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Summary: "fsociety...I want in"

M note: I just saw the first, seventh and eighth episode's of this show. So three, so far. Anyway I thought it was interesting. I will probably watch the show more often but I'll have to find the episodes online or something.

So I was watching the 'Hannibal' tv series and it was glorious. Hannigram is going strong!

K, so getting back to this. The characters are likely ooc and this is an AU-ish take on '1.0-hello friend'. I might write more if I have time but for now I'll leave this here. If there are spelling mistakes or things of the like I'll fix them in the morning.

I was listening to 'Million dollar man' and 'Lucky ones' by Lana del Ray


"Gentleman, it seems our discussion is over. I will consult with you later." The room clears up as most of it's occupants walk away quickly.

Tyrell Wellick has his eyes on the target, taking in his appearance as one of dumbstruck with a hint of calculating wonder.

No one attempts to acknowledge his presence for more than a second and he is positive the only reason they have for doing so is because he is standing dangerously close to the exit.

His eyes are downcast and he wants to go home.

I have to be somewhere right now but I can't remember where. Am I getting Alzheimer's?! You would tell me, right?

I mean you wouldn't be a dick about it and have me figure it out on my own.

Say it.

Tell me that I need to stop self-diagnosing myself because isn't healthy and I might start thinking I have cancer, a random exposure to anthrax or worse that I am now bipolar.

A bipolar-schizophrenic-cancer sufferer contracts anthrax. Fuck.

And here I thought I just had mild depression with a bit of anxiety and maybe some paranoia.

I think I need to sit down and process this.

"Elliott" Tyrell flashes a beautiful smile at what the slightly fidgeting newcomer supposes is solely for the general direction in which he stands just staring and praying to God that he isn't schizo.

And actually here.

And that he isn't bipolar.

And not dying of anthrax or cancer related ailments.

I know...I probably need to seek out psychiatric help, again...I was doing so well...

But Tyrell is sitting calmly toying calmly with a pen as if 'randomly' kidnapping people is just another part of his job description.

I know this isn't random but I don't want to think that even he's after me. What did I do to catch his attention? Do you know?

"Come on in. Take a seat."

His voice lets up on the that says 'all business'. That boarders on manipulative and charming until it rests somewhere in between both.

Good, he's no longer trying too hard. I like this side of him better, it's liberating.

Elliott realizes that he hasn't spoken since arriving, that his brain is throbbing uncomfortably against his skull and that he needs to somewhere else.

But that he 'strangely enough-maybe even for him' actually likes the idea of the handsome brunette taking such an interest in him.

"You've singlehandedly made me a very important...No. A very happy and accomplished man. For this, I thank you."

"What?" Elliott raises an eyebrow trying hard not to let his paranoia seep through his eyes. Show on his face or overall stance but he can't help the tension he feels on his shoulders and back. can he know? Will I be fired? Is the FBI listening in on us? Can he imply anyone else in this?

Oh fuck.

He knows.

About Mr. Robot, the project. Does he know of the Dark Army or fsociety?

The hacking. Honey-pot.

Did you tell him?

I want to save the world.

From Evil Corp.

It's okay, I believe you. You were with me.

Stick to the plan.

Is he in on it? He works for the enemy, he is the enemy! He would not go against himself or his friends, colleagues.

His future and lifestyle are too nice for that. He isn't in on this but he is suspicious.

Of me specifically.

I like him.

Why would he even suspect me? I'm no one really, just a techie.

I'm too humble in his opinion.

Breathe, now before you make a mistake and accidentally fuck someone over. Getting caught was your fault. Don't drag anyone else down with you.

"I am now so close to being the president of technology for E-vil Corp. I'm basically, in. Nothing can stop me." He gives a light chuckle while mumbling 'CTO', 'so much effort', 'payoff' and 'finally'.


Elliott knows that there is no real reason for him to keep playing dumb. Something about Tyrell makes him uneasy, nervous but intrigued.

Like the first time he kissed a girl or a guy. Like the first time he tried drugs.

No, hacking.

Like he remembers his father and...there's someone next to him but he doesn't recall so he doesn't dwell on it.


The first time he tried that he knew it was for him.

That he liked something so simple that just seems like second nature.

Getting into technology has always come easily enough but his thrill comes from learning about stuff.

Finding dirt no one would fathom from some of the most wholesome looking people, association's or families.

And blackmailing them or keeping them in sight. Usually both.

I love the power, the knowledge. The absolute control. In those moments I am justice.

I am good.

I am anonymous.

"I know what you did. As I'm sure you've figured out."

Elliott knows he's fucked and should under normal circumstances be under investigation then going to jail for a yet to be estimated thus established amount of time but there's something about the way he said it.

