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M note: Last time I wrote one Finn missed his flight bc he tracked down the folks he'd kicked off the beach to apologize and he got invited to a luau so he was genuinely happy.

Moving on this is a bonus ch about Marcel and Rebekah. The only bonus chapter I'll write for this gift. Their time in New York and a few moments there.

City: Manhattan, New York -state

"I always loved the Statue of Liberty. It is symbolic and beautiful. I don't know. If I am going to climb it. I need to be wearing a shirt with its picture on it. Otherwise it is or will not be as magical."

They had arrived in NY because it was Fashion week and Rebekah had wanted to see it Live. In the meantime they had already a loft in place thanks to Stefan Salvatore, a lost bet and the roaring 20's.

With their luggage there and nothing to worry about for the time being they had decided to hit the town.

Only to stand in line at the first tourist attraction the come by. Oh well, they have all the time in the world.

"My father always said 'if you are going to do something do it right or not at all' so that is what I plan on doing."

He is wearing the same shirt as her only in his size because they bought it at a kiosk nearby and it's unisex so it works.

Having been persuaded to buy it so that they match was not a difficult feat on her part but he doesn't mind.

"Magical?" Marcel's looking at her as if he wants to laugh or say something but she nods saying.

"Yes, I didn't stutter." Joking around with him but he won't let her win when putting his left hand over his heart as if he were about to say the pledge of allegiance. It is spoken a little too dramatic to be taken seriously.

"Ow, my fragile heart. I think you should kiss me. To make it better and whatnot." He places his other hand on his face to wipe at it only to drop it once he's said that.

"I love you and your fragile heart. You know, I think I should too..." She laughs as she says it taking a step forward just two or three from being right in front of him.

And he is kissing her suddenly because he had gripped her waist pulling her flush against him as she let out an excited help noise.

Just a quick peck then pulling away slowly because more people are coming and their spot in line is shortening quicker.


"Yes, I know. Yet that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you. You want to win you have to put in the work."

"Put in you say? We should go bungee jumping. First." He looks at the line and thinks they should go ice skating sometime later today. There is bound to be an ATM machine if he needs cash instead of his card.

She pulls her camera laughing when he strikes a tourist pose. Asking a stranger to hold the camera next and picking her up bridal style.

Tipping her just above the grass the moment the picture is taken effectively capturing her astonished look and a glimpse of his love for her.

"Wollman Rink is at south end of Central Park. I want to go, come with me. It will be fun."

He smiles at her, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and she thinks he is a dork but she will definitely go with him anywhere if he keeps it up.

"I'm down but remember first we need to take lots of pictures and I want to go to Carnegie Hall. Come with me and get ready to enjoy your vacation because I'm planning on getting lit if you catch my drift."

They stop to pull out a paper copy of a map instead of searching on their phones because they want a few days to detox from the outside world.

Meaning tech, their family and the drama in NOLA mainly.

"Wait. Isn't it like two blocks further south of Central Park or was that St. Patrick's Cathedral?" He thinks it would be a pretty neat place to get married at but he decided against mentioning that for the time being.

"The park I think. We could always take a stroll around the city, get a little lost. Buy some moll-"

"It sounds like a plan then." He cuts her off because he had clicked on the crosswalk sign and it is signaling that they should walk now.

"Before we begin. Did you know that the statue basically represents Libertas. That is the Roman goddess of freedom. You know how she has the torch and tabula ansata, it means 'a tablet evoking the law' anyway on it it has the the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 inscribed.."

"I had no idea. Are you lying to me?" She looks up at him suspiciously then at the now distant statute.

"Yeah, all the time." He grabs her hand in his waking up to a food truck and buying churros.



He kissed her mouth and moved down her neck with his lips licking at her skin to draw out a moan as his hands unlatched her bra. Leaving it on while she pulled at his belt.

She pulls him into an embrace wrapping her arms around his neck and mumbles something he doesn't catch against his skin so he sways with her as his hands are on her back moving to the non-existent tune of music.

"I have a surprise for you." He leaves the room, walks back with a small box and tells her to open it. Standing there just looking at her as if gauging her reaction.

She had been expecting chocolates or jewelery not a key. "This the key to your heart?"

"What gave you that impression, no.. I promise this is something better. It took me some time and a few restless nights but I've finally found it."

Rebekah is the key to the best gift I could think of for you. Us." He pulls out a second larger sized box. It covers most of the living room table and she is curious now.

It looks like a back of an upside-down canvas. One that is locked but looking like it belongs on a wall.

She takes a breath then looks at him and okay the anticipation is making her nervous and excited all at once as she fiddles with the lock hearing a clicking sound to open it up.

Looking inside as tears well up in her eyes and her shoulders are shaking. A good minute passes and he isn't sure if it's a good thing because she is still crying so he calls out to her.

Saying her name gently. He clearly had not planned this far ahead of in case there was a drawback.

"Bekah you good?..." He had seriously thought an improved copy of the drawing of the house he designed for them all those years ago was a kick-ass idea.

It had seemed so romantic at the time. Had the situation been reversed he would have definitely wanted her to put a ring on it, meaning his finger.

How the hell had he messed up the landing. It had seemed so cut and dry, easy.

Better in his head.

He had previously had other gifts planned but looking at her reaction now he is glad he decided to give them out in doses.

"Marcellus..Marcel you didn't..." She is choking up cleaning her face and blowing her nose with a napkin sne found left over from take out earlier.




"I love you, Rebekah" He doesn't know what to do now or how to make it work from here so he just wanted to let her know that it's okay to be..upset..she looks upset.

This is not a happy go lucky excited look she has going on.

"Yes, I know" she nods sniffling as the moonlight reflects on her skin amplifying her beauty.

He kisses her mouth a moment before she walks forward and flashes him a smile as she starts removing her clothes.

Getting on her knees for him while she is just in her underwear as he watches mesmerized by her every movement.

"What are you doing?"

"Making sure you're okay." She whispered the words while she looks at him suggestively and he knows that she has something up her sleeve.

He doesn't know what to say anymore so he just nods saying the first thing that came to mind.

"Okay then I'll bite." He begins to unbutton his pants when she stands at a quick speed.

Moving up to capture his mouth in a kiss having moved like a snake to it's prey. Vamping to the nightstand, pulling off her panties and finding lube. Applying some.

Throwing her head back and biting her lower lip as she touches herself while he watches mesmerized.

Throwing her bra at his feet as he lifts her up feeling her legs wrap around him as her back is against a cold window and her hair in his grip to her liking.

His lips move to her neck teeth grazing a instant and she hears her gasp. Limbs trembling at the thought of danger having it overshadowed by her arousal when he grabs her ass.

Securing her against the wall and his body tightly. Hearing her moan his name as he enters her.

Thrusting in then out halfway and fully over and over changing the pace just to mess with her and she's screaming which gives him a good feeling to his ego.

Going strong with long strokes until her release washes over him edging him to the brink. Coming when she tightened around him calling his name in desperation.

"I love you Marcellus" She stands for herself feeling wobbly at first but she found her feet quickly and she moves to the shower calling the words out over her shoulder earnestly.

"Yes, I know." He smiles to himself as he moves for their clothes tossing them on the couch while watching her go. Knowing in his heart that he is going to marry her if it's the last thing he does.

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