's liking.

Even though he's the one to break away it still leaves him reeling, the way he's just so easy to be around.

Both feel free.

The simple moments spent like this, not necessarily touching. No.

It's the fact that their in each others orbiting pull by the sheer gravitation of their existence.

There is desire on both sides to appease this knowledge...they are complete opposites which are made whole only with each other.

It's a hopeless situation with a clear outcome. Either one of us grows bored or...I don't want to think of the possibilities. If I start now I will not be able to stop I find it.

I don't know why I think it's fine to be here... doing this...there's only one thing I can do but I refuse.

Just, not now.

I'm happy, that's rare.

Are you judging me? It's okay, I would too.

A loud, shrill ringing is heard from the desk as Tyrell moves back and Elliott stands up.

"I have to go." The need to leave isn't the same as it had been the first time a couple of weeks ago.

They have only met up like this five or six times, not here since the locations are always different as to not set a pattern or arise suspicion from anyone but he needs to go home.

Angela is coming over, they haven't hung out in a while. Both have...kept busy, relatively quiet but in touch.

"I won't be in for a couple of hours tomorrow." Tyrell says this as he stands and briefly stares at his phone.

He puts it on vibrate and smiles his way as if the interruption had not just happened and he's ready to order takeout or something.

He's probably waiting for an important email or a call from his wife. I should go now.

"I'll call you when I get back to finishing this." His attention is now solely focused on him and Elliott is stuck.

Caught somewhere in between two emotions he either can't bring himself to fully decipher or does not want fully acknowledge by actually giving them a name.

"B-"Elliott smirks into the kiss.

I can't let him get the last word in this.

Not this time.

Tyrell looks a little flustered, he swears this feels unlike all of the other affairs he's had in the past.

His phone buzzed this time and Elliott picks up his backpack then walks out the door without saying anything but a 'goodbye friend'.

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