This doesn't feel right.

Doesn't feel like a threat. When he clearly knows it should have.


It feels like an acknowledgement amongst equals. It feels like praise with a hint of awe.

"Don't worry. I won't say anything, you have my word and admiration."

He's talking. Why is he still talking? Is he in my head. Oh no...don't tell me he's a figment of my imagination...

I can't be that unbalanced, this lonely. Right? You would tell me!?

It's as if he is not quite ready to admit that he is missing a piece of the puzzle but willing to present it to the world as if it were ready.

Calm down he is looking at you and speaking slower. Almost as if he knows I didn't catch half of what he has said so far.


Pay attention.

"-above all else, you have awoken my curiosity." Tyrell leans back in his chair as he slowly finishes his little speech of appraisal.

He could easily tell that through most of their interaction this day Elliott has been 'on board' for about a ten word total.

It clicks with a clearly audible noise when he can grasp it. What's been in plain view from the beginning.


"Are you coming on to me?" Elliott might as well be blunt about his discovery of the intentions but the AllSafe techie cannot help but keep his voice volume just above an unsure whisper.

Is he honey-dicking me? I want to laugh but this is inappropriate and not really a good time, considering everything that's happened.

What if I'm wrong? Have I misread the situation, his actions? Angela says I misunderstand scenarios all the time...

And yet, this is unbelievably obvious...

Isn't it, my friend? You see the way he's looking at me. Don't you.

Because I do and I'm hoping that he is.



Tyrell walked towards him slowly, sensuous and with a determined look in his eyes as if the concept of shyness or the thought of not getting his way were lost on him.

Just standing a foot away and the thought of being threatened in this scenario.

One in which he stands to lose everything but is regarded as someone amazing by a person actually worth his time.

It's undeniably addictive, humbling to the point of embarrassingly astounding and arousing all at once.

Tyrell mumbles something about 'a constant amongst a sea of variables' and 'can't stop thinking about you' but he isn't listening.

The only thing he can think of is why.

All the is currently of his concern it that three lettered word.

Why he has never felt this way before.

Why isn't he attempting to defuse this bomb that is his sudden need, this longing to feel this way more often.

Elliott kisses him without a thought before this desire turns to doubts as cowardice fills the void because his courage will leave him empty.

But he's married.

His wedding ring is cold against my skin.

And I just don't care.

Because I'm not a bad person. At least, I try hard not to be even though it would be so easy.

This is just a bad deed on my part and his.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I want him to kiss me back. Or tell me to leave.

That he isn't interested.

Just give me an out so that I can play this off and you can ignore it as if nothing happened.

Why are both of you just staring. Help me!

"Do something, please." They broke away and his cheeks are warmer than they had been all day.

Oh shit. Why am I begging?! Just walk away. Just. Walk. Away. Now.

Tyrell is just looking at him as if dumbstruck. And he cannot help but think it suits him because it's undeniably cute.

The desire to kiss him again is almost too much but he thinks it's best to move back a few steps.

Before this gets past the point of embarrassing.

To late.

I can feel myself about to start rambling. Shit.

"I'm sorry, I just harassed you. This is not like m-" Tyrell cuts him off by kissing him roughly and starts unbuttoning his shirt as if he's wanted to do this since the moment they met.

"You just took me by surprise." He moved his lips towards his right ear while whispering. "Since we've met my amazement with you hasn't let up. I'm grateful, Elliott."

All it took was a few swift strides to get to an adjoining office. At first glance the place seems to be...

Not his, Tyrell's...

This feels impersonal.

As he supposed, to an extent it should be.

Upon closer inspection Elliott can see some pictures on the desk.

This is his office.

He feels better and worse all at once. The the former far outweighing the latter tenfold.

"Are there cameras in here?" He wonders if he should take his word at face value then he remembers that, oh wait he doesn't care because Tyrell has more to lose than he does and on that serious level he'll hack in to make sure sometime tonight.

"No. Of course not." Tyrell looked at him as if he were dumb for the first time since meeting him and a smug feeling filled his chest but he isn't sure why.

"Okay...You want to-" Elliott cuts himself off purposefully. It was like he was patiently waiting for him to catch up as if it wasn't painfully obvious.



Now that he thinks on it Elliott can't help but think of how many people have been 'asked' to come here and led to a similar if not exact situation.

It's not really important nor does it bother him in the slightest but he ask.

"Take everything off. I want to see you." Elliott's words take on a note of confidence.

His personality appears to have made a complete 180 and something in the background of his mind tells him to have caution but Tyrell is not complaining as he unbuckles his belt.

He moans quietly when he is taken by surprise because Elliott is impatient and taking him into his mouth without any resistance or in seemingly urgent need to take care of himself.

After some time goes by Elliott pulls away with a look of satisfaction, desire maybe content as he stands and stares blankly at him.

Looking as if he's 'gone' again but he snaps out of it quickly enough.

"Bend over but try to be comfortable with it otherwise it isn't all that fun for a couple seconds."

"I see you aren't new to this. I find that shocking to be honest." Tyrell wasn't expecting to be the one getting ready to be fucked against his desk but he isn't complaining because the way Elliott is kissing and touching him is worth trying it his way.

"I've been around but I have no need to flaunt it. I don't, being tied down to one person seems safe. Nice for a while but boring and it could leave you vulnerable if things go south. If you've made the mistake of getting attached."

Lie and he'll buy it. Am I lying though? I don't get attached easily and even when I do. No one in my life is relevant if they're gone for more than a few days.

Don't make this any more personal than it should be. He won't, keep this in mind.

He rummaged through his backpack and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube as he moves to a set slow pace until it becomes unbearable.

Quickening it when Tyrell mumbles something in a language he doesn't understand or really care to along with a couple expletives and he knows he's found what he was looking for.

A hand reaches the head of his cock as another barely rests upon the front of his neck and the handsome brunette had not thought it possible to be more turned on than he already has been but he is.

Elliott smirked against his shoulder when he appeared to notice and wrapped his hands a little tighter.

Not serious about one, leaning towards a slow torture as he tightens his grip on the other to the point of slight pain that is greatly appreciated.

He moves faster while Tyrell is gripping the edges of his desk because he can feel it.

Both are so close.

He continued talking on as if he were eating breakfast with a friend and not here balls deep inside a man he has had no more than a handful of encounters with.

Honestly, half the time he had been caught between disinterested and mesmerized with less than a hundred words in total to attest, verify to the fact that they have at least seen each other once or twice before this.

"Memories of people that can never return. Or love you back." He thrusts a little harder as he feels Tyrell come undone against his fingers. "Are a waste of space."

"Tell me how you really feel." Tyrell laughed at his own words as he moves away after a couple of minutes after having cleaned himself off.

Meanwhile Elliott threw away the condom into a little trashcan near his desk then grabs a few tissues and looks at him oddly then glances at his watch debatingly as if he has to be somewhere else at the moment.

The silence around them is strangely calming as he picked up his clothes and began putting them on while taking in the sight of Elliott following his lead this time.



"Is that a joint?" Tyrell has the audacity to look surprised after what they did and what he knows of him so it's slightly endearing to say the least.

Elliott smirked as he took another draw while whispering the words.

"Don't worry about it." He knows he's going to have to put it out before he walks out of the building but it's comforting because he hasn't gotten high in a while.

After a second he pats the outside of his jacket pocket leisurely.

That act is effective in giving the impression that he looking for something.

After a couple of seconds pass he's found what he wanted the tossed it at Tryell's desk.

Tyrell wasn't expecting to see Elliott just hand one out freely or at all for that matter but it was a pleasant surprise.

"Uh, thanks" He smiles awkwardly briefly at a loss for words but ignores the feeling as he catches a lighter effortlessly.

"Yeah." After Tyrell handed it back and they smoked for a couple of minutes not really bothering to say anything Elliott put his out and looked at his phone then spoke quietly.

"Okay, I'm leaving."

A bit of finality to his words that left just a small opening for something. What he wasn't really sure.

But it's there. That is all that matters.

Just anything to have a plausible excuse to...I don't know. Hang out? Perhaps as friends. Maybe do something similar to this.

Again? As something else.


But it is not advisable. This was thrilling on what feels like so many levels.

Would he want this? Would I, after the novelty of it all fades. As it has with everything else...

This is best left as a dalliance. My head hurts. But it's not as bad as usual.

That's good.

What do you think? Maybe, I should give myself time to think on this.

"I hope that we can meet again... soon." The smile directed at Elliott this time is smaller compared to the previous shown.

But all he can see is the happiness behind it and he feels his heart beat a little slower as he gives a smile of his own.

"Bonsoir, mon ami."

One thing I know for sure, he is dangerous.

Elliott smirked, a smile that shows his teeth. Accompanied by a little amusement with a hint of surprise at it's ease.

This doesn't feel fake and it makes him uneasy because he is not what he expected. He walked towards the door without looking back as he spoke quietly.

I need to either hack or kill him.

"Goodbye, friend."

Bonsoir: is a French word that can mean a couple of things like; good evening, hello or goodbye. The only reason I know that is because I asked a French person directly and they were totally cool with answering.

Mon ami: My friend.

The language Elliott doesn't understand is Swedish but I didn't type what the actual words are.


Italics- Elliott's thoughts

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